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Arizona Screamin

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Arizona Screamin'

My wife and I have been dedicated hikers and swingers since we moved to Arizona, so it seemed quite natural to combine the two avocations. Randi and I started off swinging in threesomes, first her sister, then close friends, and finally male acquaintances at work. Eventually we met other couples and even attended one of the local swing clubs. One of the activities we had not as yet participated in was a gang bang. I very much enjoy my beautiful red-head wife fucking some buffed stud, and the pleasure I witness on her face gives me such complete satisfaction. Under the assumption if one is good, four would be better my wife began to plan and salivate at the prospect of our next swinging adventure.

We have hiked quite extensively in the Tucson area, and a trip to the Santa Catalina mountains seemed appropriate. There are several cairns at altitude, and several seemed to be good swimming holes: The backpacks were prepared, maps obtained, and we were off to Tucson!

The first day of our hike dawned wonderfully, the turquoise sky seeming to go on forever. It was the middle of May, and already the heat from the desert floor was rushing up the steep canyon walls toward the zooming heights of Mount Lemmon: It would be 107°F in Tucson before the day was through, in the lower 90°?s at the altitude we planned to camp. As we climbed the rugged trails, picking our way through the Manzanita and Piñon pine, the sweat started soaking my 5? 11? and my wife?s petite 5? 2? frames and clothing. Although the hike was indescribably beautiful and several desert inhabitants graced us with and audience, we could not wait for an evening soak in those spring-fed pools 1500 feet above us!

Finally we reached our camp at the 6500 foot level, and quickly set up camp, stowed our gear, and headed for the cairns. Although I am quite adept at deciphering USGS topographical maps, it still took 45 minutes to find the refreshing natural oasis hidden in the rock clefts. The cairn looked so inviting Randi stripped naked in the blinding southwest sun, and dove into icy water. The sight of my wife?s gorgeous 34C pink tits and fire-red bush uncovered for the anyone to see brought my dick at immediate attention. We soaked our agonies away in the chilling water, and watched the blazing orb head for the margarita horizon. Sated, I hoisted my now numb body out of the cairn to prepare dinner, while my wife laid her still naked body out on a blanket to warm herself in the fading afternoon sun.

After throwing my cargo pants on, I hurried to the camp and heated the brown rice and chicken that would make dinner. I grabbed a change of clothes for Randi and headed back up the trail. As I navigated the last few rocks, I was surprised to hear male voices interspersed with my wife?s boisterous feminine laughter. When I finally rounded the corner, I froze at the sight that greeted me?there was my wife of eight years, naked, with three equally naked young hunks surrounding her. I decided to hide behind the boulders and observe, not wanting to startle the young men. Thank the fates I brought our camera with the telephoto zoom lens!

My wife was joking with the male trio, and the two who were black we gently massaging her tits and Irish ass. The third male, a Native American with very long hair, was stroking his ample cock against Randi?s creamy inside thigh, As I quietly exhausted a roll of 35 mm film, my sexy Celtic mate slid onto her knees and started sucking on the black dicks bobbing in front of her eager face. Randi went from ebony to ebony cock, while the tall Indian dipped his fingers lovingly into my wife?s red pussy. Not surprisingly, I heard her moans drift up through the rocks. It was hard to hear distinct words, but I could discern one phrase uttered by the taller black dude ?I know I?m gonna? fuck your red cunt with my black snake meat, white-girl!? My wife shook her head as she shouted ?No! I want all of you to bang me?all or none! And when you?re done, my cunt had better be soaked in plenty of sperm!? The guys looked shocked, then laughingly answered in almost unison ? Yes, Mamm!?

Slowly, I had stalked to a distance of a mere ten yards. One of the African American studs gingerly lifted my naked wife and laid her on a hastily spread sleeping bag. He moved between Randi?s thighs and started rubbing 10? of black cock the length of her slit. When she was moist enough, he entered my wife?s red mound in a single thrust, penetrating to the balls. ?Oh, fuck me!? my love screamed, as the Indian guy cupped his hands on her tits ?Oh fuck, I love to fuck black dick!? The dark gentleman pounding her cunt increased the pace, only stopping after she had climaxed and he had filled her snatch with his load. I knew this because between the time the first black cock withdrew and the second ebony wand replaced it, I saw though the 50 mm lens his thick white cum flow from her red bush and off his black dick. About the same time, the Native American dude spurted all over her tits, mouth, and hair. They all switched positions several times, my wife receiving a total of five interracial loads up her cunt and two on her beautiful tits in the hour they were fucking. I had just finished the third roll of film when my spouse stood up and looked in my direction. ?Honey, come down here?, she playfully called ?I want you to meet Ron, Afonso, and Jaime!? I was set up!

As we shared dinner with our new friends, we talked about the glories of the Sonoran desert, and incredible variety of wildlife this unique ecosystem supported. Arguments ensued as to which gear was the sturdiest, and the best ways to accomplish no-trace camping, as all true lovers of the desert do when they gather. Randi giggled as a black hand slipped into the waistline of her shorts ?I guess we?re doing no-impact?your sperm is bio-degradable!? My wife is incorrigible, and clearly she liked her first gang-bang. Before we said good night, my gracious wife sucked each of our cocks, and we rewarded her by sequentially spilling our loads on her bush after a brief cunt dip. As we watched her new companions head off for their own camp, we watched meteors chase the stars, and were just able to make out the faint howling of coyotes far down toward the twinkling lights of the Tucson desert floor. Trail life is good.


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