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A Wild Boat Ride

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Several years ago I lived next to a river where all summer long about the only thing we did was drink and boat. I had a house right on the river and kept the boat moored right there. Just upriver from where I lived was a marina with a cool bar that had an enormous deck overlooking the river. I worked at a factory nearby so a lot of people from work frequented that bar.

One day after a long day on the water spent wakeboarding with my neighbor, Jim, we pulled the boat into the marina and tied up to stop in for a drink. Since it was just after one of the shifts at the factory let out there were quite a few people we knew at the bar. While sipping our beers, one of the attractive girls that worked in the shipping department walked over and started talking to us. Her name was Jessica and I had always had the hots for her. She was not very tall but was nicely proportioned and had the sexiest smile.

We said we were just stopping in for a quick one and then headed back out to enjoy the late afternoon on the river. Jim was always a smooth talker and asked her if she wanted to take a ride. She said sure but she had rode with one of the guys from shipping and would it be ok if he came along too. She didn't want him to leave without her. I knew him and he was a nice enough guy. His name was Randy.

We said that would be fine and bought a six pack to go and the four of us walked out to the boat. We headed up river because the boat traffic was always lighter up there.

After about eight miles we came to a bend in the river where it widens out and is deep on one side and shallow on the other. There was an old river barge that had been abandoned there for years. It was laying so that the bottom of one side was up against the bank and the top of the other side was just above water level.

I pulled over next to it and tossed the anchor so we could sit and have a beer without it blowing out of the can while traveling.

As we were sitting there Jessica started talking about how cool the barge looked and wondered how long it had been there. I told her that we climb all over it sometimes and even had a barbecue on it once. She thought that was cool and said she would love to climb on it.

I said, "Let's swim over to it and climb on." She said she didn't have on a suit. I jokingly told her that was ok because I'm sure we could all just skinny dip if that would make her feel better.

What she said next caught me completely by surprise. "That sounds like fun, I haven't been skinny dipping in years."

From there we all started to peel off our clothes. I didn't have on anything but my swim trunks so it didn't take me long so I stood there naked watching her remove her clothes. She was every bit as sexy as I thought she would be. Her tits were nice and firm and her pussy shaved completely bare. She caught me staring at her nude body and smiled and asked what I was looking at.

At that she turned around and dove into the water. I was so entranced in watching her undress I didn't even notice that Jim and Randy had stripped down also. We all dove in the water to follow her.

When we got to the barge she was trying to climb up on it without much luck because it was slippery from algae and water. I swam up behind her and said, "Here, I'll give you a boost." I grabbed the edge of the barge with one hand and grabbed her bare ass with the other and helped push her up. When she got up on the barge I was rewarded with a spectacular view of her pussy from the rear. She even had to spread her legs slightly to stand up and I got to see her lips open as she did so.

The three of us guys clawed our way up onto the barge and the four of us walked all over the top of it and peered down into the empty compartments. Jessica was like the pied piper leading the way with three guys with their dicks bobbing back and forth following her every move.

After about ten minutes of exploring I dove into the water and yelled race you back to the boat. Jessica dove in right after and we both swam quickly back to the boat. I reached it first and climbed on board. Jessica was right behind me with Jim and Randy having been caught off guard by the impromptu race still nowhere near the boat.

As we stood in the boat staring at each others naked bodies I decided to take a chance and leaned over and gave her a kiss. She didn't stop me and I slid my hand right between her legs. I could feel the slipperiness and knew she was feeling hot being the only girl with three naked guys.

By this time Randy and Jim had climbed aboard and saw me kissing Jessica with my hand between her legs and they immediately came over and surrounded her, caressing her back and reaching around and feeling her hard nipples. We continued this for a couple of minutes until I eased her up onto the platform that covers the engine and stood between her legs.

She reached out and grabbed my cock and steered it towards her wet slit. I watched as she drew my cockhead up and down her cunt before she lodged it fully in her opening. Jim and Randy both hopped up on the engine platform to watch as my cock slowly sank into her beautiful pussy.

As I started sliding in and out, Jim beat Randy to her face and had his hard cock in her mouth in a moment. Randy was stuck sucking on her tits but at least her hand reached out to stroke him and keep him hard.

I couldn't believe what luck. Here was this gorgeous girl going totally wild and obviously wanting to fuck all three of us. I just kept sliding in and out of her while she sucked and jerked the other guys.

She must have been pretty good at sucking cock because it was only a few minutes before I heard Jim say he was going to cum. His hips started jerking and Jessica did her best to keep his cock in her mouth but with me fucking her cunt and him jerking his hips after the first couple of squirts of cum, his cock popped out of her mouth and the last few squirts landed on her cheek.

Randy was getting anxious and asked if we could switch. I said sure and he climbed between her legs and slid himself in instantly. He immediately started fucking hard and fast. I crawled over to the side and started to suck and tease both her nipples.

It wasn't long before I heard Randy start to grunt and knew he was about ready to cum. Jessica knew it to and told him not to pull out and that she wanted to feel him shoot in her.

Randy did as requested and started squirting inside her which at the first squirt sent Jessica into her own orgasm. They both jerked together while Jim and I watched. Finally, Randy pulled his glistening cock from her.

Jessica looked up at me with a naughty smile and said, "Want some more?"

Randy stepped from between her legs and I stepped back between them. Randy must have not come for a long time because there was a river of cum flowing out of her cunt. I took my cock in hand and eased it to her opening and it slipped in so easy. As I pushed all the way in, I could feel all the cum being pushed out and leaking over my balls as I began a good rapid thrusting.

Jessica must have been one of those girls that once they cum the first time they keep cumming over and over again because as I fucked her she started cumming about every thirty seconds. Every time she came I could feel her cunt squirting out more of Randy's cum all over me. She was so soaked with her juices and Randy's cum that I had to work really hard to get the friction needed to cum. Eventually I did and just after one of her spasming orgasms I finally emptied my balls inside her.

As I pulled out I looked down at her pussy, the lips were flared wide open from the pounding she had just taken by two cocks and you could see right inside her and all the cum drooling out. Her face also had cum dripping off her cheeks.

I was soaked in sweat from all the thrusting so I dove in the water to cool off. When I climbed back on the boat Jim was now between her legs thrusting away with Jessica moaning through another orgasm. Every time his cock withdrew you could see how covered in our cum it was. It didn't take long before he added his cum to her open hole.

When Jim pulled out after cumming, Randy tried to climb in between her legs but she stopped him. "Guys, I can't take anymore."

We all laughed and she jumped up and dove into the water. When she surfaced she exclaimed, "Whew! I had to cool this thing between my legs down."

We eventually all ended up getting dressed and headed back downriver. We dropped Jessica and Randy off at the marina and as she got off the boat she looked at me with a stern face and said, "Not a word of this at work."

I laughed and said, "No worries."

MY neighbor and I motored out of the marina talking about our good fortune. The weirdest thing is, I don't think anyone told anyone about that day because I never heard anything about it from anyone that wasn't there.

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