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Early Days With My Young Wife Pt 5

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Just to go back to the first months we were married. Some interesting things hapened that were just a shadow of the things to come. Sherri and I enjoyed talking about fantasies that we both had and so one evening we sat talking about guys that she may like. Like I said, she was buxom then and had great curves and with a little wine or other things she was really uninhibited or really they fell away little by little. We had been to a mall that day and I had been teasing her, "So you like that guy?" or "How about that one?" and she was refusing to really answer and later I found that she was worried I may get pissed if she did like other guys. Well, I finally convinced her I would not and that other girls were not off the page for either of us if she wanted to.

After a movie one evening there were some guys that we passed in the mall and she was wearing a tight blue jean mini and no bra with her 38DDs showing off their nipples from the cool air in the mall. We had been drinking some wine and had a little smoke and so were both high. She always got hot when she was high, not that she was not when she was not high but it got to be more so. We stopped and there had been 6 guys walking and they had seen her nipples hard as rocks. I told her to say Hello as we walked back by them, something I made sure we did. We did and she looked at them and said, "Hey guys." and they all said "Hey," back to her. It was obvious that she was high. I stopped and kissed her while they watched us and reached under her tank top and made sure one tit was visible as I squeezed it and she almost melted right there. We were leaving and were near the exit and she had to go piss and so I let her go and asked the guys if they would like to come visit us. They all said, "Oh hell yeah." and so I gave them the address and said to follow us a little back and give me a half hour after we got there. She came out and we left and she was feeling really hot. We kissed in the car and she was ready to undress but we drove to the apartment. We had been doing a little bondage play and had a hook over the dorway between the living room and bed room and I used to tie her hands over her head while she was naked and use all kinds of things to get her hotter. We smoked another one on the way home and then had a little wine when we got there and I helped her into the apartment. She was out of her clothes and I got her to stand (barely) and tied her hands over her head and the hooks in the baseboard were to loop rope through to tie her legs apart. I got out a toy and began playing with her making her squirm all over begging to go to bed. "Oh we will go to bed in a little." I said and kissed her. "No now." she began demanding. There was a knock on the door and without take her down or covering her I went to it. The guys stared at her tied up and spread out. She had not seen them and said, "I need to go to bed and get royally laid now damn it." she said and then one of the guys stepped in, "Oh damn lady, that is a great idea." and they all came in.

She puled against the ropes but then looked at me smiling and gave up. The guys stepped in and began sucking her tits and kissing her all over. One dropped to his knees and her tongue went deep into her pussy making her have an orgasm. "Oh fuck yes, that was fucking great." she was moaning now. I told the guys, "Tease her for a while then we will take her to bed." and they did. I had told them to leave love bites all over her, hickies they used to be called, and so she had them all over her tits since they really liked her tits. I held some smoke to her lips and she inhaled deeply and then again and she really got hot. "Cut me down now damn it." she told me. "Why?" I asked her and she looked at me, "Because I need to get fucked." I took the ropes off and she almost fell to the floor but two guys caught her and carried her to bed. She just laid there spread out and reached out for the nearest cock. "Fuck me, fuck me now." she moaned and in her plunged. "Oh yes, oh my god, that is it, fuck me," she was almost yelling. He plunged into her and took long deep strokes. He looked at me, "Fill her up man." and he filled her pussy with cum. Another orgasm shook her body and another cock slipped into her. She wrapped her legs around him and pulled him into her. The only thing in the worl, she told me later, "Was that cock inside me, filling me up, swelling and ramming me."

After all of us had fucked her one time we began giving her other options. We sat her on one cock and bent her forward and another slipped into her ass making her cry out in some pain but then she was moving on them. In and out they plunged and filled her with cum again. As soon as they finished she got on another and told another to fill her ass and again she was going crazy on the cocks. After we had all taken her she rolled off and laid on the bed, "MMmm, I am hungry, who wants a suck?" she said and all of us began getting hard again. She took one and sucked him in and and hitting the gag point she stopped then moved past it and started sinking in down and going faster. "Oh someone fuck me too." she said and her ass was in the air. I sank into her pussy and she continued sucking the cock in her mouth. Over and over she sucked cocks, hard and soft and half hard and each time got cum from them. She was still as hot at 1 in the morning as she had been at the start. About 3 she laid down and closed her eyes and slept. They guys all thanked me and kissed her in her sleep and left.

The next morning she waok up sore and called me to the bedroom, looking at her body with teeth marks all over and marks of other kinds all over and her pussy and as dripping with drying cum. "Oh damn, it did happen, it was not just a dream." she moaned and kissed me. "Thank you, that was great." she said and sucked me into her mouth and I had one more good cum into her throat. "I am really loving us together" she said. "Good, I will make sure you get what you need." I said to her.

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