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First Time Swallowing and 2nd, 3rd

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This story was told to me by a friends wife who was a former lover of mine. We had incredible sex from our mid-twenties to our mid-thirties until they moved a few states away. She was super sexy and would do almost anything – except swallow cum – either me or her husbands. We stayed in touch and she told me this story over the phone one day and I asked her if I could write about it. She was fine with that as long as she could read it first before I shared it which I agreed to. I wrote it for her in the first person. This is smoking hot. Here goes.

My name is Gail and I’m now 53 years old but very sensual. I was a virgin until I married and about 12 years into my marriage I started fooling around. My husband Tom and I really were into everything sexually and had a great sex life but I always wanted more variety. Even though I give great head I never swallowed cum – I just finished him off with a hand job like I did with all my other lovers. No one ever pressured me because the sex was great and guys don't care how they come – they just want to spew their jism anyway they can.

Until I met John. I was about 37 years old and he was 35. John was a good looking custodian hunk at the school I taught in and he would always flirt with me because I always wore clothes that were too tight and low cut. I have 36DD breasts and very high inverted nipples, the kind that peek out of low cut dresses. I have very sexy hips and a pussy that was very hairy at the time. My cunt was so bushy that you couldn't even see my slit. I finally succumbed to John's advances and fucked him. We fucked like rabbits. John and I were fucking about once a week for two months in his car, the nurse’s office, the principal’s office, the boy’s shower, the girl’s shower, the library and at a local motel. The sex was great but he always came inside me so I never was asked to swallow – I never even saw his cum because we always used a condom. He never asked to cum in my mouth it never came up and we never did a lot of oral which disappointed me.

Until, that Wednesday, in November the day after my 37th birthday. My husband was away on business and my kids wouldn’t be home until 3:00 and John came to my house at 10:00 with flowers. I thought we'd have sex a few times because we had to 3:00 and I went back on the pill. I was wearing a low cut dress and no undies and my pussy was very wet. I knew we would end up in bed. We smoked a joint to loosen up and had some wine. My pussy was throbbing with desire for John’s cock. My nipples were like eraser tips and my clit was protruding my outer pussy lips. My husband’s cock is only about 5” when hard but he has huge balls. John’s was about 7” and very girthy and had tiny gonads. But, I’d rather have a huge cock – balls just hang there and do nothing – there just there for fondling and sucking. John was also uncut with the cutest foreskin. He was the first guy I sucked that was uncut. John kissed me passionately and started to massage my tits and rub my cunt and realized I was totally nude underneath. He grabbed the front of my dress and ripped it down the middle revealing me in all my nakedness in front of a wall of mirrors in my living room. My dress then fell off my shoulders to the floor. He said “oh my fucking god you are gorgeous and you have an incredible body”. I liked hearing that and that got me very hot. I acted shy and covered my tits with one arm and my bush with my hand. “Oh now you're playing Miss Shy. We’ll see how shy you are you cunt”. I was getting real wet. He got out of his clothes in seconds and his cock was rock hard with his huge tip that was looking to shoot his cum. I grabbed his huge cock and pulled the skin back till it hurt. He got behind me and massaged my tits from behind and put his cock between my legs. I felt his cock tip between my pussy lips. I grabbed his big knob with my fingers and felt his precum between my cunt lips. His precum wet his whole cock. He then bent me over a club chair and began to tongue my asshole. His tongue was long too and entered my ass ever so gently. He was my only lover that ever rimmed me. He then had me sit in the chair with my legs spread wide and poured wine on my tits and cunt and ate my cunt like a champ and pushed my legs up high and rimmed me again while rubbing my clit until I came like thunder. I said “I want you to fuck me bareback because I'm back on the pill”. His eyes lit up like it was Christmas and he said “oh yeah babe”. I then laid on the floor and put my hands behind my head and said “fuck me hard and long”. He then mounted me and fucked me like a madman on the floor. He came in about 5 minutes like a gusher and I came too. I felt him spurting inside my pussy walls forever. I didn’t know that John is one of those guys that can cum a few times in two hours because every other time we had sex he only came once, we never had time for more. I sat up for a few minutes while his jism dripped and dripped from my cunt and told him he came a ton. He was very proud of that and said “I've been told I can cum more that the average guy”. I soon found out that was an understatement. Then we started to cuddle.

