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It all started with what is your most erotic fantasy intimate conversation before some great sex one nite. When Lorrie told me about her gang r*pe fantasy. Suprised and shocked that my petite very sexy wife would think of something soo erotic that it often came to me and also suprisingly it turned me on to which is where this story starts.

We were at the beach for july 4th a couple summers ago she in her tiny string bikini with her blond hair and tight round ass cathing the eye of every human male and female within sight of her. I have to admit, she is much better lookin that i deserve but hey I got her so I deal with the best i can. Just to give you a true visual Lorrie is 4'11" tall with thin very blonde hair that goes several inches past her shoulders, she has a 22" waist and a nice round ass that fits perfectly in whatever she wears. She also has 34D breasts, the kind that take up all of her small body frame so that her entire front upper body is just nice round tits, her thighs are a little thick but not fat, all in all she is a tiny little fox that is built like a doll. As I was saying we are at the beach and as I watch this group of 4 guys playing vollyball watching Lorrie as she was walking up to the pool, they could take their eyes off of her, I walked over and asked them if they would be interested in fucking my wife tonight. They wre speechless for a minute then wanted to know if I was for real and I told them about her fantasy and if they were game I could make it happen. It took all of 2 seconds for a "YEA" response. I spent a while discussing all the rules and what had to happen to pull this off and it was on.

That night Lorrie and I had gone dancing in the hotel lounge for a while and went up to our room, she got into her normal teddy outfit for bed with no panties as usual and I told her that I left my phone downstairs and that I would be back in a little while as I may have another couple drinks so she got in bed and was going get some sleep. As I walked out the door there they were all for guys waiting for me to give them OK..I could tell that they were nervous, afterall they were not normally rapist but they knew that this was going to fullfill her fantasy and they wre going to enjoy it.We crept in quietly and she was already sleeping as they walked up to the bed there she laid, no covers on but her breast bulging out of the top of her teddy and her beautfull ass completly exposed and that tiny waist just waiting to be grabbed and held to get her under their control. All the guys stripped beside the bed and stood there with their cocks rock hard and dripping with pre-cum. Chad was kind of the leader, he was about 6' with a cock that was a good 8.5" with average thickness, Bobby was about 5"10" with a massive cock, I was concerned for her when I saw his cock it was about 10" long and thick as a energy drink can. Will was about5'7"tall with a 8" cock about the same thickness as mine and pretty thick as well, Bill was the tallest, he was at least 6'4" tall and his cock was mabey 8" but it was thin.

Chad took the first move by slidding his hand up her side to her breasts and she started to moan as she thought it was me back but as she rolled over to respond she saw these guys standing over her and started to scream but Chad grabbed her mouth and said the only nscreaming he wants to hear is her as they shove their cocks into her body and that had to do as they said or else. Shaken as I could tell she was scared as I stood around the corner with a veiw but she could not see me. She hardley had a chance to comply when chad leaned her head back and syuck his cock in her face and said open up and suck it so she opened her mouth and took it all the way as far as she could till she started to gag, as Chad was keeping his cock in her mouth Will got down and started to suck on her cunt, this always created a lot of juices flowing and Wills face was drenced quickly. It must have been less than 2 minutes and Chad was exploding in her mouth and he must have cum a lot because Lorrie was gagging and swallowing and his cum was still overflowing and rolling over her lips and down her chin(just a side note..Lorries lips are big and thick with a small mouth, the kind that when a man looks at her first thought normally is I want my cock in between tose lips)man it was great Chad finally pulled out totally exhausted and let Bill take his turn with her mouth and instantly he started cumming only instead of pulling back some he drove his cock all the way down into her throat and dumped his whole load so all she could do was swallow and gasp for air as he pulled out.

While this was happening Bobby was standing over watching will Suck her cunt and told him to take her mouth that he want to fuck this tiny little cunt, and man it was a good thing Will had it good and wet because as he started to enter she could tell that he was splitting her tiny hole wide open but as she tried to lift up Will took his turn in her mouth as he made her hang her head back over the edge of the bed he just started to fuck her mouth, she can deep trought if the mood is right but when you are being force to do it she had no choice and everytime she even acted like she was protesting all the guys would ram harder to stop her. Will did not last much longer as he staretd to cum quick but Bobby was still trying to get his massive cock to go further in to her body and I swear you could see it entering her stomach was bulging where his cock was at. Finally Lorrie allowed total entry not that coud have stopped it but i guess she relaxed enough to let it fill her completly all the while Will had cum in her mouth and she was able to let his cum stay in her mouth so that she could let it run out and down to her breasts and to her nipples when she sat up.. As she looked down she could see that this massive rod was completly inside of her cunt and the guys were very impressed with the sight as they watched Bobby slid it all the way oiut then ram it back in till to my amazement she she started to cum.

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