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Eight Into One Does Go.

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It all started about a year ago, when one night my wife, Joyce, and I were confessing to our sexual fantasies. Joyce told me how she frequently fantasized about having sex with at least three other guys at he same time. After some serious consideration I told her that I could accept it if she went ahead and tried it for one time only. Anyway I had a business trip, to Colorado, and Joyce accompanied me there. By the time we arrived I was tired after the long drive, but felt like a couple of beers. We went down to the hotel bar for a drink. We had only been there for a short while when we got talking to a group of four guys, from the Air force academy. They were at the hotel for a team building of site meeting, for the weekend. Anyway while I was talking to one of the guys my wife whispered to me that she was wearing her nylons and didn?t have any panties on. She new how it turned me on when she wore nylons and no panties when were with other people. The hotel bar was free drinks and it wasn?t long before me, my wife and the four guys were feeling the effect of the alcohol. The topic of conversation eventually got round to sex. The four guys, Mike, Pete, Dan and Steve told us of the time they were on a business trip and talking to a couple at the bar, when the guy asked them if they would all like to fuck his wife. They agreed to this, and told us in graphic detail how while one of them was in her pussy, one in her mouth, while she held the other two in her hands. Joyce was obviously getting very excited by their story.

I secretly slid my hand up under her skirt, to feel her pussy, it was dripping wet. At this time, knowing how exited she was, I decided to see how much she really wanted her fantasies to come true. I pondered for a while and then decided to encourage her to go for it. I told the guys how often Joyce fantasized about being in the hot tub with a group of naked guys all touching her. I hesitantly asked if they were interested in obliging my wife. They were all very enthusiastic. It wasn?t very long after, that the bar tender called time. Joyce immediately asked if any one was interested in going to the hot tub. I made the excuse that I was tired and would go to bed, and so went up to our room.

After about an hour of trying to get to sleep, trying to not think of what Joyce was up to. I gave up and went down to the hot tub to see what was going on. I was amazed to see Joyce in the hot tub not with four, but eight guys. Another four of their friends had joined them. They were all naked. Joyce was being held up by two guys while the other six alternately took turns to fuck her. I watched, for nearly an hour while they all took turns in fucking her, and at the same time she was sequentially sucking all of their stiff cocks. She shouting and squealing loudly with ecstasy. I looked to the other side of the pool room and saw that Joyce had an audience. There were three couples watching the event. Two of the couples stripped off and started fucking as well. I carefully crept out and back to our room.

It was about ten minutes later Joyce returned. I asked if she had enjoyed the hot tub, she said she had. I never let on that I was watching what went on. Very soon after Joyce returned to the room, she said how she felt horny and wanted to make love. I immediately kissed her, pulled up her dress and started licking her pussy vigorously. I could taste all of the cum in her pussy. This really turned me on, but I didn?t let her know I knew what went on. I licked her fiercely until she came, and told her how it turned me on when she was so wet. We spent the whole night having the best sex for a long time. I never have let her know that I watched what went on that night, but I often have thought about it.

About a month later, Joyce told me how a friend she had met at the hotel, had invited us to meet for a drink with her and her husband. I agreed.

The weekend arrived and early evening we got ready and left for the bar. I immediately recognized the couple as being one of the couples watching Joyce with the guys in the hot tub. They both seemed very nice. Alison was in her mid thirties, long hair and a slim figure. Grant was older, but obviously in good physical shape. In no time at all the conversation got onto sex. Joyce told them how I often asked her to tie me up and spank me. They told us how much they liked bondage also. Grant went on to describe the dungeon they had built in the basement, and suggested that we should visit with them for the following weekend, We both agreed.

The following Saturday, we left for Grant and Allison?s house in the Broadmore area of Colorado Springs. Grant welcomed us both at the door, and told us Alison was still getting dressed and would not be long. We sat down and grant poured us drinks. Joyce had a very large Gin and Tonic, I had a beer. A few moments later Alison called for Joyce to go up stairs. Grant said while the girls are getting ready to follow him, down the stairs, to see the Dungeon. I followed down the stairs. They had actually purchased the Dungeon parts of an old Mexican Jail. The room was filled with chains, masks, and all sorts of contraptions I had never seen before. There were shackles all around the walls. I asked how often they used the dungeon. Grant replied not yet.

Just at that moment I saw Joyce and Alison coming down the stairs. I couldn?t believe my eyes. They were both wearing black leather boots, panties, bodice, and masks. Alison said, in a forceful voice ?I understand that you two boys have been naughty?. Grant immediately replied that we had. Alison then put shackles on my wrists. Joyce followed suit and put the shackles, she was holding, onto Grant?s wrists. They then attached a chain to the shackles an pulled both of us up against a pillar in the middle of the room. Alison opened a big old chest and took out a large pair of scissors and proceeded to cut off all of Grant and my clothes. Very soon we were both standing naked. I asked Grant was going to happen. He told me he didn?t know. Just then Joyce blind folded the two of us, I then heard the two girls go back up the stairs.

