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Black sweet surprise

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We three young white boys (17yrs old) went to the store for some snacks.

We were going to watch football on tv. It has been several weeks since i was given any pussy and I am all amped up! it was tought getting there because the snow was really starting to fall fast. Just as I pulled in they announced on the radio that everybody was to stay off the roads. I was stuck!! Just as I got out of the car I saw a really sexy black bitch going into the store. Wow, what luck I thought! I decided to get a closer look. I followed her into the meat aisle (I would like to give her some of my meat I thought). As she was looking at the meat I noticed that her nipples were getting hard and sticking out quite nicely. Then I noticed she was braless. "That fucking slut" I thought. Then I thought.... I am going to fuck this black slut's pussy tonight, since we are going to be stuck here anyway. Just then 2 of my buddies walk behind me. "What are looking at" they asked. I said "I am looking at our entertainment for the night". They looked at you and grinned.

We came over to you and I said " So, You want to come out late at night a tease us guys". You replied "Hey, I am just minding my own business". "You're our business now bitch" . We drag you through the swinging doors.

In less than a minute we are feeling your titties hard and squeezing your nipples and rubbing that black pussy. We start rubbing that clit while sucking your black tits hard, u moan and scream at the same time. You protest. We all say ur in white boy country now black bitch. u r stuck in the white snow storm w/us and furthermore u dressed like a slut, tits exposed and no panties, shut up u black cunt and take all this young white cock, bitch. I take my cock out and say "Get on your knees black slut". You hesitate, and I grab a hand full of you hair hard and you drop to your knees. "Suck my cock you sexy black cunt". You open your mouth and I watch my cock slide past your full lipsticked lips. Ohh, you take it deep.... it feels so good. I can tell you like it. Gripping your hair tighter I begin to fuck your mouth... you start to moan. My buddy starts playing with your pussy and they realize and say, "this bitch has a fat clit, and we watch it grow in front of our eyes. Wow. So one of my friends gets down and starts licking your sweet black cunt and sucking your clit ahrd, u r moaning still protesting, but it feels to good. U r having no other choice but to let us boys fuck u, suck u,lick u, finger fuck u and feel u up. I tell them "you can play But I get to fuck this bitch first... I found her". So we switch places. I hated to leave that hot mouth but I wanted that wet black fat clit pussy. So one of my buddies stuck his cock in your mouth and I got behind you and slid my rock hard cock into your pussy. "Man, this cunt is burning hot" I fucked like crazy. My buddy couldn't take and he shot his load of hot creamy cum into you mouth. You must have liked it because you started moaning and fucking back onto my cock. "Do you like that bitch" I ask. "Oh, please don't make me do more" You say, but not to convincingly. "Oh, you're going to do more alright, I still have another friend who needs his dick sucked" "No, Please don't make me" you say. "Shut up, black bitch ass slut and open you mouth". I reach under you and pinch/squeeze your hard black nipples. You wimper and open your mouth. My second buddy steps up and thrust his cock into your mouth. I am watching my cock slide in ane out of your pussy, while looking at that sweet brown ass. I am so fucking horning I can't get enough. I tell my first friend to lay down on his back. I pull out, "sit on his cock you fucking cock hungry little black slut". You sit on his cock without even taking your cocksucking lips of my other buddies dick. "Now you are going to have a cock in each hole you fucking black cunt".You yell, NO, not my ass, I say shut cunt, never been fucked in your swet ass, huh. Well guess what u black cunt, ur about to be fucked good. I get over top of you and spread your ass cheecks apart. "OH, what a nice ass you have, I am really going to enjoy this" I slowly work my hard cock into your tight ass. "Oh this feels so fucking good". I look down and you are covered in sweat. You are riding my buddies cock for all your sluuty ass is worth. You are sucking my other buddies cock like it is the last one you will ever suck. He blows his load in your mouth. You hungerly swollow every drop of his hot cum. My other buddy can't take it and blows his load into your balck pussy. I go into high speed and start pounding you ass. You are maoning and wimpering and begging for me to stop. Then all of sudden u start fucking back and u say "Pleeeasse, shoot your hot cum deep in my asssss". I am really enjoying this and I am getting soo close..... I can't take it any more ..... Your hot black ass is too much for me...." I'mmm cummming in your ass, you fucking little slut....You like that?"

"Oh yes baby, I can feel it. it's sooo good" You say cum in this 40yr old black bitches ass and then i want u guys to make me suck your white dicks again and cum in this black sluts mouth one after the other and make me swallow all of your white juice and call me your black bitch, black cumdrinkin slut, black nippled cunt and big clit bitch and then take pictures of me so all your friends at school can see how this 40yr old black bitch was fucked and r*ped by white boys. Put my pussy and tits and ass pics on the walls of the boys bathhroom so all u white boys can jerk off to this black bitches titties and pussy. Then this black bitche walks out of the swinging doors w/titties and ass and pussy showing for all to see, what a hot black cunt. A few guys startted feeling her tits and squeezing her ass as she walked up the aisle, slapping that bitches tits and ass, one guy could not take it and slammed her against the wall and fucked her black slutty ass hard w her legs spread wide and her hands on the walls, nailin that black bitch good until he told her to get on her kness and swallowe his cum, like a good black cumdrinkin cunt, she was.

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