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Creating an Heir

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Creating an Heir

This event happened in the early 1970?s and is entirely true to the best of my recollection, but it has been several years ago?

Roger and I got married in 1973, he was 50 and I 22. He was a professor in one of the finest colleges in the east and I was a student. I wasn?t in any of his classes, but I saw him in the hallways and his dashing good looks captured my attention and I just had to meet him. He was a quiet man, intent on his teaching and his pupils, which made it hard for me to concoct a plan for us to meet without me just going up and introducing myself. Seems like I just made it more complicated than it should have been, as he was very cordial and we hit it off immediately. My ruse was that I could use some tutoring and would he be so kind as to lend me some of his time and help me to pass a math class that was particularly difficult for me. To my surprise he was happy to oblige and we started meeting twice a week for my night classes.

The first couple of meetings, we met in the library, but it seemed that it was inconvenient for him to stay that late at school, so he offered to use his home for future tutoring. My plan (I thought) was working perfectly. Now we could be in a more intimate setting and we could relax and get to know each other. I should have realized that he saw through my plans immediately and he had already started with plans of his own.

Like I said, it was 1973 and women dressed in very revealing attire and I was no different. I never wore a bra, but if I did, it would be a tight squeeze to fit in a D cup. My waist was small and my butt round and I liked to show it all off. But the first night at his house I borrowed some rather conservative clothes from a friend to not seem to forward. I didn?t want to scare him off, but peak his interest. The outfit was too tight and a little uncomfortable, the skirt kept riding up because of my big rump and on the way over I found myself constantly tugging on it to try and keep it in place. Maybe this wasn?t such a good idea after all. I decided to just leave it be and let it go where it wanted. It was a short walk from the bus stop to his house and I used it to try and settle the butterflies I had in my stomach. The looks from the men riding the bus had me worked up and horny and I hoped he didn?t notice my discomfort.

I rang the bell and when he opened the door, I was instantly at ease. His approving look and his warm smile brought me back to myself and my confidence came back to give me a hand. He was wearing a silk evening robe and loose silk pants with some sort of Japanese drawings on them. I felt way over dressed. He escorted me into the library. It was softly lit with large leather over stuffed couch in the middle of the room, an unusual ornate table with a single lamp on the center. Two chairs were positioned at the table. The walls were lined with bookshelves that were completely full. He stopped at the door as I walked around the room admiring his books and sculptures that were placed here and there around the room.

Would you like to begin he asked? A smile on his handsome face.

A beautiful library I replied. He seemed amused.

Would you like to see the rest of the place first?

I would love to if you don?t mind? My mind was racing. My plan was working and he was falling into my trap. He stepped back and gestured with his hand for me to exit first and I looked up into his eyes as he looked down my blouse at the top of my jiggling breasts as I walked past. We walked back into the sitting room; the walls were a dark rich looking paneling, the furniture all leather and looked like it would feel good to sit in naked. Paintings hung on the walls and sculptures from exotic places were here and there. Looked like he had done a lot of traveling in his life. He placed his hand on my back and guided me down a short hallway to the kitchen/dining area. His hand slid down my back, checking for a bra? The house was much bigger inside than it looked from the outside. The bathroom was next. An oversize tub sat right in the middle of the room, with a glass walled shower in the corner. It was huge. Several people could take a shower at the same time. A toilet and a bidet were facing each other and I strolled over to take a closer look. I was looking into the bidet as he leaned over and pushed a button. Light jets of water sprayed up from the middle of the bowl? Looked like a fun room. This time when he turned me, his hand went to my lower back right at the top of my ass. As I slowly turned he let it slip lower and I could feel my pussy getting wet.

Down the hallway were two doors. He reached around me and opened the left door and turned on a light. Stairs leading down into a basement. I took the steps carefully so I wouldn?t trip in my heels. The room smelled delicious. There were scented candles burning and the smell of cigars and leather were hitting my nostrils.

