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A Walk Through the Woods

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Some times, late at night, I like to take long walks through the woods down the road from me. Some late night exersize, easing some of the stress from a long night at work. I've been walking about 15, 20 minutes when my cell phone rings and I stop to see who is calling. It was Chuck, but he hung up before I could answer. No big deal. If it was important, he'll call me back, I thought. I put my phone away, and was about to get back to my walking when someone sneaks up behind me, wraps his arms around mine and gets me in a tight bear hug. He quickly puts his right hand down my pants and slips his fingers into my wet pussy. "Oh yes darlin. You've been thinking of me again," he wispers in my ear.

It was Chuck. He's so hot. Dark blond hair, blue eyes. As he starts rubbing my clit, he's kissing and biting on my neck and I can't help but rub my ass against that hard buldge I can feel rising in his tight pants.

"You want to cum for me, don't you." It was a statement, not a quiestion. He can feel the heat rising in my body, how my body shakes with each stroke of his finger against my throbbing clit. I'm moaning and my breath is coming faster as I'm getting closer to cumming all over his hand.

He grabs a hand full of my long hair and pulls my head back and tells me, "No darlin, You can't cum yet!" He tells me this as he starts rubbing faster against my clit, trying to make me cum.

Then he stops. Slips his hand out of my pants, and stands behind me for a few moments, then slowly starts backing away. Then dissapears.

After a few minutes of letting my head clear, my cell phone rings again.

It was Chuck againg. "Did you like that?" he asks.

"That was so dirty! No fair!" I yell at him.

"You should be careful when you walk alone, you never know who might come across your path," and he hangs up.

I started walking again at a brisk pace to get out some of the frustration I am feeling. I come upon a small clearing that has a couple of logs, good for taking a small break. As I'm walking over to have a seat, my phone rings once, and it stops. Some one steps out from behind the tree in front of me and grabs me and pulls me tightly against his body. He grags my hair and starts to roughly kiss me on my mouth. I was totaly freaked to see that it was Christopher. He runs his tongue to my ear lobe, takes it between his teeth and starts licking on it like it was my clit. He whispers in my ear, "I want to lick on your pussy baby." He takes his shirt off and dr*pes it across the log and he tells me to take my pants off and lay down.

He caresses the inside of my thighs making me spread my legs apart as he gets closer to touching my pussy. He touches a finger to the hole of my pussy, and slids my wet juices down to my ass. He puts his mouth to my clit. I can feel his hot breath as his tongue touches me and sends fire through my body. As he flicks his wet tongue across my clit I start moaning. My pussy's trobbing, getting wetter with each touch. I grab the back of his head and pull him tightly to my pussy. He puts my clit between his teeth and starts licking it faster, and faster. Ohhh damn, I want to cum, need to cum.

As I arch my back, ready to cum hard, he stops, pulls away. He stands up, moves behind the tree, and dissapears. "Damn you Christopher!" I yell. I need to cum! I start touching my body, my stomach, breasts, take time to pinch on my nipples then reach a hand down and start stroking my clit. Faster and faster I play with it, desire burning my nipples, a fierce ache in my cunt. With a load groan my juices start running down my cunt and over my ass hole as I cum.

I lay there a few moments before I can get this body to sit up. As soon as my sweat pants are back on, my phone rings. Hmmm, Chuck, imagine that. "Just how bad do you want to be fucked now?" he asks. "Oh baby, you are so mean to me. Yes I want to fuck!" " I'm gonna spank you the next time I get a hold of you. You wern't suppose to cum yet." Then he hangs up.

Damn him all to hell, I thought.

I had about a quarter of a mile left before I made a complete circle around the woods and head for home. As I come close to getting out of the woods, three figures appear in front of me. It was Chuck, Christopher and Scott was also there. I stopped. I didn't know what to do. Should I turn and run? Should I keep walking and find out what happens?

