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All my wifes rowdy friends get their chance

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My wife and I have been together for many years. Our sex life had always been exciting, but like everyone else, at times you need just a little something to give it back the spark. I had never asked her too many questions about her sex life before I came along, but she did volunteer some information to me in exchange for me giving her some of my sexual details.

She had indicated to me that she had previously experienced some bisexual contact with her sisters, and some of her girl friends. She also stated that she was still a virgin when we started to go together, and wanted to remain that way until she was married.

That she was still a virgin at that time was a real accomplishment. She did go on to say that even though she was a virgin, it did not mean that she did not have some sexual experience. She said that in order to remain a virgin while she was dating that she had to do several things with the guys that she was dating so that they would get off, and that they would not pressure her to give up her pussy before she was ready.

Since we were now engaged to be married, she felt that she could provide some of that information if I cared to hear about it. Being a typical guy, I told her that I would very much like to hear all the details. She said that in time, she would give me all the details, but that for now, all I needed to know was that she was intimate with at least eleven other guys, and that she had probably jerked off fifty or sixty other guys. She said that she did what she had to do in order to remain a virgin for her husband, and hoped that I would appreciate that fact.

She said that most of the guys were satisfied to be able to see and play with her body, which has always been a killer body. They would masturbate each other, or provide oral sex to each other. There were several other guys that were somewhat more persistent, and wanted more. So without giving up her virgin pussy, they pressed her for anal sex, which she said she gave them reluctantly at first, but it seemed like she would enjoy the anal sex, and that the guys found it just as exciting, and were satisfied.

She said for the most part, the guys that she dated were more than happy to play with her pussy and get jerked off, or she would give them a blow job if they pushed it, or she found that she was in the mood for a blow job. She indicated that her two sisters, who were older, had been doing the same thing with the guys that they had been dating, and everyone seemed happy with what they were getting.

While we were dating, I really wanted to fuck her pussy, but I could see why so many guys were satisfied with what they would get from her. She was a great jerk off, and she really knew how to give great head. I know that when she offered me an opportunity to fuck her ass, and I really excited, and I was not about to pass up such an opportunity.

She told me that after we were married, she would give me more details about each of the guys if I wanted to hear about it. I told her that I would love that, and that I had already heard from one of my friends about their time dating. She seemed somewhat surprised at first, but I told her that guys aren’t any different than the girls, and they like to brag about their conquests.

She wanted to know exactly what he told me, and that she would be honest with me, and tell me if he was bull shitting or giving me the true scoop.

My friend Chuck was sitting around with myself and five other of our friends, and was telling us that he had a double date with another couple, and my wife was his date, and they were in the back seat at the drive in movie.

Chuck said that as soon as the movie started, both couples were into some heavy petting sessions. Chuck and my wife were French kissing, and he was grabbing at her breasts. Chuck said that she was wearing a pair of jeans, and one of those elastic sun tops that made it real easy to get to her breasts. Chuck said that he couldn’t wait to get to see and play with her tits, and they weren’t ten minutes into the movie when he had her top down, and he was sucking and playing with her tits. He had already loosened the belt on her jeans, and was reaching down inside her panties, and playing with her pussy, as she had him unzipped, and was now stroking his cock.

The other couple turned around, and were somewhat shocked that Chuck had her pretty much naked with the exception to her panties, and a pair of sandals. Chuck just told them to mind their own business, and get back to what they were doing.

According to Chuck, my wife spread her legs, and gave him every opportunity to play with her pussy, and he had been fingering her while she was jerking him off. Chuck whispered into her ear that he had a condom, and wanted to fuck her pussy. Chuck said that as hot as she was, she said that she would do pretty much whatever he wanted, with the exception to fucking her pussy, since she wanted to remain a virgin.

Chuck said ok, but that he wanted to fuck her mouth. According to Chuck my wife laid back on the seat so that Chuck could mount her mouth. Chuck said that as he was fucking her mouth, he would reach between her legs and play with her pussy. She had removed her panties so that he would have better access to her pussy. He said that the both of them were enjoying themselves, and that he could feel her squeezing his fingers with her pussy, as he continued to pound her mouth.

It was more than Chuck could take, and started to cum in her mouth, which she took everything he had, and seemed to enjoy their first date. Chuck offered her some napkins that he had from the candy stand to clean up as much as she could. He said my wife accepted the napkins, but had already swallowed pretty much everything that was offered.

Chuck said that he was still somewhat hard, and that my future wife was more than willing to continue to stroke and suck on his cock, as he continued to play with her pussy. The other couple if the front seat were still pretty busy with each other, and weren’t paying any more attention to Chuck and my future wife.

