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Fishing Trip, by 2swallowmore at the mail with a G

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A normal Saturday like any other. I woke up horny and made love to her. Softly and emotionally deep. The kind of love making you can only do when you love someone from the heart. It started our day off in a great mood for both of us. Ya know, with that smile when you look at each other, leftover from the mornings love making session. Kinda your secret for the day. It was much more fulfilling than Friday nights fucking we enjoyed. But we did enjoy it.

Our day went on and we decided to take the boat out. It?s just an old pontoon but, its dependable and we have a great time. And I get to watch her lay out in the sun naked. I sometimes join but, there are places sun doesn?t belong on a man. Lol. We packed a cooler with a lunch, some rum and coke and wine and headed out. We loaded the boat in the water and headed to our favorite cove. It?s a little place most boats cant reach. Pontoons can go in shallow waters. We can see the main water through the trees from here but, They never know we?re here.

I poured a drink and off came her t-shirt over her bikini. Radio on, drinks poured and relaxation heaven began. By her second drink she was topless and laying out on the boat sundeck. Yeah, I cant resist either. I played with her tits and helped with the suntan lotion all I could. Lol. Don?t like the taste much though. My cock got hard as I rubbed her lotion on and she played for a while. We just teased each other with a little flirtatious sexual fun. I climbed up and dropped my dick in her mouth for a few minutes just to watch her suck me in the sunlight, then sat back in my seat with my drink and peace and quiet of the lake,?. and the view.

She kept teasing me, aging me on. ?Awww, come here. Let me suck some more cock.? Things like that. She?d play with her tits and pretend to ?rub lotion? on her pussy. I teased her back playfully by resisting. Don?t know exactly how the game got started but, we were having fun. She came to the cooler to make another drink and somehow, managed to suck my dick while not even paying attention to me. Her eyes and movements were on making her drink while she had my dick in her mouth. She was bound to win this contest. Our smiles and laughter together at our escapades were great. She made her drink and left for her tanning again, wagging her ass with that movement that women use, showing me her gap and looking over her shoulder at me. ?You surrre you don?t want to play? as she walked away. I laughed sinfully at her.

A moment later a fishing boat moved into our cove. ?Arent you gonna cover up?? She rolled over towards me. ?Welllll? she says. ?If I cant suck YOUR dick, maybe one of those guys will let me.? And layed back down on her back with that evil playful grin. ?Yeah right! That?s a little much don?t ya think.? She walked over to me and got on her knees and started talking while playing with my dick. ?All these years you?ve wanted to see me fuck another guy. It?s in your fantasies and we play like that all the time. I?m ready and in the mood today. You have my permission. Use me as your slut. We?ll never see those guys again. Just do it. Live out that fantasy.? And she started sucking my hard dick again. I asked her. ?Are you SERIOUS? !? She shook her head yes with my dick in her mouth. I looked down at her ?REALLY?? Again she said yes. So I told her. ?I?m gonna do it ya know. I?ll call them over here and tell em.? She pulled my dick from her mouth and told me. ?Go ahead.? Daring me, And went back down on me.

They were 70-80 feet away. Lets see her jump when I actually call them over. I waved my hand in the air and yelled to them. ?Hey over there.? And waved in motion for them to come. They waved back and their boat turned towards us. Slowly they got closer with their trolling motor. ?Their coming. You gonna suck my dick while they watch?? I dared her back. She looked up at me. The look in her face had changed. She wasn?t playing. She looked me right in the eye. ?I thought you were gonna watch me suck THEIR DICKS.? I looked down at her. ?You really want to do this?? She took my dick from her mouth and rubbed it back and forth across her lips ?Make me your whore. Have fun today. I will do anything you want.????..I went with it.

I let the boat get up to the side. ?How ya doin today? I heard from over the rail. I answered. ?I?m good. Look here guys. You in the mood to help me fuck her?? They raised and looked into the boat and saw her sucking my dick. ?Fuck yeah man! You serious?? I answered again. ?Apparently so. Come on up, I?ll make her suck your dicks too.? I looked down to see her reaction. She was smiling around my dick as they climbed in our boat. I couldn?t believe I was actually going to watch this but??

