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Fore on Fourteen

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I have to start this story by telling my fellow golfers that cart girls aren't the only ones that serve as eye candy on the course! Yes, I along with many others may not choose a course based on its length, beauty, esthetics, cost or its location. We choose our courses on how damn good looking the bar maids or beer bitches are! I have heard and partook in some severe harassment, or should I say golf fun. We all have our nicknames for the women of golf, who so proudly serve.. It's truly all in fun. How many women other than the cart gals have we asked these questions to? Can I get into your chest?, You turning so we can see you on your backside?, Can I put my junk in your trunk?, Got any candy little girl? Can I pay you for your services now? Hey, do you know your hole is leaking? You can make hundreds of sayings. Golf is full of naughty innuendos. If you're like me, you'll try to break out a new one liner every time you golf.

The economy has caused my girlfriend and I to scale back on several things. We looked hard to save where we can. We have made your typical cut-backs, cable, eating out, (restaurants that is!) movie night and yes, my golf trips along with playing every weekend with the boys at different courses. I am utilizing my member as often as possible, oops a type-O. I meant to say membership! The course I belong to is one of the tougher ones around, which makes it difficult for my golf goddess, Laura to enjoy. Laura often declines my offers, stating we can't afford it due to our finances. I find it hard to believe that she really doesn't want to go. I truly think that it's Laura not wanting to "play" at my home course. She doesn't want us to be that couple that other members talk about behind our backs. You know, keeping that Country Club image up! Little does she know, I love when we golf there! I know all the men, as well as a few women wish they had my perfect partner. We like to think it's living outside the box. I would be more apt to say, living through "her box!" I understand why my friends say they live vicariously through me. In short, we aren't giving up golf, we both enjoy it to much. After you read this spectacular event, you'll understand why I consider golf, my "stimulus package."

I have a beautiful woman that is somewhat learning the game yet, but plays enough to know all the educate and the lingo. My close friends just think of her as one of the guys; but with tits! I have a ball golfing with her, especially alone. There has been more than a handful of times where our golf game has taken us out of bounds to engage in all kinds of sexual activities. I love the danger and excitement of outdoor sex. I've pulled out my stiff shaft in the middle of the fairway while she's bent over the bags and a slipped it in and out before being noticed by groups around us. She has a very nice tight lie, (shaven nearly clean) so when ever possible I'll try to "hit it" and go deep. She has really picked up her "game" of late. No, her scores haven't lowered , but her looks and outfits sure have. I hope it's not because she feels she has to make it up to me due to some of the things we have sacrificed. I want it to be that she enjoys our sex life and hopes, like me, that some of our wild fantasy talks become reality. My friends tell me that I'm playing above the rim (meaning that I don't deserve such a lovely lady) and that her game is scratch, (excellent golfer) where I'm a bogey boy! I must admit that if I golfed as good as she looked, I'd be playing on Sunday's! Laura and I have often talked about the comments, whistles, recognition and advances she receives while out on the links. She knows it turns me on when she is dressed to distract others. I have to thank the makers of the latest in active wear. The sta-dri wicking material that is nearly shear now a days sure helps me keep a stiff shaft! I now just need to get rid of the manufacturer of the skorts. I'm with all the others out there that get so damn disappointed when a hottie bends over in hopes to see some muff or a small patch of panties, only to have our eyes suffer a blow by seeing a pair of short lycra tights covering up the goods. Golfers love to see hot women out playing the links. It's funny, most everyone else would rather see one, than be with one! It's a patience thing I guess. That's not the case for me. I love seeing her get the props! Hell, she deserves them. Having kids, working full-time and still finding time to hit the gym. She's works to keep that body looking hot, so dammit, pay her the compliments she deserves. I absolutely love it when she is admired by others. I can always tell when she has caught the eyes of others lusting or desiring her. I know it turns her on when she's getting the attention. It's not often we play with anyone, we usually allow them to go through. It's probably a huge disappointment to them as they pass through. We like the ability to play at our own pace. This is simply due to me wanting to fondle her breast and finger her pussy whenever I can. We do have an unwritten law between us and it's that she can always ask if someone would like to play along. Depending on her attire, I slow our pace of play in order for groups to catch us. You see, I love having such a beautiful woman that others can't keep their eyes off . Yes, I love putting her on a pedestal. When she asks someone to join us, it's a dead give away she is in a playful mood, or that she likes what she sees. Whether or not playing through or playing along, the time spent with us will be spoken about in several club houses to come. Passer-bys usually get to enjoy her bending over, squatting down to line up a putt, (like she knows how!) in order to reveal her long legs, inner thighs and tight ass. The best view is when she bends over at the waist, legs stiff as well, ass spread apart slowly sticking her tee in the ground. She then removes the ball like a tennis player does. She pulls the skirt up revealing the shorts. She then pulls the short portion up giving the lustful eyes a view of her ass cheek. I will say right now that she has the tightest, sweetest heart-shaped ass I've laid eyes on. If those who have witnessed such a sight had a bionic eye, they probably could see that she has a wet spot in the crotch either by me fingering her moments ago to a near orgasm, or that she herself is turned on by the attention she is receiving. My weakness though, is her nipples. I love when they stand at attention, which for her is almost always. This usually is a dead giveaway that she is turned on by the glances, stares, or desired looks she catches others giving her. I just wish that I could get her to go braless. Give me a amen if you think the same!

