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Coasta Rica Weekend it really happend

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For the love of my life….Tony

My husband and I were spending the weekend on the beach, in a remote fishing port in Costa Rica. We were staying in one of several small, exclusive cottages right on the water on a private beach. We arrived on a beautiful cool Thursday afternoon, checked in, unpacked, and decided we would go to the local marina for dinner. After we showered together and made sure every square inch of each others body was clean we slid out of the shower passionately kissing and onto the floor where my husband slowly parted my legs and buried his face right into my pussy where he stayed… and licked me… until my love juices were running down my ass. I was laying there horney… moaning, squirming beneath him wanting nothing more than him to climb on top of me and press his perfectly sized dick into me. As I laid there fanaticizing of him making love to me, he lifted his face up and looked at me. I could see my love juices glisten around his mouth from the flickering of the candle glow. A small laughter escaped his mouth… he knew I was in heaven. His eyes remained locked onto mine as he slowly lifted his body up and started to move over me… lying wet and naked on the floor… his knees were still in between mine as he was sure to keep me from putting my legs together. He brushed my wet hair out of my face and leant down over me and kissed me with the most passionate kiss. I could taste my wetness on his mouth which turned me on even more. He pressed the head of his penis on the entrance of my love hole. My wetness made his entrance into me pure heaven. I let out a short gasp because the feeling of him entering inside me was pure joy. He starts pumping me, in and out, and I can feel the tension in our bodies start to relax and enjoy the natural feeling as the love starts to overcome us both. Our bodies mold together as if they were made for this very moment. He is so hard… and I feel him inside me hitting just the perfect spot. My body starts to tense and the moaning from us both is getting louder. A few “oh’s” escape from my husband’s lips which is a sign to me that he is about to cum in my pussy and fill me with his semen that I so wantonly crave. I feel warm all over and my body is telling me that I can’t hold out much longer. I need to cum. I want to cum. I want to cum together and feel our bodies shiver and convulse as one. The moment is eminent. I hear my husband mutter “oh god…oh baby, oh baby, oh baby” which is I know, right before he is ready to shoot his perfect load of cum in me. I can feel him throbbing in me and I start to contract around his penis. My pussy wants to cum and in any second I am about to feel my husband unload in me. A moan escapes from my mouth and I know by the look in my husband’s eyes that he is cumming and the feeling is pure ecstasy. I am cumming and my clit is so sensitive. I feel myself contracting around his throbbing penis. We both take a few deep breathes, kiss, and a few laughs of happiness escape our lips. We lay on the floor on our backs for a moment catching our breaths… climb back into the shower, and rinse the tiny beads of sweat off of our bodies. He slides his hand between my legs and pushes on my back ever so softly for me to lean forward against the shower wall… without hesitation I lean forward allowing my husband to wash me in between my legs. I love being loved and comfortable enough to let him do as he pleases with me. When he is finished I turn around and look at him, I love this man. We kiss passionately and decide that we will go to dinner, come back and make love again… and again.

I stand in front of the bathroom mirror making sure that every hair is in place. I have straightened it just the way my husband likes it. I place a touch of perfume in the crest of my cleavage, behind my ear, and in between my legs just for him to find later. I decided on a small black dress that is low cut in the front. It allows just enough cleavage to show to entertain the most boring minds. It has a high slit up the side that shows just a peek of my thighs when I walk and cross my legs. It is the perfect dress for such an evening. I pull out a new pair of sexy black high heels, opened toe, to show off my perfectly painted toes. I put on one last coat of lip gloss and give myself one last look over, smile, and open the door where I find my perfect specimen of a husband standing there staring at me. He is absolutely stunning. He has on black pants, black dress shoes, and a crisp white button down shirt sleeves rolled up and top button unbuttoned. As I approach him he smells divine. He places his hands on my waist, pulls me close, and whispers in my ear “you look absolutely beautiful … I love you baby”. I close my eyes and try to remember this moment forever… as I must be the luckiest woman on earth.

We leave our perfect cottage on the beach. As we walk out the door I have my arm wrapped through his. We stroll down the dimly lit narrow streets. The only lights are the gas lanterns hanging from every other block corner. We are enjoying the cool night breeze and the clear skies. We couldn’t feel any happier than we are feeling after the love making we just shared. Contently we stroll along chatting about the small quaint business fronts that are all closed at this hour of night. As we round the corner to the front of the marina entrance where our restaurant awaits; we notice several people standing outside having cocktails; patiently waiting for their dinner tables to become available. We walk through them and add our names to the list, then proceed to the outdoor bar to order drinks. As we approached the bar we happen to catch a couple leaving and got two seats right at the bar. We take our seats and I turn my body facing my husband placing my legs crossed but in-between his legs. He slides his hand up the side slit of my dress as if no one would notice but me. He orders our drinks. I notice over his shoulder a lady staring at me. I look away from her focusing only on my husband as if he were the only person in the room. We are in small conversation about what we want to do the next day when I notice that the woman sitting at the table is still staring… practically burning a hole right thru me. She is very beautiful, exotic even; definitely of Spanish decent. She is dressed to kill wearing a classy small red dress, and red lipstick; her hair is pulled back tightly in a bun displaying her diamond stud earrings. I look up at her and make eye contact; she smiles a sweet seductive smile, turns her head and tugs on the man standing next to her. He leans down and places his ear next to her as she whispers something to him; he nods, and looks up directly at me, and smiles. I now smile back; as I do the lady is getting out of her seat and starts to approach us slowly but directly, as though she knows exactly what she wants. I stop what I am saying in mid sentence to my husband as he turns around only to find this lady standing there in between the backs of our chairs. I look at him and I can tell that he likes what he sees. His bottom jaw somewhat drops open as she introduces herself. Her name is Sonya she has a deadlock stare on me never once looking anywhere but my eyes. She invites us to sit with her and her husband Edward at their table. I take one look at my husband… when he looks back at me… I know the answer is yes.

