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Colleens First BBC

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Our First Swingers Party & Colleen?s First BBC

We are an average couple that started sexual adventures the usual way. I ducked around and would bring porn home and try to watch it when colleen was not around, but invariable I would get caught by her. At first she thought it was disgusting me watch porn in our house. Soon though she began to loosen up to it and started watching it with me. Then we started playing sexual games while watch porn, that is we tried to perform the same sex act the porn stars were doing. This intrigue colleen and I enjoyed it because it brought her out of her shell regarding sex. She was more apt to give me a blowjob when watching a hot porno flick, and she really like watch girls on girls and letting me eat her pussy. Soon she let me have anal sex with her, I thought she would never do that. Anyway, our interested got peaked and we decided to play on the internet. There we actually met someone for a threesome, ffm. We both loved it and, of course turnabout is fair play, we did a mmf. I was so turned on watching colleen get fucked by another man. Also, I enjoyed watching her suck his cock as I fucked her doggie style.

We then started talking about swinging. This discussion went on for several months. I had heard about a swingers club that was on the outskirts of town and was able to find their information on their website. I showed it to colleen and at first she was apprehensive, afraid someone would recognize us there. I kept checking the website and signed us up as visitors. Then I got an e-mail from the club sponsor telling me about a Marti-Gras party and that everyone would be wearing masks. MMM, I thought maybe that would work. I talked to colleen and we went to the local costume store and found a masks for each of us that did a very good job disguising our faces. Still apprehensive, but we built up enough courage to go to the party. When we got to the door, we met the club sponsor, he and his wife turned out to be great people and they actually waived our 25 dollar fee since we were nubies.

The location was actually a bar that rented out to the swingers club for the night. Guess it is a slow time and this was an opportunity to help pay the rent. I went to the bar and got me a beer and colleen a scotch. The bar was two levels, on the lower level was a dance floor and tables and chairs. We walked through the hallway into the large room and they were projecting porno flicks on the wall. The flick was this gorgeous blonde sucking two cocks at once, it really set the mood. We sat down at one of the tables and another couple joined us, their names were rick and susan. They appeared to be about the same age as us, 40ish and we started talking with them. This was their fifth or so time to one of these parties and they told us they really had a blast watching all the people. We asked what all happens and they told us to just hang around til it get later and watch and see.

Needless to say we continued to drink and danced a little. I danced some with susan and rick dances some with rick. Then rick told me that colleen and I needed to go up to the second floor game room. He told us there was pool tables up there and a lounge area with sofas and chairs. I mentioned this to colleen and and we stepped up stairs. OMG it was an orgy going on up there, we were just in awe at everything going on. There were several women on the pool tables in lingerie, eating each other out, between sucking guys cocks. But that was not the real show. Over in the corner was a couple with a young black guy that appeared to be about 25. The female appeared to be about 35 and her date/husband/or whatever looked like he was 50 to 55. The young guy was fondling this hot chick. She was very attactive, blonde, looked to be about 5,6", slender with a knock out body. Later we found out their names were reggie, tammy and richard. They continued to play, then tammy took reggie over to the sofa and richard followed. Colleen and I moved over to that side of the room so we could watch. Reggie sat down on the sofa and tammy got on her knees between his legs. She started unbuckling his pants and pulled then down along with his briefs. Colleen gasphed when tammy pulled out reggies huge black cock and started sucking it. She really worked that cock over, taking it deep inside her mouth and then running her tongue along the shaft and letting it dance about his huge cock head. Reggies cock looked to be between 9 and 10 inches long and average thickness. Tammy continued to suck it with her head bobbing up and down. Periodically, she would pull her hair back as if it was intended for us onlookers get a good look at that magnificient cock she was engulfing. She had unbuttoned her blouse and had not bra on. She would take reggies cock and rub it on her tittie nipples every so often. He tits were not that large, appeared to be 34 or 36 Cs. After about what seemed like 10 minutes, tammy stood up, while reggies cock was standing straight up at attention. Tammy un-button her jeans and slid them down and off, she did not wear any panties. All the time this was happenning richard was sitting beside them on the sofa with this cock out stroking it. He had a small cock, about 4 inches from what we could see. Then tammy straddled reggies cock and reached around and grabbed his cock and started rubbing it against her pussy until it popped in her slit. She then slowly ease down on it as it filled her pussy full and disappeared deep inside her. I looked at colleen and I thought she was gonna cum right there. We continued to watch as tammys creamy white ass rode up and down on reggies hot black cock. Reggie had his hands wrapped around tammys ass cheeks and was pulling her ass up and down on his cock. Tammy had a tight ass, but it jiggled a little as it bounced up and down. We were close enougth we could see tammys pussy lips slide up and down on his shaft. Her pussy lips had to stretch to allow that thick cock pump in and out of her hot pussy. We could hear tammy saying, "fuck me, fuck me, fuck me with that big black cock." Richard continued to watch and jerk off, and every now and again, tammy would lean over and kiss him.

