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Dinner Party

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by oohscotty

I have a big business conference in Las Vegas each year. You know the type, busy days and too much to drink in the evenings, followed by a very slow morning. The place I stay, the Hotel, is nice, and one that you and Steve will enjoy so the two of you come down and join me. (I'm sure you won't mind hanging by the pool while I'm in meetings).

I come back to the hotel after a day of meetings and walk over to the pool to see if you are doing your flashing thing. Oh yes, there you are, sexy as ever. No wonder there is a cluster of men in that area. I see Steve standing on the balcony above you shooting pics of your antics. Always one to help you tease the boys....and make me feel like a stud, I walk up and say....loud enough for the guys immediately around..."Hi hon, ready to go upstairs and fuck for a while before our dinner?" You reply with a smile saying, "You can see how wet and ready I am".

Steve sees us leave and walks towards the elevator. In the elevator we sandwich you and I grope your ass and slide my tongue into your mouth as Steve steps up from behind and slides one hand around to caress your breast and the other down into your bikini bottoms. "Oh, she's wet" he says as we kiss.

It only takes us seconds to get naked in the room and I immediately push you back on the bed and bury my tongue in your wet pussy while Steve offers you his hardening cock. Your pent up demand is obvious as your first orgasm is only minutes after my tongue starts sliding in and out of you. I bury my tongue even deeper as shockwaves of the orgasm ripple through your body. Your moans are muffled as Steve fills your mouth with his now erect cock, and moments later his first load of cum for the afternoon.

It's my turn now and I roll you over and raise your hips so I can slowly slide my cock into you doggy style and grind deep. Grabbing your hips I pull hard, giving you every inch of my rock-hard cock. No pulling out....just grinding. You are clearly enjoying the moment and don't even see that Steve has taken out ropes and tied them to the feet of the bed. As I pump harder and deeper, he takes one of your wrists, and then the other, and ties them spread apart.

My pounding intensifies as my cock starts to swell. My first orgasm is building, and you know it. "Oh, fuck he Scotty...bury it deep and fill me with your cum". That's all it took....and I start to unload into you. Again and again my cock tightens and shoots.

As I pull out you fall into a distant world of ecstasy. Again, Steve ties the ropes, this time around your ankles. You are oblivious.....

You return to the world of the hotel when you hear the door open and close. "Steve, Scott, what?s going on, where are you guys". There's no answer. It takes a minute to realize you?re alone in the room.

Seconds stream into minutes, and the minutes seem like forever. Your concern fades briefly as my cum slowly starts to run out of you and down your leg. You fade into a fantasy world, reliving the fucking you just received and doze off.

You wake with a start when the door opens. How long was I asleep you think....Steve steps up to you, and slides a mask over your eyes. Nothing is said.......but music is turned on.

You immediately feel a cock brush your cheek, and instinctively raise your lips to it and suck it in...."Oh Steve, ready again?" There is no comment other than a moan of you suck and tease him you feel another cock next to your head. "Oh baby, let me suck you both", and you start turning from one to the other....getting them harder and harder, tasting precum from one, then the other.

You live in this world of excitement until suddenly you feel motion at the foot of the bed and immediately feel a cock between your legs. You feel the head slide up your thigh and press towards your soaking pussy. Your wetness is obvious and the cock slides deep into you. You start to ask what's going on but one of the cocks at your head fills your mouth and you only moan and gag.

The fucking you are getting is a good one. You can tell the cock is big, filling you completely, and you drift off into the world of ecstasy cock in your mouth, one waiting to be serviced next to it, and a cock buried deep in your pussy. You feel the cock in your pussy swell, stiffen and shoot hot cum into you. That sends you over the edge and you orgasm intensely. You don't even realize the cock has pulled out of you until you feel a new hard one slide in, lubricated by your juices and the cum inside.

Time stands still, and you fall deep into the dark side as one cock after another fills your mouth or pussy with cum...It's hard to realize when one stops and the other starts. You just know if feels great, and your wet beyond belief.

You wake again, this time to the sound of a shower. You move slowly and realize that the ropes are gone...and that your pussy aches. You feel cum dried on your face and your jaw aches also. As you roll over you feel the pool of cum below you.

"Come on honey", Steve calls, "we're going to be late for Scott's dinner party. Dinner party you think......shit, I've just been fucked like a whore, and am sitting here naked on the bed, and I'm suppose to get ready for a dinner party? I step over and take your hand. "Come on" I say, "Steve and I will wash you".

The shower feels great, and the hands and soap relax your body...even start to make you tingle. You instinctively reach for our cocks.....but we step away. "I can't believe you want more after that hon, and besides, we can't be late for dinner".

The elevator door opens and we walk through the hotel lobby to the ballroom area. Your sequined dress shows off your beautiful tan and swollen breasts. Heads turn as two men in tuxedos escort you.

The ballroom isn't large, maybe 30 or 40 people having cocktails waiting to be called to sit for dinner. We stop at the door for a moment and I lean to whisper...

"You were fucked by six men this afternoon. They filled your mouth, pussy, and one filled your ass with their cum. All six of them are here at dinner tonight. Does that excite you?"

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