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This story is another creation of mine that involves my girlfriend and her experience one Superbowl Sunday. It's a MMF threesome, actually would qualify as a moresome cuz there is a total of five guys, so it's more like a MMMMMF. :) Hope you enjoy.

"Game Day"

It was Superbowl Sunday and a few of my guys friends, actually quite a few of them were interested in having a party at my house. There were 6 of them at my place by 5pm that Sunday, doing the usual guy things we do, like sitting around drinking beer and talking about chicks. My girlfriend was away working that day and I was lucky enough to have scored the day off. She had called me earlier and asked what the plans were for the night and were the guys coming over and all that. I told her yeah there would be a few of them there. She kidded me and said " You guys and your damn football!", and laughed. Well it was about 5:30 and we were all sitting around, and being the game wasn't on until around 8 we didn't have much to do but talk and drink and shoot the shit. One of my friends named Tom suggested that we hire a couple of strippers. I was like I don't think when my honey gets home she'd like coming home to find strippers here guys. Chuck, another one of my closest friends, patted me on the back and told me " Well then, since you don't wanna have strippers, we could always have your cute honey Melissa to be our little waitress and beer girl! ", and laughed really loudly. I just smiled and said " Oh yeah! You guys WOULD like that!". The guys had always told me when we were out somewhere eating or just hanging out that I had a pretty fine little girlfriend there. I AM very thankful because she IS truly a pretty girl and I can see why they always like looking at her.

She's a beautiful girl, 29 years old, blondish brown hair with green eyes and a smile that would melt your heart. She's got hips that just make you wanna bend her over just about anything in view, whether it be a table, a pinball machine, or a pool table and just take her right then and there. Her tits are totally beautiful and big, more than a handful, and they are pretty cameo color like the rest of her body. I remember the first time I bought her a nice berry colored lingerie that was a one piece and had her try it on. Berry is a color that is in between purple and dark red somewhere. Beautiful color against pale skin, and I always had the hots for a girl with pale complexion. She looks so absolutely hot in that one piece lingerie. It was very low cut, and you could see her tits very nicely hanging in there from the side view. I made her wear it around the house all day long that particular day and she had fun teasing me. She has a beautiful clean shaven pussy with pretty pink lips. Her asshole is nice and tight and unlike most girls out there, she loves getting my cock on her knees or on her side, anally. It was a wild experience for me when i discovered it because it was like the first or second time we screwed and i was lying on my side with her on her side in the spooning position. My cock was extremely hard as it went back and forth into her wet snatch. All of a sudden she kinda leaned forward and scooched her ass up higher against my crotch and i felt her fingers reach between my legs and grab hold of my cock. She directed it towards her asshole and I was so shocked because every girl i'd ever been with hated anal and said that it hurt or just didn't feel right or seemed nasty. Well, this nasty little girlfriend of mine had hold of my throbbing, pulsating cock and geared it right against her asshole and whispered for me to go ahead and fuck her up the ass. It was all I could do to resist just taking a straight fast dive up her tight little fuck hole, but i know it hurts sometimes so i went slowly. She let out some wild moans as i rocked back and forth until my balls tightened in her fingers and i released a nice large load right up her hole. Yes, she was a wild girl, but of a conservative nature when i first met her. But eventually, with a little coaxing and the fact that we are so comfortable together, she began to open up, do things that I wanted to sexually and explore them with me, and gradually i took her from conservative to total slut in a matter of months.