My husband called on the phone and we thought it would be sexy if I answered while we were nude so I did. We were making small talk so I motioned to John to go down on me and I spread my pussy lips. He attacked my cunt with a vengeance. It was hard for me not to moan while he was licking my clit and fingering my ass. I asked Tom if he was naked and he said he was. I said how about some phone sex and looked at John to see if he was ok with it and he nodded and said that will be hot and he dove between my legs and started to eat me. Tom said sure, if only he knew. He said lets do FaceTime and I knew I couldn't show him my pussy since John was eating me. We started to face time and I showed him my tits and told Tom I was fingering myself. I was moaning because John was giving me great head. Tom was hard as a rock and he was stroking himself as I was moaning and getting ready to cum. I had my hands behind my head and was moaning I don't think Tom saw where my hands were. I slipped with my phone and John's head eating my pussy showed for a sec. Tom said what was that and I said just some guy eating my pussy. He laughed. “Oh my god I'm going to cum” I said. He said me too – let me see your cunt. John was ok with that so he kneeled at my feet and stroked himself. I gave Tom a full frontal and he said he was going to cum and John motioned the same. This was really hot. Tom started to cum all over himself and John started to cum on my knees and one of his cum shots hit the top of my pussy. He came a ton. Oh shit! Lucky I had some moisturizer that I squeezed on my pussy lips to camouflage John's jizz. It was the same color and texture of cum so he didn't notice as I continued to finger myself until I came again. Tom said that was really hot. If only he knew. John motioned he wanted to finish cumming so I got the lube bottle and squirted some more gobs on my cunt and belly as he added gobs of his jizz. It all looked the same which was really hot. I rubbed his cum with the moisturizer and put some on my tongue. “It tastes like cum”. Tom said “when I get home I'll give you the real thing”. I thought to myself no chance but the drop of cum I tasted wasn't so bad. Tom thought I tasted moisturizer which was actually John's cum.Tom and I hung up and John said “that was fucking hot” and I said “yes and my cunt is really slippery from your eating me out”. If only Tom and John knew that was really cum I tasted for my first time and it wasn't so bad. I thought hmmmmmmm.

We were just lying there nude smoking a joint and playing with each others private parts and I noticed his cock stirring so I got between his legs and cupped my tits around his cock and nibbled on his foreskin and licked him up and down and sucked his hard shaft all the way up to his balls. He was moaning so loud and his cock was oozing the remaining cum from his jerking off on my thighs and cunt. His oozing jizz tasted salty and sweet at the same time and wasn't terrible. I again thought “hmmmm this cum thing doesn't taste as bad as I always thought”. I sucked real hard and squeezed every last bit of jizz out of his cock. It was my second cum tasting in a few minutes and this was more than the first tasting which was just a drop on my tongue. This was just a little cum oozing. I was giving a great titty fuck and in about 2 minutes he was rock hard again and then I put him back in my mouth and I was just pumping and stroking away not thinking as he was moaning like crazy. Then, just as I thought I was done with my awesome sucking and was about to give him one of my great two handed hand jobs, he came in my mouth. HE FUCKING CAME IN MY FUCKING MOUTH. WITH NO FUCKING WARNING. HE JUST BLEW HIS LOAD LIKE I WAS EXPECTED TO SWALLOW HIS CUM. Then, before I knew it, because his cock tip was now at the back of my throat and his hands held my head down and his jism just kept squirting down my throat. Oh fuck, I was swallowing his cum as he forced my head down. Gulp, Gulp, Gulp. This was another major load of jizz. I was shocked and gagged a bit but I just kept his cock in my mouth and swallowed the rest of his cum and guess what, it wasn’t as bad as I thought – it was actually not hard to do and tasted good. I gagged a little bit more as his gushing cum filled my mouth and I could tell he was more aroused by that. Gaggggghhhh and more gulping. He didn’t say he was going to cum like most guys do as they get ready to unload their love juice. So after the first squirt, I just finished the job (yuk yuk) and kept sucking until he went limp. I continued to suck him and drain his balls dry as I squeezed them and he slowly released my head. I was totally shocked and proud at what I had just done but didn’t show it. “Oh my godddddd I gasped – you came goblets of cum – that was the first time I swallowed your cum” I said as I licked my lips. I thought to myself if only he knew it was my real first time but I wasn't going to tell him. I thought I'm a big girl now and am a real cum swallowing cocksucker. Now I have a new talent to add to my repertoire. I thought, I think I am good at this because John didn't complain and maybe I'll blow him again and it will probably be less cum the third time around. Guess again. I thought there's no such thing as a bad blow job.