The weekend came and we wanted to play but waited until the twilight rate took affect. We chose to play a course we have not played before. We arrived early not knowing how long it would take to get there. We were able to enjoy drinks in the bar and actually hit some shag balls before playing. Laura wore her usual outfit, which consists of a cool golf shirt, and yes ...those dreaded skorts. She truly looks fabulous in them. It was near our tee time so I went to the restroom and then the bar to purchase more beer for the course. I wasn't aware, nor did I ask about a beverage cart. As I was headed back out when I overheard two guys talking about a MILF out on the range. They made the normal comments any hot blooded male would. It suddenly dawned on me that they were talking about Laura. I drove the cart to pick her up and noticed others admiring the scenery; Laura's ass and legs. It was apparent that everyone was enjoying the activity, even Laura. I watched her closely as I drove toward the range. She was very deliberate in her movements, thus telling me she noticed she was being watched. Her legs glistening with sweat or lotion which caught every ones eyes. Her nipples were straining the fabric of her bra, which indicated to me that she was definitely turned on by something. As I loaded her bag onto the cart I asked, "you liking the attention?" With a very sexy smirk on her face, she responded by saying she didn't notice. She then put some SSS on her legs in a very seductive manner. I'm sure this was so the others could say their final good-byes to the finest ass around. She did end up saying that she thought she heard someone mentioning something about her ...swing. I then told her what I overheard in the clubhouse. She instantly asked who? I pointed them out over on the putting green. You could tell she was aroused. The course was actually very nice. Nothing fancy, but a very nice as well as possessing a friendly staff. The course was partially secluded, yet partially developed. Surrounded by farm land on the front and very few houses along three of it's fairways. The back nine had houses inside the course design and a few along two fairways near the course's entrance. Over all a great course for us to play. I especially liked the fact that one house had soft drinks in a cooler by the tee box and a sign posted on the privacy fence, beer for sale with an arrow pointing toward the gate. Well, it was obvious where I was headed. Laura saw a beverage cart and notified me of its existence. I had three beers in my hand putting two back and putting the money in the cash box. A man came out of the garage in his swim suit and said that I could take as many as I wish, he had more if needed. I was going to put them all back knowing the beverage cart was headed our way, but I was compelled to buy one. I just said that the "wife" was going to order a wine cooler or mixed drink from the quench wench. Coming back with only one beer Laura asked if they were out. I told her no, it was due to her telling me that there was a beverage cart coming. She heard me talking to someone and asked who it was. I said it was a woman lying naked by a pool and that I was sorry I interrupted her. Jokingly she said, mmm... maybe I'll go back to join her; would you enjoy that? She said she wasn't playing very well and maybe she would enjoy the pool more. I did mention she was good looking, with a nice build, just to tease her that much more. I was shocked when I was over my ball, ready to hit when she wheeled the cart around and headed back toward the house. She opened the gate and was holding a conversation with someone. A moment later she returned with another beer. She then said I lied to her. I was confused, but she immediately said that there were two good looking men there. She had told them that she wanted to see what I had described as a beautifully landscaped yard. "GOOD ONE!" She then said she changed her mind on the wine cooler. As we approached the green she grabbed my cock, which suddenly sprang to life. She mentioned how she would love to lie naked next to a pool and work on her tan. I instantly pulled her skorts aside to reveal a very tight shaven pussy and a skimpy tan line (from the tanning bed) and asked, why would you want to ruin perfection. I love the white triangular contrast she has. I then leaned over to kiss her pussy. I slid a finger inside and noticed that she was soaking wet. I will mention that her pussy is like a perfect rose petal. I then slid my finger in as deep as it would go and asked what had her so turned on. To my surprise she responded with an answer that caught me off guard. "I was thinking of those two men rubbing oil all over my naked body while lying poolside." I removed my finger to suck any love juice that may have been on it. I offered her the opportunity to do just that. I knew she wouldn't think twice about it, even though the thought of her naked or being doted over by other men turned us both on. The response once again surprised me, by her saying she would, but his, or someone's daughters were there. The thought turned me on so much that I knelt beside the cart and pulled, nearly ripping her skorts aside to reveal a glistening and partially open pussy. I buried my tongue inside her wet exposed cunt to suck all the moisture from within. I placed my hands beneath her to better lift her ass to meet my thrusts that my darting tongue was pleasing her with. I was serving myself a pussy platter. It was the quickest I've ever seen her cum. It wasn't your normal orgasm either, it was one that she lost all bodily fluids on. Yes, she gave me a full squirting type orgasm! I dropped my shorts and was just about ready to shove my stiff shaft into her glistening goo, (her honey hole,) when suddenly we heard some voices shouting fore! We gathered ourselves quickly and moved onward to the next tee, not putting out. We laughed at losing our minds and whereabouts for a moment. We really didn't care, she loves others to watch us / her making love or her masturbating. She tells me she masturbates at home while lying out in the backyard, not knowing if any of our neighbors are home or not. On the next tee we had to wait to hit even though she had taken a few extra strokes on the last hole. (lol) We heard some normal yahoos and shouting across the course. It was all happening around the beverage cart. Finally we hit and played a couple of shots when the cart gal finally arrived. It was my lucky day! What I saw was exactly, well close anyway, to the dream gulp gal! I always tease Laura with describing the gals that day. If nothing else, she will believe me more so, even if I am pulling her leg most of the time. She pulled up to us in the fairway wearing a short white, nearly shear skirt that revealed almost everything. I say almost because you could see she was wearing some sort of panties. Her top was a ribbed halter top that didn't leave her nipples to anyone's imagination . They were perfectly sized and shaped. She stood, confirming what we already knew; her panties were a skimpy t-backed thong. Very sexy all around. Laura saw that I approved and even mentioned aloud that I should've taken my putter out of my pants before she arrived. Half embarrassed, I caught the libation lady's eyes trying to catch the outline of my still stiff head and shaft. Needless to say, I was busted. I asked what all the commotion was about. Cyndi laughed and said that the group ahead of us just paid her $50 to do a body shot. Laura asked if I liked what I saw as we drove down the fairway. I had to be honest and said yes, I enjoyed her as much as she did the guys back at the pool. We laughed, but Laura wasn't finished. She reached down and unzipped my shorts. When she pulled my boxers a side my cock sprung out rock hard. She wasted no time lowering her lips down on my swollen head. She asked if I would like to watch her perform a body shot. I said it would've been nicer to see the group ahead do a body shot off her! My lovely bride to be said, "I'll ask Cyndi if I can ride up to them next time." I was so worked up, I drove right by our balls. As she lowered her lips once again I turned back to find our balls. Her mouth didn't miss a beat. She was working my voodoo stiff shaft with her lips better than someone who was trying to use an old fashioned ball washer for the first time. Suddenly she heard kids voices and pulled off my cock leaving me high and dry! I said that was not fair to leave me in such a state. She said the kid thing lost the moment for her and we would have to wait until later to finish. I couldn't leave her alone the last two holes. I wanted her lips around my cock again to finish me off. She was teasing me with words and seductive looks. Being all worked up I resorted back to some ole fashioned fun and games. I made a bet with her about getting on the green in regulation on a par 4, (with 2 shots) she accepted. She then asked what the bet was. I replied, "the normal" which is costing her to remove her bra and me pleasing her orally later if I were to lose. I won; little did she know there was water on