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Forty-Something Empty-Nesters- New Swingers Take it to a New Level

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You might remember me ? my name is Mia. It?s been a while since I wrote my first account of how Rhet and I began swinging, and now I want to share how we?ve taken swinging to the next level.

By way of simple review, our years of raising kids had taken its toll on Rhet?s and my love-lives, but as I shared before, one kid-free summer trip to Put-in-Bay, Ohio had really turned things around between us.

Our fateful encounter with Ted and Lisa on their yacht was incredibly erotic and took us from the doldrums of forty-something stale sexuality to the high-seas of same-, and separate-room husband-swapping as well as female bi-sexuality.

We returned to our home after that weekend as a changed couple. Our sex lives were super-charged and we openly shared fantasies of repeat swinging and even more daring fantasies, which I?ll get into later.

Rhet and I both took up home nudity since our three kids were in college and our nest continued to be blissfully empty. Because we had found new enjoyment of being naked all the time, we soon started to consider finding a nudist club and even go to a nude swinger resort. I found myself dripping with continual anticipation at the idea of being nude in a crowd, anywhere, somewhere, enjoying being seen, and knowing that Rhet was enjoying my evident desirability to strangers.

I wanted to maximize my looks and joined a fitness club, and even joined a competitive women?s figure league, mostly to enhance my confidence and to learn how to relax and enjoy being ogled. My 38DD breasts and Mediterranean skin color (without tan lines) never looked better. And, according to my husband, forty-something ass was pin-up worthy.

Well, Rhet and I kept in touch with Ted and Lisa over the next couple of years, but never had a chance to meet up with them again since they were on a relentless retirement cruise on their yacht. In fact, despite the fact we now considered ourselves ?swingers?, we never did swing after our first time with Ted and Lisa. I have to say though, our shared memories of that time still inspire joyful lust for both or us. Rhet would particularly thrill at his memory of the first time he saw me having shameless wanton sex with Ted when he walked in on him and me in the stateroom of his yacht.

Lisa did share e-mail with me regarding some of hers and Teds swinger exploits at various ports they hit. Her written descriptions of swapping husbands, or having same-bed four-somes were delightful.

One of her stories really stuck in my mind though, and at first I wasn?t sure it was for me, and I kept it very quiet from Rhet because it went beyond any of our shared swinging fantasies, but Lisa had definitely planted the seed of a gangbang when she told me that Ted and her met three college guys in a rather exclusive Caribbean port. According to her one thing had let to another, and Ted shared her with each of these guys over the course of a week, and eventually they had a four-man orgy, Ted and the three college students, with her as the object of their lust. Such an idea was too outrageous to share, mostly because of the way it affected me.

The idea of Rhet watching me with a group of men was such a turn on, but the idea of unprotected sex with a group of men, with Rhet going last was beyond any erotic thought I ever had, but still, I couldn?t find the courage to share this top-secret fantasy with him.

Well, our chance to go on an adult get-away finally came, and as opportunity would have it, we were able to coordinate a nude vacation with Ted and Lisa on their yacht in the Gulf of Mexico, down along the isthmus of Central America at an uninhabited island. The island was distant enough to avoid prying eyes, but close enough to let them motor into port and pick us up for a full week of swinging together in perpetual, private sunshine.

This time there was no pretense in Rhet?s and my intentions ? this trip was about ?getting it on? in the most swinging-ways we could muster with Ted and Lisa. I went bra-less and panti-less on the flight south. Every little bounce of turbulence made me feel my body, feel my sensuality. I even had to masturbate in the airplane?s restroom once to get myself under control. The old me would have felt so self-conscious, but on this flight, I?d have taken my clothes off and masturbated for every soul on board given the opportunity.

Rhet seemed to understand what was going on with me, and half way through our flight he whispered in my ear ? ?don?t get us arrested for being too hot in a public place. Save it for the yacht.? I smiled without looking at him as I convulsed with pleasure deep inside my belly.

Lisa and Ted?s yacht was waiting at the dock when we got there. Ted shook Rhet?s hand and gave me a lingering kiss and hug, and then we boarded without additional fanfare.

