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A walk in the woods

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I have a girlfriend, Jane that I play with about once a week. We are both married to spouses that are not really into sex so we get together and have some very wild fun. We both enjoy the variety that we can not get at home.

The other day Jane called me and invited me to meet her for a walk in the woods at a local park. This was not unusual and I knew what to expect once that we were on our walk. But this time I decided to surprise her with some extra fun.

We met and began our walk down the trail. Once we were a good distance from the parking lot, she motioned to me and we took a turn off of the trail and into the woods. We walked a short distance, about 100 feet, off the trail to the point that we could no longer see the trail.

We then began hugging and kissing and quickly began feeling each other. In a short time I had her shirt off and was fondling her nice breasts. I quickly bent over and began sucking her nipples and she began to moaning a little. I stuck my hand down her pants and began to play with her now wet pussy. She responded by just throwing her head back and moaning a little louder. Jane was getting hotter and hotter and I knew she would soon be out of control with lust.

It was time to initiate my plan for extra fun. I looked around and saw a fallen tree with its trunk parallel to the ground about 2 feet off of the ground. I stopped what I was doing and lead her over to the tree. I told her to place her shirt and pants across the tree. She was puzzled by this but followed my orders. I then told her to lay her body across her clothing on the tree with her legs on one side of the log and her boobs on the other. She did as told. I then told her to stretch her arms out on the tree and she did. I then reached into my pocket and pulled out two pieces of twine. As I began to fasten one to her right wrist, a smile appeared on her face. She said this is going to be fun.

We had done outdoor sex before and had done bondage before also, but now I was combining the two. She began talking about how much she wanted my cock as I finished tying her second hand to the tree. I asked her if she could move and she said, no, but my mouth and my pussy are both at the right height for your hard cock and I can?t do anything but take it. As I said earlier, we had done bondage before and she loved it. This seemed to excite her even more.

I walk around the front of her and ordered her to open her mouth. She did and I rammed my hard cock in. I reached under and grabbed her boobs that were hanging there and started pinching her nipples as I face fucked her. This was great, I loved it and I know she did also. I then pulled out and hopped over the log. I went behind her and started playing with her pussy. I told her to open her legs more and she did. She started telling me how much she wanted fucked and how much she wanted my cock in her. But instead of fucking her I just kept playing with her pussy. She was loving it and beginning insisting louder and louder that I should fuck her. I told her that she needed to be quiet of she would attract other as we were not that far off the trail. She mockingly yelled even louder fuck me now. Instead I just kept fingering her and I asked her what would you do if some else did show up? She said nothing, I?m all tied up. I fingered her a little longer and she continued to be loud and sure enough a young couple soon came walking through the woods toward us. When they came into clear view, they just stopped and stood there in amazement. The young man then asked if we mined if they watched. Jane said no so the two of them sat down on a large rock and watched. I then changed positions and began to tease her hot wet pussy with my cock. I would stick the head in a little and then pull it back out. She would try to push against me to get more of it but because of the restraints could not. With all of this teasing, she again was getting louder that she should have been I looked up and saw that the couple that was sitting there had begun to have fun of their own. He had her shirt off and was feeling her nice tits while she had her hand down his pants playing with his cock. I continued to tease Jane and she loved it. Suddenly, there appeared four guys in front of us. They said that they were hiking and heard all of the noise and wondered what was happening. The four of them just stood there not knowing what to do. Jane said it was time to end it and that I should untie her.

Instead I shoved my cock into her all the way and she let out a shout of joy. I began pumping her pussy and we both enjoyed it as our six spectators watched. As I pumped her she had a huge orgasm and screamed in delight. I looked up to see that two of the guy had taken their cocks out and were jacking themselves. I continued to pump Jane?s now soaked pussy as one of the guys walk toward us and asked if he could join in. Jane immediately she a firm No, and I said sure. The guy stood there not knowing what to do so I motioned him to come forward. As he did I told her to open her mouth. She said no but I told her she had no choice and so she did. He put his nice cock in her mouth and began face fucking her. I was still in her pussy and the sight of her with this nice cock in her mouth was too much for me and I unloaded my cum in her pussy, and boy did I cum.

I quickly grew limp and pulled out of her. The guy who had his cock in her mouth pulled it out and began to climb to my side of the log. Jane quickly realized what was about to happen and began to protest don?t let him fuck me, I don?t want fucked, don?t let him. Since she was helpless to stop him he quickly had his cock in her as she continued to protest, please don?t. But her protests were soon stopped by the second guy who placed his cock in her mouth. She was not getting fuck in both ends, watched by a strange couple, and had two more guys standing there with their cocks out just waiting their turns.

She came again as she was being fucked and that caused the guy in her to cum also. He pulled out and was quickly replaced. About this time the guy in her mouth came and came hard. She had cum running out of her mouth as he pulled out and was replaced by the fourth guy. This continued on as the guys took turns using her mouth and pussy. Only one guy came in her mouth but they used it instead to get them hard and ready for her pussy where they each came twice, except for the guy that came in her mouth. Mean while, the couple just sat there playing with each other and watching Jane get gangbanged. After each guy had cum twice, they said thank for the fun and disappeared in the wood in the direction of the trail.

After they left, the man from the couple asked if he could fuck Jane also with his girlfriend watching. Jane said sure, how can I say no. They both got up and he went around behind Jane. The girlfriend kneeled down in front of Jane and pushed her nipple into Jane?s mouth and told her to suck it as she watch. He pulled out him nice thick cock and pumped her until he came in her. His girlfriend watched and had an orgasm by watching and having her nipple sucked. When he was done, he pulled out and that both left.

I walk around front, and asked her if she had fun. She said she did and asked if we can do it again. She admitted that she was really afraid but that being afraid made it even more fun. She was telling me how much fun it was as I was untying her. I untied her, but she still just lay in the same position so I asked her what was wrong, why don?t you get up? She said I have nine loads of cum in my pussy and running down my legs and I don?t want them to go to waste. I want you to clean me up and eat them. I had never done anything like that, but why not. I got behind her and had her open her legs so I could get my head in between. I started licking all of the cum from her legs and worked my way up to her pussy. As I went up I was gathering a lot of cum. When I reached her pussy, she told me to put my mouth over it and I did. She then stood up and boy did I get a surprise. In about three seconds all of the cum from her pussy drained into me mouth and my mouth ways over filled. I did not expect that, but neither did I expect what happen next. She turned around and said let me see all of that cum. Well, my mouth was open and full so she could not help but see it. She looked at me and all of the cum and then said swallow it. I just looked at her in amazement. Then she repeated swallow it all now. I could barely close my mouth but did and swallowed some, I had so much it took three swallows to get it all down.

We got dressed and returned to the path and each went home to our boring spouses. It was a day of first for both of us.

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