Would you like a glass of wine? He asked while looking fully at my heaving breasts.

I would love one, I replied while looking around the room. I turned away and unbuttoned the top two buttons so he could have a better view of what he wanted to see. The room was huge, with several large couches and chairs in it. An intricate looking massage table sat at the front of the room, and what looked like workout benches were along the walls. There were also rings hanging from the ceiling that I assumed he used when working out. He came back with two bottles of wine, holding them up for me to choose. I don?t know wines and told him to pick and saw him looking at my cleavage and a big smile came over his face. His eyes came up and we locked in on each other and I fought the urge to kiss him. My plan was unraveling but maybe his was coming together.

Have a seat, as he gestured to one of the couches. I picked one that had a big chair facing it and a large low table between them. The couch was so soft and full that when I sat down I sank way down into it and my legs came apart. Very un lady like. Too bad he wasn?t already in the chair, could have seen my pussy.

He handed me a long stem glass of wine and sat down across from me smiling. So tell me about you he chided. So I started chattering about my past, what I wanted to do in school and the future. He kept my glass full as I rambled on, sitting quietly and listening intently as I talked. I hadn?t been paying attention until he opened the other bottle that we or I had finished the first bottle. I was getting very comfortable with him and the couch was doing its magic on my dress that had worked up so that I was pretty much exposed to him. When I finally noticed, my legs were open and my pussy lips were out for him to see, and he was definitely looking. I looked down then up into his eyes and he was focusing on my breasts. His hand went to his penis and he started stroking it through his pants. He could already see my pussy so I slowly unbuttoned my blouse and pulled it open. My tits fell free and I could feel my nipples harden. He opened his robe showing a nice hard chiseled abdomen and again squeezed a very healthy looking dick through his thin pants. I stood up and peeled off my skirt and dropped it on the floor, removing my blouse on the way around the table. I straddled him smothering him with my big tits. He grabbed my waist and held me tight as my open pussy lips enveloped his penis. He groaned loudly and hunched up into me as he came, his jism pumped thru the thin material of his pants. I jumped back and grabbed his throbbing cock and had him in my mouth as he continued to cum giving me a nice mouthful. I bathed his dick with my tongue until he went soft, then cleaned up his belly and balls of the part that I missed.

He picked me up and carried me to a large king size bed in the corner of the basement and softly laid me down. I fell open, ready and willing for whatever he had in mind. He explored every inch of my body, leaving trails of kisses and nibbles as he went. I had never been treated like this and loved it. When he got between my legs I was more than ready and he gave me the most exquisite and satisfying blowjob of my life. He was a master at oral sex. He was ready again and we fucked in every position I had ever done and then he taught me some new ones. He was fucking me from behind when he tensed up and came deep inside me. I could feel him pulsing and the heat of his sperm as he filled me up. We slept together in that big bed that night and I was happy.

I woke up and had to pee. The lights were still on in various areas of the basement so I could see where I was going and found a toilet in the corner. There were no walls around it so I thought maybe he was remodeling or something. It felt good to empty my bladder and I could feel the cum leaking out of me. As I sat there looking around, I noticed a bidet over beside another workout bench. I had never used one so went over to check it out. I sat down and pushed the button. Water sprayed up hitting my pussy I leaned forward and it hit my clit. Then I noticed more controls on it, hot and cold, pulse and hard. Hmm. I?ll try the hot. Then the pulse. By the time I hit hard, I was cumming and Roger was standing in front of me with his cock hard at my lips. I engulfed him as my orgasm continued and it wasn?t long before he filled my belly with his seed.

What is this place anyway? Now that I was sober, it looked like some sort of sex den. So he started to explain how he was a member of a fraternity of men that were involved in creating heirs for wealthy gentlemen that had no families to leave their fortunes to. Wives were selected based on her bloodline, academics, health, sexual stamina and so on. The sperm donors were selected the same way.