The first guy wasted no time and his dick was beside her in no time. ?There ya go honey. There?s another cock for you to suck. The expression on her face as she lifted from my dick and headed towards his was of looking for some final ok before his dick entered her mouth. I guess she got it because she wrapped her lips around his dick and started sucking his dick like a slut in heat, licking it and kissing it showing off as she moved from dick to dick to dick between all three of us now. Watching her was mesmerizing. She WAS a slut for today. And very good at it apparently. One of the guys fell in behind her and started fucking her as she continued to suck us. I watched their hands consume her body and her, consume three cocks.

We were on a high that day as we took turns with her, we laid her down and I watched the other two men take turns fucking her along with me. It was very exciting. We put her backup on the sundeck and ate her pussy in turns as I watched her orgasm and orgasm and orgasm. She actually DID DO everything I told her as we used her. I watched her get cum sprayed on her face as she sucked one of them off and licked it up while looking right at me. ?I?m ready for the next cock now? She was playing her part expertly. So I gave her her next dick. I slid my cock right between her cum covered lips and told her ?Here?s your next cock baby.? It was such a turn on! And she was right, I did always want to do it.

There is this ?thing? that happens when you watch your girl suck your dick until you fill her mouth full of cum while two strangers watch and are fucking her. It?s a turn on like no other. And for that day, Damn was I turned on! And so was she! We fucked her all day on the boat, using her willingly as our slut. We?d just be sitting there drinking and one of the guys told her. ?Come here and ride my lap and fuck me.? I waited for her response which was almost instant. She looked over at him, took a sip of her drink, walked to him. ?Can I suck your cock first and get it hard?? of course his answer was ?Hell yeah ya can.? She hit her knees and sucked his dick for a few minutes before climbing up and sliding her pussy down over his dick. I watched from across the boat as her body went up and down, stroking his dick with her cunt. It was weird, me and the other guy were having a conversation about boats as we watched them fuck. He sucked her tits and grabbed her ass as she worked his dick til he came. Watching her with a cock shooting cum into her pussy was great. She?s so sexual. And to just watch, it was like she was someone else. And I think she was for that day.

An hour or so passed as we sat and drank and talked before she spoke up. ?I want something guys? We looked at her, especially me. ?I want to bend over the rail looking over the water and you guys take turns fucking me. I want to suck your dicks and get it started? All three of us just looked at each other in silence and surprise for a moment before we answered. ?Sure? ?OK? ?Let?s go.? We were kinda bashful about it really but, she came over and started sucking my dick again and reaching over to theirs and getting us all hard. Who was gonna turn this down, right? She sucked our dicks for a while, then lifted up. ?Whos gonna fuck me first? My pussy wants three loads of cum.? I couldn?t believe how dirty she talked. The words and attitude alone, reflected a reaction making my dick hard.

She stood up and bent over the rail, looking out across the lake through the trees in our cove. One of the guys slid in behind her and started fucking her as we played with her tits and rubbed her back from each side, waiting our turn. It must have been a fantasy of hers because she got off very quickly. Her orgasm echoed across the lake as I watched her tits shake with the pounding he gave her. He pumped her with his juice and backed off. I looked at his cum covered cock as I watched his buddy take his place. His cock slid in her cum lined pussy easy. He got off fast and didn?t last long. He backed off away as I stepped in. She turned and looked behind her. ?I want you guys to leave. I want to watch you pull away as he fucks me.? Her pussy was slippery and hot. Like it was heated from the friction as my cock sunk into her. The guys dressed and climbed into their boat, making their way in front of her and feeling her tits hanging over the edge as they pulled off saying goodbye. ?Thanks for the good time? etc.

My cock was so hard it hurt fucking her. A good hurt. I came like crazy. It felt like I spewed forever. I stood there for a moment with my dick inside her before backing off. When I did, I could see the cum running down her thighs. She turned and dropped to her knees, put my cock on her tongue and asked. ? So, do you like your new whore?? and swallowed my cock with three flavors of cum. I looked down at her barely able to stand as she softly nibbled my dick. ?Oh my God. Yes.?

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