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Fun Night Out

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It was during the summer and unusually nice for that time of year. The weekend was finally here and my wife and I were free from the kids for a couple of days. It was nice and we could feel the freedom in the house. We decided to go to a local club and have some drinks and play some pool. It wasn’t overly crowded this night and it was very nice playing pool and having some drinks as she showed off her new denim skirt and low cut loose top. Several times I would get to fondle her when I would win a game. She was wearing a small thong under her skirt that gave me easy access to play with her freshly shaven pussy. During the course of the night we started to meet the people around us and we were all having a good time. They knew we were being pretty sexual with each other and didn’t seem to mind at all. They would just smile and continue doing whatever they were doing.

They were getting ready to leave and they all seemed to invite us at the same time to come over to their house and party some more. We talked about it a second and decided to take them up on their offer. It wasn’t far from the club and they were all very nice and friendly. They consisted of 3 guys and 1 couple. My wife and Liz spent a lot of time dancing together at the club so they were hitting it off very well.

Once we were at the house we drank and laughed and just had a great time. We all had good buzzes and it wasn’t long before flirtatious gestures were flying. Liz and Marie (My Wife) danced very risqué on many occasions which led to Marie showing her tiny thong to everyone on many occasions which got her a lot of Hell Yeh’s! Liz and her husband disappeared after a while but we didn’t go looking. Marie and I talked with 2 other guys and kept drinking with Marie occasionally flirting and lifting her skirt for a killer tease. Sometimes I would help add to the tease by taunting her nipples between my two fingers through her thin shirt. Marie excused herself to go to the restroom and I continued talking. 1 of the guys also went to another restroom while the other guy and I talked about a sporting event. After a few minutes he headed to the restroom also and I decided to check on Marie. As we headed down the hall we saw Marie and 1 of the guys making out in the hallway in the doorway of a bedroom. Wow, it was hot! They were kissing and he was feeling her wet pussy as she was riding his finger(s). We then approached them and found Liz and her husband on the bed with one of the other guys having a very hot 3-some. The guy that was with me said, No fair man!, and Marie said, don’t worry I have something for you and took down her shirt so he could have free rein of her perky tits. So here I was watching a husband and wife having a 3-some and watching my wife making out with 2 guys with anxious hands all over her. Just then Liz was moaning as her husband and other lover came all over her for their much-deserved climax. Things were heating up in the hallway as 1 guy was kissing and sucking on Marie’s neck and tits as the other was on his knees worshiping her very wet pussy. Liz said, guys he needs a little fun too and looked right at me. The guy and her husband left the bed and she motioned for me to come in. Marie looked at me in-between her moans of passion and smiled with saying, Have fun baby! Liz started undressing me and I was hard and so frek’n horny it was unreal. She immediately started sucking me and I was in heaven. She was a very talented young lady and very hot. She was wet with cum on her breast and around her pussy. It was actually very naughty and erotic and I loved the feel. The party in the hallway moved just inside the bedroom and I understood they then needed more room. Marie was now surrounded by all the guys (4 total) and they were worshiping every inch of her body. They would all switch off sucking her tits, kissing her deep, and licking and fingering her ass. She was loving every second. They knelt her down in front of them and she was taking turns sucking their cocks as they grabbed and gently pinched her nipples. On occasion one guy would finger her pussy and ass to keep her on the edge. Liz was now begging for a good doggie style fucking and positioned herself so I could see the passionate session my wife was now giving. Marie started to succeed in making each one cum in her hair and on her face and tits. But then 1 guy asked, would you like to fuck and Marie said, oh yeh! He was the biggest of all of us (very muscular) and he stood her up and started kissing her. He then lifted 1 of her legs and then the other and had her up in the air. She lifted and let his cock slide into her soaked pussy. This was so hot! I was fucking Liz with all I had while sticking a finger in her asshole. She seemed to love this and came a cpl of times. Liz was very pretty and I wanted to drill her missionary with her legs pulled back. I asked her and she flipped around in no time. I slid into her with one thrust with both of us letting out a moan of pleasure. She felt so good and I was gong to blow very soon as I looked at her perky bouncing tits and her face as she came again. Marie was about to scream as she whimpered and begged to be fucked over and over. I saw Marie cum hard and I came with a blast inside Liz as she rammed herself into me. The guy unloaded in Marie shortly after and then laid her on the bed beside Liz. We all had a cigarette break and enjoyed talking about our fun. It was 5:30 am and we were talking about leaving and going home. But the girls decided if we would all promise to try to cum quick that all the guys could have a quickie for the road. That is exactly what we did too. It was so cool, I couldn’t believe it. We all took turns on them and they would just tease us and make us hot. Everyone of the guys did cum fairly quick as asked and then started to get ready to leave. I helped Marie to the shower and she was a cum mess. I looked at her and knew she had been fucked so good that she would never be the same. She said, I am tired but I can’t wait to do it again. I said, oh shit! Sounds great to me! She then said, I loved watching you fuck Liz and I want to fuck her next she is hot. I can’t wait until next time!

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