the hole. She has brain lock when it comes to hitting over water. She said I cheated, I said, "give me your bra!" We finished the round and I said I would like to enjoy a drink before hitting the road. Laura agreed, but little did she realize I hid her bra in my golf bag. She asked for it, but didn't put up much of an argument when I refused. She agreed to fulfill her part of the bet and went inside the bar. We enjoyed a drink and I was ready to go. Unlike me, Laura was in no hurry. I wanted desperately to get going so we could finish what we started. I excused myself to use the men's room. When I returned, I wasn't surprised to see two stiff members, oops I mean staff members at our table. When they saw me returning they casually walked away. Laura had ordered another round. Suddenly a stranger brought us drinks and said they were on the house. I looked at Laura with a question as to who is this??? She told me to tip the man. I did so; but asked myself where were the guys she ordered from? I then realized that the two guys were not employees, but were the twosome that were playing behind us. I then pretended not to notice the business card that was in between her bar napkin. Laura was obviously enjoying the glances they were trying to steal. She sat back leisurely exposing her erect nipples to the two men. They conveniently positioned themselves behind me. I could tell she was very aroused. My lover was starting to tease everyone around with the spreading of her legs, then the stretching them across the chairs. She even unzipped her shirt all that it could. She bent over several times to rummage around in her purse, exposing her breast even more so. She hesitated when I said lets go, but walked out like a scolded puppy. We headed back home to enjoy a nite-cap and some much needed sex. Sex was a very different this time. Usually our conversation heads down the same old cart path. She starts out by saying that she must not have looked good, due to no-one paying attention to her. "Yeah, right" is my reply, I'm no fool here! I tell her she caused many gents wanting to pull their flag stick out. Tonight was definitely different. She said she's ready for bed. I told her that I wanted to put in a XXX movie and enjoy her company while I finished my drink. She declined the offer and told me not to be to long. I finished my drink, put my glass in the sink and let the dog out for one last time. I noticed our neighbor by the fence. It was kind of strange he darted behind the shrub and didn't say anything. I didn't think much of it due to him being a night owl and having a dog of their own. I just figured he was picking something up and probably out with his dog. I put the dog in the kennel and headed to the bedroom. My cock instantly filled with blood and began to stiffen. Laura was naked on the bed, lights on, stuffing the "green monster" into her soaking wet pussy. If you haven't figured that out, it's her vibrator! I stripped and dove onto the bed. Yep, dove, right between her legs and started in on that cunt. I licked her furiously. She began to writher and buck wildly against the thrusts of my tongue. Her legs tightened and her breathing became very heavy. Her pussy was starting to tighten and get very wet. I then slurped her juices into my mouth and left her pussy to give her a very passionate "wet" kiss. A kiss that emptied her own love juices across her tongue and down her throat. She gets super hot when she tastes her own honey. She wanted me to fuck her as the head of my 19th hole flagstick was positioned just inside her rose-petal pussy lips. I was asking her what she had been thinking of that sent her over the top tonight! She then said, "first of all our neighbor and his friend watching me through our sliding door." I guess you could say....the two in the bush! That explained the hiding, but I didn't even notice the friend. I was surprised the dog didn't pick up on them. Mmmm... some watch dog! I about blew my wad right then. We both are voyeurs as well as exhibitionists. Secondly she said, " the thought of the men by the pool and the two men in the bar." She was so worked up that her own fantasy couldn't be kept straight. As hot as it was she kept confusing the two and mixing them together. It was all good for me. I lifted her legs up around my shoulders and shoved the entire length of my shaft in her waiting cunt. She let out a loud groan or moan. I stopped any type of movement to help pro-long any short cummings. She boldly told me to fuck her. I think this was for our neighbors viewing pleasure. I buried my fattened, blood filled cock as far as I could. Hitting bottom only to remain motionless again and have her describe to me what she wanted. She then asked me if I was serious about her fulfilling both of our fantasies by having her ravaged, sucked, fucked and rubbed down by more than one man. I asked if she would truly and honestly love that to happen to her; she replied, "fuck yea!!" She then told me that she / we were asked to return sometime to the course. I guess I now know what the card said. I started pumping her wet pussy with my now even harder cock. I have never had it so damn rigid. The thoughts were racing through my mind as I picked up the pace. We were romping so hard we broke loose the slats underneath the mattress. She then told me that she received a business card from the two men in the bar with writing on the back that stated, "they liked what they witnessed on the course!, and wished it was them." Laura then said they told her that they play there the same time every weekend. With that she said to me, "if you took any longer in the men's room I had half a notion to take them both into the ladies room to suck and fuck them both at the same time." That's all it took for me to empty my streaming steady flow of hot cum inside her tight pussy.

Several days have passed and the normal day to day activities have occurred. Fun times, arguments, ballgames etc. We had our normal sex and pillow talks. Weather and business travels had kept us from any golf that following week. Suddenly it was the weekend without the kids and Laura had brought up golfing again. I told her to find a coupon we can use and set it up. Saturday morning had come along and she said she would like to go to the tanner once again before she gets breakfast. While picking out some clothes I noticed a Victoria Secret bag in the closet. Yes, I looked; I found a pair of bras, one was blue-ish and very sheer, the other was a black lace half bra with a wire support. There was another bag from a chain store with another pair of skorts. We ate and went about our normal yard work. Laura asked about what time we had to leave for golf due to her wanting to take a bath, shave and wash her hair. I asked well, where did you set a tee time up. She replied by saying the same place we went 2 or 3 weeks ago! (Like she didn't know) She then said she would like to leave early enough to hit balls prior to playing again. She said, "ya know that was kind of nice to be able to enjoy a drink and hit before we had to go out and play." Usually we arrive and are being beckoned to the tee. She had that special look in her eye telling me that she was in a playful mood . I actually felt a twinge, movement of my cock sensing something may be up. I didn't want to ruin a good thing so I kept the same routine. We sat in the bar for one, and were greeted by a few familiar faces. Something was in the air that day. Something was different. Laura was carrying herself different, and it was all good, trust me. I figured the air-conditioning was the cause of her very visible nipples standing at attention. I wasn't going to say a word, because it would be my luck that she would put a pull-over on. She asked if I was ready to go to the range area. I said I would meet her out there after going to the bathroom. I told her to take the cart and that I had already paid for golf and the practice balls and would meet her in a few. She gave me a kiss and a wink, standing very tall, exposing her breast to me even more than normal. As I was exiting the bathroom I was greeted with a hello. It didn't dawn on me that it was the two guys that bought us a drink on our first visit. They asked if I was alone and if I would like to join them. I said thanks, but I'll have to pass due to Laura being with me! They said, yea figured that; why would you ever play without her! The other stated, that explains the gawks, hoots and whistles they heard coming from the range area. Joe asked if I would like to join them in the bar for one. I said no, but wanted to buy them a round in appreciation of the drinks they gave us. I ordered drinks and Joe ordered one more. I thought it was for himself or his friend Jeff. He said "sit and have a cold one." The topic focused on how lovely Laura is. I accepted the kind words and thanked them on her behalf. They asked when we were teeing off and to enjoy the round. Hind-sight, I guess that was them asking to join us. I really wanted to tell them thank you for a great night of sex they gave me by arousing my wonderful and sexy golf partner.