As in Put-in-Bay, Lisa was master of their yacht, and she began to deftly maneuved their 60-foot boat back out to see. Ted led us back up to their flying bridge, where we found Lisa in the most unbelievably scant thong bikini I had ever seen. It was a leopard print, and the only parts of her body that it covered were her perky nipples and the very smiling lips of her vulva.

She smiled and welcomed us on board without looking as she spun the helm and throttled the boat for open ocean. Ted saw both Rhet and I ogling Lisa?s body, which remained absolutely fit and tanned. She was about 5-feet 5-inches, and except for her lovely full breasts, still looked like a junior high cheer leader. Her long platinum hair was done in a ponytail, which stuck out the rear of her visor in a most rebellious, flaunting way. She defied the effects of time.

Ted remarked as we stared at her essentially bare ass ? ?all she?s talked about was getting together and fucking you guys.?

Rhet glanced briefly at me, and replied ? ?I have to confess a similar fantasy.? Lisa glanced over her left shoulder at Ted and said, ?we?ve cleared the inner harbor Ted. If Mia approves, maybe you?d be a gentleman and help me out of this mean old swimsuit.?

I was so glad we were getting things started in an openly sexual way.

?Well, Lisa, I had hoped to undress you myself, but I know Rhet shares my lust for your body and know he?ll give you just the right amount of attention.?

?Hmmm, well Rhet, you can take my top off willy-nilly, but I definitely want a little extra attention when you slip this stringy little bottom.?

Rhet smiled and moved behind Lisa as she continued to steer the ship.

Ted cleared his throat to get my attention, at which time I noticed he had already shed his clothes. He was semi-swollen and beautifully tanned. He was a beautiful and desirable man, and couldn?t wait for either he or Lisa to touch me.

I raised my hands over my head, palms up, and spread my legs slightly, giving a gesture of surrender to Ted. He moved toward me without a word, and helped me slip out of my airline clothes ? a short and t-shirt. I was naked in front of him, and was so turned on to be swinging again.

Ted invited me below to the galley to help him pour some drinks. As I descended their ladder to the main deck, I took a glance back at Rhet and Lisa to see them both naked and engaged in a passionate kiss. I was so good with this ? and was hoping for a little more than just kitchen duty with Ted.

I wasn?t disappointed, and in no time we were also kissing, embracing, fondling and lusting together. Ted?s breath on my neck and his husky voice in my ear quickly drove my passions wild. He was relentlessly massaging my ass, probing his fingers into my most secret spots, front and back ? driving me wild with desire.

Standing in the galley I turned my back to him and spread my legs and instructed him to fuck me. And, oh, he did, slowly at first, thrusting gently, then more vigorously, and finally with uncontrolled passion. I knew I was close to cumming ? the nudity, the swinging, the knowledge my husband was with Lisa, it all added up to heightened erotic pleasure. I began to get Ted to cum in my pussy. I wanted to feel him again, moving in and out, to feel his hot fluid flood me, to hear his climax, to feel his pulsing cock empty itself in me. I so wanted it, and I so screamed commands to him ? to fuck me, to cum in me, to fill me with his seed.

And he did! And I came, violently with pleasure. He stayed in me for over a minute, pulsing and squeezing all his semen deeply into my pussy. I loved it so much. Then we kissed with the most wanton lust I may have ever felt. And as we kissed, I fingered myself to another orgasm. His cum was all over my fingers. I made to put my fingers in my mouth.

As I moved them toward my hand the most shocking, and perhaps the most erotic thing that ever happened between Rhet and I occurred ? he moved into the galley, clearly pressing against Ted from behind, and took my hand with its cum-covered, slippery fingers and painted Ted?s cum onto his lips with slow, erotic motions.

I could tell Rhet was pressed tightly against Ted, who had his eyes closed with an intense look of pleasure on his face. Then I sense Rhet moving rhythmically against Ted. Knowing the three of us were naked in the tight quarters of the boat?s galley, it could only mean that Rhet was pleasuring himself against Ted?s ass.

Rhet looked deeply into my eyes, with a look of intense lust, and licked Ted?s cum from his lips. Rhet?s thrusting against Ted was intensifying, and it was obvious that Ted and Rhet were enjoying this incredibly naughty moment ? a bi-sexual moment.

Ted opened his eyes to check for my reaction to my husband?s sexual advances, and said, ?Hope it?s OK with you if I have Rhet to myself a time or two this week.?

