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Bridesmaid continued

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Thanks to all that enjoyed the beginning. I ran out of time so I had to cut it short. When I left off, I said night got much hotter- as Paul Harvey says- " Here is the resttttttt of the story."

After alot of hot dancing where I was continually felt up by Cody, I decided to take a break. I went outside to get some air when groom came up to me. Apparently while i was hooching it up on dance floor, I neglected my bridesmaid duties and as a result my friend, the bride, got too much champagne and was now a sloppy mess. Groom said they had a 400 dollar bridal suite but since she wouldnt remember it, he wanted to just take her home and asked if Id tag along because he had no idea how she got into wedding dress and if it got ruined shed be crushed. I said sure so said goodbye to Cody and got into car with bride and groom. We got to their house and another car pulled in, it was Cody and 2 other groomsmen. I was glad because on the drive, bride passed out and she was dead weight- no way I could have carried her. The guys all got her into bed, then they left and I got her out of dress and onto a pillow. The 3 guys waited for me so I could have a ride back to my car. The groom came out to thank all of us then gave us a bonus- he didnt want room to go to waste so he said since we helped we could go to suite. He said suite had a pool and a hottub in room and a few bottels of champagne. Guys were excited- I wasnt sure. They were begging me but I had to call and ask hubby. He said SURE! Have fun and send me pics and text updates. They ran back to my car so I could get my overnight bag with my bikini that I had the night before in gals hotel and off we went to the bridal suite.

The suite was breathtaking. Rose petals on bed, pool and hottub IN ROOM. 6 bottles of champagne. We all took turns changing into swimsuits and i must say- all 3 men loved my bikini. I was amazed too- did alot of tanning and I looked splendid. We opened a bottle of champagne and all went to pool. At first Cody was only one in pool that was being touchy- other two guys swam and looked but kept their distance. Eventually one got brave and swam by me and grabbed my ass under water and when I didnt object- the mood lightened. For next litle bit it seemed I constantly had a guy swimming between my legs, grabbing my ass, snapping my top. I was center of attention. The champagne and having three sexy, tanned buff men flirting with me really got my juices flowing.

They decided they wanted to have me race them for wagers. i said sure. I first went against Cody and I won- I picked another kiss. He swam over to me, pinned me against side of pool and we kissed. Mouths immediately opened and heavy making out went on for a few minutes. The two other men wanted their races so they broke us up. When I swam away my nipples were standing out big time thru my suit. Ya I was way turned on from the kissing. Next up was Steve. He beat me. He wanted same treatment as Cody but with one stipulation- he wanted to be able to use hands too. I said sure and started making out with Steve. Great kisser too and his hands were grabbing, pinching my ass nonstop. Love my ass played with. After a couple minutes of that treatment it was time for my race against Brent. At this point I was tired so I got beat bad. He didnt ask for a kiss- he just said, " were all topless, you have to be topless." I agreed and told him he should at least help take my top off since he won. He swam over and I put my arms up and let him unsnap me and let my tits free. All three men were in awe.

Didnt take long of me being topless before all three men were all over me. Various make out sessions, various mouths on my nipples. I was reaching under water and rubbing any cock that was near me. All three seemed huge. Brett got out of pool and sat on edge, I turned and pulled his cock out and started sucking it. Steve was sucking my nipples and then I felt my bottoms pulled down from behind. I knew it had to be Cody but I kept sucking Brent. He was so hot for me. I felt a bare cock brushing against my bare ass and wwithin seconds I felt my pussy opened and a nice cock put into me from behind. I moaned into Brents cock as Cody grabbed my hips and started fuckingme hard. Steve kept hands on my nipples and I was exploding. I felt Brent tense up and prepared for a lod of his cum, it happenned- I took it all. Steve got out of pool and sat next to Brent and got his cock out- I moved over and took his into my mouth. Codys cock was in me all the way to his shaft and he kept banging me. Seeing all this made Brent hard again so I started sucking both cocks. Evntually Cody pulled out and cummed in the pool and both cocks shot more cum into my mouth.

We got out and refilled champagne and got into hottub. It continued. They sat me on edge of hottub and Cody went and started licking my clit. I sucked Brent and Steve again then told them I wanted to try them. Brent went and laid on bed and I mounted him. I rode him hard as the other two kissed me or played with my tits. I was cumming nonstop. It was a long night- all three men took turns having me and I didnt get dropped off to my car til 8 am. When I got home hubby was up and waiting so yep- more cock for me. He loved hearing all the details and we spent all day naked reliving the night I was a naughty bridesmaid.

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