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A petite blonde with small tits and nice ass - mid forties, her name is C.

C has that youthful appearance with her thin little young figure and near hairless body. Her pussy is small and smooth with just a little patch of pubic hair above her clit. Her ass is tight, not fucked that often, but available in selective moments of hot rage.

We are friends, though not in the traditional sense, more like fuck buddies, only our sexual rendezvous are via the phone, mostly texting, photo sharing and occasionally a nasty conversation usually followed by self administered orgasms.

C is naughty in all the right places and is willing to get down-right kinky for real and in person. So a date is set, we meet in the park-in-ride along the freeway. I pull up in a mini-van and she hops in, though C is not much of a drinker I make her take a couple of shots of booze and I let her chase them down with some juice.

We drive down the freeway for a few minutes while the shots kick in and loosen her up. The moment is right, I unzip my pants, pull out my cock and grab C by the back of her head and force her face into my lap. I feel her mouth suck up my un-erect penis as I inform her that "today she gets used". As I continually repeat over and over to her that her little naked body is going to be sexually abused all day, I feel her growing arousal measured by the increased vibration of her mouth on my cock as my shaft begins to stiffen.

I pulled C off my cock and make her strip naked in the front seat of the mini-van. We get a few horn blows as passer bys witness her removing her clothes. Now naked, spread out and slightly reclined in front seat of the mini-van with all those glass windows, we have the attention of a few guys in a pick-up that are holding pace with us. I instruct C to take the dildo out of the glove compartment and fuck herself so that we all could see. She does as she is told and begins rubbing her clit and slightly inserting the head of the black dildo in her pussy.

Her lips would part and her clit would redden as she worked that large dark black, cock like dildo back and forth over her little white hairless pussy. Soon C's body began to vibrate and her breaths became more rapid for she was about to leak out an orgasm. I quickly reached over and pulled the rubber cock from her hands and commanded her not to dare let loose yet.

Unable to release, C's orgasm welled up inside as I forced her arms up over her head where she could no longer touch herself. The guys driving next to us watch her squirm and twist in her seat as she squeezed and rubbed her thighs together trying to provide herself with some sexual relief

Unable to cum C began to realize the lack of control she was to have over her own body today and began to feel the mixture of humiliation and excitement as she realized that she was to be offered and used for the sexual gratification of others. I compounded these feelings when I took the next exit, pulled over and walked over to her side of the mini-van. I opened the sliding door on the passenger side and instructed C to crawl her naked little ass into the back seat.

The exit was somewhat remote so we had the road to ourselves and I was firm as I forced her to lay on her stomach with her head facing out the sliding door. Still un-zipped and hard I freed my cock and shoved it in her mouth, as I fucked C's mouth I held her hands and arms behind her back so she could not control the depth of my penetration.

I felt my balls throb and knew I was about to pop, so I stopped pumping and held still with my dick in her mouth. My cock drove in deeper and C began to gag as I leaned over C's body and reached for some rope I had brought. With several wraps and a few strategically placed knots I had C's arms trussed up behind her back. Now easily controlled with one hand I held the back of her head and pumped her mouth full of cum.

I pulled my dick out of her mouth and watched my cum drip off her lips and run down her chin. After I put my wet cock back in my pants, I flipped C over, spun her around on the back seat, took more rope and tied her legs together just above the knees and again down at her ankles.

The position of her restraints allowed me to place her naked little body in a doggy style posture bent over the back seat with her knees on the floor of the mini-van. I slipped a blind fold over her eyes and tied a handkerchief over her mouth to prevent any potential verbal protests. When I climbed back in the mini-van C's ass and pussy were exposed to me between the front seats and I proceeded down the rural road we were on, the whole time banging her with my fingers and occasionally with the big black dildo.

My kinky little fuck buddy liked this treatment for she came twice and was on her third orgasm when I saw a car pulled over to the side of the road with man standing in front of the car holding up a gas can. He was at a loss for words when I pulled up and stopped along side him and asked if my wife or I could be of any service. I thought it best to introduce the bound, gagged and blindfolded naked girl in my van as my wife so as to not cause any need for him to call 911.

The Stanger watched intensely as C squirmed and groaned through her gag and restraints while I had my fingers between the cheeks of her ass, probing back and forth between her little pink butt hole and her very wet pussy. I told the stranger that I am forcing my wife to put out for others as punishment for acts of infidelity and asked him if he would help me discipline her.

The stranger spoke not a word but when he heard the doors un-lock he rolled the passenger sliding door open and with my help he lifted C's naked little body up on the back seat. Lying on her stomach with her feet hanging out, the stranger continued to drag her out the door of the mini-van until her feet touched the ground leaving her bent over the end of the back seat.

Her ass was hanging out for the world to see and the stranger wasted no time as he wet his fingers and inserted them in C's wet pussy and begin to stroke his cock through his pants.

I told him he could fuck her and in a matter of seconds he had dropped his drawers and was rubbing his stiff cock up between the lips of C's bare pussy. Then with a hungry grunt and a powerful thrust the stranger plunged his fully erect penis deep into my little fuck buddies twat. He pumped her hard and deep as I played with her tits and soon C's body convulsed as she cried out a monster orgasm however it was somewhat silenced by the gag she wore.

Soon following C's muffled screams of ecstasy the stranger emptied his balls into her pussy, I could see the ring of semen building up around the base of the stranger's shaft as he continued to fuck her from behind. At the sight of this I decided I needed some ass too, so I asked him to step back, then lowered the gag on C's mouth and instructed her to bend over and take his still hard and cum drenched cock into her mouth, thus leaving her ass facing me.