Rhet immediately chimed in, ?just like you and Lisa having a little same-sex fun, Ted and I have been e-mailing about acting out some bi-fantasies that I?ve had. You OK with that Mia??

To tell you honestly, I didn?t suspect Rhet was bi-sexual, but our intimate conversations let me understand that Rhet might have some curiosities about pleasuring and being pleasured by a man, especially in the context of a four-way orgy with another couple. Rhet would hint at the thrill of being seen by another man in an aroused state, and to have casual contact with another man as the four of us changed positions. He wanted to know if it would be OK if he helped guide another man?s cock into my pussy, and would it be OK if a guy handled his cock as part of a sex act with another woman. To me, the woman, these things were completely within the realm of acceptability, and even innocent, but coming from Rhet, such ideas were brand new, and obviously erotic.

My answer was easy and sincere, ?Rhet honey, you two can do anything you?d like. Just one request . . .?

Rhet was slightly out of breath and said, ?just a sec?, and moved his hand down to his cock, and I could tell he was positioning it between Ted?s ass cheeks when Ted closed his eyes and moaned.

?Anything honey?, and he started grinding against Ted?s ass.

?You have to promise to give Lisa and I a nice bi-sexual show one evening. OK??

?Fuckin? ay? Ted replied, then winced, ?Oh, yeah, fuckin? ay.?

I stepped aside the now fully coupled men, and started for the bridge. With once last glance I saw Ted pass a bottle of K-Y jelly to Rhet and heard him say, ?I?ve been so waiting for this. Fuck me hard man. Fuck me hard.?

My pussy twitched at the idea of my Rhet lusting after a man, and thought to myself ? ?this is gonna be a hell of a week.?

Well, I don?t need to give a blow-by-blow of every sexual encounter for the whole week. That?d be monotonous and would de-emphasize the truly exciting moments of our trip. We did have four-way orgies ? no rules, man-on-man and woman-on-woman, three on one, and so forth. I saw Rhet and Ted give each other blow jobs, but never saw them ass-fuck each other, though Lisa and I both experimented with double-penetration with our husbands in our asses, and the other husbands in our pussies.

It was so hot. We took our time and made sure we found pleasurable ways to encounter this form of thrilling intimacy and wanton lust. I particularly loved to feel two pulsing cocks inside my body ? one in my pussy, and one stuffing my ass. I really liked lying on my back, spread-eagle on top of Rhet, with Ted fucking my pussy from the front. I could feel Rhet?s breathing on my neck and simply adored his dirty talk about Ted?s cock rubbing him through my pussy and ass-hole linings.

In fact, the double-penetration naughty talk took my own erotic pleasure to new heights. I started asking them for it every day, at least once, and switching it up, so I knew what Ted?s cock felt like in my ass. Since their cocks were both about the same size, the thrill was mostly about Ted?s cum in my ass while Lisa watched, or sucked my tits, or passionately kissed me and Rhet.

The first three days at anchor was super-charged with sex, good wine, good food, lots of sunshine ? and lots of sexual debauchery. I didn?t think it could be more fun, until another yacht showed up.

Lisa recognized it right away ? it was a couple of black men ? doctors from the east coast who were motoring the Gulf of Mexico for the winter ? and both were very naked. At first I thought I should run and cover myself when I saw their boat maneuvering to anchor within hailing distance of our boat. I looked at Lisa for directions, but she simply smiled into the distance, then looked at me with a devilish grin and asked, ?have you ever been gang-banged??

The way she asked it led me to believe she knew these men in a more sensual way than just recognizing their boat.

?What do you mean,? I asked.

?I mean, these guys are hung, horny and healthy. I?ve spread my legs for them more than once, with Ted joining in, and well . . . I figure, your man might be ready to share you with these black guys.?

?Hmmm.? I responded, and felt more than a little confident to be seen by these two dark strangers, so stood on the flying bridge, naked and increasingly aroused, and waved at them, feeling my heavy breasts sway.

Just then Rhet walked up and asked, ?who are you waving at??

?Oh, just some lovely black cocks, er guys.?

Rhet took up the binoculars and looked these two men over, the whistled, long and low. ?Wow, those guys are hung like barn rope ? long, loose and sloppy.?

?Let me see,? I exclaimed as I grabbed the binoculars.