I snuggled up to his chest and thrust my boobs out as I was proud at what I had just done and after a few minutes of cuddling and fondling he started to get hard again and I said “are you ready for another blow job” and he said “yes, you were great and I'm sorry I held your head down”. I said “no problem, I liked to be forced while giving head” like I do that a lot. That was a first time too. I felt good about that so I put him back in my mouth and sucked and licked his shaft and sucked each ball and stroked him till he got rock hard as I slurped his monster. I said “no need to hold me this time”. He smiled until he came gallons again. He came more this time but I was getting used to it and wanted to perfect my swallowing technique. I threw in a little gagging sound which aroused him even more. I said “you came more this time, you are a fucking cum making machine”. He said “thank you, I'm proud of the amount of jizz I can spurt and you really give a great blow job. I wasn't so sure you swallowed. Boy was I wrong, some girls can't handle my cum loads”. I said “girls, how many have you been with.” He said “enough”. “The PTA hotties?” I asked. “No” he said “ but some of the moms from the middle school”. I said “hmmmm, you get around with that big cock of yours, how did I rate?” I knew I made him feel good by saying he had a big cock. He said “you really know how to suck cock and swallow, you know not all girls swallow”. I said “cmon, everyone swallows” like I was an expert. He said “not everyone, including my wife, she doesn't even like to suck cock and Beth the middle school mom spits my cum out”. I knew Beth and thought she was a slut but now that I knew this I felt very powerful because she's a spitter and I'm a swallower. I know her pretty well and wait till I tell her I know she doesn't swallow and that I swallowed John's jizz, that will kill her. I'll bet she swallows him soon. I'm sure guys like swallowers better and she's very competitive and will try to be better than me. Hmmmmm, maybe I'll blow her hubby. He's always giving me sexy looks and wears tight jeans that show a nice bulge.

I faked that I was shocked but now that I knew his wife and Beth didn't swallow I owned this guy and his cock. I wasn't going to tell him the truth. I just shrugged and said “I've been swallowing since high school and like to think I'm good at it”. I think once you swallow there is no such thing as a bad blow job. I said “why do they call it a blow job, when all you do is suck on a cock?” He said, “I don't know but it feels fucking great when a woman’s face is hanging on your cock and you are her master - does it really matter?” I thought “master? I have total control of you now you fucker – if there's any master its me. We then cuddled again and I just was thinking if he only knew this was my first time swallowing and my second time too. I never told him. I didn’t want him to think I was a prude. I think he assumed everyone swallows and we had never gotten around to that. I said “you are the only guy I've blown that doesn't say when he's ready to cum”. If only he knew that was the absolute truth – lol. He said “how many guys have you sucked off?” I said “I've had my fair share of cock – probably around 50”. He was impressed with that number and I stroked his limp dick and I said “hi, 51”. He said “I don't because some of the women I've been with don't swallow so it's my little surprise to them at least the first time I blow my wad into their mouth. Some swallow, some spit it out and they all gag which is really hot”. If only he knew about my surprise, but I wasn't going to tell him. I said “that wasn't a little surprise to me – it was goblets and I'll try to gag more next time so you cum more”. He smiled and he seemed very proud of his cum producing ability. All of my girlfriends swallow and they think I’m a total prude because swallowing is normal for them. Some of them think a blow job doesn't count as having sex. I would be hard pressed to tell Tom that I had some other guys cock in my mouth and I swallowed his load. Wait till I tell them. We had sex twice more – once where he came in my ass and another when I gave him another blow job. I was getting used to the taste of cum and that’s all I thought about and how to get him that aroused. In the future I think he will expect multiple blowjobs every time we have sex which I'm also looking forward to.