They start walking towards me, I start slowly stepping away. I can't help my self, my need to run kicks in and I turn and start to run. One of them yells "Get her!" Scott was the quickest and caught upto me in no time. He grabs me and holds me from behind, then grabs a hand full of my hair and pulls me close to him and says, "Hee hee, good try hun, but you're all ours for a while." Christopher walks up in front of me and puts his hands on my hips and graps the top of my sweat pants and start to pull them off. I try to wriggle away, to stop him, but Chuck comes over, grabs my chin and starts kissing me hard, forcing his tongue into my mouth, licking my tongue all over making me loose my resolve. I can feel my self slowly give in as my pants and underwear get closer to the ground. Christopher starts playing with my pussy while I'm trying to catch my breath with Chuck all over my mouth and me panting from my need building up in side of me. With these two keeping me occupied, Scott lets go of me and takes off my shirt and bra, and reaches around to my breast and starts pinching my nipples and grabs my breast roughtly. As Scott's playing with my titties he starts licking on the back of my neck, kissing all the sensitive places that sends shivers down my body.

Christopher gets down on his knees in front of me and spreads my pussy lips apart and starts licking on my clit. In no time at all my whole body is shaking as I start to cum all over his mouth. As I'm cumming, Scott pinches my nipples harder and harder. I think I would be screeming if Chuck didn't have his mouth over mine, the pleasure and pain feels so good, setting my body on fire.

They let me collaps to the ground on my hands and knees. They start stripping thier clothes off. I have 3 young hard bodies, naked, standing around me. Damn, I hope I can handle what these three have to offer.

Scott lays out on his back on the grass next to me. He reaches over and coxes me over to him. I get on top of his body. Bring my dripping pussy over his hard cock and start to slowly slide it in. He grabs my hips and shoves me all the way down on that hard shaft and holds me there as my body starts shaking, flooding cum juices all over his cock. He grabs the back of my neck and pulls me to his mouth, kissing me deeply as he slowly rides that cock in and out of my cunt.

Chuck gets down on his knees next to us. He sticks one of his fingers in his mouth and gets it realy wet, brings it to my ass hole and rubs it all over, around it, then starts to slide it inside. Ohh yes, this is what I needed after they have teased me for so long. Chuck slides out his finger then slowly slips in two. I start riding Christopher's hard cock, cumming all over him as Chuck is fucking my ass with his fingers. Scott is standing in front of us, watching us, stroking his cock.

Christopher starts groaning, slams his cock in my pussy one last hard time and shoots his cum all up in side me.

He gets up and Scott takes his place underneath me. His fresh young cock throbbing to get in to my cunt. He slides his cock in side of me, and slowly fucks me. It feels so good having it slide in and out, making my pussy throb, making me want to cum again. Chuck gets behind me, puts his big, thick cock to my ass hole, and starts to shove it in. I start gushing cum all over Scotts cock. My whole body shaking. When just the head of his cock is in my ass, he grabs a hand full of my hair, pulls my head back and then slaps me on my ass real hard. Ohhh, that's like sending lightening through my body. "That's for not listening to me earlier," he tells me. "You want this cock deep in that ass?" When he gets no reply, he slaps my ass again. "Tell me how deep you want it bitch!"

"Damn, please, shove that hard cock all the way in! I need it! Fuck me please!!" I beg. At that, he slowly slides his cock all the way in my ass. That wide hard cock all the way in, as far as it can go. I'm almost start screeming, I'm cumming so hard. Scott and Chuck both start riding my cunt and ass, me sandwitched between them, in extasy, in the state of permanent orgasm. They ride me faster, harder, both going in as deep as they can. Scott was the first one to let go his cum in side of me.

His hot juices filling my pussy, over flowing. A minute later, Chuck grabs my hips, starts moaning a little louder, shoves his cock in my ass hard, one last time and fills my ass with his cum.

I collaps on top of Scott, with Chucks hand on the middle of my back to keep him self from falling on top of us.

As we slowly recover from the best sex I could ever think of having, we all start gettin dressed. Not much was said between any of us. The three of them got their stuff together and went off there seperate ways, and I walk back down the road to my house with a nice big smile on my face.

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