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After Babysitting

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A story about a girl's first group sex experience.

Colleen was a college freshman. She was taking an advanced writing course. Her professor was fairly attractive. She liked the course because they weren't forced to write about anything in particular.

One Friday the professor asked to see her after class. It was about half way through the semester. Colleen figured the talk would be about her grade. She guessed she was getting a B, because that was the grade on the majority of her papers.

Professor Ryan excused the class and Colleen met him at his desk. He asked her to babysit his young children. His wife was out of town at a conference, and he wanted to go play poker with the guys.

Colleen put on a pair of jeans and a tshirt. It was fairly warm still so she skipped the sweatshirt but took a light jacket. She gathered her books and shoved them into her book bag, along with the snacks she got the kids.

She drove over to Professor Ryan's.

He explained that he'd be in the basement with the guys and wanted her to keep the kids in the living room and their bedrooms. He said he'd come up and check on her periodically.

The children fell asleep about nine thirty, after snacks and some tv and about three stories. It was fun. There was a girl and a boy and they were cute and well behaved. Professor Ryan came up about ten thirty to check on them. Colleen thought he'd pay her and let her go since the kids had been in bed for an hour. Instead he invited her downstairs.

He introduced her to all the guys. Most of them were tipsy or drunk. They were all fairly attractive, even though they were between 15 and 20 years older than she was. They dealt her into the game. She won the first hand. She lost the second. When she lost, Professor Ryan explained they were playing strip poker. Colleen turned in her shoes. She won a couple more hands, then lost a couple more. She was down to her underwear and bra. Most of the guys had lost their shirts.

Colleen lost the next hand. She removed her bra and put it in the pile behind her. Her breasts were fairly large, 38C. Her nipples were pink. Professor Ryan lost the next hand and lost his jeans. While they were playing the following hand, he reached over and started to rub her nipple. Normally she would have stopped him but he was gentle and it felt really good.

A few more of the guys were down to their underwear before Colleen lost another hand, and her panties. She stood up and all the men gasped as they noticed her shaved pussy. She pulled her hair up. Colleen was curvy, but her stomach was flat and she had great legs. She sat back down and continued to play until the men had all lost their underwear. Colleen had had a few beers.

She stood up and said she had an idea for a new game. It was who could make her cum faster. She got up on the table and laid down with open legs.

Professor Ryan went first. He sucked her nipples, then finger fucked her. She came in about seven minutes. Bill was next. He had a nice thick cock. He took a different approach than Professor Ryan. Bill pulled her to him and rubbed her pussy. Then he began to lick and suck her pussy. This made Colleen writhe and arch her back. Scott took one of her nipples in his mouth and sucked it as Bill ate her pussy. She orgasmed in just five minutes. Scott took over then. He took her throbbing clit between his lips and sucked it hard. Colleen continued to writhe and pull on her nipples. She came in just three minutes, complete with moans and begging someone to fuck her horny pussy.

Gill granted her wish. He climbed on the table, turned her over and took her from behind. Her pussy was dripping as he pounded her. It only took a minute and a half for her to come. By this time she'd given up the game. She climbed on Scott's face as he fucked her with his tongue. She sucked Proffessor Ryan's cock until he dripped cum all over her breasts. She'd cum several times. She was exhausted.

All the men fucked her, and very well. She came at least five more times. Finally she went to the cool basement floor and laid down. Three of the men joined her. They all slept.

She woke up and showered. Professor Ryan had left a one hundred dollar bill on the kitchen table for her with a note. The note thanked her for taking good care of his kids, him and his friends and he'd call her again. Colleen wrote her dorm phone and her cell phone numbers on the note and left.

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