All of a sudden, colleen whispered in my ear, would u mind if I fucked a big black cock like that. It caught me by surprise, in the back on my mind i thought for a southern girl that is really surprising, you know the taboo thing. But on the other side, I thought OMG yes I would love to see her fucked by a big black cock. Then I said to her, honey I would love to watch you with a hot black man, but I want to see it all, I want to see you suck his cock and fuck his cock and have him pump u full of his hot cum. I felt colleens tongue in my ear and then heard her whisper, I love you.

We looked over our shoulder and rick and susan were standing there. They came over and said reggies a big hit. Then they went on to explain that the club sponsors invite a few young black guys to each party to spice up the night. Well that was an understatement, because we watch reggie fuck tammy hard for what seem like and hour. It looked like she had 3 or 4 orgasms and then finally reggie started pumping her hard and shuddered and he cam deep inside her. Tammy then crawled off his cock and laid sideways on the sofa with her freshly fucked pussy toward richard. She then took reggies cock into her hand and then started licking it clean, you could see her pussy juice and globs of his cum on his shaft as she licked it clean. Richard then positioned himself between tammys pussy and started eating out her freshly fucked pussy.

Then colleen looked at me and asked, would you eat my pussy after I was fucked by a big black cock. But before I could answer, rick grabbed me and said, lets go down stairs and talk. More to cum rick, susan, colleen and I went back downstairs and sat at the table we had previous been sitting at and I looked up and there was a different porn flick being shown on the wall. It was one with Lex in it and he had that huge black cock buried deep inside this gorgeous white blonde?s pussy, while another black porn star was getting his cock sucked by her. I noticed how colleen was intently watching this girl get pumped by these two black studs. Then all of a sudden, rick whispers in my ear, colleen was really enjoying the show upstairs and looks like she likes the movie too, is she into black cock? I told him that she had not done one yet, but we had talked about it and she really got hot watching tammie and reggie upstairs, and I was ready for her, I wanted to watch her cute white pussy get filled with a hot black shaft. He told me susan had been fucking black guys for about a year now, most they had met at this club. I asked if she had fucked reggie and he said yes, a couple of times. Then he asked if I wanted susan to talk to colleen about it, I said yea, sure. I then asked everyone if they wanted a drink, took their order and went to the bar. As I stepped away, I saw rick whisper in susan's ear and then susan moved closer to colleen and started talking to her.

I got to the bar and sat down on a stool, then I watched as richard and tammy started coming down the stairs. Tammy had all her clothes on and all the buttons done on her blouse. She had a dazed look in her eyes and her hair was disshelved. There were two bar stools beside me and tammy sat on the one beside me and richard sat on the one opposite her. He told her to order them some drinks while he went to the bathroom. I decided to chat with her a bit, and started by saying how much I enjoyed the show. She looked right at me and then said, not as much as I did, I just love fucking big black cock, it?s all I dream about. I asked her if reggie satisfied her, and she blurted out, he touches me in places richard never can and I would fuck his cock all night long if I could. About that time, the bartender gave me my drinks, I paid him, and richard came back from the bathroom, so I left and walked back into the main room. I noticed susan was still chatting with colleen. When I sat back down, rick leaned over and say, susan said colleen was ready to fuck a hot black cock, oh was she ready.