The next time I told him I want to have us both cum together in the 69 position and he said “how about now”. I said “are you up for it?” He pointed to his cock and said”what do you think.” His cock was hard again and my pussy was dripping wet so I said “let's do it”. He laid down and I straddled his face and smothered his mouth with my cunt. He started to lick my clit and finger my ass. It felt sooooooo good. I grabbed his cock and pulled his foreskin back so far that it hurt. I kissed the tip of his cock and then swallowed him balls deep and stroked him like a wild woman. He and I came at the same time and he splooged tons of cum again and I threw in a lot of gagging. “Ooooooooo, that was sooooo much cum you beast”. This guy is a jism machine. Wait till I tell the girls about this cum maker. I said “each time I blew you you came more than a double shot glass”. He was proud of that. He asked is that how girls measure cum and I said “yes. all the PTA hotties measure cum by the glass”. I went and got a shot glass from the bar. I said “let's see – here, fill it up Sir Cumalot”. He stood up and began to stroke himself as I fondled his balls. As he got rock hard again he said “I'm ready to cum, see I said it”, so I had him lay face down between two chairs and milked him like a cow. He came and came and filled the glass. It was dripping down the side. It looked so yummy. I gave him a sexy look and licked my lips and then I licked the glass clean and said “bottoms up or down the hatch or whatever floats your cock” and swallowed it all and licked the glass clean. I was really getting into this swallowing cum thing – I felt like a slut. “Yummy” as I stood their licking my lips giving him a full frontal as I spread my pussy lips and his jaw was wide open. The room smelled like sex and cum and pussy juice. I knew I owned this guy right now and I was proud at what I had done. Who's the master now. I swallowed gobs of cum 5 times in two hours and was very proud of myself. He said “I can't remember ever cumming 7 times”. I said “you are a cum machine – I can't remember ever swallowing that much cum”. That was a very true statement in more ways than one. He said “I love when you suck me dry, how about one for the road?” I pouted like he was putting me out but I was having the same thought and said “I'm going to give you the best blow job of the day”. I unzipped his fly and took his limp dick out and swallowed him whole. When soft he is only three inches but as he got hard he outgrew my mouth. He was moaning loudly and said “here I cummmmmmm”. Then he blew his load. “Oh my god, another gusher”. I think once you swallow your first load of cum from a new cock guys don't care after that. “You came eight times today and that's the most I ever swallowed – I won't need any protein for a week”. He asked why. I said “cum is all protein” like I was a cum expert. “Your cum is delicious - it's so creamy”. I want you to go home and cum in your wife's mouth and tell me what happens. He said he would but she won't be happy. “Fuck her and not literally” I said. He came closer and said “I love you”. I thought now I really own this guy. I said “I love you too and I love sucking your cock and swallowing that delicious cum cocktail” with extra emphasis on the cock. “You think my cum is tasty?” I had to think fast. I said “cum comes in all textures and tastes” like I was an expert again. “Most guys only cum once and just about all cum is sticky and white and creamy with a bitter taste. Yours is sweet. Some cum is very watery and it spills out of my mouth, but yours is so creamy it's meant to be swallowed”. Like I'm the expert. I said “Maybe next time we'll play ice cream parlor where you cum all over two scoops of ice cream and I squat my cunt on a popsicle. He seemed impressed with my sexy thoughts. “I'd rather blow you multiple times- you're so suckalicious”. We were standing by his car at the side of my house and I was nude and I could tell he got hard again. I unzipped his fly and I pulled out his cock and jerked him off all over my pussy and I scooped up some cum with my finger and put it on my tongue. “That was nine” I said. “You are incredible” he said. I felt great and was still a little horny and wanted to have sex with someone else. Hmmmmmm.

He left and said happy belated birthday – if he only knew what was really belated. I was thinking happy belated swallow job – no really JOBS. Now that I found out that swallowing wasn’t so bad I had to get rid of my guilt and swallow Tom’s cum. That night I had dinner with three of my closest girlfriends and told them that I have a dirty little secret. I said, “girls – yesterday, I swallowed more cum in four hours than you have in the past year and told them about John the cum machine and our sexcapades”. They all applauded and told me I'm a big girl now and I had to give them the blow by blow, no pun intended. I told them about all nine cum shots and they were impressed. I think two of them wanted to blow John now to see if I was being truthful. I said next time he “cums over” I would invite them to strip for him – I don't think he would mind as he was fucking most of the middle school moms. They all have bodies like mine and I think he would enjoy six huge boobs and three bushy cunts. All of them gave their first blow jobs in high school. Now you have to blow Tom they said. I said “I guess so, but I’m not so sure how he'll react”? They said “he may be shocked at first but trust us he won't complain, guys love having girls service them”. They all said you have to swallow his cum in unison and even out waitress agreed since she overheard most of the conversation.