After I'd thought about it for a little while, the horny guy in me decided that I'd like to see my girlfriend being the little waitress/beer girl and as much as I loved her and thought how pretty she was, well, you can't blame me now for wanting to show her off! I looked at Chuck and the rest of the guys and i said, " Ok, fine, you guys want to have Melissa be your beer girl and waitress then fine. I'll text her and see what she says." The guys faces all lit up! Pretty soon my girlfriend, who they all thought was a pretty hot little thing, would be serving them beers and prancing around the living room in front of the big 60-inch projection Tv we had. After texting her, she messaged me back that she guess that it would be ok if that's what they wanted. She said it sounded like a lot of fun. 6pm came and it was her time to get off work. She was home by 6:30 and walked in the door. She worked as a chef and she always looked really good in her white outfit. She came through the door and said " Hey guys!! So I hear ya'll need a waitress for tonights game!", and the guys all just smiled and knodded their heads. She said " Alright, well what time does the game start?". Chuck yelled out 8pm. She then said " Ok then, well guys, i'm a little tired so just let me take like an hour nap so i can be rested and i'll change into something more comfortable and i'll be down here for you guys around 8 then." The guys you could tell were like a bunch of eager nerds at a strip club for the first time. Their faces just lit up with smiles and the conversations got louder. I had to shush everybody so that Melissa could get some sleep. Eight o'clock rolled around before we knew it and we were all sitting around watching the tv getting ready for the game to come on. We heard her coming down the steps in what sounded like high heels. Then when she got to the doorway leading into the living room she just stopped there in the door, and put one arm up against the side of the door and stood there for a minute looking at us and said " Ok guys, who wants a cold beer?". All the guys including me turned and looked the direction of the pretty voice. There she stood, as beautiful as a little angel but a slutty, sultry little angel at that. She had on a pair of heels, and was wearing the favorite one piece lingerie that I had mentioned earlier in this story. It was basically see thru, and had deep cleavage and her tits bulged out from the sides so that you could have easily grabbed a handful of tit. It allowed her entire legs to show and she had her hair pulled back in a ponytail like i always loved to see. A few of the guys started saying sure we will take a beer and maybe some snacks or something. She looked at them and like the most submissive little angel in the world said, " Ok, whatever makes you guys happy! I'll get right on those beers and appetizers. " The guys, if they were girls, would have honestly been doing the teenage biting their fist kinda thing that young girls do. They were totally beside themselves and in total shock. I was in shock as well. She looked at me as if she wanted my approval that I was ok with that and was happy with her doing that. I gave her a wink that gave her the ok and just passed by her in the kitchen and whispered to her, " I'm very proud of you babygirl, and if you show em a really good time and tease us all a lot, you are gonna get fucked absolutely senseless tonight. All night long. Her eyes lit up and she smiled the biggest happiest smile i'd seen in a LONG time and told me, " Oh don't worry, I plan on giving you guys the time of your lives. Just doing this to turn you on, so just lean back and just enjoy it all ". It was going to be a VERY good Superbowl Sunday. My field goal had just passed through the doorway, this night was TOTALLY on!

