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At The Club

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Sherri recovered from the gang bang in the barracks after a few days but she was now developing into a full blown nymphomaniac as far as I could see. She often spoke of wanting to just go fuck anyone that was available, man or woman, it did not matter. We knew and were close friends with several black couples and they came over often. Hal and his wife were regulars and so were Ronald and Karla that had arrived at the base a few months before. Ron had been at the barrakcs when Sherri had her fit there and so knew of her appatite. They were over visiting one Friday night and Karla asked if what Ron had told her was true, about the barracks thing that had happened. Sherri looked at her and got a very hot look in her eyes, "Yes, it is totally true and I wish I could do it again." THen she kissed Karla on the mouth and Karla stiffened up. Karla let the kiss happen and looked at Ron, She is one crazy white girl, she said laughing. Then she kissed Sherri back and we all relaxed. We were having beers and eating from the grill and Ron said, "We know a place that you can go and really get fucked good Sherri." "Oh, and that is where?" she said. A little club that has lots of action and lots of men that are looking for hot pussy" Karla told her. Sherri stood up, "So we haven't left yet?" "Let me go put one something a little hotter." She left and came back out, again in her favorite type of clothes, Short tight mini skirt, slit up the side that actually went to the hip, a silk look tank top and no bra and panties. Sherri had put her foot up on the bench that Karla was sitting on and her bare pussy was visible and Karla bent over and kissed it long and slow making Sherri moan..Well, I am ready, lets go. Okay Ron told us, now that thing is that you two will be the only white folks in there so you okay with that? Sherri licked her lips...NOw that sounds like a feast she said. Then she kissed Karla again and grabbed Ron's half hard cock thru his pants, I only know that all the cum I have ever had was all the same color hun, so lets go. We got in their car and drove out of town, after a while there was a dirt road and we turned down that and to the end, There was a club there in the middle of no where and we pulled in and parked. Ron told us to stay until he got to the door and talked to the guy there, a very well built black man that was at the door. He talked to him and we could see the man reach down and massage a bulge in his pants..and he motioned for us to come to the door. Sherri walked up to him and he looked at her then reached out and grabbed one of her titties, she moaned..My man says you want cock, that right? Yeh, that is it. By the way Sherri sid, the tits come in pairs as she lifted her blouse and he stood there looking at the other. YOu gonna do something with them or can we go in she said. He looked at me, You okay with this man. Hell yes I told him, maybe I can get some rest tonight and he laughed. He openbed the door and Ron and Karla went in first and then we followed. Sherri had her blouse half way off and her titties were showing hard nipples. The door guy came in and motioned to what was the owner. The lady wants to get fucked he told him. Really he said looking at her nipples then he reached under her skirt and found bare pussy, sank his fingers into her hard...Sherri reached out and put her arms around his neck and rode his fingers. He finished and smelled his fingers and she stepped back. Well, I guess you are serious then lady. Sherri looked pissed and took off her blouse and her skirt and handed them to Karla, "So when do we start and who are the first ones." Now the room was satring at her and the owner took her by the arm leading her to the stage. She stood next to him on the stage totally naked and he said, "Okay people, the lady wants to get fucked and we have planety here to take care of it. Sherri put in, "Anyone, male female and anything else you got, I will take it all." The room broke out in loud applause..Yeh lets do the bitch a woman said and several others agreed. Men and women walked up and some unzipped there pants letting hard cocks loose as Sherri dropped to her knees...Some were fucking her mouth, some her ass, some the pussy and some just jacked off all over her. There was never a need to ask for more....ONe time a really large black woman had stripped and got on stage with her. Sherri looked up at her. Stand up bitch she commanded sherri...Sherri began getting up and the woman grabbed her titties hard. I said stand up bitch...Sherri got up and the woman commanded her. Suck my titties bitch, suck them now. Sherri did and was moaning as she took the large titties in her mouth...then she told her, lay back down now bitch, eat my pussy. Sherri did as she was told and the woman lowered herself over Sherri's face. Sherri devoured her pussy slurrping sounds coming from her as the woman reached several orgasms....She had fallen forward and had eaten Sherri thru a few orgasms too...Then she was kneeling over Sherri face just a few inches from her mouth...YOU ready for what is next bitch? she said as the room erupted into applause...Yeh do it Shanda, do it to her...Are you ready Bitch I said...slapping sherri Yes, I am ready for anything Sherri said...Okay then bitch, drink this as her bladder let go covering Sherri with a yellow stream...Sherri tried to drink all she could but it was too much and it puddled on the floor around her head..finally it stopped and Sherri laid there, Now bitch, go clean up and come back out here, we are just getting started. Karla helped Sherri up and took her to the rest room, a little later she came out and a mattress had been brought up and Karla laid her on it...Sherri got up on one elbow...So is that all you folks have, I am barely hot a steady stream of men got between her legs, each fucking her, filling her with cum and getting up for the next. THe room had become an orgy, people we fucking in all the spaces that could be found. Sherri was sucking cock and eating pussy that was full of cum and as each cock left her pussy filled with cum the next would fill it up again...all I know is that we got there a little after 10PM and left as the sun was coming up. Sherri laid next to me in the car naked, her clothes were never found. We got to the apartment and Karla helped her into the bed and then Sherri wrapped her arms around Karla kissing her, Thanks sweetie, that was sleep with me. Karla laid down next to her and Sherri undressed her and began making love to her slowly, eating her pussy thru orgasm after orgasm...I fell asleep in the chair and Ron on the couch..Sometime the next evening we woke up and went to a place to get something to eat. We talked aboiut the evening and Sherri concluded, "I will never ever turn down chocolate agin." Karla laughed at her, "an vanillia is sweet too," and they kissed. Ron looked at me, Here we go again he said. I felt Sherri's hand on my cock as she and KArla kissed. Yep, I said to Ron. Here we go again.

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