What happened next, was a day that I'll never forget. Yes, day; so I know I wasn't dreaming. Little did I know my dreams would come true. Sorry for the length of the story, but when true events occur it's hard to leave any details out.

I walked out of the clubhouse to see the range full of golfers. The funny thing is, all but 4 were hitting from behind Laura. As I walked toward her I was noticing that she was teasing every cock out there. I asked myself, is she really this truly clueless as to what she is doing out here, or does she knows it and is being a naughty little whore, like I wished she would be! My guess is that she knew exactly, it was so obvious. There was one guy who walked over and sat on the bench about 60 feet away pretending to be taking a break. He was actually getting closer and providing himself a lower, or better angle. What he saw must have been incredible, because he wasn't hiding the fact that he was taking pictures of this with his camera phone. My question was answered when she slowly bent over exposing those lovely legs to pick up her clubs and walked over to the cart to greet me with a flirty little kiss. Her nipples were still straining to free themselves from her bra. I was caught staring at them apparently because she asked if I liked what I saw? I said yes, and it appears that everyone else does too. "Aaah" she said, "I doubt it, if that was the case they would have been in front of me honey." "True," I replied. She said she was sorry to have hit all the balls, but I took longer than expected. I apologized and explained who I saw and what happened. She was wondering if I was sure it was the same two guys from last time. I confirmed, and she asked if it would be alright, if she went in to thank them herself? She returned shortly and bless her sweet ass, she had a couple more beers in hand. The door wasn't even closed when out came Joe and Jeff behind her. I thought for sure she asked them to join us. She jumped in and we headed to the tee box. I asked if they were coming and her reply was, "not yet honey." They paused on the path to watch her hit before heading down to the range. She gets nervous hitting in front of others, thus the result was not her best hit. They both apologized for making noise and possibly distracting her and encouraged her to hit another. That was not a problem she always carries an extra ball in her skorts. She asked if I would throw her a ball. I said in a smart-assed way, "must be flustered with the audience you had earlier uh?, You're not very prepared; where's your breakfast ball?" She replied, "I know, I'm not planning on having many bad holes today." She winked and proceeded to hit one down the right side. Away we went to enjoy what turned out to be the best day of our lives. I was getting irritated with the pace of play, thus causing my game to go right down the shitter. Laura had the solution; she started to rub my cock, kissing my neck, whispering very sexy shit in my ear and told me to relax and enjoy the beautiful evening. Four holes had passed and she could tell my frustration was still there. She tried the old make-out session, but with me not playing real well; I wasn't in the mood to be naughty. Just then the beer bitch was in site. I said finally we can get a beer and gel. The good ole swing lube! (alcohol it does wonders) The gulp gal wasn't dressed as nice as she was before, but she did recognize us and immediately smiled. I guess we were busted by more than we thought and the word was out! I picked up on her demeanor and asked how the tips were going today. She knew exactly where I was going. "What, no body shots today?" She said, "I'm not dressed scantily enough I guess." She mentioned that she wasn't feeling her best this morning and didn't know if she would make it through the day. I asked why the pace of play is so slow. There was a group of 12 celebrating college graduation, and not all of them play golf. She then said they were only playing nine before heading into town for a night out. We made it to the turn finally. Laura went in to use the restroom and to order more beer for the backside. I could see in from the cart as I waited. She was really on a roll today. She was teasing some more cocks in the bar. She was facing me and the college boys, who were enjoying some drinks were sitting at tables behind her. As she paid for the drinks, she reached and somewhat bent over the bar grabbing some napkins. The view was enticing enough that one aggressive youngster approached her, as to assist her. He then walked by her side with a hand on her ass opening the door for her. She thanked him with a smile. He saw me and wasn't sure what to do or say. He quietly disappeared back inside. I was truly impressed with Laura's drinking today. Too many beers screws up her game. She knows this and wasn't playing her best, and told me to stop the instructing and enjoy her nipples. That, I was doing very well. I commented on her nipples several times and she told me it was her new bra she bought. Again she asked if I liked it. I couldn't hide how much I liked it because I was sporting a woody. We were on the 12th when I was about to bust out of my zipper. It was the first time all day that I jumped out to hit my ball. She proceeded to go to her ball in order to hit. I was coming up behind her from across the fairway when I watched her bend over to place the ball on a nice tuft of grass (I allow her to play winter rules)when I caught a glimpse of what I thought was bare ass! I immediately walked up behind her as she was putting her club away and lifted her skorts. Holy shit, there was her perfect ass being exposed to the golf gods. I stammered how, aaaaa, what, or where did you get these? She took the shorts part of the skort thing completely out! She asked if that was o.k.? WOW, was the only thing I could say, but it wasn't the only thing I could do. I sat her down on the cart's seat and pulled up the skirt to reveal a new sheer thong. I kissed the outside of the material and starting sucking at her pussy. I then proceeded to start banging her right there. She leaned back and supported herself using her elbows. She was loving it, but somehow found the strength to stop me. We played on. It was obvious that every time she was hitting I positioned myself behind her to catch a glimpse of her beauty. Suddenly, I realized all those guys were enjoying that same view earlier on the practice range. I couldn't help but have my cock in my hand stroking it in full view of her as she walked back from her tee box. She shoved her club in the bag and guided me to the side of the cart to proceed giving me head. I lifted her skirt up and ripped her beautiful blue panties down her legs. She stepped out of them as I immediately inserted a finger in her pussy. She slowly started to suck my entire length into her warm, wet mouth squeezing my shaft with her lips. I then stood as my shorts fell to the ground. I started to pump my cock in and out of her mouth. She grabbed my ass and pulled me forward. I never felt so deep in her mouth. I pulled out of her mouth and positioned doggy-style against the cart. I wanted her box on the tee-box. I wanted desperately to fuck her to an orgasm right then. Suddenly we heard a cart nearby and positioned ourselves so they couldn't see. We gathered ourselves and moved on. I told her