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Extra Income for Housewives Pt. 2

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Shelly slept soundly that night but there were some very erotic dreams going through her mind. She slept so soundly that the dreams stayed hidden until they were supposed to surfacec in her waking hours. Two more sessions in front of the computer should finish her programing it had been determined that evening at the staff meeting, then they would send over an "Official Representative" to test the waters in person. She woke refreshed and tingling all over. Shelly showered and got breakfast for Dale then kissed him (a little more passionately than usual) and said good bye. She began doing some things around the house and then, for no apperant reason sharp at 9 AM sound herself sitting in front of the new computer. It was on and she did not remember turning it on, Maybe Dale was checking it before he left she thought to herself. THe screen came alive with patterns that swirled and twisted, she watched them with some curiousity. Must be a new type of screen saved she thought as she began getting drawn deeper into a trance state. THen the voice in her head began again, "Take off your clothes, all of them." Yes, I need to take them off. "Very good, you are very very in need of release today. YOu need to have several orgasms, watch the screen. YOU are the main actress in the movie. Wacth carefully and remember deep in your mind every move, every touch." She sat in front of the screen for several hours. Naked, masturbating her pussy as she went through orgasm after orgasm, her body never seeming to be satisified. Her pussy was battered by several different dildos, but she did not remember buying them. Shelly laid on the couch, her pussy soaked with her own juices from her orgasms, never stopping until the screen told her to. After 6 hours of further programing she was released from the screen then told to go about her regular work she did. She had accomplished much today and was satisified in a strange way. She slept again with erotic dreams that she could never remember. She woke again, refreshed, and Oh, the appointment downtown at the computer offices. Be there at 10 she remembered as she dressed. She wore a tight black dress that pulled over her heaad. The normally conservative panties and bra had been replaced by a black bikini thong and see through black bra with the nipples cut out. She looked at herself in the mirror happy with the look, her long brown hair down to her mid back was shiny and her sparse make up perfectly applied. Ms. Murry, the name echoed in her mind. I am to see Ms. Murry, she will have the answers for me I am sure. The car seemed to drive itself and she parked in the garage next to the office building. She got out adjusting herself and again looked in the mirror. Perfect she said to herself as she walked the half block to the entrance of the office building not noticing the people around her that were watching her. Staring was a better word as she entered the doors that closed behind her. THe lobby was nice with a desk in the middle that a very attractive woman sat at. Yes may I help you? Yes, I was told to see Ms. Murry at 10. Very good, have a seat over there she will be right down. She picked up the phone and told the person on the other end. Shelly is here for Ms. Murry. Shelly sat there, feeling exposed for some reason. Then she caught herself in a mirror and took in her breath, She was totally naked! Not a single stich of the clothes she had put on but she did not remember removing them. She covered herself, her large titties were pink and the nipples hard from the air. Her pussy perfectly shaved she tried to cover as she crossed her legs. How did this happen she almost shrieked? How did what happen? I am naked, who took my clothes off? No one did, you were naked when you came in the doors. No, I dressed, I remember, I could not have driven here naked all the way across town. But you did came a woman's voice, Standing in front of her was a tall, well built woman, she wore a short black business skirt and blouse, unbuttoned low so that her ample cleavage was in full view. YOu are everything we had hoped she told Shelly, still trying to cover herself. Stop that Ms. Murry said sternly. Suddenly Shelly dropped her hands and gave up trying to cover herself. Stand up please said Ms. Murry. Shelly stood, turn around slowly please. She did. Ms. Murry's hands were touching her as if examining a dress or such. Her bottom was squeezed, her breasts examined and the nipples pinched making her squirm. Very good Shelly, follow me please. Ms. Murry turned and walked to the elevator and Shelly followed. In the elevator Ms. Murry stood close, touching Shelly slightly, brushing her arm, her breasts, her neck to touch just barely, making her shiver and her nipples harden. Then she kissed Shelly one the neck, making her moan. Oh, what is happening to me she moaned. YOu are