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Frat boys

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OK So I am in the back room of the frat house, getting ready to go home or so I think.  Stan tells me to raise my hands above my head, in my drunken state I do it, thinking he is helping me put my coat on to leave. He looks at me with evil eyes, and I hear the click of the handcuffs.  "I thought you were taking me home" and he said with a smirk, oh we are going to take you all right, every single one of us!  I knew my reputation would be ruined, as the drug started making me go limp.  He pushed me down on the pool table, with my legs hanging off at the knees.  I felt two ropes pulling my legs apart, as they tied them securely to the sides of the pool table.  One by one, all the members of the frat house, all the new pledges filed around me making a circle around the table.  I started to scream, but the lead man, my date Stan, held up the white cue ball and with a laugh, stuffed it in my mouth.  He covered it with a black gag and tied it around my head. As I lay there staring up at the ceiling, I was looking down at myself, the ceiling was lined with mirrors and a video camera staring back down at me.  Looking at my bound and gagged body sent a shiver up my spine.  Stan asked me with a smirk if I ever heard of the Freshman 15, I just looked at him, he laughed again and said well, meet our freshman 15 new pledges, and each one is Very eager to get into the frat. I started to drift in and out and as heard all the guys hooting and hollering.  Stan picked up a cue stick and ran it over the top of my body, playing with the buttons on my blouse.  OFF OFF OFF the guys all started to chant loudly.  He slid the cue from under the bottom of my blouse up to the top, slowly tormenting me.  When he had the cue up through the top of my blouse he motioned for the guys at the far end to take hold of the end.  They lifted up on the cue, as the chanting grew louder and wilder...pulling of my top, the buttons all flying off.  I lay there naked and exposed, feeling ashamed, knowing the camera was recording all this time.  Stan continued to run the cue stick all over my tits, making my nipples extremely hard, getting me excited, against my will.  "Looks like you like this Deborah"  Hearing him say my name excited me again, as I softly moaned.  He removed the ball gag from my mouth.  "no, Please don't...Stop please" Feeling limp, I couldn't fight it anymore.  I just lay there, watching in the mirrors as he trailed that cue stick up between my legs, teasing my wet clit he put the cue stick under my underwear, and again pulled up on them..more harshly then before.  You little slut, you are liking this aren't you?  "no" I pleaded, but fighting my own demons at the same time.  I knew he was turning me on, and I felt so afraid.  More afraid of my own hidden dark desires now, then of anything they were doing to me.  He pulled off my panties with a strong tug, leaving me open for all to see.  Then Stan diverted his attention away from me for a moment.  Jason, Stan's best friend and 2nd in command, was standing next to a cabinet, "Can you do the honors, Jason....Again, the louder the chants got, GO GO GO they were all chanting behind me...Jason pulled out a hair clippers, and turned it on....He gave it to Stan, laughing.  He glared at me..."so you think you are such a tease Deborah, always flipping that long blonde hair around. And you...he threatening put the clippers close to my head, I was really scared now.  He just laughed as he brushed down my body with the vibrating clippers, stopping to carress my nipples.  He moved it slowly down to my hard clit.  I moaned, I was slowly giving in, hating my body for betraying me like this.  My nipples were hard, my clit was hard, and my pussy wet.  I lay there watching as he started to shave off my pussy hair.   I was so entranced, watching in the mirrors.  One by one, they started to take turns eating out my newly shaven pussy.  Each one savoring the juices coming out As each of the fifteen recruits took there turns, I was moaning wildly now I knew I wanted it, right there, and Stan knew I was hot and ready.  OK Boys, time to complete your initiation... Anyone who can fuck her with 100 strokes and not cum, is in, if you cum before 100, you are out.  Let the initiation begin....

I felt like a virgin sacrifice, laying there with all the guys cheering each other on..fuck her, fuck her, fuck her, they all were chanting...Standing all around me with there cocks all out and hard.  One by one they mounted my swollen pussy, each one harder than the last, fucking me senseless, my fear slowing disapating.  I couldn't help but to give in, between the drugs, and my own lust taking over.  I was lost in a sensual abyss.   This continued on well into the early morning...

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