About two hours into dinner and more than enough to drink, conversation is going probably better that perfect. Sexual hints are going around the table and it is blatantly obvious that Sonya wants me. My husband keeps putting his hand on my leg under the table squeezing it as though to say I can’t believe this! We had often talked of having sex with another couple… fantasized even about doing it, but the opportunity had never really presented itself. The restaurant is almost empty when Edward suggests that we go back to their boat for a few more drinks. My husband gives me one more squeeze under the table and I look at him in the eyes… I know that if we ever were going to have a chance with another couple this would be it. I look at Sonya and tell her “we would love too”. As we leave the restaurant and walk down the boardwalk we stop in front of this huge yacht a Fifty-Six Hatteraus. My husband and I look at each other like this is their boat? The boat’s name is Spaniard out of Corpus Christy Texas. We follow the couple on board as we have two deck hands assist us over the side. The two take our drink order, and return shortly with our drinks. We all stand outside for a few minutes and talk about fishing and the stars. We are all gazing out to the water seeing the moons reflection across the water as though it is heading directly towards us. I am not sure of what all is being discussed because Sonya is standing so closely to me that all I can feel is her heavy breathing on my shoulder. The attractions is so strong that when I turn around she steppes into me and kisses me once on the lips; softly. Dead silence. I look into her eyes and the urge to kiss her back comes over me. I hand my husband my drink then hers and we start the most sensual kissing. It seemed as though it lasted for twenty minutes. Edward steppes in and says “okay ladies let’s go inside out of the cold”. Sonya turns around and starts to head into the cabin, I follow and Edward gestures to my husband to follow. Once inside Edward looks at my husband and says “are you any good at a hand of cards?” speechless… he nods Yes “Good, then let’s go upstairs and leave the ladies alone for a little while and let them get acquainted shall we?”. The men turn and leave. My husband turns around and gives me the most perfect, devious smile, raises an eyebrow, and turns around with a hop in his step and follows Edward up the stairs; never looking back.

I look around the cabin. There is a long j-shaped bench seating that runs along the windows, a table with four over sized chairs and a small wet bar where Sonya is now standing; making us two new drinks. I have a seat on the bench seat along the windows overlooking the water. Sonya walks up to me and hands me my drink, looks at me and smiles, leans over me and kisses me again. She sets her drink down on the window sill behind my head and slides her leg over me, facing me, her dress rides up as she is now sitting directly on top of me, her face about two inches from mine. She takes my hand and slides it under her dress, no panties on. The breathing is so close and heavy and all inhibitions are now gone. I press my fingers into her wet pussy and a small moan escapes her lips. She lifts up a little and presses down onto my hand as though she is riding me and wants me to go deeper. The moaning is getting louder and the rhythm is getting a little faster. I am getting so turned on. She stops, slides off of me and tells me to lay back. I willingly do so. Sonya slides up my dress, pulls my lacy panties off, kisses my thigh as she lowers her face into me and ever so softly licks me right on my clit. The feeling was so sensual… natural and soft. I close my eyes lay back and decide that I am going to enjoy myself. I feel amazing! I have never felt a woman’s touch on me before, it is as though it is so natural and effortless. She slides her fingertip into me just enough to tease. I exhale as the feeling of her touching and kissing me is breathtaking. I open my eyes to see my husband leaning over me to kiss me. I kiss him deeply; he slides his hand down the top of my dress to expose my breasts and kisses them. I hear Edward say to his wife “that’s my good girl…now turn around and let her play too”. My husband lifts his head as Sonya turns around places and her legs one on each side of my head and lowers herself onto my face. I intensely return the kissing and licking and her juices are flowing just as quickly as I can lap them up. My husband is now standing there in awe; he starts to undress never looking away not even for a second. I look up at him and pat Sonya on the ass and tell him to “fuck her”. He climbs up over me I put my hand on his rock hard dick and pull him close to the entrance of Sonya’s pussy. I have the most perfect view of him pressing into her. His balls are pressed up against her; I know he is now buried deep inside of her. I kiss his balls ever so softly; place my hand on his ass cheek as I want to feel him pounding her. I return to sucking on Sonya’s clit. The moaning coming from both of them is so loud. I now feel Edward’s face buried down into my pussy. His wife has taught him well. I hear my husband about to come and I see him tense up pressed deeply into her cunt. I know he had just filled that sweet little pussy full of my come and I want it back! He pulls out of her and she sits up straight. I start to turn over and crawl towards Sonya, my ass still facing Edward. I tell her to “lean back… you have something that belongs to me”. I open her legs and bury my face into her sloppy wet pussy that has my husbands cum dripping out of. I start to lick and suck it out of her, I want every last drop of his semen back. Edward now pulls my ass towards him and presses hardly into my pussy his oversized penis; forcing his way into me. I look at my husband then Sonya and tell her to “lick him clean”, still on her back my husband leans over her and places his still rock hard dick in her mouth. Edward is pounding me so hardly that my whole body moves forward with every thrust of his cock. Edward pauses for a second and yells loudly “Charles… Brad!” the two deckhands that helped us unto the boat earlier, appear at the top of the stairs where Edward instructs them to “come down and give them a hand”. I look at my husband where he has a smirk on his face as though he knew the whole time what the plans had been. Edward continues pounding me and I feel his rhythm start to change as though he is trying to hold off from cumming he grabs me by my waist and pulls me into him as he presses bare skin against me. I can feel him shooting his load into my pussy. He pulls out of me and one of the deckhands Brad walks up to me grabs my hand and stands me up. The other one Charles walks over to Sonya and stands her up. They look at Edward, he instructs them to undress us both. My husband and Edward have a seat in two of the oversized chairs at the table and pull them side by side as though they are in a front row seat for a movie.