Tom came home early from the business trip the next day and I met him at the door in the nude. He knew I was horny so he took me up to the bedroom and stripped off his clothes. I said “I'm going to give you the best blow job of your life”. I got on my knees and began to suck his 5 incher with a vengeance. I knew he was about to cum and he started to pull out of my mouth but I grabbed his ass and put his big tip at the back of my throat. He came for about 10 seconds and looked down at me quizzically as if to say “when did you start swallowing?” and said I didn’t have to swallow. I said “it’s my New Years resolution and I’m going to swallow cum from every cock I suck, even though you are the only cock I suck” – yuk yuk – if only he knew. You know your cum tastes sweet and he said I wouldn't know, I never tasted my cum. I made up some lame excuse about one of my sexy girlfriends he knew, that he wants to fuck, who taught me how not to gag using a dildo with honey inside and I think he bought it. I think he was suspicious but he didn't make a big deal about it because he was now unloading his jizz into my mouth. Anyway he is a happy man now along with John and the rest of my lovers.

I made a point of blowing John everyday we had school. The kinkiest was in the middle of the empty gym at half court. We both got naked in the girls locker room and ran out to the middle of the gym and I dropped to my knees and gave him a superb blow job. Again, he came goblets. I didn't know if anyone was watching but I didn't care, I was so horny. I didn’t know what I was missing all these years and have taught some other non-swallowers how to do it. Their hubby’s thank me all the time. Actually, I have given them all blowjobs and they all say I’m better than their wives. This one black guy is really huge and I can only swallow half of his cock but he cums gushers where the jism drips out of my mouth because he cums soooooooo much. But really you guys – there is no such thing as a bad blowjob unless you don’t swallow. Tom now calls me his great little cocksucker – because his cock is little.

John called me this morning and told me about his wife. He said “ I came home from work and my wife seemed a little horny so I told her to go up and shower which she did. I followed in about 15 minutes and stripped off my clothes and went into the bathroom. She was toweling off and noticed my huge hard on and said “he looks pretty eager”. I thought not bad for a guy that came 9 times today. “She came over and stroked me and said you smell like cum and I said probably because I had sex nine times today”. She laughed at that and said “really! Let's see how much cum you have left”. If only she knew. She knew Gail from the PTA and called her the “slut mommy”. I showered and joined her in bed and was ready to blow another load in her mouth. “I tied her hands and feet so she was spread wide to the headboard and I ate her pussy until she came. I then sat on her face and put my cock in her mouth. She tried to get it out but I forced it in so she started to suck it like she enjoyed it. She seemed real horny so I was going to cum in her mouth whether she wanted it or not. I was pumping away and felt my balls tighten up and was hoping I had a double shot load like the ones I gave you today”. I told John to hold on as I put him on facetime and stripped nude and told him to stroke himself. I was fingering myself and told him to “give me the blow by blow”. He said “I held back for 5 minutes and she seemed to be enjoying it so I got ready and screamed I'm going to cummmmmmm and her eyes looked shocked but my cock was deep in her throat and I came 6 huge squirts half of which oozed out of her mouth but she swallowed the rest and gagged. I pulled out and she cursed me out and said that's the last blow job you get from me. I thought that's OK because slut mommy will pick up the load. He and I came together and he came a ton. I thought now I really own this man and his cock. I said to John “when can you cum over again – I have a big surprise for you.” He said “how about tomorrow?” We agreed. I called Jane and Marilyn and told them that their wish was going to come true and to be at my house at 9:30 the next morning and don't have breakfast as they were going to have lots of protein. Lol.

The girls arrived on time and I showed them the playroom with the ropes tied to the weight bench. “Girls my only rule today is that I get to give the first and last blowjob”. They had no problem with that and said that will be 4 for each of us. “He will cum 10 times”. I said “get ready ladies” and they went into the shower room to get nude. I stripped totally naked and went into the shower room. Jane and Marilyn had bodies much like mine so he was going to be happy. They were down to their sexy bras and panties that were see through. I walked by them slowly and fondled their tits and then the other way and fingered their cunts. “Ohhhhhhhhhh my god” they said. We have all had sex together so this was nothing new. I heard the doorbell and said there's John. Let me let him in. “ you girls stay here till I give him his first suck job and then you can join in but you can watch the first because I will blindfold him”. They said they couldn't wait because they were really horny as I left in the nude.