The list of possible sperm donors along with their credentials is provided to the client. He and his wife go thru the list of candidates and select ten donors. The ten will have similar qualities that interest the clients for their offspring. On the date of the breeding, the client and his wife will meet with the donors in person. If the client isn?t satisfied with the group they have chosen, the next donor on the list will be notified and he will take the place of the one or ones turned down. Fifteen donors are on hand the night of the breeding.

The breeding will take place when the wife is in prime form to become pregnant. The breeding will take place with five donors at a time. The first five, all of them depositing their sperm directly into her vagina, will breed her cumming as deeply inside of her as they can, and then the second five will take over and deposit their sperm into her as well. When they are all finished, the client will take his place at her vagina and fuck her until he also deposits his seed inside her. When all eleven are finished her pelvis is elevated and warm towels are placed on her belly and she is soothed with soft massaging to her uterus to allow maximum penetration of sperm to her fertile eggs. This result should leave her pregnant and the actual father will be anonymous. In the event that she doesn?t get pregnant, the process will be repeated monthly until pregnancy occurs.

By the time Roger finished with his story I was about to cum. Just the thought of ten guys fucking me and cumming inside me trying to get me pregnant had me in a frenzy. I wanted to be one of those girls. I hoped maybe tonight I could possibly get in on some of the action. He left the room to start preparing and I masturbated till I came. Only took a second?

Roger told me my clothes were upstairs on his bed. I hadn?t been in here yet and it was amazing. The statues in here were all of a sexual nature, naked men and women in various acts of having sex. Large penis?s, full busted ladies were all around. My dress was on his bed, soft leather that didn?t cover much, but was very sexy. Five-inch heels were the only other part of the outfit. I had already taken a shower and slipped it on and it felt wonderful and made me horny. I couldn?t wait for the night to start.

When I went down into the basement, there were several men already there. They were drinking bourbon and smoking pipes. I knew by the aroma what they were smoking and I could somewhat feel the affect. When I walked into the room all eyes turned towards me. One of the men handed me a glass and I took a sip. It was very strong, but I felt it immediately and it was quite nice. Then a small glass pipe was in my hand and I inhaled it deeply and held it. It went to my head and thru my arms and legs. I took another hit and passed it on, the men were giving me approving looks. They were all middle aged and looked successful. More people were arriving and we were prompted to take a seat. The group of men herded me to one of the couches near the back. The man on my right was a bald black man about 45 and the man on my left was white and probably 50. Both seemed in good shape and I was squeezed in tightly between them. The bowl came around again and I took another big hit and washed it down with more bourbon. I was feeling good?

The lights went down over the audience and a young woman came out dressed in a shear robe. She was very pretty and looked about 25 or so. The first five men came out and they too were dressed in robes. They were all in their early 20?s and looked really hot. They surrounded her and took turns kissing her and caressing her body. They kept spinning her as they kissed her and she started getting into it and had her arms out hugging them, several at a time. They untied her robe and let it fall to the floor; she was now nude in front of all of us. They led her to the king size bed that I had slept on last night, which was now out in the middle of the room. All five of them slipped out of their robes and got in the bed with her, surrounding her in a circle. She was on her knees fondling their cocks, stroking them as she went around the circle. They had their hands on her everywhere, ten hands covering her body, feeling her all over. I couldn?t see good enough and tried to sit up to see better. The couch was so deep and soft and the men had me squeezed in so tight I had to struggle to get up.

The pipe was put to my lips and I inhaled deeply. That was nice. I started to lay back when I noticed the top of my dress was undone and my tits were almost exposed, just my nipples were still covered. I heard some soft murmuring and the couch in front of us was moving to the side and it felt like we were moving forward. We were in full view of the girl about to become pregnant. I wanted to be her? I pulled the top of my dress down so I could pinch and play with my nipples as I watched her stroking those now hard cocks. I had to have access to my pussy so I threw my legs up on the legs of the men on either side of me and lay back to enjoy the show. I pulled my skirt up so I could rub my now hard clit and realized that my nipples were still being rolled and pinched and I had both hands between my legs. I looked down and saw that my assistants were the men I was sitting between. That felt really nice and I appreciated these men helping me. I thought I should probably lend them a hand as well and reached over and squeezed their penises. They were nice and hard and more than a handful, kind of like holding a soda can.

