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An Evening of Doing as Told

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An Evening of Doing as I am Told

Glenn and I have a wonderful relationship based on no lies, no jealousy, and no secrets. We got into lifestyles shortly after getting together. I had left a very repressive 22 year marriage that involved little sex. I found a mate that allowed me to enjoy a sensuality I never knew possible. We have grown and explored many aspects of the lifestyle together. Glenn says I have more buttons than the space shuttle. I am a voyeur, exhibitionist, Bi, multiorgasmic, I enjoy light BDSM, and a squirter. We have lots of avenues to explore and do often.

Recently we went to our favorite on-premise club. I usually take 4 or 5 outfits and change looks during the evening at the club. One of my fetishes is sexy clothes, since my previous life did not permit them. As we were packing things for the evening Glenn came in and went through my sexy stuff closet and picked out some things, placing them in a bag without letting me see them. He added them to my bag and, when I asked, he said it was something he planned on me wearing. He then selected a pair of white high heels and added them to my shoe bag. A girl can never have too many shoes. We always stay at a hotel up the street from the club to avoid the drive home; also, just in case we connect with someone and we want to extend the evening. This requires another bag of play stuff for the room, along with pads for the bed (remember squirter above). We headed out early for the hotel to check in, grab a nap, and get ready for the club.

When club time got there, I dressed in my usual style of sexy full cover dress to get through the parking lot to inside. Early in the evening the area is very busy and a little decorum is necessary. Late night departures I have been known to walk to the car naked.

When we got inside several friends were already there. Some of the ladies know my fetish for sexy clothes and they wanted to see what I brought. We often trade during the evening and play dress up together in the ladies lounge. Glenn pulled the bag he had gotten together and said it was No No for trade tonight. My curiosity was beginning to get the better of me. The night progressed and the club was getting crowded. It was a Friday night and the club allows single males in that night and there were a lot of them this week. I had met several whenever I left the table to visit some couples we recognized or went to the ladies room.

Around midnight Glenn took out his bag of clothes he had brought me and told me it was time to change. I did not realize how much change he meant until I got to the dressing lounge. I knew whatever he packed was white because of the white heals he selected. I opened the bag and found a very sheer white corset, Sheer thong matching panties, a white garter belt, and white stockings. There was one more surprise in the bag. My 2 inch wide white leather collar was there. One of the buttons we found in my personality is I am submissive when the collar goes on. I go through a personality change that is totally opposite what I demonstrate at work where I supervise a number of people. I dressed in the outfit and put on the collar last. I walked out of the dressing lounge and straight to Glenn who was waiting for me. I smiled and kissed him and asked if he had special plans or instructions for me. He told me to sit and have a drink and he would tell me when he was ready to. I knew he had been watching me much more than usual during the night. He seemed to be paying more attention than usual as I moved around the club alone and meeting people. The club is on premises and has a VIP area where anything goes.

I was sitting, leaning back against Glenn, and he whispered in my ear while directing me to a guy I had talked with a couple of times during the evening. Glenn had noticed I had approached him, Glenn ask me if he was nice and what his name was. I said yes, he had been a gentleman, but had also told me he thought I was sexy, and would sure like to get together sometime. His name was Wes. Glenn whispered in my ear and told me to go over to him, take him to the VIP room and suck his dick, now. I was to stay dressed the entire time and do nothing more. I got up and walked over to Wes and told him I would really enjoy giving him a blow job in the VIP room if he was interested. Wes did not even hesitate as he took my hand and led the way.

The VIP area has a large open room and several smaller rooms including a voyeur room with open railings around it for full viewing by anyone in the area. I directed Wes there knowing Glenn might check on me to be sure I was minding him. Wes sat down on one of the couches and I leaned over and began kissing him. He began touching me and massaging my breasts through my corset. He started sliding fingers inside it to pinch my nipples. He tried to pull it down to expose them but I stopped him telling him I had to stay fully dressed. He looked puzzled but let it go. I decided not to tell him I was following Glenn?s instruction for fear he might think the blow job was not something I wanted to do on my own. I did. I had thought about that and other things I would like to do to Wes when we met earlier in the club.

As we kissed, Wes let his hands roam between my legs. He began caressing my pussy through the very sheer and small. I returned the favor and began massaging what felt like a very nice dick through his pants. I was very wet having gotten that way very early in the evening in anticipation of the night ahead. When I put on the collar, I had squirted as I orgasmed just thinking about what Glenn might have planned.