Minutes later they returned, and were moving stuff around. I heard water, then someone grabbed hold of my cock. I realized that I was having a shave. After being dried off I felt a tongue licking at may balls. Alison then said ?Right Boys we have some entertainment for you?. Our blindfolds were removed and we saw that the objects that they were moving around were in fact a TV and VCR. Joyce started the VCR, it was a video of Alison being screwed by eight guys in a hot tub. my cock immediately went rock hard. I looked at Grant, he?s cock was hard too. Joyce spanked both of us with a riding crop and said that we were bad boys for watching people fucking. Suddenly the video changed, it was now a video of Joyce with the eight guys in the hotel hot tub. Both Alison and Joyce asked us if we were enjoying the movie. We both said that we were. The door bell rang, and both girls left to answer the door.

When they returned, they were not alone. The eight guys, from the video, entered the dungeon. One of the guys said ?right Joyce how much do we have to beat ??. Joyce and Alison poured some massage oil onto their hands. I wondered what was going to happen next. Joyce rubbed to oil onto Grant?s stiff cock, and started to wank him off. Alison started to stroke up and down my cock, with her oiled hands. I quickly felt myself cumming. Alison grabbed a glass and collected my cum as it squirted out. Joyce was having more trouble with Grant, her hand was beginning to ache. Not to be beaten by Alison, she cleaned the oil off Grants cock, with a Cleanex, and began to suck him vigorously. Grant soon came in Joyce?s mouth, which she immediately spat into the glass. Alison told Joyce she had had more luck than she has had lately. Alison then showed the two glasses of cum to the guys, and said ?well boys I hope you can do better than this?. They smiled and said ?no problem?, and stripped off their clothes.

There was only one black guy, in the group. He was of very muscular physique, to my surprise, unlike the myths, his cock was smaller than mine. Alison said that Joyce should perform first, with Charles, the colored guy. Her enthusiasm surprised me. Quickly she knelt down and started to suck Charles. It was amazing, his cock rapidly grew to a massive ten inches long and at least three inches diameter. It was enormous. Charles picked Joyce up, turned here upside down and licked her while she sucked on his big hard cock. After about five minutes Charles gently laid her down on the bench, opened her legs and gradually slid his long shaft deeper and deeper inside Joyce?s pussy. She looked at me smiled and said ?Is this what you mean by being kinky ??. Alison knelt along side Joyce, Charles pulled the full length of his cock from Joyce?s pussy and began pumping his hot cum into Allison?s Mouth. When Charles had finished, Alison got up and walked over to Grant and kissed him. This action was then repeated, with the others, until they had all cum. Each time Alison kissed Grant and pushed her mouthful of cum into his mouth. The guys then said goodbye and left.

Joyce asked whether I would like to take my turn, I said that I would. Alison unlocked my shackles, freeing me to go to Joyce. Knowing the competition I now had, I started gently kissing Joyce?s feet. I slowly licked and sucked my way all the way up to her neck. I nibbled at her neck and ears, she began breathing heavily. I took time working my way down her stomach to her wet pussy. I licked at her beautiful mound in a gentle purposeful rhythm. On each stroke I pushed my tongue deep into her pussy, and slid to her clitoris with a flick. whenever I felt she was starting to cum I slowed down to a slow, gentle pace. I carried this on, for what seemed like hours, and then climbed up and gently slid my stiff member into her love box. Her juices were streaming from her pussy. I made love to my wife in a slow, but deliberate rhythm. I was so engrossed in what I was doing, that I hadn?t noticed that Alison was licking at my balls. Realizing this I arched by back to give her better access. She was then able to lick at my balls, cock and Joyce?s pussy. Joyce began orgasming and screaming. She came again and again. I could hold back no longer. My whole body went rigid as I shot my cum deep inside my wife?s pussy. Alison pushed me away from Joyce and licked at her juices frantically.

I unlocked Grant, from his shackles, and told him to go fuck his wife. This he certainly did, he took her from behind and was going so fast that he was a blur. After only a couple of minutes both he and Alison were shouting with ecstasy as they both came together. A short time after we all went up to the bathroom and got into the Jacuzzi. We were all exhausted from the evenings activity.

The next morning Joyce and I left before Grant and Alison awoke, to avoid embarrassment. On the drive home we both agreed that we would never repeat what had happened again. Although that was the last time, we would often talk about that night, while laying naked stroking each other in front of the fire.

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