The group on the bed was fucking now. She had a dick in each hand, one in her mouth while one was fucking her. She had a large pillow under her ass, which tilted her pussy up high. They were all moaning which really had me going and apparently the men sitting beside me as well. Because they were both fingering my pussy and ass now, and I was leaking a river of juice out of my cunt. I realized that my hands were on skin now and the fabric of their pants was gone. I wanted to suck one and mumbled that out to anyone that could hear me. I really needed help here and looked around and saw that most of the men in the room were naked, alternating between watching the scene on the bed and me. I heard the guy fucking the girl that he was coming and his ass tensed up as he filled her full of his sperm. I watched as his ass flexed as he pumped her full for several seconds. He was careful when he pulled out and squeezed the last of his load out inside her before he dismounted her. Her pelvis was up trying to contain all she could.

Here, I called trying to get his attention, as I wanted to clean him up. I saw one of the naked men motion for him and he looked my way, a smile on his face as he walked over, his semi hard cock bouncing in front of him, a string of cum hanging down catching on his leg. He walked right up between my wide-open thighs and had his dick right up to my face. I leaned forward and pounced on it, taking it all in, enjoying the wonderful taste of their mingled sex. I dropped the dicks in my hands and stroked him fully hard again trying to coax a load out of him. He backed away laughing, bent down and kissed me and turned around and went back to the bed, ready for his round two.

I was in heat now. I had tasted sperm and I wanted more. I got up from the couch and bent over into the lap of the white guy I had been jacking and started sucking his big dick. It was fatter than the boys and probably the biggest dick I had ever sucked, but I was in heat like a bitch dog and I wanted all of the cock I could get. My brain was on fire with images of hard dicks dancing in the flames. I stood up with my head in his lap while I sucked as hard as I could trying to get that sperm that belonged to me inside my belly. I felt my dress being pulled off which felt wonderful, but I still had the heels on which tilted my ass up high making it easier for a man to enter me. I heard another yell from the bed that he was cumming and that increased my frenzy at sucking this mans penis and apparently it affected him too as he thrusted up several times, fucking my face and shot my mouth full of his hot cum. I swallowed as fast as I could but it was so much that I grabbed his dick with both hands and pulled what ran down the sides up into my mouth as he continued spurting. I was still cleaning him up when I felt a mouth at my pussy. I didn?t want to stand up and interfere with the licking that I was getting so I just moved over to the black cock that I had been playing with and started sucking him. I heard another moan from the bed as number three filled her full. Black cock was thick and long. I got him good and wet and turned around and sat down on him. This was probably not a real good idea as my pussy was pretty tight from cumming, but I tried anyway. I could only get the head in and lifted off and set on him with his cock in front of my pussy while watching the action on the bed. Another guy was pumping her and she was now almost on her shoulders with her pussy straight up in the air. Three of the men were holding her while the boy fucked her. I needed cum inside my pussy now?

She had one of the men?s cocks in her mouth sucking him as he held her body upright and I realized it was Roger. The boy groaned and his ass clenched and his head was thrown back as he stood there, his cock straight down inside his quasi bride as he filled her full of his hot fertile sperm. I saw Roger jerk as he came in her mouth. He pumped her mouth full and another man took his place holding her as Roger stroked her belly, working the sperm deep into her womb.