I saw both of the black doctors looking through their binoculars toward us too, and one of them reached down and started to stroke his gorgeous black, shaved cock.

Instinctively, I reached down to my own genitalia and began a slow circling pressure on my clitoris, and watched the black masturbator set his binoculars down and stroke himself into a marvelous, slightly curved ten-inch and gloriously thick erection.

Rhet grabbed the binoculars back from me, and I heard him exclaim, ?holy ship deep, that guy?s cock is incredible.?

?You want some of that?? I asked my husband.

He looked up at me with a grin and said, ?Hey honey, I?m not gay, but if something interesting happens, that?d be fine with me.?

?Well, I?m good with interesting happenings too, especially if it involves four cocks getting emptied in my cunt.?

Rhet and I locked knowing gazes that each of us were about to venture into new sexual territory.

Before long, Ted and Lisa had both black strangers on board. We all remained nude, with reassurances from Ted and Lisa that these guys were ?cool?.

Before long we were all comfortable, sitting mixed together on the fantail of the yacht; each of us working on our third or fourth glass of scotch. The sun was setting, and Lisa was snuggled up close to one of the black guys ? his name was Jimmy.

Jimmy was some sort of neurosurgeon, had a body like a sprinter ? taut, rippled and totally smooth. He had shaved his cock and balls totally smooth, and it was apparent he was in a state of semi-arousal for nearly two hours. Every once in a while he?d catch me gazing at his meat. When caught, we also exchanged smiles.

Rhet was sitting on my left,, and the other black guy, Greg, was on my right. Greg wasn?t as athletic looking as Jimmy, but he was shaved smooth, head to toe, and was built more like a football player ? thick, muscular, with an incredibly round, firm ass. He too was hung, like Jimmy, and like Rhet said, their cocks were like barn ropes and seemed to sway with a seductive, desirable heaviness.

The sexual tension slowly heightened as introductory conversation moved steadily and purposely toward the sexual. To my surprise, and pleasure, Rhet put things on the fast track and said, ?well Jimmy and Greg, I have to say, it?d be really hot to watch you with my wife Mia ? that is, if Mia took an interest in the two of you.?

Rhet turned to me, ?what do ya think hon? Ever want or have sex with black cock??

Without skipping a beat, I looked at Jimmy and Greg and said, ?Never, but I?m definitely in an experimental mood.?

Lisa jumped in and said, ?Rhet honey, I think she?d like both of them at the same time; maybe you and Ted would like to join in too ? bang her good ? the four of you??

Rhet looked at me, and I could tell he was in the mood for it.

?Guys, can I go last??

Jimmy stood up without saying a word and started bringing his cock to full attention ? ?I?ll go first, if you don?t mind.?

I got off my lounger, laid on the fantail deck, spread my legs and said, ?I?m ready big guy, just take it slow until I beg for a pounding.?

Jimmy got on his knees with his now huge-looking cock in his hand, and made to enter me with it, when I saw Rhet?s hand reach down and ask, ?mind if I help guide that thing in??

Jimmy smiled, and Rhet grabbed on, but then instead of directing it straight in, he began to stroke it with long, slow steady strokes. It seemed he was doing something just right because I heard Jimmy moan, ?Mmmm, I like this kind of help.?

Rhet responded, ?I?ve dreamed of this a thousand times, handling a black cock. Yours is so thick and hot. She?s gonna love it.?

And with that, Rhet guided Jimmy into my pussy ? nice and slow, as I asked, and with incredibly sensuality. Rhet only let go of it at the last moment, then whispered something to Jimmy that I couldn?t quite make out, but whatever it was ? Jimmy just smiled.

And with that Jimmy fucked me. He cooed over my tits and big brown nipples, marveled at my wet pussy, begged me to grab his ass and pull it wide apart. I could tell that Jimmy liked showing off by the way he bared his asshole to our lusty audience, and in two or three minutes, he came in a huge gush. His cum was hot and there was so much of it. I could feel it running out my gaping pussy across my ass hole, and it felt so great.

Greg needed no encouragement to go second, but wasn?t quite so hard as Jimmy, so to everyone?s amusement he looked to Rhet for a little assistance and asked, ?So, how about a little jack-job like you gave Jimmy.?