Rick suggested that we go over to the motel where the after party is always held. They had a room over there and we could party and see what happens. I told colleen of ricks suggestion and she agreed, but only if we got our own room, she did not want to leave early in the morning. We finished our drinks and walked toward the front when rick said he would be right back for us to go onto the door and he would catch up. I watched as he headed back up the stairs to the pool table and lounge area. We got our coats and then rick came up so we headed to the door and went to the corner, across the street to the Travelodge motel. I told rick about colleen wanting to stay so I need to get a room, he told me they were in room 220 and to see if I could get the adjoining room. I told the three of them to go on and I would meet them at their room. I walked over to the office, up the 2 steps and opened the door to the office and walked in. I was surprised to see a rather young girl there working as the clerk and she was able to accommondate the request and I got room 221. As I opened the door to step out, she said, yall have fun. I knew in the back of my mind, she knows what goes on around here. I walked down the corridor, up the steps and found room 220. They had left the door cracked open for me and I peeked in and saw that rick had made the three of them drinks and they had music on and was dancing. Rick was behind colleen and susan was in front and the three of them were rubbing on each other. I thought, okay looks like Iam gonna get to watch colleen fuck rick and Iam gonna fuck susan tonight.

I lightly knocked on the door and rick hollared come on in, the partys getting started. I could tell susan and colleen were not feeling any pain since they had quite a bit to drink. I walked over to colleen and she kissed me and stuck her tongue deep inside my mouth and then my ear. Then I heard her whisper, I want you to watch me fuck rick and I want to watch you fuck susan. Then susan said, colleen we need to get into something more comfortable, colleen blurted out, but I did not bring anything ... susan responded dont worrying I have plenty of lingerie as she grabbed her bag and colleens arm and they went to open the ajoining room door to go into room 221, but the other side door was locked, so I went out and unlocked the front door and the ajoining door. susan told me to go and wait for them and she closed the door. I stepped over to the counter and got the drink rick had made earlier, the ice had melted and it was a bit watered down by now. Then rick asked, you okay with this? I responded yes, look forward to seeing you with colleen and susan is hot. rick then said, we better get ready for the girls, he quickly took his shirt off and then dropped his pants, he had on a pair of briefs that were a black mesh fabric that you could see his cock through. He appeared to be just a little bigger than me. I followed suit and took my shirt off and stripped down to my boxers. rick told me we were in for a treat, but lets let the girls give us a blow job first.

Then the door opened and susan stepped through wearing a black mesh see through teddy. I could see her big nipples through the material and also the fact that she had a completely shaven pussy. When she turned around the teddy was a thong going right up the center of her ass crack. Then colleen came in wearing a white nighty that had the holds cut out for her tits, which poked through and she had on a matching pair of crotchless panties that revealed her closely trimmed landing strip pussy. susan stepped over to rick and pointed toward me and told rick she was gonna suck my cock til I came in her mouth and colleen looked at me and said, and Im gonna do the same to rick, then susan pushed me down on one bed and colleen did the same to rick. susan kneeled down in front of me and started rubbing my cock through my shorts and then said these need to come off and started slipping them off. I look looked over at colleen and she was on her knees in front of rick licking his cock through his mesh briefs, it was so erotic watch my colleen lick rick's cock through his fancy briefs. Next thing I knew susan was trying to deep throat me as she bobbed her mouth up and down on my cock, it felt sooo good. By know colleen had rick's fancy briefs off and I could see her sucking and licking his cock, she would put her lips around the head and then take him deep inside her mouth, then bob up and down on his hard cock, periodically stopping to lick up and down the shaft. She knew I was watching and boy was she putting on a show, almost too good. I could tell rick was enjoying it alot, maybe too much, I thought he was gonna nut quickly and Iam laying here enjoying susan's hot juicy mouthing my cock. Then I heard rick moaning loud and I thought hes gonna cum and sure enough I heard colleen say, oh my as rick's cum was dripping from colleen's mouth back down onto his cock, but colleen continued to lick and suck him and I could tell she was swallowing most of his cum, which turned me on. Then all of a sudden, susan pushed her finger into my ass and started massaging my prostrate. That did it, I started gushing cum into her mouth and susan started swallowing rapidly and all but a little of my cum ran down her cheek. susan was an excellent cocksucker! I looked up and rick had a towel and was wiping his cum from colleen's face and he threw the towel to me and I did the same to susan. Then rick said, girls lets take a short break and we will get down to some serious pussy eating. rick got up off the bed and put his briefs back, which I thought was a bit strange. He asked us if anyone wanted a drink and both susan and colleen blurted out, we need something to chase the cum with. He started walking to the counter and I felt a bit strange laying on the bed naked, so I pulled my boxers back on and told rick, I will help you. Just about the time I got to the counter, there was a loud know on the door. I looked at rick like, who could that be, then rick said, let me get it.

