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Fun night at the theater

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My wife,Ann and I have been married for 27 years. We have 2 grown children and a very nice life. We have always had a great sex life, but in the last few years Ann has become quite adventurous. She is 52 yrs old, but looks 40. She has a great body and a killer ass. We have done the mmf,the mff and all things in between, but one Saturday she really shocked me.

It was a beautiful day, I was out mowing the lawn and she came out to sit on our deck; naked as usual. Our back yard is secluded so that?s not a big deal. Seeing her made me stop mowing and I decided to make a few drinks and sit down with her for a while. After a few drinks, she said she wanted to do something tonight, OK I said what do you have in mind. To my amazement she said she wanted to go to the local porn theater. I was taken aback by this. There is a little shithole theater way across town, in a real shitty neighborhood. I asked why you want to go there. She thought it would be fun. Against my better judgment I said yes and went back to mowing the lawn.

About 7:00 I was on the computer check ball scores waiting for Ann to come down so we could leave. Finally she walked into the room dressed in this tight little black dress with ?fuck me? heels on. I got up and gave her hug and noticed there were no underwear, no bra, and no thong. I asked if she still wanted to do this and she said yes, but we should go to the midnight show so no one would see us go in. Fine a said, we?ll get a bite to eat and some drinks before we go.

Finally after a dinner and some tequila shots, mostly for Ann, we headed to the theater. The area was very seedy and the place has been shut done numerous times for assorted violations. We quickly made our way done the street and entered the place. It certainly had a distinct odor and the floors were sticky, hopefully from spilt soda. The guy at the ticket booth said how many then looked up at saw my wife. You could see the drool running down his greasy beard. "Two" I said and we made our way to the gallery. I noticed the ticket guy put up the closed sign, I thought they were open all night? The lights were on for a brief time as we looked for seats, there were about 10 guys in the place but before I could see what they looked like the lights went out.

We found the least disgusting seats on the end of an aisle and sat down. The film started it was some French film, but we really didn?t care. The guys in the theater slowly moved closer to where we were. We sat awkwardly for 5-10 minutes not knowing what to do. Finally I said fuck it she wanted to come here so let the real show begin. I slid my left hand down to her pussy, it was sopping wet. I easily slid two fingers in and she let out an audible sigh. The guy 4 or 5 seats down from suddenly popped into the seat next to my wife. It was uncomfortable doing her with my left hand so I shifted over to use my right hand, the shift sent off an alarm in the place everyone moved close. By now I had three fingers up her pussy and my wife was in ecstasy. The guy next to us had pulled his cock out and was stroking it pretty hard. My wife finally decided she needed to expand her horizons. She lifted the arm of the chair and grabbed the guys cock and began to blow him. In the dark you could hear her cough and choke trying to take this guy?s cock. I had no idea what he looked like but he must have thought he won the lottery. He kept telling my wife what a great cocksucker she was and her mouth was fantastic. He got a little bolder and started to push her head down and blurting out ?suck it bitch?. By now everyone was behind us watching this guy get sucked by this beautiful woman. Her seat was now drenched in pussy juice so I removed my fingers. The guy finally shot his load, you could by the gurgling sound my wife made, everyone cheered.

Clearly if this was going to go on we needed a better venue. I asked a guy where the bathrooms were he pointed to the left hand corner. I stood up and said my wife has to use the bathroom, who can get her there. With that my wife stood up, unzipped her dress and let it fall to the floor. Pussy juice was running down her legs. The place was silent. Then she walked towards the bathroom with only her ?fuck me? shoes on. Guys were falling over themselves as they headed after her. I picked up her dress and a coat that a guy had left. I figured this place can?t be clean so she could sit on the coat.

By the time I got to the bathroom, Ann was blowing this old black guy. The lighting was a little better than the theater. The old guy kept saying how beautiful she was and how good it felt. Ann stopped to look up and smile at him, right then he shot his load she was just barely able to get the cock back into her mouth so there was cum running down her chin. At this point no one knew what to do. Finally a skinny guy with very little teeth, stepped forward and in a low voice; said suck it. Slim had a long skinny dick and he didn?t last very long with my wife?s tongue. Then things got bizarre. Two short guys, borderline midgets stepped up. One grabbed the coat I had brought in and set it on the floor. He pulled down his pants and lay down. He wasn?t a tripod but the guy had 5-6 inches. He told my wife to sit on it. With all the pussy juice flowing this was no problem. The other midget now circled behind my wife he pulled out a cock a little smaller than his buddy but much thicker. Using my wife?s love juice he eased his cock into her ass, and then the circus began. These guys had great rhythm; they obviously had down this before. In/out in perfect medley, finally they all exploded at the same time. There were no condoms so more juice filled my wife.

Again the place went quiet,my wife stood up and someone handed her some paper towels to wipe off with Then the door opened and without hesitation the ticket guy walked in. He was a slimy looking guy, but Ann didn?t seem to care. He told her to get on her knees, she obliged. Then he told her to pull his cock out,clumsily she fumbled with his belt and zipper; cum still running down her legs. Finally she reached for his cock and lo and behold this guy had a monster tool. It must have 9? long and 4-5? thick. My wife looked a little overwhelmed. He told her to suck it. She gave it all she had but it was too big. She sucked on the head, licked his shaft, even sucked his balls but she could not get him off. Get on all fours he mumbled, slowly my wife got into position,but with a look of concern. The other guys were now very close to the action cheering on ticket man. Slowly he eased the head of his cock into my wife?s soaking pussy. It looked like this might work till he threw her a curve ball. He pulled his cock out and this time it went into her ass. Before she could say a thing he was half way in. You could see her body tense up and she let out a small cry, but she got herself into this. Gradually she and her ass started to accept the situation. As he pushed she received till finally he had his cock balls deep. My wife knew this was not over, so she braced herself and sure enough ticket man launched into her ass. She was excitedly rubbing her clit as her ass got pounded. Ticket man was relentless at one point pulling his whole cock out and ramming it back in many times. My wife kept working her clit till her whole body shook and her head fell to the floor. She now begged him to stop and that she would do anything to get him off. At this point I thought that I would have to intervene, but he pulled his cock out. My wife?s hind end hit the floor, but like a champ she was back up. She stood on her knees with the monster cock waving in her face. Obviously she knew what he wanted, and much to my surprise she gave it to him. She grabbed his cock and started to lick and suck the cum and ass juice off it. He had a shit eating grin on his face and the few remaining guys cheered.

She pumped his cock with her little fists until he said he was going to come. Then he held her head and told my wife to open her mouth, with that he shot his huge load into her mouth, chin, nose till it dripped down to her tits. He zipped up and said thanks you filthy cunt and left the room. The party was pretty much over, one guy who must have been 80 came over and shot his load on my wife?s tits. Still in a daze she licked his cock clean for him. I got some towels and cleaned her up, put her dress on and we made our way to the front door. As we got there ticket man was there with a big black cop. He said that he should arrest us for lewd behavior, but he was sure we could work things out. He took us out to his cruiser in the back ally. There he handcuffed my wife to the car and said I need a little white pussy tonight and proceeded to fuck her. Then he said that was warning. He drove off and we went home. Funny after all that my wife said we should go to the next closest town that has one of those theaters, go figure.

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