Wes slipped two fingers inside my pussy. He was massaging my clit with his thumb as we kissed and I massaged his now very hard dick. Wes was beginning to push his hips up thrusting against my hand and I was ready to move on, or down as the case may be. I took his hand, removing his fingers from inside of me, and sucked them clean. Then I kissed him, thrusting my tongue into his mouth and letting him taste the remaining juices from his fingers. As I kissed him I unzipped his pants and removed his dick. I knelt and took his very swollen member between my lips and began licking the delicious precum that was coating the tip. Wes moaned and pushed forward giving me better access as he reached in and again began massaging my breasts. I started slowly, working gently on Wes?s dick. I wanted to enjoy it and did not want him coming too quickly. I licked it top to bottom and all sides pausing occasionally to take it fully into my mouth. Wes began to undo his pants and slid them down around his ankles to give me complete access to his dick. Wes had a nice one, not too big, just thick and full. I began to work on it in earnest and began having my own little orgasms. I was starting to squirt and had to move back to keep from soaking Wes?s pants that were around his ankles. As I turned my head to take Wes?s balls into my mouth I noticed Glenn and a few others standing at the side railing watching me. It turned me on tremendously knowing I was being watched and I squirted a gusher. I began to suck Wes very hard, working my mouth his full length and massaging his balls. Wes was now thrusting hard and fucking my face as he placed a had o the back of my head and pushed my head down into his lap. He was moaning and beginning to shake all over and I knew I would soon taste my reward for a job well done. Wes tensed and began to come squirting load after delicious load into my mouth. I again began to come as I swallowed a huge load of sweet juice down my throat. I was sucking and working it when Wes grabbed my head holding me still, as he became very sensitive. I gently sucked deeply devouring all I could drain from him. When I had every drop he had, I released the suction and smiled up at Wes. He had his head back and was smiling broadly as he stroked my hair. I got up and leaned over, French kissing him, sharing the taste of his orgasm with him. I tried to take his hand to help him up but he declined saying his knees were too weak to stand. He just pulled his pants up some and told me he would just sit a while and savor the afterglow. I told him I needed to get back to our table and Glenn since I noticed he was no longer watching. Wes said no problem, but hoped for a return engagement with more, since he could repeat easily with a few minutes recuperation. I told him maybe, depending on the evening and left to rejoin Glenn.

When I returned to the table I kissed Glenn to let him know I had been a good girl and done as instructed. I again sat on his lap leaning back against his chest with my head resting on his shoulder. He asked me if I enjoyed myself as he slid his hand into my panties and his fingers into my pussy. I came instantly and was glad I had put a towel under me before sitting on Glenn?s lap. I gushed pussy juice around Glenn?s fingers as I orgasmed. Glenn said, ?Oh You obviously enjoyed yourself a lot?. I lay back slightly limp and sipped my drink as Glenn continued gently massaging the V between my legs.

The club was really getting wound up. They are tolerant of girl/girl activity in the main area. A very sexy lady friend, Sherry, noticed what Glenn was doing with his hand between my legs, and came over. She knelt between my legs and pulled my panties to the side and began to eat me. She sucked my clit and shoved her tongue deep inside my pussy and began to drink my juices as I began to again squirt. I shuddered as I orgasmed and pulled her face deep between my legs and I now had my heels resting on Glenn?s knees. I noticed a small group had formed watching Sherry lick me clean, bringing aftershocks vibrating through my body. When she quit she smiled and said it tasted very good, but was hoping to taste some cum in there after seeing me exit the VIP room. Glenn told her not yet but to check back in a while. Sherry said she would be sure to and slipped away.

As I leaned back and enjoyed an after glow and drink, Glenn brought my attention to two men at the bar. They were both nice looking and dressed kind of rugged in nicely pressed jeans that showed off cute butts. I had not met them and we did not know them but they sure looked worth getting to know. Glenn told me he wanted me to go stand between them and order a drink. He said he wanted me to get them both to take me to the voyeur section of the VIP room and for me to fuck them both at the same time. Glenn knows I love vaginal DP a lot. I am petite and anal is uncomfortable for me but, two dicks crammed into my tight little pussy are wonderful. He told me to tell them what I wanted and see if they were up for it, no pun. I got up and walked to the bar squeezing in between them and asked the bartender for a drink.

As I stood there I smiled at both. One of them already had his arm around my waist and the other was rubbing my butt. They were asking my name and where I had been all night. The usual come on stuff as they competed with each other hoping to score. Little did they know they had already both been declared winner?s. I chatted with them as I sipped my drink. I found out their names were Wade and John and that they were brothers. I asked a few questions and found out they were both players and both often fixed each other up with dates they had previously dated, not letting the girls know they were brothers. I told them I enjoyed two men at the same time occasionally and what I had in mind about a DP, but I had never had brothers and that would be sexy. I asked if they were shy about going to the VIP room to fulfill my little fantasy and neither answered, but both got up at the same time, each had an arm around me, and we started toward the VIP room. I was beginning to dribble as small orgasms shot though my pussy in anticipation.

