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Camping trip

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Well we went on a camping trip this past summer for the first time. I love to camp but the wife would rather be in a hotel room. She decided to give it a try this year.

We arrived and located our little camping spot next to a small creek that wound through the campground. There were several tents located around us.

While we were unpacking a few of the guys asked if we needed help putting up the tent, sure I said come on over.

Linda just stood to the side and watched as we set everything up. She was talking to the guys asking questions as to where all there wives were. They told her this was there weekend away from them so they could rest. All of them seemed to like here and enjoyed talking to her. Now that might have been because of the shorts and halter top she had on. Every now and again she would bend over and you could just almost see her nipples. Her shorts just went right up the crack of her butt.

Well anyway we finished and the guys said they were going out in a while but would be back later. They told her they were going to try and find some trouble to get into.

Later on that night we heard them come in. They were a little roudy and loud but not to bad, I could tell they had been drinking. I was about to fall asleep and Linda told me she had to go pee and asked if I wanted to go walk with her. I told her no I was to sleepy. She got up and walked out of the tent.

I had fallen asleep and a short time later I woke up to some noise outside. Linda wasn't back yet. I looked at my watch and she had been gone about a half hour. I got up and walked outside. I heard the guys talking from over a small ridge on the creekside. I also heard Lindas voice to.

I walked up to the edge of the ridge and could see her and the guys at the creek but they couldn't see me. They were tring to get her into the water with them. The creek had water pools all along it and they were in one of them, she was sitting on the outside talking with them.

They started to tease her a little tring to get her in the water and to take her clothes off like them. She was laughing at them. I heard one ask where I was at and she told him I was asleep and wouldn't be up till morning. They all looked at each other and smiled.

Come on in they said we will make it fun for you. How she said. Two of the guys stood up and didn't have any cloths on at all and they walked over to her. You can play with these that will be fun. Both guys had nice size cocks. She looked and smiled. Ok maybe I will get in. She slid off the rock into the water. The guys circled her like sharks.

Come on take the top off your in the water now. Ok she said but you better not tell on me. As she took it off I could see her nipples were really hard on her 38c tits. Ohhh they said those are nice. What if somebody comes she said? It's after midnight everybody is asleep. We just need to be quite and not wake them up.

I could see them rubbing on her and she seemed to like it. She laid back on one of the rocks and two of them started to suck on her tits. There were six of them in with her. They were taking turns sucking her nipples. She was doing a little heavy breathing. One of them was pulling her shorts off and laid them on the rocks beside her top. They positioned themselves around her and had her floating on top of the water. I know they were enjoying her nice shaved pussy.

Each one was taking there time to eat her pussy and then turn her to the next one. She was moaning by now.

I couldn't ever imagen her doing this. She was enjoying it. One of the guys sat on the edge of the rocks and she turned over and looked at his cock that was as hard as could be. Suck my cock he said. She told him I will but don't tell. She took his cock in her mouth all the way to his balls and held it there untill she started to choke. She then started to slide her mouth up and down on it. The others all sat on the rocks to execpt one that stayed in the water. She was giving each one of them a blow job changing back and forth.

She was doing a real good job. They were pulling her pony tail making her go all the way down on them untill she was choking and then pull her back up. She never said stop she was really into it. Suck my cock bitch like the whore you are. Oh she was moaning with every word.

The one still in the water with her was playing with her pussy. He was fingering her really hard. she was moving with him. He told her to stop sucking there cocks and grabed her pony tail. Lay down on the rock bitch he said, she layed down with her head just above the water hanging over the edge. Close your eyes he said. He stood up and I know he had at least 12 inches much more than the others.

Open you mouth, she did. He he could just get the head of his cock in her mouth it was so big. I can't she said it's to big. Try he said. She got it in and then he shoved it in her mouth. She tried to scream but couldn't. He just kept pumping. He pulled it out. It's to big she said.

He told her to stand up. She did. Bend over, she did he rammed his cock in her pussy it went all the way in she almost screamed. He had her pony tail and was pulling her to him with every stroke. He was tearing her up. She was moaning like nothing I had ever heard before.

All the guys were watching him just waiting there turn. As he was about to cum he turned her around and grabed her head and made her suck him off. He loaded her mouth up with cum.

He said shes all yours boys. She said wait just a minuit let me catch my breath I never had a cock like that before it's big.

For about the next hour and a half she was fucked by all of them. She was doing two and three at a time. I never thought of her doing this.

She liked to be told what to do and liked it rough. Now I know. When they were finished she got back in the creek and washed off. She picked up a towell and dried off.

Good nite guys I guess we will see you in the morning. She started back toward the tent. I ran and climed back in. She laid down beside me and never said a word.

The next morning I reach over and started to rub her little smooth pussy but it was really swelled I mean really swelled from the night time playing.

What's wrong I said, I don't know it hurts for some reason she said.

Well I got up and walked out of the tent and all the guys were gone, no tents were even close to us now. She came walking out and ask where did the guys go. I don't know.

Well it was a nice trip and I know she had a good time and I did to watching her.

Well I have to tell you this to.

A few months later she was working at a different office and I droped by to see her. Well I didn't see her But I did see three of the guys from the camping trip. When they saw me the turned away from me but it was to late. I called them over.

They came over and spoke. I told them I saw everything that happened that night. Look man we didn't mean any harm. No problem I said it's ok I enjoyed it.

We sat down and talked and I found out she had set the whole thing up. She had reserved all the sites and told them where we would be. She wanted to make sure nobody else was close by.

I told them not to tell her I knew about it and they would be no problems. Ok we want tell.

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