Our sofas consisted of two sectionals that formed a nice square, each with a recliner on each end. In walked Melissa, dressed in her sexy lingerie. I actually had to do a reality check to make sure this was actually what was happening. MY GIRLFRIEND, turned into the little slut of the evening wearing lingerie and prancing around in front of all those guys and me, serving us drinks and appetizers. Holy shit! She had a serving tray and it had about 3 beers to start with. As she handed the guys their beers she leaned over in front of them, facing them and made sure that her cleavage was in perfect view. As she leaned over Chuck, she served him his beer and leaned in really really close to him and whispered, " Ya like that? ", and smiled. All he could do was nod. She told him, " If you wanna touch then go ahead, i don't mind a bit.". With that, he reached up with one hand and put it right between her beautiful soft cameo boobs hanging down. He squeezed a handful of tit as he started getting an erection. Melissa noticed the erection as she looked down while he was having fun playing. " She giggled and told him " Looks like somebody is a little excited there!". He turned 8 shades of red. She blew him a kiss and went on down the line to the next guy sitting beside him. This time it was Tom. He sat there like an eager child who had just seen a naked woman for the first time ever, as she leaned in to serve him his drink. She said " Well go ahead baby, you can touch me too." As he was playing she raised up a little and addressed the room. " Ok, just a little FYI, you guys can all like touch me and stuff, i don't care where you touch me but ya'll need to stop just sitting there and looking nervous and afraid. I wanna feel some hands on me dammit!". With that being said, as Tom was sitting there massaging her boobs, Chuck being right beside her reached over and took a nice squeeze of one of her naked ass cheeks. He slipped a couple fingers between her butt cheeks while i sat there in total amazement. She leaned over a little more and stuck her ass out for him. He reached under and slipped a couple fingers underneath the thin material and they dissappeared into her wet cunt. All the other guys were watching and a couple of them had went on ahead and pulled their cocks out and was jerking. She came to me after she had been totally felt up like a cheap whore by Tom and Chuck and asked if i was ok and did i like what i was seeing. I said " OH HELL YEAH BABY!" . She was the slut of the evening and I was gonna have these boys licking peanuts out of her hand before the evening was over. With that I told her i wanted her to satisfy me like a true slut right there in front of all my friends. I leaned forward on the sofa and she took the initiative, unzipping my shorts and freeing my hard cock from it's confines. My cock disappeared into her hot mouth as she bobbed up and down on it while holding onto my knees to keep her balanced. She went down several times to lick my nuts and while she was sucking she tickled my balls and inner thighs just like i liked. Chuck proceeded to get up from the sofa and get behind her as she was leaning over giving me some damn hot oral! He pulled down his shorts and moved her lingerie over a little bit away from her pussy. He had one of the biggest damn cocks i'd seen on a guy, and it must have been around 12 inches. He leaned in and as Melissa was giving me head, he whispered in her ear " Can i fuck you up your asshole while you suck your man?", with which she replied, " Just make sure you go easy and lube it up nice and good honey.". He wasted no time getting his cock lubed up and bout broke his neck running around trying to find the lube. When he came back her ass was still up nice and high to his cock level. He slowly but surely eased his massive dick into her tight ass. I know it was tight because even for my cock she had a massive grip and her anal opening squeezed it really hard. He did a few pumps, nice and hard which made her lose concentration sucking my cock. I took her by the ponytail and shoved her fucking head down on my dick to the point she almost gagged, and he was behind pumping her nice and hard. She was moaning really loud so he must have been tearing her ass up! Then one of the guys that were jerking came up and got on the side of her and yanked one of her tits out of the side of her babydoll outfit and began feverishly sucking it while jerking his cock at the same time. Melissa reached down and moved his hand away and for a second she raised up from sucking my cock and looked at him while jerking him and said " No honey, that's MY JOB!". He had no complaints. Here my whore of a girlfriend was sucking my cock, getting fucked up her ass and jerking another cock at the same time. WOW what a sight! Chuck did several more pumps before he screamed out that he was about to cum, he sank his dick deep inside her and came several loads as she moaned. Then she raised up again from sucking my dick and looked back and said " Ok NEXT! Who wants to fuck me???? I need some fucking dick over here!". With that the other guy who was jerking on the couch go up and started towards her. He sunk his cock into her ass where the other guy had cum. Probably provided a little bit of an easier glide for my whore of a girlfriend. She sucked my dick a few more minutes and it was all i could take. My balls tightened in her fingers and I pumped her little slut mouth full of cum. I leaned down to her and said to her " You better not waste one fucking drop!", she looked up at me and said " Yes Sir.", with somewhat of a sad look upon her face. I pumped cum past her tonsils and she greedily sucked it and swallowed it down her fucking whore throat. I motioned for the last guy to get up and come over and take my place. I moved aside and that guy got into position, her mouth going up and down, slurping his cock just as nice as she did mine. This all continued, the fucking and the sucking until she was limp as a dishrag. And the sad part of it was, she was SO exhausted and sweating but we were all pretty much relentless that night, and we didn't give a fuck about the game. The fucking and sucking continued up until like 3am and she was our wonderful little cumwhore for the evening. We could have cared less about the damn game as this point. We were making our own field goals shooting loads in her mouth and asshole. We even all kept track of how many loads each of us shot in her and tried to outdo each other. I would say over and over as we repeatedly used her body, the five of us guys were able to crank out probably like twenty or thirty loads. She was covered in cum, inside and out. So like i said, she went from conservative girl to little cum hungry slut, all for me. And I love her dearly.

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