I need a dick in me now! But black man wouldn?t let me go. I was laying on him with my back on his chest, his dick sticking up between my legs and squeezing my tits and wouldn?t let go. I reached down and started jacking him off just like his cock was mine while playing with his balls. It was an incredible turn on and I loved it, rubbing my clit with that big dick. I scooted up on his chest so I could plant that big dick in my mouth and stroked and sucked him until he blew a big load down my throat. I drank until he went dry and he was still semi hard. I slipped back down and planted my cunt directly on the head of his still throbbing dick and impaled myself on him. His shaft was slick with my saliva and he slid deep inside me and it felt wonderful to be so full. I had my hands on his knees and was pumping up and down on that big fat dick, I felt someone in front of me and two of the men were approaching me while stroking their cocks and with some urgency I might add. I leaned back and pulled up off of black, exposing my open vagina to the two hard dicks advancing on me when the closest one entered me and thrust in completely, his pubic hair mashing against mine and unloaded inside me. The heat of his load sent me over the top as he held my ass and kept bottomed out in me and filled my pussy full of his hot cream. He finished and pulled out, black man still pinching my nipples when the second man came forward and plunged deep inside me and unloaded unceremoniously into me. His dick pulsed the longest yet and I could feel his cream running down out of me and onto my open asshole. I heard another moan on the bed and looked over just as black man lifted me up and plunged his big black snake deep inside my slippery hole. He lifted me up and dropped me down on his big fat dick and I could feel another orgasm coming on when he stood up with me impaled on that big dick, his hands on my hips holding me tightly against his thighs and I felt a massive spurt of cum shooting out of his big cock. He roared like an animal. I felt like a puppet, hanging limply from his powerful hands, blowing shot after shot of his hot man juice deep inside me, my cunt squeezing down on his shaft milking his hot load from him. He turned around gently setting me down on the couch, while still stroking that big fat cock in and out of me, his seed running down my thighs. I needed more?

My legs were wobbly as I stood up. I headed towards the bed towards the breeding-coupling going on. Roger was gone and a different man was in his place. The girl looked radiant, her face was flushed and she had a big smile on her face. The men were still holding her body up and her pussy seemed to be brim full of man juice. Her donors were gone, so I assumed that round one was over and that round two was to begin soon. Her holders were massaging her abdomen, towels on her belly and her pussy was up and open. I couldn?t resist the puddle of cum that was exposed in her wide-open pussy lips and just had to have a taste. My reasoning was that when the fucking started again, that they would shove most of that hot cum out as a hard cock entered her and it would be wasted. So I just leaned over and planted my mouth over that overflowing pussy full of cum and drank. Surely she had enough in her to make her pregnant and I couldn?t resist it. The smell of man cum had me delirious and I was definitely in heat. She was up on her shoulders with her legs thrown back and that beautiful pussy, open and up, almost like a water fountain full of cum. I planted my mouth on her pussy and started drinking the cum out of her. I gripped her ass and licked her clit and open lips as I hungrily sucked her pussy. That thick hot sperm was intoxicating as I drank from her fountain. Then I realized that someone had turned us over and she was on top of me and I was gulping man cum down as a river of it flowed down my throat and into my belly. My legs were pulled open and I was being fucked as she emptied her pussy into my mouth. A pillow was placed under my hips as I felt the first shot of hot jism fill my open womb.

That?s what I need, I thought as he finished inside me. Another took his place and finished soon after. I could feel him pulse inside me as his hot liquid filled me full. I was lifted higher, the girl now empty and removed from my wanting mouth. Another cock filled me and he soon finished filling my hot pussy with his seed. I realized then that I too was up on my shoulders, my bottom up and the men were standing over me, fucking down into my open pussy, filling me with their hot loads of virile sperm. Someone was massaging my belly, warm towels were placed there and a warm mouth was working my clit. I opened my eyes and Roger was looking deep into my eyes and I had a wonderful orgasm with him licking my clit.

We were married within the month. I didn?t get pregnant that night, but I understand the girl did. It took me two years to get pregnant and we tried every month. Our son is practicing medicine, has a wife and three wonderful children. Our other four children have similar lives. They were all conceived thru the fraternity.

Some of us still get together and go thru the ritual. At last count 154 births occurred due to our propagation fraternity?.

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