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Cluster Fuck at the Beach

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It was a beautiful day for a walk on the beach, a rare opportunity that you I and were alone, and the beach was nearly deserted. I spent a little time working on tanning my tits and ass, going for the no tan lines look. You were alternating between being under the umbrella, reading and diving into the surf to cool off. I mentioned I was craving something sweet and salty and you said you had "just the thing" for me. The mere suggestion was all it took. I looked around and we appeared to be alone. You settled into your beach chair and I began to tell you what I had been thinking about while you were swimming. It was our night at Atlantic City, the memories were so vivid and just mentioning it to you I noticed the desired effect. I watched as you grew hard right before me, before I even touched you. I was "cum hungry", which you knew before I told you and you also knew I was going to suck your cock right there on the beach, as that had always been a fantasy of mine. You were hesitant at first but your need to do whatever it took to please me was your main concern. I took you by the hand and led you back up away from the water, into one of those little cabana tents. It was enclosed on three sides, affording the bit of privacy that we were seeking but left a little room for the risk of being "caught". I freed my tits from the bikini top I was wearing and jiggled them in front of you knowing full well you wouldn't be able to resist sucking them. I was not denied. I felt myself turn to liquid down below and reached down to sample the effect you had on me. I was "cum hungry" for my own cum, I served myself a generous helping of sweet, hot liquid. You were watching me as I devoured it. Your lips came down on mine, your tongue seeking the sweetness there to share. You moved against me and I felt how swollen your cock had become. I released you from your suit and immediately my lips surrounded all of your stiff manhood. My tongue escaping to lick at your balls as you moaned. My hair tickled your chest and lower down areas. I ran my hands up and down your inner thighs and I could feel you swell then in my mouth. "I'm coming" you said as I drank it in, so plentiful, a little escaped down the side of my mouth. I caught it with my tongue and smiled up at you. "What are you grinning about?" you said. And I replied, "I'm horny, so horny and that was just an appetizer." "Now you need to cum", you said and so I replied "I plan to, soon but not yet. Now let's take another walk."

We walked and came upon a sign that said "Private Beach, No Trespassing". Loud music was playing, stuff we like, Sublime and the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Out of nowhere a volleyball flew over the dune and hit me in the head. Not expecting that I was off balance and fell right on my ass. I could hear someone apologizing and then he said "you two wanna play?" I looked at you and you winked at me, knowing it appeared that I had found what I was looking for.

We approached the game and to my delight there were only cocks, six of them in fact. Things were looking up. ;-) After some quick introductions, I started "working" the scene immediately. I needed something and I was going to get it. Tossing my t-shirt aside I hollered "who wants me?" Let the games begin. We played competitive yet friendly games as my tits bounced around and I watched the men watching my tits. More times than was necessary I bent over for the ball and wiggled my ass cheeks high up at my fellow team mates. A few good plays were rewarded with high fives and occasionally some friendly intimate contact like a hand on an arm or a gentle butt tap. I needed to find out if what I was after would be well received. After a few drinks, my increasing horniness, the heat of the sun, and the increased knowledge that I had the power to achieve my fantasy left me contemplating my next move. You could tell I was ready to end the volleyball games and begin the quest for the fantasy I so desired. The sexual tension was there, it was thick; a few times I had caught some of my fellow players adjusting themselves. Unsure of how to get things moving I excused myself to use the bathroom and that was your cue to see if you could quicken the pace.

You went for another beer and overheard two of the guys talking about one of their recent sexual escapades that occurred right there in the privacy of their semi-private beach. It was clear to you that the game had made them horny. The "stories" began to fly. One guy talked about his night with a set of twins in the hot tub. Another guy mentioned his blow job on the life guard chair. Each one of them telling a story to try and top the next guy. You saw me heading back and said "my wife gets off on having many cocks under her command."