I opened the front door and John’s jaw just dropped and said “oh my god you're totally nude you cunt”. I said “cunt?” And I slammed the door. He was outside begging to get in and said he would do anything. I said “okay, take off all your clothes and make sure he's rock hard”. I peeked out the window and admired his body. I told the girls upstairs to look out the window for a treat. I opened the door and stepped out onto the porch totally nude and bent over and said “rim me Sir Cumalot” which he did. I saw the girls watching and really rammed my ass to his face. They gave me a big smile knowing what was in store for them. I stood up and said now eat my cunt you fucker. He did and I buried my bush on his face. I came in under a minute. I said “okay my love bitch, let's go inside - it's only going to get better”. I grabbed him by his balls and brought him in the house and led him to the weight room that he had never seen. Jane and Marilyn were in the shower room and could hear everything we said. I said “ok sir Cumalot – stroke that cock.” He got hard in seconds. I said “that's quite a hard on you have there” and is he going to achieve a personal best today?” He said more than 9? I said “yup”. He said “I fucked my wife this morning and I feel spent”. I said “fuck you cause she won't swallow – you are going to be blown ten times and not always by me – I have some surprises for you”. “You are going to enjoy this”. He looked puzzled but didn't say a thing. I said “lay down on the massage table and let me tie your hands and legs”. He did and I tied him down as I sat on his face with my pussy and began to suck his cock. I stood up and went into the shower room and got the blindfold and told the girls they could cum out after I began sucking him off.

I went back out and showed him the blindfold and placed it on his eyes. I began to suck him with a vengeance. “O god this is incredible - I'm going to cummmmm”. Jayne and Marilyn quietly came into the room and stood near his head. John said he was going to cum so I took him out of my mouth and started to stroke him because I wanted to show the girls how much cum he could shoot. He started to cum and shot his first shot onto his neck and then continued to shoot all over his belly. This was a major load so I leaned in and licked him clean and swallowed his whole load as the girls gave me a thumbs up. His dick got limp and I said are you ready for your surprise? He said I guess so so I got up and removed his blindfold. He blinked and saw my totally nude body first and said “hey beautiful”. He then saw Jayne and Marilyn on both sides of him in their sheer undies and said “oh my god”. They both said “hi cum King and we are here to suck your cock and improve your personal best – are you ready to go nine more times big boy”. He looked at them hungrily and said “sure, but am I going to be able to feel your bodies”. They both said sure but only after the first two blow jobs. Jane got nude first and then Marilyn. Their nipples were like eraser tips and their boobs were perfect 36Cs and they both had very bushy cunts. Jane’s pussy was brown and Marilyn had a blond cunt. Jane sat on John’s face as Marilyn started to suck his cock. They were facing each other and I started taking pictures. He got hard immediately and Marilyn was very impressed and sucked him real hard until he blew his load down her throat. “Yummy” she said “that was a double shot glass”. You measure in shot glasses too? “ “We all do” we said in unison.

Jane said “let's see if you are the cum machine Gail says you are and got between his legs and started slurping his limp dick. BOING. He got hard again and both girls were very impressed. Marilyn said now I need him to rim my ass – and it's a virgin ass to rimming. She straddled John's face and spread her ass cheeks and said “ stick out your tongue you dickwad”. He did and Marilyn smothered his face with her ass. Jane was slurping for less than two minutes and John said he was going to cum and Jane said “unload it baby” which he did. Jane sucked him until he was dry and looked at the two of us and said “this guy is amazing”. “He's already cummed 3 times and looks like he's ready for more”. Jane said “Gail get between his legs and show us your technique”. I spread his legs and licked his shaft up and down and then deep throated his monster. They both said “you go girl”. After a few minutes he was ready to blow again and did but I pulled him out of my mouth and jerked him all over his belly and chest again. Jane and Marilyn were very impressed since this was his 4th cum shot. Marilyn took her index finger and picked up a gob of cum and put in in John's mouth. He spit it out and said “eweeeew”. They both said “wait a minute you asshole – you want us to suck you dry and you don't like your own cum?” So they both licked up all the cum from his chest and belly and kissed him forcing the cum in his mouth. He resisted a little but finally accepted all the cum and swallowed it all. Marilyn said “see Sir Cumalot, that's what a great cocksucker does – and we are great about sucking the schlong and swallowing the sperm”. He said “yes you are”.