I wasn't done with her. She laughed, and said the same to me. Before you knew it, we were groping one another and having a ball. Our discussion was suddenly geared toward sex and fantasies. We forgot about the seriousness of golf. We were suddenly being pushed by a foursome. I suggested we allow them to play thru, unless she wished for them to play along. She was on top of her game now, because she said, "we can't love, there are four of them." She then winked and said, "that doesn't sound all that bad though, I could handle that." We let them play through and I begged her to put on a show for them. She obliged by walking right up between them all and marking her ball on the green while giving them a view only a magazine could provide. She asked if they would like for her to tend the pin. I swore I heard one say she could tend his 'ten' She squatted down behind the hole while holding the stick acting like she was lining up the guys putt like a professional caddy. I can only imagine what he was seeing. Her swollen pussy had to be in full view for that lucky guy. After they putted out the one guy called for her and motioned for her to come over to their cart. What I witnessed was absolutely a turn on. Laura was fulfilling a fantasy of mine by acting to be a slut. I could not hear what they were saying to one another, but I sure could see. The other cart had pulled forward to the tee station. The gentleman who mumbled something on the green reached into the cart's basket and pulled out her panties. We left them lying on the tee box when we scurried off. When he handed them to her she did not reach out to grab them; but she reached out and grabbed his shoulder for balance as she presented him with one long luscious leg. It was like Cinderella offering her foot. The golfer didn't hesitate and straightened the panties allowing her to slip one foot through. Same task for the other leg. She stood motionless in front of him. Only a second had passed when his partner stood up from within the cart to help slide her panties up around her waist. The guy in front lifted her skirt up as the guys positioned he panties for her. He patted her cheeks lightly as she kissed the other on the forehead. As she walked toward me she winked and licked her lips seductively. I needed more beer and Laura a smoke (lol) when she suddenly realized we had passed the pool house. She said she'd go get some beer and be right back. Before I could say a word she started to run back toward the house. To my viewing pleasure, you could see her ass every time her skirt flipped up. I got in the cart and raced toward her. I jumped out allowing the cart to coast toward her telling her that taking the cart would be quicker. I walked back toward the green to finish the hole out. I finished and practiced some before noticing other groups coming up the fairway. I allowed two groups to pass before heading back to find the lost. I figured she was being a Chatty Kathy and not realizing the time that has passed. I entered the gate and was surprised to see her getting her shoulders massaged by a man while she sipped on a glass of white wine. She had her legs in the hot tub where another man was. I was then introduced to Blake, who suddenly stopped like he got caught with his hands in the cookie jar. The other was Patrick who was enjoying the hot-tub as well as the beaver shot Laura was providing him. Oblivious to this Laura was swirling her legs around while enjoying the wine, and yes, the massage. She apologized for losing track of time and said we must go. I then said to both of them, "I am surprised to see her clothes still on. That's all I heard for two days after we last saw your yard." She downed her wine and grabbed her socks and shoes. While doing such she provided all three of us a view of her whoo-ha! (her name for her womanhood) Blake offered for her to stay and for me to return after finishing the round, or returning the cart to the clubhouse. Patrick said there was plenty of sunshine remaining for her to enjoy. Laura told them thanks for the wine and massage; she then apologized again saying maybe next time she'll get to enjoy the pool. They jokingly said there may not be a next time, and she should take them up on the offer. She told them that she didn't have a suit to wear. They immediately jumped on the fact that she earlier mentioned not needing one, and even dreamt about lying nude poolside. Blake told us to grab a few beers for the course, on the house! Laura bent down to don her socks and shoes before stepping out on the grass. She was facing us this time which didn't provide us with the angle we desired. Patrick boo'd. Laura responded by dropping the other shoe, which landed perfectly for our sake. She hopped around somewhat to position herself to slide her foot in correctly. While bending over to strap up the shoe we were once again blessed with an perfect ass and some squeezed pussy lips. Suddenly the gate flung open hitting her right hip causing her to lose her balance. Beside being startled half to death, she was hit hard enough to lose her footing. She about recovered when she dropped her beer as to catch her balance. Joe went to grab for her, but accidentally pushed her back further yet. She hopped one time and went to put her foot down, but it was too late. First in the water, her foot, next in...Laura. No-one knew to laugh or be concerned. I laughed at the site, knowing she was alright. Her sexy skirt was not staying down at all, It ballooned straight up exposing her sexy legs, ass and everything else, including the glory land. I pulled her from the water. She stood there soaked to the bone. Joe and Jeff felt very bad. They had no idea that Laura would be standing in front of the gate. Patrick went to grab a beach towel, Blake got a towel from one of the loungers. Jeff ran back to pull one off his golf bag. They all met at Laura and tried to dry her off the best they could. Needless to say, she was soaked. There was no doubt the water was cold or that Laura was feeling very special. We all had a quick glimpse of her white snatch and sweet ass when in the water, but she sure couldn't hide the fact she was wearing a very sheer bra. Her clothing clung to her like shrink-wrap. Everyone asked if she was o.k.! I knew that nothing but her pride was dampened so I blurted out, "hey Blake, didn't know you were having a wet T-shirt contest! " Patrick quickly acted on that comment. He rubbed his nipples and chest pretending to be a contestant. Patrick then proceeded to pat Laura with the towel just beneath her bra line while standing behind her. Doing this he lifted her breasts upward while squeezing them softly and said, "guess you're the winner." Laura amazingly enough didn't mind the fondling. It was very obvious that Patrick didn't either, when he stepped from behind her he couldn't hide the flag pole in his trunks. Laura must have felt that against her ass and liked it, because she said, "it must be due to that, the judges feel you're cheating by not wearing a t-shirt!" Instead of asking Patrick to put one on, Jeff requested that Laura take her top off so we could judge again. Joe quickly seconded the motion. She looked over to me as if she was asking for my approval. I smiled and winked at her as my own pole began to grow. Blake, trying to pretend he wasn't hoping or wishing for the