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Dunes on Galveston

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Such a beautiful day…

It has been three years since I moved to Houston and over that time I have learned to take advantage of days off when I can. My time here has also taught me that the best days on the beach have turned out to be Tuesdays and Wednesdays. It appears that most people are working 4 day weeks so they work around long weekends. This has the benefit of leaving the beach near Galveston's West end nearly deserted.

I loaded up and made the trip in the early morn so that by the time the sun had really warmed things up, everything would be set and ready for an overnight stay. Once I got there I took out what I had to and then decided to go for a walk. About 300 yards down the beach I ran into a very nice couple by the name of Carol and Jerry. They had also decided to get out early and were finishing pitching their tent and setting up when I came upon them.

Jerry was a very nice, good looking man about 5 years my senior. His wife, Carol, was probably closer to my age and very attractive. We went through the normal pleasantries and I spent some time talking with them. I admitted to myself that Carol was very attractive and I stayed because I was trying to get a better look at her body. Standing about 5' 7 and maybe 120 lbs she had very long legs that met at a tight but round ass. I was estimating her measurements at 36B or C that gently tapered to a 28 or so waist and those luscious buns were around 30 or 32.

Carol noticed my noticing her and smiled at me. Once they got settled and began to relax, Carol removed the shirt she was wearing to reveal that her breasts sported the perkiest half in long nipples that I had seen in some time. It did catch me off guard that a lady would go topless in a matter of minutes with a stranger standing next to her.

Jerry saw my stunned look and explained...Don't mind her. She was raised in the Isles of Jamaica and can't stand to were clothes. She was raised on a beach that allowed total nudity. The American attitude toward nudity and sex frustrates the hell out of her.

What could I do? My dick wasn't going to just lay there and I tried to continue our conversation without ogling her, drooling or getting too hard. Whatever I did was failing and Carol kept smiling at me every time she noticed the hardened rod under my shorts. It was a thrilling yet frustrating 25 or 30 minutes before I decided I should go. Carol walked up to me and gave me a kiss on the cheek. She let her hand slid over my ass as she mentioned how glad she was to meet me.

As I was headed back to my spot I noticed a couple of boats off shore not far from my site. I thought I'd hurry as not all people do the right thing when they see stuff just sitting around. Not to draw too much attention I weaved in and out of the dunes. Most dunes were tall enough so that I was completely concealed from them. Both boats had two men that I assumed started out fishing. They were pointing at the beach and in a direction that aligned with my place.

About two more dunes brought me within hearing range.

I watched them walk to shore. They paused to whisper what might have been a plan. Instead of going all the way to my site I went up on top of the last dune. I looked to see what held their interest.

There she was; a bronze goddess, face down and nude but for an untied bikini bottom still lying across her ass. Her body glistened with the reflecting shimmer of the sun off lotion softness. She seemed to be totally oblivious to their presence. The four surrounded her, two to a side. They put down a small item next to them and started to massage and caress her thighs, back and ass. Not a word has been said. Instead of panic and fear I heard a soft moan escape her lips. Two of the men seemed to have rather large hands as I watched them stroke her warm flesh. One team of men worked from shoulders down while the other team glided up from her knees. They seemed to be having a tag team match on her ass making sure it was always aroused.

They boldly bunched her bottoms in her crack. No objections came from the lady, only more moans that were definitely sounds of pleasure. One of the men noticed a bottle in her bag. He opened it and spread more lotion on her buttocks. As the men took turns spreading it, kneading her round ass cheeks and traveling the length of her body her excitement grew.

One of the men grabbed the bikini bottom and peeled it down her ass exposing her completely. To their amazement she lifted her butt allowing the man to totally remove it from her body. She was totally exposed, vulnerable, and obviously open to anything they might want. She still did not say a word.

The lotion found its way to her back door. Their hands massaged her; down her ass and crack with fingers teasing her anus and rubbing her mound and exploring her now wet entrance. Pleasure was evident as she started to gasp for air and move her hips to meet whatever hand was working her sex. One of the four decided it was time and reached for that small packet he dropped. These men showed the true meaning of 'gentlemen' as they were prepared with condoms. He rolled it down his better than average erection. Compared to me, this lady would be disappointed but I don't think this lady could ever be disappointed. He straddled that rotating ass and grabbed both cheeks. Once she was still he lined up his cock with her glory hole. Slowly he began to penetrate this woman.