Once in the voyeur room I sat between Wade and John and alternated kissing them as both played with my breasts and fingered my pussy. Glenn had told me I needed to stay dressed but could remove my panties, I let the guys bend my top down so they could suck my nipples and hoped that would be OK with Glenn since I was still actually dressed but really wanted them to suck my very hard, extremely sensitive nipples. My panties had small snaps so they could come off without undoing my garter belt. They fell loose to the floor and I had four fingers deliciously massaging the inside of my pussy, two from each brother, as they alternated kissing me and sucking my nipples. I had already released both of their dicks from their pants and was enjoying stroking both at the same time. I got up and asked them to strip which they did quickly. While they were still standing, I knelt between them and began sucking them both trying desperately to get both of their dicks in my mouth at the same time. I sucked them till they were standing erect and ready, then pushed Wade back onto the couch and mounted him sliding my wet pussy down to encase his hard dick. I love the first moment of penetration and came immediately as he slid into me. In the mirror on the walls I could see clearly and I watched as first a quarter inch and then the first half inch of Wade?s cock head was taken within my slit. I slipped up withdrawing his dick so I could experience a second penetration as I took him fully inside me and ground hard against his pelvis to enjoy every inch inside me. I began riding Wade as I sat in his lap. I was concentrating on rubbing my clitoris against the base of Wade?s dick, allowing the gentle friction to slowly excite me. With every forward rock of my body, I could feel his cock entering into my womanhood. I started to do more than just rub against his cock now. My ass was coming up slightly off Wade?s legs with every cycle. I could feel Wade buried deep within me; moving slightly into then out of my vaginal shaft with each thrust. Wade had grabbed hold of my hips to stabilize my ride. He was leaning back and everyone had a great view of his dick slipping in and out of my dripping pussy. John now slipped behind me and rested his knees on the couch. He began to hold my ass as he worked his dick against the back side of my pussy which was already full of Wade?s dick. Pushing hard against the underside of Wade?s dick and the back side of my pussy, he began to slide inside me. The feeling and excitement of that second dick entering my pussy again put me over the edge and I added plenty of lubrication as I climaxed on both dicks. Both were soon planted deep in me and I began rocking between them, feeling them as the slid inside me. As one would withdraw the other would fill me and then they would synchronize and both totally fill me. I was moaning, almost screaming, in pleasure.

As I threw my head around I noticed had a small audience at the rail watching as I fucked two dicks at same time. I could not tell if Glenn was there, but hoped he was. I so wanted to know he was watching me fuck these two handsome guys. We were all three fucking hard now with both dicks slamming hard into my pussy and it felt wonderful. The guys must have agreed as they began to grunt and tense and I felt the eruption as both of them began coming inside of me and squirting loads of warm sperm deep into my pussy. I ground hard pushing them deep as my internal muscles contracted in orgasm after orgasm and milked every drop from them I could. As John began to soften he withdrew extracting another orgasm from me. Then it was Wade?s turn to withdraw again as I shuttered in orgasm. I immediately began to suck their wet cocks tasting the mixture of the three of us. I licked and sucked them both clean with enough enthusiasm that they actually began to get hard again. I told them ?Down Boys, I need a short break and a drink.? I retrieved my panties and headed back to the table.

Glenn was at the table as I returned to my position on his lap. I leaned back and asked if he saw since I had not seen him. He whispered asking me if I wanted him to see. I told him yes, very much, I love you watching me fuck. He just smiled but did not answer me. Sherrie had seen me return and she materialized at the table and was immediately on her knees, between my legs. She began eating my pussy and after sucking and licking a few times she smiled up at me and said it tasted better now that it had cum in it. I held her head, forcing her face into my wet opening and told her to suck good cause there was a double load in there. She was very willing to oblige. She forced her tongue deep into me and sucked and licked trying to get every drop she could. My orgasms were now continuous, coming in rapid fire, one after another but Sherry did not miss a drop drinking both my squirt and the guy?s cum oozing out of me. When she had me clean to the point of almost dry she stood up and smiled. She caught a few drops running down her chin with her fingers and fed them to me. I kissed Glenn sharing the taste with him. Sherry asked if there would be more. I looked at Glenn for an answer and he smiled and told Sherry to watch for round three and come back.