same, tried to be a good sport as well as a gentleman and offered Laura to go into the house to remove her wet clothes and throw them in the dryer. Laura proceeded into the house. When she was inside she instantly removed all her clothes. The beer and wine had loosened her right up. She walked right by the sliding doors holding her clothes against her chest, exposing her white out-lined snatch and her wonderful ass. She knew we could see, as she waved to us as she passed by looking for the dryer. Everyone instantly chimed in saying how lucky I was. I replied with, "I think we all are damn lucky" Joe spoke out saying that I wasn't as lucky as I was the last time you were on this hole. Jeff re-calling that day mentioned that he didn't want to yell or say anything, but wanted to see if they could have snuck up on us to join in, or get a better look. I said the evening is young, half jokingly of course. I think they took that more seriously than I meant it. Jeff and Joe immediately started to tell Blake and Patrick what they witnessed the last time we were on the 14th hole. They said yea, yea we already know. They were getting very graphic in telling them what they saw when Laura suddenly popped out wrapped in a small bath towel. Everyone was suddenly quiet as this goddess walked toward us. Something about a woman naked in a bath towel, does something to all men. This nearly naked nymph walked passed the table to sit on the ledge of the sunken hot-tub. No-one said a thing hoping she was going to strip the towel and lower herself into the tub.. Laura saw us all looking at her and then just asked Blake for that glass of wine he offered earlier.. She laughed and said, "what, you think I'm getting naked with all of you there fully clothed, well most of you!" With that Blake went inside to oblige Laura's wish for another glass of wine. As a shock to us all he returned with the glass of wine wearing nothing but a smile; handed Laura her drink, grabbed his beer and jumped into the hot-tub. "There," is all he said. Not thinking much of it at this point we all grabbed our drinks while Blake turned the jets on. I guess he didn't want all of to see?? Nothing happened and talk went back to being normal for several minutes. Laura said, " I think that's it for the golf tonight." I agreed, and told them that I would take the cart back to the clubhouse and return as quick as I could. Jeff and Joe said they were going to finish the round and would return if it was okay. The three of us simultaneously got up and headed out. I sped toward the clubhouse not paying any attention as to where I was going.

Ten minutes must not have passed before I got back there. I was quite shocked to see that the garage door was down and more surprised when no-one answered the doorbell. I had to walk around the back. I couldn't hear anyone talking, but I heard some music and what I thought was, mmmm...aaah..and moans. I turned the corner and was surprised to see the cart that Jeff and Joe had was still parked there. I definitely heard a sigh and a moan. My voyeur instinct must have kicked in. I didn't find myself wanting to barge in, but instead wanting to find a place in the fence that I could see in. I thought to myself, no-way, could she be doing what I so desperately fantasized about so many times before!? I had an eyeful when I found a spot to peer in, but Blake had a mouth full. I saw clothes scattered around the deck, table, pool and hot-tub. Blake was fondling and sucking Laura's white globes of flesh, yes her tits! His tongue was just flicking her right nipple as his hands massaged her thoroughly . Patrick I thought was just moving toward the stairs in order to get in. Wrong, he wasn't going to move because the goddess of head had her lips wrapped around his cock and her hands cupping his balls. He then positioned himself directly behind her feeding her his cock once again. She had to tilt her had way back in order to provide the proper angle; otherwise Patrick's prick would've snapped in half. This angle provided him the ability to grab her left breast. He started rolling her left nipple between his thumb and index finger. She loves this a lot and knowing her, she probably had already cum at least once. She started sucking him deeper and faster. This re-positioning and juggling around caused her to lean back some which exposed Joe's head between her long legs. His head was bobbing back and forth, knowing that he was sucking and licking some chlorinated love juices from her. Patrick's cock started to disappear down her throat. Poor Jeff was left holding his own cock in his hand. He stood up and grabbed Laura's left leg and started to massage her foot. She left out a huge moan of pleasure. Jeff probably thought this was due to him. Although, she does love a good foot massage, the moan was coming from the pussy lapping and nipple attention she was getting. Jeff asked if he could take a turn, and taste her sweet honey. Joe, Blake and Jeff all switched positions. Blake stood up grabbing one leg and started to suck her toes. Joe heard her moans caused by this and decided to take the other foot to do the same. This in itself caused her quake with an orgasm. They had her nearly spread eagle when Jeff kneeled before her and asked her if she was ready to cum by the use of his tongue? I wanted to get a better view of all this, so I went around to the right finding a perfect spot to watch from. I made it just in time to see Jeff spewing a mouthful of water onto to her swollen pussy lips. The water cascaded over her nearly shaven clit acting like a waterfall from the gods. Patrick then grabbed the wine glass pouring it's contents down Laura's chest. The "perfect" body shot! Jeff took his thumbs and spread her lips as wide as he could. He must have had a craving for some good ole chlorinated cunt juice; he lapped every ounce of fluid from her swollen lips as if it were the fountain of youth. This was causing her to wiggle and buck furiously with pleasure. Joe and Blake saw this and took her to a full spread eagle. I could only see the back of Jeff's head, they on the other hand must have had one hell of a view. Jeff's thumbs spreading her pussy lips apart and inserting his tongue while flicking her exposed clit proved to be more than Patrick could handle. He suddenly pulled out and blew a wad all over her shoulders and chest. Wow! Talk about the fountain of youth; this 20-some year old must have spilled a quarter cup of liquid love. Little did he know that she would have swallowed every ounce of it if he kept it in her mouth. Patrick was toast as he collapsed onto one of the loungers. I had a raging hard-on that I needed to release from my shorts. When unzipping my pants to release the big dog, I accidentally hit the panic button on my remote. Everyone heard this and scrambled like musical chairs to find a seat in the hot-tub. I couldn't fucking believe I just did this. I thought my dreams and chances of seeing her fucked by others were done. I had no choice but to walk around and enter the gate. I found what appeared to be perfectly behaved children. Patrick sitting nude in a chair was expected, but I acted surprised. They all pretended to be happy that I was back (talk about a party pooper). I politely asked what's up, knowing that 3 of the 4 in the tub had to be sporting wood. With that, Jeff said