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Back to the casino

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Well here we go again I'm laying in my bed wondering what to do today my husband just fucked the shit out of me come still dripping out my pussy and I'm still horny.I think I'll go take a shower and go back to the casino today.I like going there a little gambling a little strange cock what's a horny wife to do.I come out the shower go to my closet and I put on jean shorts and a tank top to show off my big tits and my huge nipples.i get in my car and start the hour drive I get to the casino park my car and go inside.i like to play blackjack but I'll only play at a table with older men.the tables aren't crowded and I see an opening at a table with all men there.I walk up get my chips and start to play.I look around and all these men are staring at me as if they all want to fuck me.I think it's funny when a man brushes up against a women's tit and says oh excuse me you know he doesn't mean it he really wants to feel you up.I'm winning a lot of money so I think it's time for a little fun.This older man in his seventies keeps rubbing my ass and I turn around and say to him do you want to see what's underneath these shorts.He jumps back probably thinking I'm joking but I say to him I'm serious do you want to see.He says to me he's with three buddies and he can't leave them behind so I ask him do you have a room and he says yes.i grab his cock which is pretty big by now and I tell him lead the way.we get to the room and we go inside and he says my name is Jim what's your and I tell him Carol.He takes me in his arms and kisses me and I'm so horny I drop to my knees and take his cock out his pants and start to suck his cock.After about five minutes he shoots his load down my throat and I suck all the come out his cock and tommy amazement he's still hard so he climbs on top of me and goes to shove his cock in my pussy and I grab his head and I say to him I hope your hungry and I push his face down to my pussy and Jim begins to suck it.I come almost immediately cause when you know how to eat my pussy I will come all over you.Jim puts his cock in my pussy and starts to fuck me hard and deep.i love the way Jim's cock feels in my pussy not knowing how this older man has the stamina to keep up with this pace.I come two more times and Jim says Carol I want to fuck that great ass of yours and I say ok Jim but take your time cause you don't have a little cock Jim laughs gets behind me and slowly pushes the head of his cock in my ass.i love a good ass fucking so I look at Jim and moan and tell him to give my ass a good fucking.He is still fucking my ass a half hour later and I can't wait until he comes in my ass cause the orgasm you get is so intense and as I'm thinking about my orgasm Jim comes in my ass and i see stars coming with him.Jim takes his cock out my ass and puts it in my mouth and tells me to lean it for him and I do what he asks.We lay on the bed and he tells me his buddies are on their way up and would it be ok for them to fuck me and I tell Jim it's your cock I want tell them we're busy with that I take Jim's cock in my mouth and he gets hard real quick.I get on top and start to ride his cock and I can feel my come running down his cock.Jim comes quick and my pussy is soaking wet so I tell Jim I'm going to take a shower and when I go I the shower I hear the room door open and close and I say to myself this sneaky fuck let his friends in.I put a towel around me open the bathroom door and there are his three friends one white two black naked stroking their cocks and I look at Jim and say you sneaky fuck how could you let them in and Jim says to me Carol look at the size of their cocks I thought this would make you happy.I look at their cocks especially the two big black ones and I say I want the two black cocks last cause I want enjoy them fucking me.they take me to the bed lay me down and start to fuck me one at a time .i'm fucking the black guy named Rufus when he picks me up and tells me to ride his big black cock.I'm riding his cock when John the other black guy slips his cock into my ass.Oh I'm in heaven now never had two cocks fucking me at the same time and then the white guy grabs my head and starts to jam his cock down my throat.Rufus looks at John and says this white bitch got some good pussy and John says her ass ain't bad either.the white guy,Steve comes down my throat and I love the taste of hot come and I just keep swallowing his load.Rufus then says Carol I'm going to give you this black come deep in your pussy and then I feel his cock get real hard and he shoots his come deep in my pussy.It's just me and John left and John is fucking the shit out my ass.He says to me the other two guys came quick but it might take me a little while as he's telling me this I can feel Rufus's come dripping out of my pussy so I take my hand grab some and lick it off my hand.John looks at me and says your a freaky white bitch I laugh and John comes deep in my ass and I come with him.I get up go back in the shower and all three men join me and we fuck again and now I'm in my car going home with a stretched out pussy and ass and as I'm leaving I say to myself thanks Jim for all the cock you gave me.

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