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Donnas Weekend Part Three

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Donna's Weekend Part Three

All Saturday afternoon Donna struggled to remain focused on whatever she was going. She had slept in until almost noon, and should have been sore from the multiple fucks she and Brandon had shared. Instead her pussy was in a constant state of readiness that kept her on the verge of orgasm the whole time. As she sat in the living room drinking her tea, the memories of their dance and the soft brush of his lips on her neck brought her to the edge of reason, and she had to get up to leave the room to keep from plunging her hand into her pants and getting it over with. She needed to save something for tonight.

That she was looking forward to the evening struck her like a hammer to the head. Less than 24 hours ago, she was scared, confused and angry. Now she was a willing what she still didn't know. All she knew was that last night had been exactly what she had dreamed, and needed.

At 3:00 her phone rang, and it shocked her back to reality. She'd stopped even looking at the phone because it always showed no service since "he" had taken it down the night before.

"Hello?" Donna answered timidly.

"Congratulations on getting through last night without slipping up even once," he started. "From what I saw you certainly held up your end of the bargain. How was it knowing that you were getting fucked outside and your neighbors were watching?"

She snapped back, "They weren't watching!"

"How would you know? You had your face full of cock and your eyes closed most of the time. And who could NOT look with those loud, long orgasms you were having?"

Donna just sat there, knowing he was probably right, but hoping he was just blowing hot air.

"Check our website again. I just updated it"

The phone went dead again, and Donna hurried back to the bedroom to refresh the browser, which was still set on the website.

?New Photos? was the highlighted link now, and she took the bait. Her getting fucked in the hot tub, riding Brandon's cock in the hammock, a close-up of her face and breasts as he was eating her pussy...right at the moment she came. Donna knew enough about herself to know THAT was the moment that photo was taken. It was amazing how clear the photos were, like she was posing for them, but she had never heard or seen anything. She'd never considered the angles of the photos and videos before, but the realization hit her that the house must have cameras planted all over it! Surprisingly, that didn't shock or disgust her. As long as there were none in the bathroom!

As she cycled through the photos, the tingling in her pussy started again and she lost focus on the screen a bit. Until the screen showed the outline of a couple on their sun porch, looking into the camera

"Oh, God. The neighbors!" Donna didn't even know their names, only their dog?s name, Winston. They obviously knew a lot about her now. The next image was even scarier. A man standing on his back porch, binoculars pressed to his eyes, his jeans around his ankles vigorously stroking his cock. She didn't know his name either, but it was easy to tell by the block construction of the house in the background that this was ?crazy man? who lived directly behind them. She took a quick glance to the back deck to make sure the curtains were closed so the perv didn't get any more free looks.

As the "Chat Now" button popped up on her screen, Donna knew that there was no turning back.

"Donna, you are one third of the way to earning back your life. You may now open the second box and follow the instructions exactly. You have a phone call to make, and your phone will be active at exactly four o'clock for that call."

The chat ended abruptly, and Donna scurried back to the closet to retrieve the box.

More papers, she put them to the side, a black fishnet halter dress, black g-string, another pair of fuck-me heels (in black) and a pair of glow-in-the-dark "foreplay" dice."At least the shoes are hot!" she whispered to herself as she sorted the items. She finally gathered up the courage to unfold the papers and sat down on the bed to read them.

Mark. She should have guessed that. Brandon was from the past and Mark was her fuck-buddy while her husband was out of town. The relationship was totally above board, and Dan even joined them by video chat at times when his schedule allowed. This should be easier than last night, she thought. I know how to handle him and the sex was fulfilling but brief. The logs of the text messages between "her" and Mark didn't really reveal anything interesting, other than he was getting into town this afternoon and she was to call him at 4:00 to set up the details for the evening.

"Hello, Mark." she purred when he answered the phone. "I'm looking forward to tonight!"

"God, Donna." he blurted back. "I'm just glad you were able to do this on such short notice!"

"No problem. Dan's not back for a week and the kids are all busy at school"

"I can't wait to see you" Mark replied. "Are you sure this is okay with you, and Dan?"

"Sure." she replied dishonestly, wondering what she didn't know. The text messages she had seen were pretty plain vanilla, and the excitement in his voice was different than when they planned previous hookups. "I've got a hot new outfit just for this evening."

"God that sounds good. Everything ready?" he asked.

"Sure" she repeated, her face wrinkling up in confusion. "Anything I should do differently for tonight?"

"No. Just be yourself and be hot. I'll see you at 9:00."

By 8:45 Donna had showered again and was standing in front of a full-length mirror. The fishnet dress clung to her body, making her full breasts look even larger. The shoes, the g-string, the mask...whoever this guy was he had taste and knew what would look hot on her. She cupped her breasts, forcing the erect nipples through the mesh. The g-string was already soaked, just because she felt hot. Carrying the dice and a glass of wine she positioned herself at the front door so that the first thing Mark saw would be her breasts. She had already set the dice with "lick" and "nipples" toward the top, in case he needed a clue.