rick stepped to the door, opened it and I could hear voices out there, hey rick man how you doing. rick opened the door wider and said, come on in guys. In walked reggie and two other black guys. Of course we knew reggie and the other two introduced themselves, one was as ct (for chocolate thunder) and the other, maurice. Now it all came to me, rick had arranged this along with susan. I looked over at colleen and her eyes were big as quarters with a huge look of surprise on her face, then I thought to myself, my colleen is gonna get her sweet white pussy pumped full of big hot black cock tonight.

Colleen looked over at me and said this is the guy at the party, and I could tell she felt a bit embarrassed, standing there in her lingerie with her tits sticking out and the crotch less panties on. The three of them came in and it was clear that rick and susan knew them as they called all three by name.

Reggie walked over to colleen and said, my what a hot white chick, and I heard you might be interested in some black cock. Colleen was surprised and glanced my way. I nodded approval as our eyes met. Reggie took her hand and they walked over to a chair, he sat down and motioned for her to sit on his lap, which she did.

I looked over at susan and ct and maurice were on the bed with her playing with her teddy. In just a second her tits were out and ct started rolling the teddy down just about to her waist and that?s when I heard her say, are u gonna give some of the gorgeous black cock. To that ct said, u know we are, and he kissed her as maurice finished sliding her teddy off. There she was completely naked on the bed with these two black studs.

I quickly looked back at colleen and reggie, and reggie was kissing colleen, his tongue deep inside her mouth, and she was kissing him back. His hand caressing her exposed tits and her nipples were hard and sticking out. It turned me on watching her with reggie, knowing that soon he would be fucking her hot white pussy with his stud cock. Everything was happening so fast, rick and I were just mesmerized watching the 5 of them. Then I heard reggie tell colleen, u want to play with my cock don?t u? He was wearing baggie shorts that were about knee length and a t-shirt I watched as colleen slowly unbutton his shorts and take the zipper tag and plug the zipper down, reggie had no underwear on. He then told her to pull his shorts off; there it was again, his big cock at half-staff. Colleen put the shorts on the floor, and reggie ordered her to suck his cock, she kneeled down between his legs and took his cock in her hand, just as she glanced at me. As she continued to look at me she kissed the head on his big black cock. Then she flicked her tongue around the head, licking it up and down, and then she took the head into her mouth. Reggie blurted out, suck my hot cock, and moaned real loud. Colleen then took all his cock into her mouth and started bobbing her head up and down on his big black cock. I could see her shining saliva on reggie?s cock shaft as her mouth when up and down on him. She was making her usual slurping noises.

