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Evening of Many Pleasures

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We (Mary & Glenn) have been enjoying lifestyles for about 6 years. We, like many couples started slow but gradually expanded our perimeters. Not much now that we do not enjoy. Recently a couple from deep Northeast Texas (Larry & Linda) contacted us on a couple?s website. Seems there was very limited action in there area for swinging and they were having a difficult time finding or arranging a fantasy for his lady. She wanted to experience a small gang bang and had not had sex with any black men. They were wondering if we could set up a party where Linda could experience both aspects. We told them we could and the wheels were set in motion.

We had a full month before the weekend they selected to travel to our area. Gave us plenty of time to notify some male friends of ours and interview some new guys from our couple?s site. We were very selective but by the time the night arrived we had 10 very capable gentlemen selected to be here. Linda and Larry were new to swinging and very nervous about this party where they would have never met anyone. They asked to bring a couple (Terry & Rachel) from there area that they had played with. Rachel had similar fantasy but was not as enthusiastic about fulfilling it. We told them to bring their friends.

The night arrived and was cold. We had a smoking area outside on the deck and Mary had dressed warmer than usual for this party. She usually wears lingerie and will change several times during the evening. Tonight she wore her warm-ups but did have her top unzipped revealing a very sexy bra and her ample 34DD cleavage. By 8:00 everyone had arrived. The other couples were nervous and hung in the kitchen area together as the guys sat around the living room chatting. We ended up recruiting 6 black gentlemen, 3 white guys, and even had an American Indian. Six of the men were previous play friends of ours on a regular basis and several are very well endowed and all capable of fucking 3 or 4 times an evening.

After about an hour of nothing happening Mary decided to warm things up a bit and to change into something more enticing. She went to her room where her play clothes closet is to do that. She had been gone for about 10 minutes when we began to her some loud moans coming from there. We had not realized that Henry, one of our black friends, was missing from the group. When we went to check on Mary we found her bent over the foot of the bed with Henry buried deep in her pussy and Mary producing a large puddle at the foot of the bed. Mary is a squirter. Mary?s obvious orgasms, her moans, the sound of her ass being pounded, and an occasional peek in by the new couples or some of the guys was starting to warm up the atmosphere. Mike had peeked in and stood by the foot of the bed next to Mary and had his dick out, stroking it. Being the shy little thing she is it took her all of 30 seconds to have Mike?s dick in her mouth. When Mary, Mike, and Henry came back to the group, Mike had lost his pants and was leading Mary by the hand. Henry had pumped his load into Mary and Mike decided her marvelous blow job deserved to be seen by everyone and maybe that would help get things going.

Mike sat down on the couch and Mary resumed her diligent sucking of his dick. She was on her knees in front of him. Her round little ass was on view to 10 guys. Mary orgasms when giving a BJ and her moans of pleasure combined with her grinding her ass was all the temptation needed. Mike2 dropped his pants and moved behind Mary. We had 3 guys named Mike tonight. Mike2 was a well built large black guy. We had never met him but he was highly recommended by some friends. When he dropped his pants he revealed one of the thickest dicks I have seen. He was only about 7-8 inches long but was as thick as my wrist. Mary likes thick a lot. She says it really puts nice pressure on her g-spot. Everyone was watching as Mary sucked Mike1 with Mike2 slowing grinding his thick tool into her from behind.

Derrick had been visiting with Linda and Larry. Derrick has been a friend of ours for 5 years. He is a well built black guy with a nice 8 inch dick. He can cum, stay hard and keep fucking. He can do that all night long. Larry whispered something into Linda?s ear and she nodded yes. Larry pointed toward the bedroom and the three of them headed that way. In short order Linda was naked, her legs in the air, and Derrick was belly deep into her pussy with her sucking her husbands dick as he encouraged her and played with her nipples. A couple of the other guys had gone to the bedroom to watch while others were still enjoying Mary?s show in the living room. Mike1 was not able to hold back as Mary?s expert mouth brought him to full orgasm. Mary loves to swallow and will suck every drop she can get when a guy cums in her mouth. Mike had his back arched with his dick deep into Mary?s mouth as she nursed every drop from deep inside him. As soon as she finished enjoying her first BJ of the evening Mike2 decided to get a little more comfortable and withdrew from her pussy and led her to the bedroom where they laid down beside Linda and Derrick. Derrick was giving Linda a very nice reaming. Mike2 had Mary?s legs straight up and regained his position with his thick member buried in her. In that position he began some serious fucking of her tight little pussy and Mary was ripping of one orgasm after another. She is very multi-orgasmic. Steve had moved near Mary face at the side of the bed and she was sucking him as Mike2 fucked her. Mike soon arched his back and buried himself to the hilt as he shot the second load of the night into Mary?s pussy. The guys had all come to the bedroom by then and as Mike2 withdrew, he was a perfect gentleman and continued to hold Mary?s legs in the air as Steve quickly filled the hole vacated by Mike2. Mary seemed to not miss a beat as a fresh dick she had been so diligently sucking, filled her pussy.

Derrick was shooting his first load of the evening into Linda and he moved away allowing One of the other guys to replace him and Linda began to enjoy her second dick as well. Steve was soon dropping the third load into Mary. Mike3, a new black friend, who is a full 9+ inches slipped right into Mary?s now very wet pussy and began fucking her. I was standing at the head of the bed and Mary was sucking me. She would pause as she hit and orgasm and tell me how good it felt as she pushed her pelvis up taking all she could get. Mike3 soon dropped his first load of the night into Mary and the fourth guy, Chuck, replaced him. Mary was not taking her forth dick in succession on the bed. Linda was now enjoying the thickness of Mike2. I left the room for a while to allow someone else to enjoy Mary?s talented lips. When I checked back in a while Mary was getting Chuck?s load deposited in her. Her hair was wet from sweat and she demanded a cig break. She and I went to the deck for a refreshing cool down.

