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GB Even Better Than In My Dreams

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As a young, African American female, growing up in the Deep South in the 70's & 80's, interracial relationships were still whispered about. People still tried and keep them underwraps; even though my Granny was the daughter of a white sharecropper. I attended school with white boys, but our lives never crossed in a sexual way. As I grew older, went away to college, moved to a large city, I began seeing white men in a different way. They kind of made my body do this HOT thing. Yes, they made me horny.I begain to fantasize about having sex with them. My career choices often made the minority with co workers in more than one way. I was often the lone female; along with being the only black. This often meant riding in the vehicle with or even flying with all white men. I was lucky that they always really cool people with no racial hang-ups. They were always really respectful. My fantasies started to come closer together & more vivid. I always carry myself in a professional way & I have never mixed business with pleasure. I didn't discuss my personal life with my co workers. 2 years ago, I was transferred to a new facility in Memphis, TN. Once again, I was the minority 2 times. In August we were scheduled to go to a business affair that would take place in Philadelphis, MS. It was decided that we would take the trip in a company van. The ride would be about 6 hrs long.Now, mind you, this meant the temp would be about 100 degrees for this trip. We all dressed to be comfy. I am a 5'7", 140 lb, milk chocolate female. I have shoulder length hair, & brown eyes. My measurements are 36-26-38. I am 40 years old, & I run 5 miles a day & lift weights. I'm in OK shape I like to think. I wore a white strapless sundress & simply threw a light white shirt over my shoulders. Under the dress I had on white boy cut briefs, & wore white strappy wedgies on my feet. The guys all went OOOOH!! when I came to the van. They picked me up at my home. I declined to take the front seat because I felt the air would be too cool on me, so I went to the rear. One of the guys made the comment that I better not fall asleep because he might slip his hand down my dress. I simply replied, "as long as you know what you are doing, it will be ok." We all laughed. We were comfortable with each other, so we could joke like that. As we hit the highway, we were laughing & talking, and James, the really cool guy of the 5 guys turned & asked me what I did for fun. I told him that I liked to dance & I loved to cook for my friends. He then asked if I had a significant other. I replied no. Larry, the guy driving at the time said he couldn't understand why. I said I just hadn't really had the time in the past 2 years to even think about a relaitonship because of the intensity of our jobs. By now, I had everyone's attention. I begin to think that they had discussed me before because then James asked what I did for sex. I told him ususally nothing. I just walked around horny. They all laughed until they realized I was serious. Larry then offered his services if I ever got too horny, and the rest of the guys chimed in. I said I would remember that. I then put on my blindfold that i sleep in & told the guys I was gonna take a nap. they said they would try to be quiet, and Justin said he would try & not ravish me. I told him if he decided to that he needed to just be good at it, & I proceeded to nod off. I'm not sure how long it was but I thought I was dreaming. I felt a soft brush of lips on my lips & then a gentle tugging on my earlobe. I moved around a little and ithe action stopped. A few minutes later, I felt fingers on the inside of my thighs & realized that I wasn't dreaming. I decided to let this play out. I noticed that the van was kind of quiet. So, I lay still. Again the fingers were there; moving steadily up my thigh, and then there was another set of fingers on my other thigh. I feel my pussy beginning to twitch & get moist. It was hard to lie there. As the fingers came against the barrier of my briefs, they gently slid under them & just ran down my hot slit. I kind of moaned but stayed very still. Now, there are fingers unbuttoning the large buttons on my sundress & slowly begin to manipulate my large nipples. I hear Justin say, "I told you guys she had a hot body. She hides it!" Damn, that made me even hornier. I decide to let them know I am awake. I sit up & take the blindfold off, and they freeze. I'm like "What The Hell!!". They all start saying just relax & that is what I do. I'm a little nervous but they say they just want to show me a good time. By now, it's dusk dark & the windows are tinted, so no one can see; not that I would care at this point. As they peel me out of my dress, I have 4 sets of hands, fingers, lips all over me. Soon, there is a hot tongue on both nipples, There is a set of hands spreading my pussy lips & 2 tongues at my pussy. One is on my clit & the other is in & out of my hot pussy as I moan & groan in absolute pleasure. Then I am surrounded by 4 of the biggest cocks I have ever imagined. But, they don't want me pleasuring them yet. I am writihing & twisting as I feel the beginning of my first orgasm start. As my body twitches, James locks onto my clit & sucks while Justin inserts 3 fingers in my pussy & Reginald gently slides a finger in my virgin ass. This sends me off into an orbit of orgasms. I scream louder than I have ever screamed. My pussy is just gushing. Justin says, "Damn, she is a squirter!" I didn't even know that I could squirt. As my body jumps & reacts to this intense pleasure, Reginald slides out of his shorts and comes at my cunt with a dick that was at least 11 inches & fat as hell. He slides into me & immediately I begin to cum again. As we go down the highway, I am fucked & licked & sucked & fingered for the next 2 hours. We stopped at a Cracker Barrell in a town called Tupelo, & I couldn't even get off the van. They brought me something to eat back out to me. When we got to the casino, I had a room of my own, but needless to say, I didn't need it. I simply shared a room with some of the fellas. As I said, the real event was much better than any fantasy I ever had. I look forward to our trips now.

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