Chuck asked her again if he could fuck her soaking wet pussy, and she refused again, but offered him her ass. Chuck indicated that he had done other ladies when he dated, but that none of them ever offered him their ass. Chuck was not about to pass up the opportunity.

My wife repositioned herself on the seat so that Chuck would have a better angel at her ass, and told Chuck that it would help if he would eat her pussy for a few minutes, and then tongue her asshole.

Chuck got himself in position and was now tasting her juicy pussy, and was driving my future wife crazy. As he moved to lick her asshole, she was working over her clit. Chuck ran his cock up and down her pussy, and got it as wet as possible. My future wife took a hold of his cock, and started to feed it into her asshole, ever so gently. Chuck indicated that he couldn’t wait to get inside of her, but he felt that she would need to control his penetration, and he pushed himself just enough so that the head of his cock entered her ass. She continued to stroke the rest of his cock, and his balls, as she allowed him to push further into her ass. It wasn’t long till Chuck had all seven inches of his cock up her ass, and both of them were enjoying themselves. He could feel her muscles milking his cock in her ass, and within a few moments, he was now shooting his load into her ass.

As my wife listened to me tell the story with all the detail, she was somewhat shocked that Chuck would be telling the story in the first place. She admitted that the story as was told to me and the group of my friends, by Chuck, was in fact accurate.

She had one of her hands resting on my leg, and she admitted that she was now very hot after hearing the story being told to her by her future husband. She began to stroke my cock thru my pant leg, and asked if I would like to recreate all of the details that I had just laid out. I told her that I would love to recreate every little detail.

It didn’t take long for either of us to get out of our clothing, and I was now pounding the same ass that my friend Chuck had bragged about fucking so many times before. The difference was that Chuck and all the other guys never got to enter her pussy with their cocks, but that in a short time, I would be the lucky guy to get at that virgin pussy.

As we tried to recover from the ass pounding that I gave my future wife, she asked my about the other guys that were there when Chuck was telling her story to me and my friends. I told her the names of everyone there, and she said that it wasn’t any wonder than that she dated everyone that was in the little group. She said that each and every one in the group that dated her was lucky enough to get to pound her ass just as Chuck and I both did.

I asked her what would she have to say to Chuck if she happened to run into him again since we all still live in the same area. She said that she was somewhat surprised that Chuck would tell his friends about their night at the drive in, but she said that she didn’t hold any grudge against Chuck, and in fact, she said that she would love to have him fuck her pussy now.

I told her that I had run into Chuck about two weeks ago in a bar with some of our other friends. Chuck and some of the other guys are all now married, but that they all wanted me to give you their best, and said that they hoped that we could get together some weekend for a cookout.

I told the group that I would talk to my wife and see if we could put something together. I guess that may be the next story. Stay tuned…… J

Chuck and friends…..Return

I returned to the bar after talking with my wife about our old group of friends. I told her that as a gift to her and the group, that I was willing to give them a shot at fucking my wife’s pussy after all these years. My wife seemed to like the idea, and I was certain that most if not all of the group would be willing to get together.

When I walked into the bar, I was greeted by shouts and jeers from the group around the bar, and walked over and was greeted by Chuck and the others. They quickly put a beer in my hand and had pulled up another chair.

I told Check that my wife and I were discussing their first hot date, and that I had told her about Chuck retelling the story to me and my friends. Chuck’s first concern was that he wanted to know if my wife was pissed off at him for telling the story to everyone.

I reassured him that she was not pissed at him, and understands that guys will be guys, and just like her female friends, they all tell stories.

I told Chuck that my wife and I wanted to invite him and the rest of the group over to our house tonight. That would be Chuck and seven other guys, and myself would be nine guys altogether.

Chuck said he would love to see Cassie again after all these years, but that he told his wife that he wouldn’t be out too late since he was just going to meet the guys at the bar for a few drinks.

I told him that if that was the case, then we should get started as soon as we could. Chuck call all the other guys together and told them of the plan, and they finished up their drinks, and started heading to their cars so that they could follow me and Chuck over to my house.

I called Cassie on the phone, and told her that I was on the way home, and that I was bringing Chuck and some friends. She was a little nervous, and I told her to run up and grab a quick shower, and that we should be there in about thirty minutes.

Once all the guys got out of their cars, and gathered in front of the house, I invited all of them into our house. When we entered, Cassie had prepared some light snacks, and had them out on the tables in the family room. Some of the guys nibbled on some chips or pretzels.

Cassie went around the group and welcomed everyone, and ended up with Chuck and me. I could see that when she kissed Chuck, she opened her mouth so that he could use his tongue to explore her lovely mouth with his tongue. I couldn’t help but wonder where else that tongue was going to end up.