I then looked to my right and saw susan. By now she was laying across the bed and ct was standing above her head with his cock in her mouth, and maurice had his head buried between her legs eating her pussy. Susan was whimpering and gasping for breath. CT was actually face fucking her with her head slightly off the bed and he was pumping his cock in and out of her mouth. This must have gone one for what seemed like 20 minutes, with susan gasping for air, she must have climaxed 2 or 3 times. Then maurice crawled out from between her legs, pulled his shorts off to expose a huge cock, it looked like it was at least 10 inches long and as thick as a coke bottle. He started rubbing it on susan?s soaked slick pussy, up and down through her pussy lips and back up on her tummy. Maurice shouted at susan, you want this brotha?s cock in your pussy, you want me to pump you full of hot black cock. Susan pulled ct?s cock out of her mouth, her saliva was dripping down on her forehead and into her eyes, and said, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, I?m your white slut tonight. With that demand, maurice slowly pushed the head of his monster cock past her swollen pussy lips, and then pulled it back, slicken it up each time he pushed it in and pulled it back. CT pushed his cock back into susan?s mouth, and looked over at reggie and colleen and said, mmm, that?s a hot white bitch with reggie, she?s sucking his cock hard. Just about that time, maurice raised susan?s legs up and started pumping her full of his huge cock, I was surprised that pussy of her?s could take all that massive cock, but he just kept pumping her, in and out.

Just about that colleen took her mouth off reggie?s cock and told him to get on the other bed; she wanted to ride that hard black cock. Reggie walked over to the bed, his hard erect cock still shiny from colleen?s saliva. Reggie sat down on the edge of the bed, colleen pulled her crotch less panties off, but kept the top on that had her tit cutout. She put her back to reggie, reached around and grabbed his cock and slowly started rubbing on her pussy lips, then eased her hot pussy down on his cock. She then put her hands on reggie?s legs to brace her and then slowly started riding up and down on his cock. She was not able to take all of it, but kept trying to ease a little more in each time. Reggie put his hands on each side of her ass cheeks and started helping her ride his big black cock. This is finally what I wanted to see, my sweet wife colleen enjoying herself living her fantasy, getting fucked by a huge black cock. Reggie started talking to her, I heard him say, oh yea baby, ride my hard cock, mmmm how do u like having a big black cock stuffing your pussy, you my hot white hoe, you gonna let me cum in you?

Colleen looked over at me and then she said, oh reggie fuck me, fuck my pussy, fuck me hard, pump me full, then she winked at me and I gave her the thumbs up sign. She was able to take more and more of his cock deep inside her and by now when she sat down on his cock, it fully disappeared inside her. She was then getting off hard, swinging her head back and forth, moaning hard. She fucked reggie for about 15 minutes, when my eyes almost popped out as ct pulled his cock out of susan?s mouth and it was hard as a baseball bat and sticking straight out, fully erect. He then walked over to colleen and said, baby I want you to suck my cock, it surprised her too, but she took one of her hands off reggie?s leg and grabbed his cock, and started stroking it. CT then ordered her, suck it bitch, and she took him into her mouth. He put his hands on the back of her head and started pulling her mouth on and off his cock, she was experiencing gag reflex, but let him keep doing it. OMG, I was soooo hot, watching my colleen fucking a hot black cock and sucking one too, a mini-gangbang for her? hot!

Just about that time I heard maurice moan real loud and start humping susan hard, her legs straight up in the air. Then all of a sudden, he said, ahhhhhh, I?m cummming, as he gripped her legs and finished up pumping full of his hot cum, then he almost fell on her as he collapsed.

All of a sudden, there was a knock on the door, I looked at rick and he was sitting in a chair watching susan and colleen while stroking his cock, it was ropy and almost hard. He said I will get it and got up and walked to the door, his cock swaying back and forth as he walked. He cracked the door open, and I heard a female say, you guys got to keep it quite in their or I am gonna have to come in there and check it out. Rick said, Melissa, you know u can?t come in here unless you are naked, then the door was pushed open and young girl that was at the front desk walked in. She then said, okay, pulled her top off and unbuttoned her jeans, pulled down the zipper and stepped out of her jeans. There was this sweet 20 some girl standing there in her bra and panties. With a flip of his wrist, rick undid melissa?s bra and her cute tits were exposed, then she asked, you did say naked, as she looked down at rick?s erect cock, then she stepped out of her panties to reveal the cutest shaven pussy?.