When the door opened, Mark stopped and stared, his jaw hitting the ground. The three guys behind him did the same.

"Fuck!" Donna thought, "Here's what I didn't know!"

Mark recovered, came up and gave her a passionate kiss, his hand sliding down her side to give her a quick squeeze on the ass. "Donna, this is Pete, John and David" he continued casually, then turned to the stupefied men and said "Gentlemen, this is Donna."

He took the dice from her hand and rubbed one on each nipple, which were extending a full half inch past the mesh of her dress. "I like these,? he said, ?but that comes later. Is everything ready downstairs?"

Donna just stared as the men headed down to the basement, sneaking peeks over their shoulders as they descended the stairs. She blindly followed, not understanding, then was stupefied to see that the downstairs had been set up with a poker table, a bar and snacks. This guy was REALLY good.

Mark slid an arm around her waist and pulled her close, slowly bringing his lips to her ear as the guys set up for a hand of poker.

"You don't have to do anything you don't want to do" he whispered "I just told the boys that this would be a night of poker they would never forget, and that you were the best cock-tail waitress they would ever see.?

Donna had finally recovered from the shock of the three strangers, the poker room and her mostly-naked condition. ?No problem, darling" she whispered back "I will never forget this night."

She strutted over to the table and got their drink orders, her heels clicking on the wood floors. Her pussy was already dripping from the thought of four cocks in her house at the same time. It was obvious that the poker was going to take a second place to Donna-gawking, because there was a pause in the action every time she leaned over to deliver a drink or refresh the snacks.

Norm was taking the greatest liberties with her at the table. The others were cautiously sliding a hand across her ass or taking a lick at her nipples as she passed, and she never complained. But Mark would pull her down backwards on his lap and kiss her neck while his hands massaged her breasts. Her breath would quicken as she stared down each of the players, her tongue gently caressing her lips as Mark rolled her nipples between his fingers. She pushed her ass back into him and arched her back, making her swelling breasts stick out even more. This continued for about an hour as the men sipped on the doubles she was making them.

As she kicked back another shot of tequila, Donna decided to kick the night into high gear. She was starting to get a buzz, and if this was going to be a night they would never forget it wasn't going to be because they won a few bucks, slid a hand up her inner thigh or copped a look down her non-existent dress.

She strolled over to the table and rolled the foreplay dice into the pot. "The winner of this hand gets to roll the dice" she announced. ?Mark, you?re the dealer.? She had been sizing up the competition all night, and she guessed that David was the best player. He was also the youngest of the group and had a decent body and dark, brooding eyes. She slid around the table as the betting picked up, putting her hands on their shoulders and whispering encouragement in their ears. When she got to Mark, she slid a hand down the front of his shirt and stroked his chest while she made eye contact with David. Finally David called and won the pot with three jacks.

Donna reached onto the table, grabbed the dice and placed them between her breasts. She straddled David, leaned forward and let him know that the ante had been raised. As the winner he got two prizes: retrieving the dice with his mouth, and whatever he rolled. David took her by the hips and pulled Donna close, then began diving for his prize, planting kisses on each breast and then using his tongue to bring the dice up to his lips. Donna squirmed as he attacked her breasts, rubbing against his obvious erection and planting tiny kisses on his neck and ears.

The sound the classic rock on the CD was the only sound in the room as the dice rolled onto the table. "Suck" and "cock" read each set of eyes at the same time.

Donna took David's hand and led him to a couch. ?You boys keep playing and I?ll be back to you in a little bit.?

Her lips brushed across his cheek as she stroked her fingertips down his body and slid onto her knees. Her breathing quickened as she dropped his pants, pulled out his stiff 7-inch cock and slowly licked its length. She pushed him onto the couch, and looked up at his face. ?It did say ?suck?, not ?lick?, didn?t it?? she asked.

He just nodded as she leaned forward, her mouth finding the tip of his manhood and slowly sliding down the thick shaft. The three others players could just stare as this beautiful, half-dressed woman deep-throated their friend's cock, taking him to the edge of ecstasy in just a few minutes. As she took his erection in and out of her mouth, Donna reached under her g-string and slowly stroked her wet pussy. David?s erection grew as she groaned and the pace of her assault and swelled to its maximum as his body stiffened in anticipation of dumping his load into this beautiful face. With one hand stroking his balls, and one in her pussy, she couldn?t resist when David grabbed handfuls of hair with both hands and began controlling her strokes onto his cock. She struggled to control her breathing as the convulsions started in her pussy and she rolled into a full orgasm with him fucking her face with power now. She was now taking all 8-inches deep into her throat, and the screams of her orgasm against his shaft drove David over the edge and he spewed a full load of cum into her willing mouth.