They untied him and told him to roll over as my massage table that had a hole in the middle for a cock to go thru. They said “we are going to milk you like a cow and fill that shot glass like Gail did and then have you drink it all”. You are going to become a great cum swallower like Gail. I got on the floor and started to play with myself as Jane started to stroke him while Marilyn tongued his butt. Jane noticed his cock starting to get hard and said “here he goes girls – he is amazing”. She began to suck him very hard and Marilyn shoved one of my dildos up his ass. He said “I'm going to cummmmmm” so Jane got the shot glass and milked him until he filled the glass with seven huge spurts. Jane was amazed at his cum producing ability as she filled the shot glass to the top. John was moaning in ecstasy as Jane squeezed the last drop of jism out of his now limp dick. She said “ok girls, his balls are empty”.

Jane and Marilyn took John to the couch and sat on both sides of him with their tits rubbing his chest. He had his hands down playing with their cunts that they were enjoying. I came back from the living room in my little maids uniform that didn't cover my nipples or my bush and John’s cock was starting to rise. Jane and Marilyn were amazed and started to play with his foreskin. Marilyn leaned over and said “let me see if I can suck him hard again” and as she did then BOING – he was erect as before his first cumming today. I filled four more shot glasses with tequila and served everyone. I said “cheers or bottoms up or down the snatch – whatever floats your cock”. We all downed out shots and I refilled the glasses. John had Jane bend over and poured the shot in her ass crack and licked her butthole for a few minutes. He then had Marilyn spread her legs and poured her shot on her blond cunt and ate her for a long time until she came. “Oh my goddddddddd” Marilyn moaned. “How was your Patron John?” He said “as good as your Pusson, Marilyn”. I poured my shot on his cock and began a fierce blow job. He came loads in about two minutes and I didn't swallow his cum but spit it back in my glass. I said “here's two shot glasses with your cum – one from Jane’s handjob and one from my blowjob – which would you prefer Sir Cumalot”. He picked the handjob one and said “here goes” and swallowed it all almost gagging in the process. We all said “what's the matter Mr. Cummer too much cum for your little throat. We do that all the time and we don't gag.” He said “I applaud your ability but you girls have been doing it since high school”. Marilyn said “ Jane and I have but Gail just started last week – and then said Oops, did I say something I shouldn't have”. He looked at me in amazement and said “last week with me was your first time swallowing”? I nodded sheepishly and said “actually I swallowed your jism 5 times last week and I didn't want you to think I was a prude, you broke my swallow cherry”. John said “you were great and just as good as these two naked cum swallowers”. Jane and Marilyn said in unison “sorry Sir Cumalot, there's no such thing as a bad blowjob and we have been pushing her to swallow for a number of years. “You already came six times today. Do you think she's good”? “She's great” he said. “Let's watch her blow you” Jane and Marilyn said. John “okay if you insist”. John sat down in a club chair and pointed to his dick and said “ come here you great cocksucker and suck on my fucking cock”. I kneeled between his legs and licked his shaft up and down while stroking him. Jane and Marilyn placed their tits on both sides of his face. I then put his big dick in my mouth and sucked really hard while stroking him with one hand and squeezing his balls with my other. He was saying “oh god, oh god, I'm going to cum” and then he shot six big squirts of cum in my mouth and I swallowed it all as Jane and Marilyn applauded. Marilyn said “ lucky seven”. I was still sucking his cock as he started to go limp. I licked his tip and buried my face in his balls and he was really spent.

I said let's all shower together and we all ran into the shower room. The shower can fit four people easily and has jets coming out from all sides. We all got totally wet and were lathering each other up but I noticed that Jane was all over John's cock with her tits and hands and ass crack. Then guess what? BOING – yup he got hard again and Marilyn got on her knees and slurped. She then leaned up on the wall and said “fuck my ass big boy”. He got behind her and rimmed her to lube her up and then put his cock in slowly till he was balls deep and then fucked her silly. I stood on the bench and put my cunt in Janes mouth as Marilyn got behind John and rimmed him. He pumped for 5 minutes and then gave Jane 5 big cum shots in her ass and pulled out and planted 2 wads of cum on her ass. They were huge streams of cum. I said “well that's eight Mr. Cummer – how are your balls?” John said “I feel great”. “How would you like to cum next?” He said “how about you girls eat each other's cunts in a daisy chain and as I get ready to cum you get on your knees and I give you all pearl necklaces?” We all agreed and started the cunt lapping party. We all brought each other to orgasm as John was standing there with a huge hard on stroking himself in the middle of our little triangle. John said “I am ready to cummmmm” and we got up on our knees and said “give it to us cum man”. John began to spurt one great shot after another on all of our necks and boobs. He shot a good 7 times and we were full of his love juice. We all used our hands to clean up our boobs and swallowed all his cum. Yummy. That was nine cum shots – he said “my wife would be jealous”. I bet she would I thought.