Rhet crawled over to Greg, hands and knees, but instead of grabbing Greg?s cock with his hand, he took it straight into his mouth and began sucking it. This was so hot, and so unexpected.

He stopped momentarily and looked up at Greg and said, ?I couldn?t resist.?

?Do it, man, suck it hard until I?m ready to cum in your wife?s pussy.?

I reared up on my elbows and to my shock and surprise, Rhet gave what appeared to be a lust-filled, blow job, like a horny-crazed college girl would to a jock.

This went on for about two minutes when Greg said, ?whoa, dude I?m close, let me fuck your wife.?

Rhet slipped his mouth off Greg?s long, thick, bobbing cock, and then guided it into my cunt, at which time he began deep, hard thrusts. It was just what I wanted and needed after being inspired by Rhet?s bi-sexual antics. Greg blew three huge cum bursts into me, and then collapsed on top of me.

I could feel his heart pounding, and his cock pulsing in me, and cum leaking across my asshole. By now Lisa was kissing me full on the lips, and talking dirty about those big black cocks filling me with sweet cum. I was just getting started, and wanted more fast.

?Ted, fuck me now.? I cried out.

As Greg rolled off, Ted dove in and like the other two, he came quickly inside me, but while he lasted, he kept a rolling dialogue of descriptions of man-cum and woman pussy. And Lisa kept kissing me and fondling my tits. I came with Ted inside me, and let everyone know it.

Then it was Rhet?s turn ? he was going to be fourth and last, and to my surprise, when he entered me, it was more like love-making than sex ? though it was clearly passionate and lust-filled, and he talked about the delicious mixture of the previous guy?s cum and my pleasurable pussy all stewed together, but his movements were also tender and considerate.

It was my turn to surprise Rhet again, and cooed to him as he was thrusting ? ?Hmmm, I feel so much cum on my ass. It?d be so easy, and delicious, and naughty to have one of the guys fuck my ass while you cum in my pussy.

I couldn?t believe how out of control, but also how desperate I was to keep up this wild and crazy fuck.

Rhet, kept up his rhythmic thrusts, and I could tell he spread his legs wide so that his ass must have been inviting to any who might desire it.

?Jimmy, Greg, which one of you wants to slow-fuck my ass? Slip some of Mia?s cum and paint my ass, and fuck me.?

And, to my great surprise, I lost my double penetration, because my husband wanted a black cock in his ass.

Well, barely a minute went by while Rhet slowed down, and Jimmy moved in behind Rhet. It was obvious what was about to happen, and Rhet?s breathing became very lustful.

I felt Jimmy?s hand on my ass, and knew he was getting a glob of it to put on Rhet?s ass. Rhet?s eyes shut tightly, and I heard him groan as Jimmy began to play with him back there.

Another hand was now working the cum puddle, I think it was Lisa?s, and Rhet?s ass received some more lubricating. He moaned out loud, ?Oh, their putting their cum into my asshole. Oh, a finger ? oh yes. Oh, that?s nice, I feel the cum in my ass.

Then Rhet said to me, ?I want him to cum in my while I cum in you. Is that OK??

Just then, I could tell that Jimmy was pressing his cock into Rhet?s ass. Rhet groaned loudly, Oh. Oh. Yes, oh.?

Then he asked me again, ?can he cum inside me Mia??

?Fuck yeah?, I said, and then Rhet closed his eyes to focus on his own pleasures, and said, ?Oh Jimmy let me feel your cum squirt inside me.?

Jimmy?s thrusting picked up, though I could tell it was long and slow. Rhet?s moaning also picked up, in synch with Jimmy?s movements, when suddenly, I felt both Jimmy and Rhet?s bodies stiffen then break into a frenzy of mutual orgasm.

Jimmy was uttering sweet fucking vulgarities about Rhet?s ass, and Rhet was growling out the glories of Jimmy?s cock and my pussy, which was also now convulsing with erotic abandon.

Well, we spent two more days with our new friends, and every conceivable form of group fucking and orgies ensued, and I saw Rhet, Ted, Jimmy and Greg, give and receive all manner of bi-sexual activity, as well as Lisa and I taking on all four men, and going solo with Greg and Jimmy.

It was a crazy empty-nest, forty-something adventure, which we?ve decided to do again, but hopefully with a bigger group of men ? if you know what I mean!

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