Sonya and I are standing there next to each other. Brad is standing behind me, he un-clothes himself; and exposes his semi-hard erection. He un-zipped my dress and it falls to the floor, my bra is next… I am completely naked standing there with nothing but my heels on. Sonya and Charles are also nude. I look at her and she smiles at me like she knows the pleasure I am about to experience. Brad turns me around facing him. He kneels down kissing my breasts, stomach, as he lowers himself down my body, his tongue leaving a trail as to where it has been… he stops in between my legs and lifts one of them over his shoulder. He proceeds to lick me clean. I glance over to Sonya; Charles is doing exactly the same thing to her. I smile and lean my head back… I can not believe this is happening to me. Brad stops licking me after I am sure he has done a very throe job and has left no trace of Edward behind. He slowly raises from the floor… places his arms around me… lifts me up, I wrap my legs around his waist and he carries me over to the bench seating and sets me in the window sill, pressed up against the glass he presses his dick inside of me. I am staring over his shoulder directly at my husband where he is sitting there naked his perfectly hard dick in his hand, stroking it. I look at Edward and he is sitting there relaxed, stroking himself as though this is an everyday thing for him. Charles carries Sonya over and sets her in the window next to me. Her ankle is crossed over mine as Charles is now pounding her in almost the same rhythm as Brad is pounding me. We are happy…. then we hear Edward say out loud “okay boys…bring them to us” they both immediately stop, step back, take us by the hand and walk us over to our husbands where they stand us in front of them. My husband reaches out for me and pulls me on top of him I put one knee on each side of his body and press myself down on his penis. I lean forward and we kiss passionately. I start to ride him when Edward stops us. Sonya is down on her husband giving him a blow job when he pulls her up on top of him in the same position I am in. Edward looks at my husband and tells him for me to pull me forward and for him to put his arm behind me around my waist. I am staring into my husband’s eyes knowing that I am okay… when Brad steps behind me and presses his penis up against my ass firmly. My husband’s penis is still inside me. I have never been double penetrated before and my husband whispers in my ear for me to press against him. He is holding me so tightly and I could not feel any more loved by my husband. He wants me to enjoy this feeling … I am now oblivious as to what is going on around me because all I can do is stare into my husband’s eyes. The feeling that is overcoming me is so strong that I start to feel warm all over, my pussy is throbbing and I feel at any moment that I am going to cum all over my husband. I start to moan very loudly and start to lift myself up when my husband holds me down even tighter not letting me move. He knows I am about to explode and there is no way he is letting me out of it! He starts saying “oh baby, oh baby, oh baby” he is about to cum in me just the way I love it. I yell and start to tremble…. I am cumming forcibly. Brad is pressed into me and shooting his load…all I can do is yell “oh god”! Sonya, Edward and Charles are all moaning and the room becomes silent. Nothing but a few laughs and wheews are heard from the fuckfest that has just taken place.

We all get dressed and one by one meet on the deck of the boat. We hug and kiss each other and say our goodbyes. Edward offers to call a cab but my husband and I decline. We want to walk home and reminisce about the amazing evening we just had. As we stroll down the streets on the way home we walk quietly hand in hand. We glance over at each other a few times and say nothing but smile at each other contently. When we get back to the cottage still silent, undress, and climb into the shower stand under the water and hold each other lovingly. We climb under the cover and fall asleep holding each other; not moving an inch until morning when we are awoken by a knock on the door. My husband gets up and answers the door. A man is standing there holding an envelope. I look at my husband as the door shuts behind him, I ask “what is it?” he pulls out the contents inside looks at me and says “tickets… two of them…. to Texas”. We laugh; get under the covers and make love… again and again…

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