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Casual sex can be great and then again it can be less than good. Yeh, I know, a really profound statement but true. IT began one day when Sherri said, Let's go to the beach today, Daytona or Titusville. I look at her and since she hardly ever came out with something like that without a motive I asked. Whats the big deal at the beach. Well, I wanna get a new suit and try it out. I was still skeptical but said okay, lets get going then. We packed a cooler and got all the beach stuff that you take with you, blanket, towels, change of clothes and everything. We went to a store and went in, Sherri was dressed in her usual tight and small tank top, no bra and her cut off shorts that had become to be known with our friends as her "Fuck me" shorts since there was no crotch except the seam of the shorts that passed between her legs and most often were in her crack. We went to the suits and Sherri took 3 off the rack to try on. None of them were her size and were in fact a couple sizes smaller especially in the cup size of the tops. She tried them on and asked what I thought of each, the one she settled on was a yellow see thru that was small and it showed her nipples just at the top so that if she even bounced she was out of it. Perfect she said. We paid for it and left for Daytona. Along the way Sherri stripped for most of the drive and the trucks and vans we passed got a good show. She got her pussy off a couple times fingering it and with my help got her juices running full forse so I knew that we were in for an interesting time at the beach. Wel, she got her suit on, barely, and we got out, towels and blanket and cooler and went down to the beach. There were a few people there catching the mid morning sun and enjoying it before it was too hot. We laid out on the blanket and took out the beer and had a couple. Sherri was watching the people go by and said hello to almost everyone that passed. A couple of guys went by, hard builds and good looking and sherri shed her top, not that it was doing any good anyway. They looked at her and she said, Never seen a woman's tits before guys. Well, yes we have, but not so much out in the open. Well, do you object to mine then being in the open. Hell no one said and they had begun to walk towards us, but what about you friend they asked. He is not my friend she said, he is my husband and he likes me to enjoy myself, isn't that right sweetheart she said planting a big kiss on me and grabbing my bulge in my shorts. Yes I do so she does whatever she wants to make her day a good one. So what would give you a good time lady said one? Let me suck that cock she said bluntly. Are you serious he said. Sherri reached up under his shorts and massaged his rod to life. Then he sank to his knees on the blanket and she pulled it out and her mouth took it all in. She sucked him fast as if trying to break a speed record and in a few minetes was rewarded by a mouth full which she swallowed. He sat back as she grabbed his friend and exposed another cock to her hunger and did the same. I was fingering her pussy as she sucked his load out and then said thaks guys. That will do for now. See ya later. She dismissed them as quickly as that. Her pussy was soaked and I brought her to an orgasm with three fingers in her cunt and one in her ass. After another beer there was a group of guys setting up a volley ball next about 40 yards away, a couple of them were watching sherri and her almost totally naked play with the first two guys and with me. They were talking and pointing our way the fact that Sherri still was topless was a good reason to think that they were talking about her. Sherri was watching them and finally said, Well, I am still hungry so I am going to get something if you don't mind. I told her it was her idea to come to the beach and that I would hunt something up for myself. Okay she said and her top in hand took a towel and walked over to them. After only a couple seconds there were hands massaging her titties and she spread her beach towel out, then on her knees she reached out and took the nearest cock into her mouth. There were 10 or so guys there and a few girls all obviously college age or maybe a little less but without fail Sherri began sucking cocks as they walked up to her. Then suddenly she got on all fours and said, okay, enough for the mouth now the cunt, who is first. One of the guys dropped to his knees and rammed into her pussy, fucking her hard and fast. Another got in after him and then another. A seeminly unending line had formed around her, each one driving his hard cock into her soaking dripping pussy. She yelled and growled and moaned thru orgasm after orgasm and demanded to be fucked again and again. IT was just ppure raw sex for her and all she could get. As men walked by the event they would watch and some would get into the circle around her and drop to their knees as their turn came. Sherri was now taking it double and triple as she took cocks in her mouth and ass and pussy. Her capacity to be gang fucked always amazed me. After over an hour she got up, and cum dripping from her and down her legs came back and said, Let go swim. I went with her and we swam and played in the water. She made sure that my hard cock found her used pussy and drained my load too. The day continued on in the same way. Sherri laid on the blanket naked, her pussy dripping..a few guys would go by, say something and she would say a really challenging smart ass remark back and then they had their cocks in her. After a while we laid back on the blanket and found some shade from the sun. We laid there and I was sleeping a little when I heard a female voice, Does he care. Sherri said, no, he just may want to watch do you mind. No, just so he does not touch. I woke and a nice buxom lady was naked next to her, kissing and feeling her all over. She looked at me, Watch but no touching she said. No problem I told her, I generally do what the wife says. This is your wife she said. Yep, and she is hot so enjoy. Sherri took her by the hair and told her to shut the fuck up and do what she came to do. They did just that, a half hour later the woman got up and told Sherri she was crazy, Sherri told her that she didn't mind during her orgasms did she. The woman left. Around 3PM Sherri announced that she was ready to go and put on her small bikini that she had bought and we walked to the car. She got in and laid the seat back and streached out. I got in, slid a hand in her bottoms and played with pussy as I drove. She was just getting to an orgasm as I fingered her and we pulled along side a truck at a light, The driver watched as she squirmed and had yet another orgasm. We pulled away and she said she had to pee so I needed to stop and let her go. YOu wanna do it on the side or a gas station I asked her. GAs station she said so a couple miles later I pulled in and she got out, her titties hardly staying in the top and her ass showing that it was too big for the bottom. She walked in and asked for the rest room and the guy pointed to the back and the 4 other men watched as sherri went to the bath room. I was a regular gas station bathroom that had a sink and mirror and toilet. Sherri did not close the door as she pulled her bottom down and sat on the seat. The men started at her as she relieved herself. Then she motioned for anyone that wanted to to join her. Well one guy pulled out his cock right then and walked to the door, Sherri dropped to her knees and sucking him she removed her top. THen as he was ready to cum she aimed it at her chest and his cum soaked her titties which she took in her mouth and licked. Another stuck his cock in her face and she swallowed it down making him cum in a heartbeat. She walked to the counter and leand over it and motioned for anyone to step up and take her ass. The other men did, one at a time, filling her with cum. I pulled up to the door closer and she finished and without putting her top on walked to the car and got in. We waved at the men and I drove off. Back towards Orlando. She dipped her fingers into her pussy as I drove licking the cum from them. A few miles down the rode two guys were hitch hiking...and as I expected, Sherri said to give them a ride, Don't you mean that you are going to give them a ride I asked her and she laughed. WEll, you helped make me the slut I am so fuck off if you don't want to give them a ride, drop me off and I will hike with them. We stopped and they got in, Sherri took her small bikini bottom off and tossed it in the face of one. He looked at her, Is that an invite he said and then she climbed into the back seat. With no prelimiaries she pulled out his cock and sat on it bouncing all over the back seat she fucked one then the other. They each had a couple times at her and we let them off finally. About a block from our apartment she pulled on her t shirt and we drove on in. We got to the apartment and she stripped and laid out in front of me, my cock homed in on her sloppy cunt and added to the collection of cum she had accumulated during the day. So what the hell was that all about I asked her finally. Shit, I don't know, I just felt life fucking the day away and thougt the beach would be a good place to go to do it. Her mouth closed around my half hard cock and she fell asleep with it in her moouth...sucing it slowly in her sleep until it filled her mouth with cum.

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