The silence was broken by her gasp as the head popped into her and started probing her depths. She grabbed hands full of blanket and sand as she moaned. She began to push back to meet this stranger. A whimper sneaked out with one of his thrusts. I could see her turn red over her upper body as she meets his explosion with hers. His spasms stopped after unloading what I'm sure was a huge load into her. He withdrew and headed for the shoreline to pull off the condom and clean himself in the gulf waters.

Still no words…

Already shielded with a condom the next cock, er man, lifted her ass into the air. He got behind her keeping her legs together, lined up his dick at her pussy's entrance and plowed in for maximum pleasure. A grunt from him and a prolonged moan out of her was the extent of their greeting. She ground her hips working on getting him deep. She showed her enjoyment through facial expressions and by licking her lips almost continuously as if she tasted it. With her ass in the air and face on the blanket she took everything he had. Finally verbal communication, sort of...'aaarrrrgghhh!' as he drove it home with each rope spasm.

Two down and two to go without a single word between any of them…

The third was not only the smallest cock but also the fastest. He just kept her ass in the air and as he crawled between her legs to slide his meet into her I saw the wetness of the moment trickling down her thighs. She managed what appeared to be a small climax even with speedy.

The fourth man must have been nicknamed 'Meat'. I thought I was huge with a 10 inch erection. I was still in puberty compared to this guy. Could she take this? Would she take it?

Meat started by sliding into a very wet pussy. Two audible words were finally heard and they came from her, OH GOD! Two thrusts had her pushing back for all she was worth. A string of noise was all she could muster as this invasion consumed her. Her calm demeanor left her as she started to let go and explode...OH MY GOD....OH MY GOD....OH MY GOD! She managed to take every inch of Meat; filling her like she has never been filled before. She screamed; FUCK ME...HARDER...DEEPER...NOW! Meat continued to pile driving his rod mercilessly. When she could only gasp for air, Meat finally let her ass go watching her melt into a heap. He wasn't done.

He straddled her ass and stroked his cock up and down her crack. Just to make sure he grabbed the lotion and squirted more into it. He lined up and started to push. OH GOD...OH NO...OH GOD came from her parched lips. Once his cock broke down any resistance her screams became YES...YES....MORE....HARDER....MORE...DON'T STOP! I looked around to see if others could hear her.

I became concerned that this woman of pleasure might end up hurt but I was put at ease the longer he worked his shaft. If there were sounds it was only of pleasure, one or two words of encouragement or begging for more. I saw his body stiffen and he began to fill the rubber.

When he withdrew, it was clearly visible the rubber had broken. The first sentence not associated with pleasure of the entire event was two words...I'm sorry. The lady calmly asked, You STD free? Yes was his reply. Then no problem...was her satiated response. The man got up, joined his buds on the boats and left.

The goddess continued to lay there with a HUGE smile on her face, licking her lips, moaning as body continued to remember what had just happened.

My 10 inches felt like 12 as that was the most erotic site I had ever seen. Here was a woman capable of allowing four strangers to gangbang her without small talk. This was a woman that enjoyed pleasure, sheer, unadulterated pleasure. I wondered if she would be my woman of pleasure now. Would she let, could she allow another enjoy her as these four had just done? I started down the dune to approach her from behind.

Her ass showed the signs of use. I could see her swollen pussy lips; her neatly trimmed red bush matted from the flow of her nectar. I smiled as her enlarged anus appeared to be winking at me from the throbbing sensations that still had her in their grasp. I dropped my trunks. With a soft touch to her ass she stretched out flat on her stomach. I straddled her legs and lined up my cock for the wet entrance that her body offered to me. My ten inches slid all the way in surrounded by the silky softness created from her juices. Somehow she managed to recover enough that I felt her contraction welcome me. We moved together building a passionate level of happiness. She screamed...NOW...FOR GODS SAKE NOW forcing me to pump her until I filled her. She exclaimed to anyone on the beach...YOUR HOT CUM FEELS SO GOOD and she reached back to hold my hand as she finished the involuntary movements that came with her cum.

I remained hard. I was going to take advantage of the winking and take her ass. Just as I was beginning to move someone tapped my shoulder. I turned to see Carol and Jerry naked with Carol holding her finger to her mouth indicating I shouldn’t' say a word. Carol spread a blanket on the opposite side of this lady. She may have heard something but didn't bother to look. I removed myself from her warmth and Carol had me lay on the blanket. She then got on top and guided my still hard tool into her. As Jerry lined up and sank his cock deep into this wonderful woman, I finally spoke...Jerry and Carol, meet my wife, Cindy. Cindy, this is Carol and Jerry.

We spent the rest of our time together making friends that lasted a lifetime.

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