Johns dick went limp and it took him 20 minutes to get recharged. I noticed his cock starting to stir and I started to stroke him to a full erection. I said “are you ready for number 10?” He said “yes you great cocksucking cum lover.” I was proud of my new found abilities and Jane and Marilyn laid on both sides of John with their cunts by his face and said finger us as I sat my bush on his face and said “eat me till I cum you cum shooting cunt lapper”. His expert tongue nibbled my clit until I came like thunder. I got on my knees between his legs and impaled my mouth on his cock and sucked him for 10 minutes before he came. He screamed “here I cummmmmm” and blew 9 cumshots down my throat as the girls cheered me on. His dick went limp as we all watched him shrivel up to 3 tiny inches. “Oh poor baby, is he out of cum for today?” He said, “I think so, but I have a secret to tell you. Remember when we had sex in the middle of the gym?” “Yes” I said. “Well,, we weren't alone. You know the two young guys that work for me? They were under the bleachers watching the whole time”. “ I didn’t know until you left”. I said, “those 2 hunky 20 somethings that work for you?” John said “yes, I went to shower off and they came into the girls locker room and said that was very impressive and I was smoking hot”. I felt a little annoyed but hot at the same time. John said, “you guys must be horny after watching that, why don't you get naked and jerk off with me. They stripped and had huge hardons – bigger than mine and started to stroke themselves.” “They said that Milf has an incredible body and can she suck a mean dick.” I was getting moist now and said “tell me more”. Joe and Jim have bigger Dick's than mine and they are both uncut. Jim shot his first cum shot about 3 feet and Joe came a ton. They want to know if you would like to blow them. I said “sure, that sounds like fun”. Jane and Marilyn pretended to be shocked. I said “don't worry girls after my first time with them I'll invite you two over and we can have an orgy.” John got dressed and left. Me and the girls got into a daisy chain again and came like crazy. John called in an hour and said “how about tomorrow to suck the guys”? I said ok and told the girls that I would stream the video to them.

John rang my door bell at 11:00 the next morning. I ran to turn on the video and went to the front door in a sheer negligee with lace panties and bra on to match. You could see everything thru my outfit. I opened the door to see three guys waiting to be invited in. I said “Wel cum”. They said “ hi”. John introduced Joe and Jim whose mouths were open in shock. I kissed John and he felt me up I said “I hear you guys are impressed with my cock sucking ability”. They both nodded. I said when's the last time you had your cocks sucked”? Both said about a month ago but they girlfriends didn't swallow. I said “well that will end today after I suck your boss’s cock”. We went into the living room and did some tequila shots and I stood up and took off my negligee and let them feast on my tits and cunt. I went up to them and grabbed both their crotches. I said “hmmmmmmm you both really hard, ok strip you fuckers”. They got nude in seconds and I was impressed with Joe’s length and Jim’s girth. Both had huge balls. I fondled both their cocks and said “we’ll have to do something about those big balls”. Meanwhile John had gotten naked behind me and came up and grabbed my boobs and took off my bra. He then fingered my pussy and ripped off my panties. Joe and Jim were looking at my body in awe as their cocks got even harder. I said “you guys ever given or got a rim job”? They both shook their heads no. I said “then today is your lucky day – and mine too”. I turned around and bent over and spread my ass cheeks and said “let's go boys – stick that tongue in my asshole”.

John said “here's how you do it boys “ and stuck his tongue up my ass. Ohhhh myyyyyy godddd. I love when he does that. He rimmed me for 5 minutes while fingering me and playing with my clit. I came like a banshee. I then had John bend over and I put my tongue up his ass while stroking his cock as I said “Okay boys they call this playing the trombone and John shot four huge spurts, now who wants to go first?”

Stay tuned for the boys party.

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