I now had experienced about 60 or 70 orgasms since arriving at the club. Being multi orgasmic does have its virtues. I was relaxing in a state of euphoria on Glenn?s lap when he asked if I had enough. Glenn can leave me limp and ready for sleep, but so far this evening he had not been on my dance card. I just looked at him and asked what he wanted me to do, reminding him he had selected the collar for me to wear tonight. He pointed to a group of 5 guys gathered around a game machine at the end of the bar. They were all decent looking guys but they had not made any connection tonight and it was getting late. They had turned to an arcade game for entertainment before giving up the evening. Glenn told me to join them and take them all to the voyeur room and fuck them. He told me it was now okay for me to get naked. I looked at him; he lifted me by the arm, standing me up, popped me on the ass with his palm, and told me, ?Go Fuck Them?. I responded ?Yes baby?, and headed to the end of the bar.

I joined the group of guys. There were too many to even try to remember their names so gave that idea up. As I eased into their group you could see their spirits brighten as they considered their evening had just improved. They began to almost argue about who saw me first as they competed to be picked. I backed away and said, ?Slow down guys. You don?t seem to understand. I plan to take you all into the VIP room, and fuck all of you.? Their eyes got big and they all seemed to hesitate, wondering if I was teasing. Then two of the guys took me by the arm and led me away with the others following.

We got to the room and there were five pairs of hands undressing me as they tried to undress themselves as well. These guys had been watching a lot of sexy women parading around half or totally naked all night, and they all were horny as hell. In moments they were naked and so was I. I was immediately laid down on the twin bed in the room and had a tongue in my pussy with two dicks staring me in the face. I did not need any instruction what to do with those and began sucking one then the other. I managed to find two more dicks to occupy my hands. The guy eating me soon quit as I gushed in orgasm into his mouth nearly drowning him. He got between my legs and thrust a huge dick into my sloppy pussy. I had not seen his size, but it filled me totally, and I could tell he was not even half way in. Two of the guys each had a foot and were holding my legs high as big dick, as I came to call him, began a slow and methodical journey to heaven. He was much practiced and forced my feet back toward my head pushing my pelvis up so each stroke hit my g-spot. In a few dozen strokes he had me in continuous orgasm mode with one after another flooding me. He tensed and shot a load into my pulsing hole. As he slipped out another eager and hard dick replaced him and Big Dick came to my face, slipping his dripping dick into my mouth. I was so hot I deep throated him licking and sucking our juices and draining anything he had left. The guy that was now fucking me had been enjoying my mouth previously and evidently had not had any pussy in a while. He barely got inside me when he tensed and shot what felt like a fire hose of cum into my pussy. He had been doing his best to remain still and restrain his own release but he lost the battle that was raging in the base of his cock as his shameless cum sought its own escape. He must have been embarrassed at coming so quickly because he grabbed his pants and left without letting me suck him clean. I barely noticed as I was now enjoying being pounded by a very young and very hard dick. I still had plenty of dicks to suck and was getting a thorough reaming as this young stud was going 90 miles an hour like a bunny as he grunted and pumped. I rolled him over and got on top to slow him down some.

Evidently one of the guys had talked to my earlier DP guys because he knew exactly what to do. He slipped in behind me and easily slid is dick into my pussy along with the young studs. I was now experiencing my second DP of the evening and loving it. One of the guys moved in front of my face and I began sucking him. I had two dicks in my pussy and one in my mouth and was exploding in orgasms. I could feel the dick in my mouth getting harder and the two in my pussy were pumping furiously. As if led by a maestro all three guys began to cum at the same time. I had a huge load pouring down my throat and could feel two dicks pulsating and dumping enormous amounts of cum into me. I was vibrating in orgasm after orgasm. My vaginal sphincter was desperately trying to keep their man juice from escaping my pussy while simultaneously massaging out every last drop. Notwithstanding my best efforts, I could already feel large globs of their cum leaking out around their dicks. The two guys inside me pulled out and I was instantly on my knees sucking and licking them, tasting the juices of six loads of cum that had been deposited in me during the night. When they were clean they all dressed and I picked up my clothes. They escorted me back to Glenn with each shaking his hand telling him how lucky he was to have such a sensual woman. I was a little embarrassed. The guys left and I settled back to my place on Glenn?s lap.

Like a bird dog on point, Sherry showed up. She started to go down on me, but Glenn stopped her this time. He told Sherry we had a room waiting across the street and the club was closing. He told Sherry that if she wanted to eat cum out of my pussy she would have to come to our room. Then she could have it along with the cum he planned to add. Sherry smiled and said she would be there. Glenn put my clothes in my bag. He then led me toward the door, and I walked out of the club naked as we headed to the car and the motel. I had experienced close to a hundred orgasms during the evening but Glenn and I always end any evening together. I love for Glenn to fuck me when there is strange cum in my pussy and he loves to do it. Tonight we had a special treat with six loads of cum waiting for his dick, and him to add load number seven, or maybe eight. I knew I would top the hundred orgasms before morning.

TO BE CONTINUED OH MY! Sherry is supposed to stop by our room?

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