All the guys were saying how hot Cassie looked, and that she was just as hot today as she was many years ago. I could tell that she was flattered by their comments, and that she was just flitting around the room, and allowing everyone an opportunity to peak at her tits, which were just barely covered by the blouse that she was wearing. I could see that the guys didn’t waste any time, as they were grabbing at her tits, and some were grabbing at her pussy and ass as well.

As I was watching all the very sexy action going on in our living room, I realized that eight of the nine guys there had a previous sexual relationship with my wife, but only one, up till this point had been given the pleasure of fucking her hot pussy. I realized that in a short time, I would no longer be able to say that, as I could see that all the guys were now standing around naked and stroking their dicks as my wife was now playing with her pussy.

It wasn’t long before they had her blouse totally off, and had removed her jeans. She was now sitting on the couch, and was surrounded by all the guys, and she only had on her panties, and a pair of heels. Some of them were playing with her exposed breasts, and others were playing with her pussy. Chuck and I were standing watching the action, as Cassie was now jerking off two of the guys, while another was standing in front of her and presented his cock to her waiting mouth, which she accepted without any hesitation.

Someone had removed Cassies’ panties and they were now being passed around the room so that they may be enjoyed by the other guys that were patiently waiting for their turn with Cassie. Cassie was now had one of the guys on his knees and he was masturbating her and himself as she sat on the couch.

It wasn’t long before he had the group that was working on Cassie, and had planted himself on the couch as Cassie sat back and lowered herself onto his cock as the rest of the guys got themselves back into some type of sexual position with Cassie. She was now doing the four guys, and everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves.

I could see that the first of the cocks to explode was going to be the one she had in her mouth, and he had a hold of her chin and the back of her head, and was forcing her head up and down the shaft of his cock, as he exploded into the back of her throat. She wasn’t missing a stroke with the other guys either, and they were now shooting their load onto her face as she continued to jerk them off. It was a real picture to see my wife with cum all over her face and dripping onto her tits.

As those that finished moved away, there were four others wanting to get some of my luscious wife. She had now finished with and replaced the cock that was in her pussy, and the other three guys were taking their turns with her mouth, and her hands, and keeping her very busy. I had myself a large hard on as I watched Chuck sitting on the couch, and Cassie had lowered herself down on his cock, and was now, finally, getting and giving Chuck the opportunity to fuck her juicy pussy.

The other three guys had cum either in her mouth, on her face, or on her tits. It was now my opportunity to mount her beautiful cum filled mouth as Chuck pounded away at her pussy. Even though she has blown me many times before, and they were great blow jobs, this one felt really special, knowing that as she was rocking up and down, she had Chuck’s cock in her pussy and it was about to be filled with his hot cum.

Chuck couldn’t last any longer, and shot his load into my wife’s pussy. I moved her off the couch and onto the floor as I continued to fuck her face, so that those that were ready to go for her pussy could have a clear shot. I told them to line up, and start fucking her pussy.

I could see that Chuck was now again hard, and I offered him my wife’s mouth as I pulled away from her, and was replaced by Chuck. I took up a seat on the couch so that I could watch her being fucked, and providing Chuck with a great blow job. I was really excited with the thought of being the last guy to cum in her pussy, and before long, she had taken care of everyone in the line, and it was finally my turn.

I moved to her reddened pussy, as Chuck was still working on her mouth. I couldn’t believe the feeling and the wetness of her pussy that had been filled with the cum of eight other guys, and now it was my turn.

I slid my cock into Cassie’s ass, which was well lubed from all of the cum, and she still had a great tight asshole. I couldn’t resist the opportunity to join my friend, Chuck, and moved back in front of Cassie’s face as she was sucking Chuck off. She removed his cock from her mouth and replaced his with mine, as she continued to jerk him off. I told her to try to take us both into her mouth, and I was really excited to see my wife sucking on my cock and Chuck’s at the same time.

Chuck said he couldn’t last much longer, and quickly moved back to her pussy for the second time and shot his load into her pussy that he waited all these years to fuck. As he was cumming in her hot pussy, I moved myself around, and mounted her pussy as soon as Chuck pulled out. I continued to pound her pussy, and it wasn’t long before I was now cumming in Cassie’s pussy, and what a pussy it was. It will be a long time before we again do anything that will top the experience that we had tonight.

Most of the guys had now gotten themselves back together, and were about to go home to their respective wives. They came over to thank Cassie and me for sharing this special night with all of the guys, and that they now realized what a hot pussy they had missed so many years ago, but were not happy that they finally had an opportunity to fuck it.

Cassie was happy to have had the opportunity to finally, after all these years, share her pussy with them. She told me that she came so many times, that she just stopped counting. I really enjoyed getting the opportunity to watch my wife fuck them all. She seemed to think that she could have handled a few more guys. I told her that we would have to see what we could do for the next time.

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