empty drinks. I walked over to the cooler and as I did, Blake stood up to turn the jets on. I guess this was to hide the obvious. I supplied a round for everyone and walked over to give my luscious lady a kiss. As I leaned down to kiss her my eyes drifted toward her shoulder and let her know I saw something amiss. A partial left-over load of Patrick. I asked if everyone was wearing the same type suit Patrick was (birthday). Playing along, I asked jokingly if Laura had checked her clothes to see if they were dry. She asked if I would check on them for her. "Nope, I'm going to enjoy this beer, you can though; I'm ready to go." To my surprise she immediately rose from the tub not grabbing a towel allowing her naked body to be viewed by all. The water made her body glisten so beautifully as it slowly ran down over her tits making it's way toward the concrete below. The guys said they hated to see us go, and that I'm the luckiest son of a bitch around. Laura's drinks must've finally caught up to her. She returned without her clothes and told me that she wanted to stay a bit longer and relax in the hot-tub. I hesitated, but agreed to it when she winked and said she'd make it worth my while. I proposed a toast, to beautiful women that know how to stroke the ball! All I heard was a here-here, and "ew" ...from Laura. Patrick suddenly showed new life and asked her to serve another round. She said okay, but you'll have to wait your turn. She leaned over as to kiss me, but asked if I was o.k. with this? I told her if she is o.k. with this, I am too! I think he meant drinks as he re-entered the tub, but Laura asked me to strip and get in. I said, "honey, I'll get in!" Blake and Jeff said they would help me with that. Joe went and grabbed the cooler and brought it over to the hot-tub. He then poured another glass of wine, and disappeared momentarily. I knew this was going to be good for I saw a tequila bottle on the little outside bar thing. Jeff and Blake took a hold of Laura's legs and arms and lowered into the tub. Blake then told Laura to finish what she had started two weeks ago. I truly was in shock, as I then realized that Laura had staged this whole thing weeks ago. Blake told us that he and Patrick watched the whole thing from his house next door. When they saw her heading back, they said they ran back to Blake's house in hopes she was coming for some drinks. At that time they asked if they could have the same treatment her husband was getting out on the course? (they assumed husband) Laura then asked with a delightful smile if I wanted her to continue? Without saying a word I kissed her, and in one swift move twisted her around 180*. She grabbed the side walls with both hands as I inserted my thumb into her tight pussy. I buried it while making sure the area between my thumb and index finger was hitting her clit. I kept a steady pace, but making sure every thrust was as deep as I possibly could go. The water was splashing onto her back as well as onto her stomach and tits. I knew I would have her cumming in a second. As I was thumb fucking her Patrick asked if I minded him helping me out? Like I'm supposed to be surprised. I said the more help the better. Patrick then slid underneath somewhat to start sucking and fondling her tit and nipple. Jeff started on the other as Blake jumped out and forced his way between her arms. The two were working her erect nipples perfectly. They were doing a combination of rolling them, massaging them and licking them. I started to pick up the pace with my thumb. Blake's stiff dick was inches away from her mouth when he said, "well, are you gonna suck it or what?" She looked back over her cum covered shoulder and I just nodded. The second she wrapped her lips around the head of his cock her knees buckled as she orgasmed. This one was so intense that she couldn't recover quickly. She came back to life and took Blake's whole length in her mouth. He had never been deep throated before and told her he was cumming. She grabbed behind him, a sure sign that she wanted to taste his hot hors d'oeuvres he was serving. I grabbed her waist, lifted her into position and wasted no time in burying my own shaft in her swollen hoo-ha. Blake, now limp, asked who was next. Laura didn't wait for a response, she pushed Jeff back as to telling him he was the one. He lifted himself onto the side as Laura wasted no time in taking his stick and licking the tip of his flag pole ever so slowly. The teasing didn't last long as she then swallowed half his length before starting a rhythmic up and down motion. Knowing that she already took two cocks for the ride of their lives and working on the third was enough to send me into a frantic pumping fuck motion wanting to spill my own load deep inside her. I slowed the pace for a second to slowly extract my cock out of her gushing glory hole. After a few strokes of seeing my swollen cock unfold her lips as I pulled backward ever so slowly was just too damn exciting. I pulled her tightly against me and filled her hole with my own seed. I stood motionless as I flexed my manhood in order to drain every last drop I had into her lovely honey hole. I didn't want any extra swimmers in the tub, lol. Jeff grabbed the back of her head and held her motionless as he pumped his own appetizer down her throat. As he poured his joy juice down her throat her pussy lips contracted around my shaft as she shuttered and withered with yet another orgasm. Just as I thought there could be no other thing we could do to her, Joe re-appeared and asked what he had missed. "Nothing," we replied. He said, "bullshit", I heard you guys to know better than that!" As he held reddi-whip and lime slices in his hand, he asked, "who was ready for some body shots?" Explains his absence. I said, "I'm in, serve it up." We all looked at Laura and said, YOUR THE BODY BABE! Joe sat the stuff down and lifted her right out of the tub. He told her to lay in the lounger and told me that I'm up. I grabbed a lime slice as he proceeded to pour the tequila. It didn't work real well, due to her position, as well as me straddling the lawn chair. The tequila ended up in her belly button. I slurped what little I could, but said I have a better idea. I then lifted her and guided her to the patio table. She went to lean back on it, but I stopped her and told her to turn around and spread your legs. This revealed for the first time a perfect, heart-shaped ass for all to see. I told Joe to pour me another one starting at the small of her back. I spread her legs more to lower her pussy. I then pulled a chair up behind her and told him to pour a shot. It worked perfectly. The tequila worked it's way down the crack of her ass as I awaited with my tongue pressed against her swollen lips. I saw it coming so I lapped it up, as well as making sure my tongue ended up pressing against her bung hole. I couldn't tell you what tasted better, her cunt juices, the tequila or her well chlorinated asshole. Everyone took a turn doing this stunt. When it was Joe's turn I poured the shot. He performed especially well. He went the extra "mile" you could say. As I started to pour he inserted two fingers in her pussy and said, "this is my damn!" Finger her a bit, I poured the shot ever so slowly. He worked her up by putting his tongue in behind his fingers as they pulled her lips downward. The