I could not believe my eyes and by this time my cock was rock hard and I was thinking, boy, I sure want to fuck that hot pussy. Rick grabbed her hand and she grabbed his cock and they walked over to my chair, rick said, Melissa, this is my friend roger and he needs his cock sucked. Melissa then smiled and said, yes he does as she bent over and took my cock into her mouth, and just as quick as that, rick stood behind her and started slipping his cock into her pussy. Melissa took her mouth off my cock and looked around at rick and said, I was hoping you were gonna fuck me with that hot dick of yours, then she took my cock back into her mouth and started sucking it with a fury.

OMG, my head was spinning, I could not comprehend all that was happening; susan had just had her eyes fucked out and pumped full of maurice?s hot cum, colleen was riding reggie?s cock and sucking ct?s cock, rick was rocking Melissa back and forth as he fucked her from behind, while she sucked my cock. I know you don?t believe, but it was all true.

I could still see colleen having fun from my chair while getting my young girl bj. Ct was still giving colleen?s mouth a fucking work out while she still rode reggie?s cock. Ct then pulled her head off his cock and colleen?s saliva dripped off the head of it, then he said I?m getting ready to cum in your mouth, do you want my hot, thick cum? all colleen could do was moan and nod. Ct started stroking his long black shaft and said open your sweet mouth, she did and stuck her tongue out too. I thought, oh yea, my slut wife could be in a porno movie. Then Ct let out a yell, had his hand wrapped around the head of his black monster cock tightly, then he loosened up his grip and thick stream after stream of cum shots flew from the tip of his cock. The first stream hit colleen on her forehead and splattered down into her right eye, the second volley hit her on her nose, and the third hit dead center in her mouth. I have to give it to my little trooper black cock loving slut, she just got a huge facial with cum now running down her face and dripping from her chin onto susan?s loaned lingerie and colleen?s tits, but she did not miss a hump on reggie?s cock? so erotic. Ct finished by shaking his cock on her face to get the remaining cum off the tip of his cock, then he told her to suck it clean, which she did.

It was all I could do to keep from cumming, so I motioned to rick for us to switch up on melissa. I wanted to fuck sweet Melissa?s pussy and pump her full of my cum. We did quickly, which was a good thing, I must have humped her for about a minute and I blew a mind blowing load into her hot little bald pussy, and just about that time I heard reggie holler, I?m cumming, I?m cumming, get ready for it baby. That turned colleen on and she started grinding down harder on reggie?s cock as he pumped her full of his hot cum. Colleen turned her head around as far as she could and said to reggie, I felt your hot juices squirting up in me, I could fuck that cock of yours all night long. Then she stood up and u could see her and reggie?s juices dripping from her hot cunt. Then she did something that she had never done for me, she bent down took his cock in her hand and proceeded to kiss it and lick all his cum off of his now limp black cock. Reggie just nodded and mumbled, that?s right clean it up.

By this time, my cock was limp, Melissa and spun around and had sat on rick?s cock and was riding him as he sat in the chair. I walked over to colleen, told her we need a shot, then went to the counter, poured two big shots of tequila and we clinked our cups and slugged down the shots. Colleen whispered to me, did you enjoy that hot young pussy. I answered her question with a question, did you enjoy those two big black cocks and all that cum they pumped in you. She smiled and said, hell yes.

We were both exhausted, and told everyone we were retiring and when into our a joining room and crawled into the bed. Colleen leaned over and kissed me and told me how much she loved me letting her fuck those two hot black guys. I told her the feeling was mutual, that I enjoyed my night watching her and getting a bj from susan and fucking sweet Melissa. Then we passed out from the alcohol and exhaustion.

About 9am the next day, there was a knock on the a joining door. I did not want to open it because I felt like shit, hung over and still tired. But it was rick, I could hear him yelling, so I got up, open the door, and rick and susan walked into our room. Colleen did not hardly even turn over. I asked rick how long did they go, he said they drank for about another 2 hours, Melissa and susan played, and then maurice fucked Melissa in the ass, then reggie, Ct, maurice, and Melissa all left together in search of another fuck party. Rick and susan did what we did, passed out.

We agreed to keep in touch, exchanged phone numbers and said we would get together for the next party.

The End

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