As I re-joined the group I looked at you and motioned to my bikini top string. You mouthed the words "do it" and that was all it took for me, a quick little tug and I exposed my tits there to you and the six new cocks. I asked "any of you guys up for skinny dipping?" as I tossed my top at the jaw dropping stares and knew that I was going to be followed. The pool area was lush, a private oasis. Inside the pool there was even a swim up bar; at that point I was picturing myself being served up at it. I had shed the bottom of my suit and was floating around on a raft in the pool. You jumped in first and swam over to me. I could tell you took advantage of the time I was away and things were really looking up. One by one the players entered the pool. By then you had pushed my raft up against the side of the pool so that it remained stationary, and just like earlier in the day you were unable to resist my creamy, white tits and pointy pink nipples. You lowered your head to one and I took the other in my own mouth. I knew the others were still not sure if they could believe what they were seeing. If seeing was believing then they were in for a night to remember - a poolside cluster fucking story in the making. I stopped sucking my tit and looked around, six other cocks at the ready. Some of them being stroked by their owners, some just standing at attention. I motioned to the nearest cock and cupped my breast with my other hand, offering it to be sucked by him. Two different tongues simultaneously pleasuring my nipples. I was in heaven. I reached down and found your hand; I moved your fingers over my pussy in circles, dipping them inside and all around. I licked my cum from your fingers as the others looked on, I came then as I was so ready, trembling all over as I knew this was only the first of many yet to happen for me. Soon there were hands all over me. You got out of the pool and positioned yourself over my head as I looked up at your swollen, hard cock and began to lightly lick your balls. My hands fell down over the sides of the raft and I found one hard cock for each of them. I alternated pulling a bit with rubbing circles along the tips. I couldn't be sure as they were under water but I thought I felt some liquid begin to escape. The raft had served its initial purpose but soon became discarded so that there could be better access to all my sweet spots. Two of the men had "floated" me over the pool side bar and one at a time I rubbed each and every cock onto my body, hoping that not one of them would feel deprived. You sat down next to me and I told you that I wanted to suck my cum from your cock. I hopped on top of you and fucked you a little while you sat on the edge of the pool. I came then, again my body shaking in ecstasy. I noticed your hands weren't the only hands on my ass. I was drowning in the attention. I only got off of you so that I could go down on you again and taste my sweetness mixing with yours as the others continued to run their hands all over every inch of me. I inserted someone's finger into my hot pussy, and sucked that cum from their finger and then just so everyone knew how open I was to exploration I guided that finger into my asshole. Suddenly, the hesitancy was gone and all the cocks were at my ready. You knew I was getting closer to my ultimate fantasy and you left me for just a minute to set up an area where I could be comfortable and relaxed to get the utmost of fulfillment from this pool side cluster fucking session. You came back for me, almost immediately and took my hand and led me over to the lounge cushions that you had set up. There were so many of them piled all over it was almost like being in a bed but better as we were outside and you know how much I love to get fucked outside. The air had only a slight chill, but it felt so good on my rosy, pink nipples and the water still on my body glistened. I got down on my hands and knees and you were right there in my mouth, my ass was up high and inviting. I was growing impatient and I said "can someone fuck me in the ass?? The wait was over. I sucked you and had another in my ass. It felt so good but it was not enough. You too wanted to be in my hot tight ass. Ah, so many places to be so how can you choose? I rolled over onto my back and was straddled by you, your cock fucking my tits now while I had two others in my hands working them until I was rewarded with some liquid. I took it and rubbed it on each of my nipples, immediately there were two hungry mouths, licking it off me. Again I felt myself go over the edge. I came in multiple waves over and over again; building and building. You leaned back as my excitement nearly took you over the edge and it wasn't yet time for you to cum again. Though it would be soon. I reached up and pulled you close as my body again rocketed to orgasm. You rolled over so that I was on top and you entered me. You were stunned by the wetness and I told you I was ready for you to cum and asked you where. Your response was "you decide" but I already knew where. There was only one place you hadn't been, one place I needed you to be. "Please cum in my ass now!"

Someone took your place under me and entered at nearly the same time you entered my tight ass, your hands rubbing and kneading my ass the way I like it. I looked up and another cock was right there and I hungrily licked and sucked my fill. As I rocked back and forth, I could feel cocks dripping on my back so I reached out and touched a few. "I'm cumming, cum with me," you said. I felt you swell and fill me with the biggest load we had ever created as your hands tugged at my hair. My head lifted up as my back arched to meet our orgasms. One more thing I needed to make the night complete. I sat in your lap and you supported my body against your chest and with your arms around me and nuzzled my neck with little kisses that continued my orgasmic waves. I shuddered as I asked the guys if they were all ready to cum. No doubt all six were ready, willing and able. I said "I need to feel your cocks rub against me just a little longer and I want to feel the moisture on my lips, cheeks, chin, tits and tummy. Then when I tell you I'm ready I want you to hose me down with everything you've got stored up inside you. Soak me, I want it all." Moments later I was covered completely in multiple loads of yummy hot cum.

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