Terry & Rachel had been watching all this and Rachel was naked with Derrick?s hand between her legs. She was immediately in the spot Mary had been occupying on the bed with Derrick?s dick working his magic inside her. She was telling her husband, ?Oh My, This is wonderful? as she bucked underneath Derrick and stroked her husband?s dick. Linda was still enjoying Mike2 when we left the room.

We had been on the pouch for about 10 minutes when Brad came out in a robe. He asked if there were any more fresh wash rags as the supply we left was gone and he needed to clean up some from his just finished bout with Linda. Mary grinned and motioned him to her. She opened his robe and took his dick into her moth and began expertly cleaning the juices left there by Linda and several recent deposits made in her by at least 5 guys. Brad was soon at full attention and a few minutes of Mary?s expert sucking had him cuming deep into her throat. As he finished and supported himself on the arms of Mary?s chair she kissed him deeply letting him taste the juices she had just enjoyed. Mary had now enjoyed her second full BJ and 5 hard dicks and over a 100 orgasms. Did I mention she is very multi-orgasmic?

When we returned to the bedroom Linda & Larry were fucking. He was enjoying his wife?s hot wet pussy after her enjoying being fucked by 5 guys and fulfilling her fantasy of getting some BBC. Larry finished and they got out of bed and headed to the refreshments in the kitchen.

I lay on the bed and began sucking on Rachel?s nipples as she was now enjoying Mike2?s thick cock stretching her pussy to it full capacity. After he dropped his 3-4 load of the evening he withdrew leaving Rachel temporarily unattended. Mary is very Bi and did not miss this opportunity to get to eat some fresh fucked pussy. She soon had Rachel bucking like a bronco and telling her husband ?Mary?s wonderful, I am taking her home.? After Mary brought Rachel off to several intense orgasms she grabbed my hand to bring me around into position between Rachel?s legs. Watching the evenings events had me rock hard and I slipped easily into Rachel. Mary?s attention the Rachel?s nice wet pussy had her very well primed and she responded immediately to fresh hard dick inside her. Mary was kissing Rachel, then me, and encouraging me to fuck Rachel the way I fuck her. Rachel?s husband, Terry, rolled Mary over, and got between her legs. He began fucking Mary beside me as I fucked his wife. He was really turned on and Mary had him dropping his load into her quickly. As wound up as I was from seeing Mary fucked so thoroughly it did not take long for me to give Rachel the reward her thrusting hips seemed to be demanding.

I got up and headed for some refreshment leaving Mary and Rachel embracing with Rachel again saying she was taking her home. I expected Mary to join me on the porch. When she did not I went to check on her. I found her still in bed with Cliff between her legs and a dick on each side of her face as she was alternating one and then the other, sucking feverishly as Cliff pounded inside her. The two couples were getting dressed and leaving for the hotel near by. They said goodnight to me and told me to let Mary know how good a time they had, since Mary was very busy with three guys at the moment. I showed them out and joined a group of the guys in the living room where we could also hear Mary?s moans of pleasure. Occasional peaks in the bedroom had the guys playing musical chairs with Mary?s pussy with one fucking her for a while as she sucked two, and then them switching places.

Finally, Mary appeared. Her hair was definitely a fresh fucked hair do, and she said she had to have some wine and a cigarette. She looked around and asked about the two couples. I told her they went to their hotel. She looked around, began to count guys, and grinned, saying, ?All For ME!? She went to the porch with a fresh glass of wine and began a cool down. That did not last long since two of the guys had arrived late. Allen and Paul both soon had her legs spread on the porch and were fingering her pussy. It did not take much of that and she was headed back to the bedroom with both the guys in tow. For the next 45 minutes Mary was enjoying one dick after another with Allen and Paul and then all three of the Mike?s went to the bedroom and did repeats with her. It was about 1:00 and the guys were beginning to run out of steam. They began to leave one or two at a time saying goodnight to me as they left. Mary came out of the bedroom grinning from ear to ear. She went to the porch with Derrick. He had been busy with the other two ladies during the evening and never had an opportunity to fuck Mary. He said that was OK since he fucks her regularly. Mary said that will never do, and knelt between his legs and began sucking him expertly. Derrick can cum many times in an evening and shoot enormous loads when he does. Mary?s fetish about swallowing and her efforts were soon rewarded as Derrick sent a fountain into her mouth. As usually she sucks really hard when a guy cums and tries to drain every drop she can get. It worked, Derrick could barely stand saying she made him cum twice in a row and totally drained him. Mary just grinned and licked her lips. Derrick was the last to leave shortly after that. I had cleaned the refreshment area and kitchen during Mary?s last encounter with 5-6 guys in the bedroom. Mary and I now sat on the porch and chatted about the success of the evening. Both the couples got their fantasy and would not be considered newbies any more. Mary was grinning. I asked what her little sheepish grin was about. She said she had great time too. She got 4 blow jobs to completion with enormous loads and fucked 10 different guys, 6 of them fresh new dick. She said she lost count a 15-20 times of being fucked. I said, ?glad you enjoyed yourself.? She grinned and said, ?Not finished yet, I have at least two more good fucks to go?, as she took my hand and led me to the bedroom.

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