tequila never found her love hole; he slurped it up right at the ass. He buried his tongue in her Hershey highway. She instantly came and collapsed onto his lap. The site of his tongue deep inside her bum made me think of a DP; something that we have only tried with different sized vibrators. I offered Laura to have a shot. Jeff offered his shaven chest up for her shot. She performed that quickly, but I said she needed another. I served this one up myself. I sat on the lounge chair, held the bottle in one hand and the lime slice in the other. I called her over. I told her to take the tequila out of my belly button as it ran in. She bent over grabbing the side of the chair and sucked the tequila right out. I then squeezed the lime juice on my cock. She knew what to do, she grabbed my shaft trying to keep what ever juice was there still on it and slurped it up. The site of her ass up in the air for everyone's pleasure made Blake stiff again. As she was finishing the lime delight he guided his cock right into her pussy. She stopped and looked at me with a lustful yet scared look. She was never certain how she would feel with another mans cock inside her. I whispered to her telling her to relax and enjoy her fantasy. She did just that. She moved around a bit allowing his cock to fill her completely. I just laid back with my eyes closed and enjoyed the moment. Her lips were moving up and down on my rigid member with a jerking motion, indicating she was getting hammered from behind. I was about to cum, and for the first time I opened my eyes to enjoy what now was a reality. I noticed Jeff was getting jacked off by her left hand and Blake had buried his middle finger in her ass as his cock filled her pussy. Patrick was putting ice cubes on her nipple as I instantly filled her mouth with what little juice I had left in me. I remained hard due to this once in a lifetime event. I moved to watch this closer. I struggled to remove myself from underneath her. I did manage though, and without interrupting Blake's act; as well as Jeff's fun. I watched her pussy lips get turned inside and out as he rammed his cock in and out of her shaved pussy. Blake had put two fingers in her ass, as he pumped both holes faster and faster. Jeff was just about to cum when she pulled her hand away to support herself as she squirted her own love juices all over Blake's cock and down her legs. This caused Blake to pull out and add to the already sloppy mess. Jeff, not missing a beat, grabbed a towel with an attempt to clean her up. She was too weak to move, but Jeff wasn't going to be denied. He lifted her head up in hopes she would continue giving him head or finish jacking him off. She was limp, but Jeff was not. He offered her the wine glass. As she sat up to drink, he quickly straddled the chair and positioned himself in front of her. He was stroking his cock in order not to lose the wood. Laura wasn't quite with it yet, but Jeff pulled her forward as he laid back on the lounger. He wiggled and got her positioned just right so he could insert his deprived dick into her now well lubricated, love hole. After slamming a quick beer I stood beside them to watch the new meat pound my lovely Laura. She reached out to grab my still swollen cock in attempt to give me head. Jeff's hands grabbed her firmly around the waist as he wasted no time in entering her exposed lips. He was fucking her hard and as deep. He was burying his bone with every inward thrust. The slapping sound of his cock and swinging balls pounding her soaked slit proved that he was on a mission. The sounds that were coming from her pussy were absolutely amazing, besides being a true turn-on. Jeff was on a mission to empty his super soaker into this new slut's slit. His bone bounced in and out ringing out to all; whether it was a cock, finger or a tongue, we all succeeded at pleasuring her pussy, prior his frantic fuck folly. Joe, wanting to get involved, stood on the other side in hopes to get jacked off, or to get some alternating head action. I pushed her head away momentarily to have her notice another cock wanting some attention. She turned back and proceeded to part her luscious lips in order for my cock to re-enter. I guided it in which felt marvelous; so much it made my cock have the dry heaves. I was done this time as my cock slowly melted. Jeff pounding away beneath her started to slow his frantic pace down. You could tell he didn't want to blow his wad quite yet. Their speed now allowed Joe to notice her bung hole was punched out, so much that he could easily insert his finger. He started hitting that ass as Jeff's cock worked her cunt. Blake had tried to get some wood back so he could attempt a re-play, or should I say re-"lay" He put some sun tan lotion on his hand to help his attempt. Joe saw this and asked for the lotion. He had stepped away to apply a dab on his cock. Instead of wanting Laura to finish jacking him off or giving him head; he moved to the end of the lounger and tried to perform what would be Laura's first ever real DP. Patrick then came over to view this as well. He offered her mouth and lips yet another treat. Laura couldn't do anything but grab it half-assed. She was now focused on what was about to happen. I watched as Joe put the head of his cock against her bung hole and pushed the stiffness in. Jeff still trying to empty his love gun, kept pumping her pussy. Joe was attempting to get his stiff member in, but there just wasn't enough room. The three of us just stood there in awe. Jeff buried his cock to his balls inside her and let out the long awaited words, I'M CUMMIN! He pushed her off his cock to empty his load; in doing so this gave Joe some much needed room as his cock was inching it's way in her virgin ass. She stopped him abruptly and said it hurt too much. She stood and apologized as Joes cock stood at attention. Looks like he was going have to put that away, or take care of it himself. Laura smiled as she took a sip of my beer. She probably needed to wash some residue down. She politely excused herself and disappeared into he house. We all were mystified and just sat speechless. We all grabbed for something to drink. I saw Laura walk by the doors fully clothed and motioned for me to come. As Blake, Joe, and Patrick went back toward the tub; Jeff jumped into the pool. I suddenly slipped out the gate to meet the Lovely Laura Lynn around front. I laughed to myself as I saw the two sets of clubs lying next to the fence. I hope like hell someone was able to watch through the fence to witness this amazing sex scene. If I would have inspected the fence, I probably would have noticed a fresh coat of.........well you know ...."pud paint!"

The ride home was something special. The only thing I asked was if she was alright with what just happened and if her back door was broken. She replied yet with another shocking response. She said if there wasn't going to be two working cocks for her to enjoy our fantasy of a DP, she wasn't going to allow a stranger to pop her pooper. We just held hands and felt one another's love for each other. I must admit, every time I hear FORE out on the course it reminds me of the fourteenth and brings a smile to my face.

Your golfing friends, Dressed n Blessed "When she's dressed, and I'm truly Blessed!"

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