being trained my dear, and you will be really good at the job we give you. Trained? Yes dear, trained. Come with me she said as the doors opened. They walked into a room, 10 by 10 with warm colors and furniture. There were several other women sitting on couches, all naked, all housewives, all wondering how they had gotten there. A screen hung from the wall on the far side of the room. Ms. Murry sat Shelly down and went to the front of the room. She undressed and stodd in front of them naked, her large breasts swayed as she pased talking to them. June she said and a tall woman stood, Yes Ms. Murry. Come here please. She walked to her in the middle of the front. JUne dear, suck my nipples. Yes Ms. Murry. And she took the round titties and began sucking them lovingly, treating them as if they were gold. Ms. Murry began moaning louder and louder. Then her hips convulsed as an orgasm swept over her. June smiled. Was that good Ms. Murry. Yes June, you may return to your seat. As she turned she said, And June. Yes? Pleasure yourself when you sit, make your orgasms linger as long as possible. Yes Ms Murry she said as she sat and her hands began their work. Moaning and gasps came from her for over a half hour as she massaged her body to a feaver pitch and finally orgasmd. Ver ygood June. Now Shelly was wet, she had never seen what was happening but she felt compelled to watch. The screen came alive, films of women all naked, making love to each other, the women in the room some of them in the films, sucking, licking, kissing and all forms of girl to girl love making. Shelly watched as if glued to her chair then noticed she was tingling betnwee her legs, soaking wet as an orgasm swept over her making her moan loud. She looked down to see a woman between her legs eating her pussy then her hands held to woman close to her and drew her lips to her own kissing her deep, tasting her own juices on the womans face. Very good Shelly, now return the favor for our sister. She moed with out thinking as if it was not her but another she was watching. She kissed the lips of the pussy in front of her, the began licking and her tongue sank deeper into it, making the woman's hips convulse in orgasm after orgasm. Her face was soaked as the woman kissed her till the juices dried. Okay said Ms. Murry, so much for warm ups, we have a party to entertain for so everyone follow me. All the women got up and walked behind Ms. Murry. Shelly thought, a party naked, I cant go to a party like this but then there was a large group of men, all looking at the naked women that entered the hall, there were numerous movies playing on screens, all with women giving pleasure to each other. Ms. Murry spoke, Gentlemen, these women are here for your pleasure, they will do anything you tell them so please enjoy the rest of the afternoon. The men were undressing as they approached the women, 4 or 5 came towards Shelly, one stopping in front of her massaging her titties making her nipples hard. She will do fine one says as they guide her to a large bed like mattress. Shelly is told to get on her knees as she goes down a man pushes his cock in her face. Suck this dear, treat it like gold. Shelly tries to think, I never liked this before but now it is as if I muct have it. The hard cock enters her mouth and she savors the taste and feel as it goes deep into her throat. Oh yes she moans. Yes, I need this, I need it bad. Fingers are probing her bottom now, one slides into her pussy that is soaking wet, again she moans her hips moving sith the intruding fingers. Oh yes she manages to say as shte cock pulses and cums in her mouth. Then she is laying on her back, her legs spread and she pulls a cock into her, oh yes, fuck me, hard please. The man does that, his thick cock streaching her. Oh, this is so good, I needd to do this, this is so fucking good. NOw she takes another and another, men falling between her legs, shoving hard cocks in then cumming, filling her to overflowing. As one finishes her pussy it moves to her mouth, she sucks the cock hard again and drains it. HOurs pass, the women are all fucked and worn out. Ms. Murry appears and takes them back to a room, showers are there, they bath, shower and are taken to another room, more movies, this time of the party that had just taken place. Okay ladies, Now we are going to finish your training, each of you put on the head sets please. They all do. the voice begins, "You must serve totally anyone that tells you the password. YOu will do anything, anytime, anywhere for their sexual please. YOu will not hesitate or ask questions and you will always return here for clean ups. Now that you have been given your password you will remember nothing until you are spoken to using the password. Clothes are waiting for you now, dress and go home. Shelly did as she was told and as she returned home she slept, feeling satisified all over. BUt tomorrow is another day. More to cum.

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