As the stranger's wet hard shaft disappeared in C's mouth I slipped my dick into her sloppy wet pussy from behind. After few gushy warm strokes in her dripping wet cunt, I pulled out and laid the head of my prick against her butt hole. And while the stranger held her head down firm on his cock I inserted my dick in C's tight little ass.

We used her naked little body for several minutes as we pumped her back and forth until one of us burst, which turned out to be me. And for my second cum of the day I was surprised at the volume of sperm I injected in C's little ass.

C continued to swallow this stranger's cock, and I sat back on the doorway of the mini-van and watch the cum run out of my little fuck buddies ass and drizzle through the slit of her pussy lips and eventually drip off to the ground. A small puddle of semen had formed on the ground between her feet which were still bound at the ankles.

After another moment or two the guy started to grunt and his thrust became harder, it was obvious he was about to explode, so I jumped up and pulled the blindfold from C's eyes just in time for her to see the meaty cock being shoved in her mouth as it ejaculated down her throat.

The stranger stepped back as C stood up and for the first time she got a look at this manly stranger that had been using her for the last thirty minutes or so. There was a brief moment of silence as we all stood there and stared at each other allowing it to sink in what had just taken place.

I broke the awkward moment when I slammed the sliding door closed, opened the passenger door and made C bend over the seat facing into the mini-van. I then removed the ropes and spread her open from behind for the stranger and I to have an intrusive look at or handy work. with that I then lifted C up into the passenger seat, slammed the door closed, said fair-well then got into the mini-van and we drove off leaving the stranger on the side of the road with his pants still down waiving us back and asking for our number.

Once on our way again I made C have another shot and lay back in the front seat with her legs spread and her feet up on the dash board. I proceeded to massage her clit with my fingers as I continued on the road to abuse.

Ten to twelve miles down the road we came up on a fairly high bridge stretch out over the canyon below. There were several vehicles parked along both sides of the road, mostly likely belonging to fishermen who had parked and hiked down to the river at the bottom of the canyon. As we crossed the bridge I noticed on the opposite side of the road one of the vehicles was a small pick-up which must have recently pulled in for there were two guys standing at the back of the truck preparing their fishing gear.

I looked over at C and she was in a semi coherent state from the last shot of booze, the clit massage she was getting and the hearty fucking she just endured. I slowed down, gently pulled over and flipped a u-turn. Weather she was un-aware or didn't care either way nothing was said when I pulled up right behind the two guys.

I pulled up so close they must have thought I was being a jerk, but soon they caught an eye full of the nasty naked girl sprawled out in the front seat of the mini-van. Her legs were spread with her feet up on the dash which allowed them to stare right down into C's crotch and see my fingers darting in and out of her pussy. The two strangers slowly walked up to the passenger side of the mini-van and leaned down to get a closer look at C.

I rolled down the window and one of them stuck his head in and asked if there was anything we needed. With the sound of the stranger's voice C came alert and her first instinct was to attempt to cover her private parts. I set the mood when I sternly instructed her to put her hands down and to let our guest have a good look at her.

Like a good little slut C did as she was told and the guys both leaned in for a closer look. I then handed C the big black dildo again and made her fuck herself in front of the three of us. We all watched as C sucked on the dildo for a moment to get it wet and then began rubbing it up and down between her legs, over her clit and teasingly slipping the tip into her slightly red and swollen pussy lips.

It was only a matter of moments and C had the entire length of the black rubber dick up in her juicy cunt and was fucking herself silly with it. The three of us watched with our cocks in our hands and our tongues hanging out as C brought herself to climax by fondling her little tits and banging herself with that large black dildo.

One of the strangers got bold and opened the passenger door and made C take his cock in her mouth. As C positioned herself to accommodate the stranger's oral penetration one of her ass cheeks had to come up off the seat, thus I reached underneath and began banging her with four fingers, two in her ass and two in her pussy. Between the two of us we brought her to near climax again only before she could cum the guy with his dick in her mouth stepped back, lifted her out of the van and carried her over to the back of their truck.

He's partner dropped the tailgate and they bent C over the back of the truck, one stepped up behind her and the other sat down in front of her and together they stuck their swollen cocks in her from each end. I sat in the van and watch as these two guys used her mouth and her pussy for twenty minutes. Finally the one in C's pussy blew his load so I took that as my cue to get back in the game. I walked over to the back of the truck pulled C's head out of the guys lap, made her spin around and sit her ass down on his cock and ride him like there was no tomorrow.

After a minute or two of her grinding the stranger's cock with her ass I stepped up between their legs and inserted my prick in her snatch and we filled her petite little body to its max. A few deep strokes later I could feel him Cumming in her ass. I let him completely drain himself up her ass, and then I lifted C up off him and bounced her up and down on my cock. She wrapped her legs around my waist and her arms around my neck and I fucked her in the standing position.

I guess the other fisherman got hard again because I soon felt another cock slip up C's ass. We continued to impale her on our rods for several minutes until I blew yet another load up into my little fuck buddy box. I let her down until her feet were on the ground, stepped back and made C suck my cock clean while the other stranger finished pummeling her ass.

My balls began to ache as C sucked the remaining life from my cock and just in time for the stranger in her ass was shooting his seed up deep in her bawls. We all carried C over to the pick-up bed, sat her down and laid her back; we lifted and spread her legs high and wide. Then we took turns eating her cream pies and licking up our mess. Her ass hole and her pussy had been pounded to submission and once we had all the cum licked off them they looked like hamburger.

They help me carrier her back to the mini-van then C and I headed back to where we started. C reclined back in the passenger seat still naked and thoroughly used; I let her doze off with the warm afternoon sun beaming in through her window as I took her back to her car. When we got to the park-in-ride where her car was parked, I exercised one last control measure; I made her leave her clothes with me, which meant she had to get into her car and drive home naked. Can't wait to hear about her drive home

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