He held her fully onto his cock as his balls finished spasming, her own orgasm still racking her body. As he pulled her head up, he leaned down, driving his tongue into her open mouth, never releasing the grip on her hair. He tilted her head back and lifted her up, continuing to lick down her throat to her breasts, across the net of her dress, ending up with a nipple between his teeth. He bit sharply, and the pain caused her to gasp and her legs almost buckled as the sensations between her head, tits and pussy crescendoed into another crashing orgasm.

She might have fallen if not for the hands that wrapped around her waist. She opened her eyes, and found she was staring into Pete?s face. David loosened his grip on her hair, and she turned to find the others had shed their clothes and were now surrounding her, their stiffening cocks in their hands. Pete put his hands of both sides of her face and pulled her lips to his, starting gently then increasing in power until they were locked into an intense kiss. When he pulled away she started to object until other hands started lifting the hem of the fishnet dress over her head and he g-string went in the other direction. The shoes stayed.

Now naked but for the heels, Donna was turning slowly as the four men took turns kissing her face, her neck, her breasts and their hands stroked her body in every direction. Finally, she ended up facing Mark, who took her hand and told her to crawl onto the couch. He took a position standing beside John at the arm of the couch and Donna moved toward the two cocks, alternating taking them into her mouth as they stroked themselves. While Mark and John stared down at the slut hungrily lapping at their erections, Pete slid his hand onto Donna?s wide-open ass and started stroking her pussy. She moaned in approval and he inserted one, then two fingers into her sopping pussy. The sensation caused her to quicken her pace on the two cocks at her face, and she now used one hand to hold herself up and the other to stroke the spare cock while she devoured the other.

David had his head under her now, sucking one nipple then the other as her full breasts swung beneath her. Pete withdrew his fingers and Donna sighed, then gasped as he grabbed her hips and inserted his long, thin cock deeply into her. His rhythm was steady and she loved his aggressive style, but he wasn?t hitting her g-spot. ?David!? she gasped as she pulled one of the cocks from her mouth. ?Get my clit!? His hand moved quickly to that sensitive spot and his mouth continued cycling between her erect nipples. It became hard to focus on John and Mark as the sensations built from the two men working on her pussy.

As the distraction built, she finally called everything to a halt and moved off the couch. She pushed Mark down into a sitting position on the edge of the couch and straddled his cock, taking it all the way in with one smooth motion. Donna moved Pete behind her and whispered lustily into his ear as the continued to grind on Mark?s cock. His frustration at being pulled from her pussy melted away as he grabbed a bottle of lotion, lathered up his erection and moved in to enter her virgin ass.

Donna brought John to her face and took his cock deep into her mouth as Pete slowly entered her from behind. She had stopped fucking Mark while Pete entered, the sensation of two cocks causing a feeling she had never experienced before. Without even moving, she reached the point of climax and her muscles clamped down on both cocks as she created even more lubrication for the event.

Now with her body adjusted to the two penises stretching her out, she began slowly tilting her pelvis and the cocks started sliding in and out of both holes. She built to a steady rhythm on both erections, the men letting her do the work. With one cock in her mouth, Mark rolling her nipples between his thumb and finger, and the fullness of a double penetration, Donna?s orgasms came one after another, rocking her body for a full five minutes. Normally an orgasm caused her to lose focus, but with all this attention she had she couldn?t do anything but continue to fuck all three men at once until one by one they dumped their loads into her body.

There was no more poker that night. Donna moved from one lap to another, taking each man?s erect cock into her pussy while they made out passionately. She fucked them on top, on the bottom, bending over, standing up, even upside down at one point. The men lounged naked as they waited their turns, using the down time to recover from the massive orgasms they were having because of the gorgeous woman that was making their dreams come true. A shot of tequila between couplings kept Donna lubricated and willing, if she had ever been ?not willing.?

At about 2:00 in the morning, the evening came to a close when she finally couldn?t take another cock. The final act had been her second double penetration, this time with David?s huge cock in her pussy and John?s equally impressive erection in her ass. They were standing, making a Donna sandwich as they raised and lowered her on their cocks, her feet a foot off the floor. The fullness of the two large members inside her at once took her to an instant orgasm, but the men didn?t pay any attention to the convulsions as they continued to use their fuck-toy and emptied their last loads of the night into Donna.

With streams of cum running down her legs, Donna gave each of the men a last deep, lusty kiss at the door and sent them on their way. Mark asked to stay, but Donna noted that he?d already fucked her four times, and she was going to bed. She did.

The moment her head hit the bed, she passed out, without even pulling the covers over herself. That night her dreams were of being taken in every way possible, by several combinations of men. When she woke, she remembered that it wasn?t a dream, but real and she was so horny that she slid her hand down and slowly brought herself to one last orgasm before heading to the shower.


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