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Fun at The House

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The house was about 50 miles from me and it was the only house I had heard of that allowed single guys. They invited only 7 for each o their parties. I found a parking place and went to the door and knocked. Although I had been to other party houses before I was still a little nervous. The door opened and standing there was the hostess and her husband and they said come in. She was beautiful scantily dressed and he was at least 20 years older that her. I paid my $25 dollars and went in to the living room area where several people were gathered.

More people were arriving and I went into the kitchen area and several people were playing dirty dice. I asked if I could join them. When it was my turn to throw the dice turned up with lick someone below the waist. I turned to one of the female players and said how about you? She looked surprised but said sure and sat on one of the stools and opened her legs. I got on my knees in front of her and she lifted her skirt up and I reached up and slid her panties down and off. Without saying a word I leaned in and licked her pussy. I felt her shutter a little as my tongue licked around the edges of her pussy and then I buried my head and licked her everywhere.

She was very wet and placed her hands behind my head for leverage and was sliding her butt forward and back on the stool against my face. I licked for a time and then stood up and slipped a finger in her pussy as she held on to me and she moaned and held on to me tight and gave it up to me whispering oh yes good as she got off. We parted and she said I am Dee and I said I am Jim. I walked away thinking good start. After I had been there for a while I learned there were several single girls there as well and several couples. I looked around and could see things were beginning to warm up.

I went out to the patio where the hot tub was located there was this beautiful black girl hanging over the edge with this white guy giving it to her. We made eye contact for a moment and she smiled and then lowered her head as he fucked her hard and then she grunted lifted her head up and I could see her expression change and she got off wiggling her butt side to side and gasping for breath. He moved away and a second guy replaced him. He was black as well and probably her husband.

I walked around the house watching and there was a lot going on to watch. I entered the room where you could dace and Dee was on her knees with 4 guys circling her and I watched as she went from one to the other sucking on them. She noticed me standing there watching her and motioned for me to join in and I joined the circle. When it was my turn she looked up and I could see the pure lust on her face and she said hi Jim my turn to return the favor and took me in her mouth. Her mouth was very warm and her face very flushed as she sucked on me. I got very hard in her mouth. She pulled back and looked at my cock and said very nice, then she moved on around the circle.

A few minutes later she stood up and looked down at all the hard cocks and said ok guys go have fun and took my hand and said I have to tell my husband if I am going to do anyone. We found him in the hot tub and she introduced me to him and she whispered something to him and he looked at me and nodded a yes. She led me into the group room where a lot was going on. There were about 15 people in the group room all fucking someone and frequently moved from one to another. One girl was on top of a guy fucking him and another moved behind her and slipped into her butt and both of them fucked her. She was making all kinds of noises.

I was still hard and Dee stretched out in front of me and spread and then pulled me into her. I went deep and she gasped oh yes. She brought her legs up to my shoulders and opened even wider and I went even deeper and rode her hard. We were head to head and she was kissing me moaning oh you feel so big. I fucked her as hard as I know how. She gave me her all and was a wild ride. She kept saying harder, harder and I slammed into her and suddenly she went rigid under me and I could feel her pussy quivering and she grunted several times and collapsed under me and got very quiet. Finally her eyes opened and she said I love that feeling. Her pussy was still quivering around my cock. I pulled out and she said do you want to cum. I said not now. We returned to her husband and she gave me a hug and whispered later I will get you off if you want me too. I moved on.

I walked into a different room and a girl was on her back and another girl was down on her. A guy was standing at the foot of the bed with a video camera. A couple of other guys were standing next to the bed with hard cocks and one of them moved behind the second girl and took her from behind as she licked the pussy in front of her. She appeared to know what she was doing and had done it before. The other girl started to jerked around and raised her butt off the bed and crying out exploding. She was a squinter and completely covered the other girls face with her cum. The other girl raised up her face all wet and the guy behind her plowed the field and she grunted and came with him; all on video tape. I moved on.

There was one room with a window allowing you to see what was going on in the room without being seen. I watched. I watched this extremely beautiful girl sitting next to a black guy with a very big cock standing up. She leaned forward and went down on him obviously having a little trouble getting it in her mouth. She was near perfect with large boobs and slim body. She was probably about 20 with black hair down to her shoulders. I watched her head bobbing up and down on his cock. Her face was very flushed as she sucked him. Then she stood up and climbed aboard and went for the ride. She was really hot.

The guy just lied there and let her do all the work and she rode him hard. There were two other guys in the room and walked up to her and presented their cocks and as she rode. She sucked on one than the other. She was being a very bad girl. Suddenly she went rigid and shuttering all over screamed very loud and got off. She climbed off and another guy pushed her down on her back and climbed aboard and she fucked him. She was a screamer and soon screamed again and then the third guy had her. This went on for a long time. I walked away but every few minutes everyone in the house could hear her scream again.

I went back into the group room looking for some action. The hostess was there with her husband and waived me over and said I am going to do all the single guys. They were all lined up behind her as she got on her hands and knees and looked back waiting for the first guy. I ended up being third in lone as I was up and ready. I slipped into her and she pushed back and I fucked this beautiful woman with her husband standing by watching his wife with 7 guys in line. I was ready to cum and rode her hard and grunting I exploded in her pussy and she moaned and came with me. I pulled out and was replaced by the next guy in line.

I sat and watched her do all the single guys and then got on her back and her husband went in. I was getting hard again and she motioned me and another guy over to her as her husband gave it to her. She said I love the taste of cum and said help me. I was jerking on myself and she took me in her mouth and I exploded in her mouth and she moaned and motioned for the other guy and he came in her mouth. Her husband said I am going to fuck you all night and she opened her eyes and said oh good and gave it up to him. She lay there for a time her face covered with cum, her face flushed and eyes with a starry look. I needed some recovery time.

The house was getting louder as people were fucking all over the place. It was a wild place.

I went looking for Dee. I found her in the hot tub with her husband and motioned to her. She whispered to her husband and he looked over to me and once again nodded a yes. She climbed out of the tub naked and grabbed a towel and joined me smiling and saying you want me to keep my promise and I said yes.

We found a quieter place and she turned to me and said I like big men and my favorite position is from behind. She also added I do swallow and like doing that as well, so whatever you want do I will do. I smiled and said I want everything. She did everything. It was a night to remember. Yes she did swallow.

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