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A Special Evening

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Although you were very excited about tonight and had been fantasizing about it for months, you still could not hide the fact that you were still just a little nervous. Ron could not hide his excitement though, talking faster than normal as the two of you get ready for a night unlike any other night you two have shared.

Standing in front of the mirror, looking at your body, you begin to imagine what it will be like, hands and tongues everywhere, all in the shared objective of giving you pleasure. Will it feel as good as you think? Will you be able to please three men at once, while also letting yourself go, letting them take you to an erotic place you?ve never been? And what about Ron? Is he really okay with all this; can he stand to see the woman he loves be seduced and pleasured by other men? The sly smile on his face hints that he can.

Ron is in Heaven as he prepares you for others. He is meticulous as he slowly trims and shaves your pussy, knowing that he is preparing it to be used by others for the first time, and you love the special attention that this brings. The two of you had spent several hours earlier at the mall, picking out the perfect dress, the perfect lingerie, making sure that tonight would be special. Every dress that you tried on you modeled for Ron, both of you thinking not only of how good it looked, but also how Michael and Steve would react to it, and of course how it would look as it slowly came off. Finding the perfect dress was important because the night would also include dinner and a lot of playful dancing before returning back to the hotel.

Speaking of the hotel, Michael had reserved a suite at the Windsor Court, and your mind continued to drift to the evening ahead, the wine at dinner, the music while dancing, then back to the suite. What was it going to be like? The thought continued to make you feel the way you love to feel, that naughty feeling where your ears burn, and the butterflies fly excitedly in your stomach.

Looking back into the mirror you take one last glance at your body and even you have to admit that you look incredible. Your hair and nails look perfect and you don?t regret one bit the money or time you spent at the salon today. You hand Ron a bottle of lotion you picked up at the mall, a wonderfully scented lotion that contains very fine particles of glitter. Ron puts a little on your body and begins to rub it in, his touch somehow feeling different than it ever has before. As he caresses it into your chest, the tingling inside you deepens and you let out a barely audible sigh, wondering how you are going to make it more than five minutes tonight, knowing you will have six hands on you at once. Ron?s hands begin to wander but you make him stop, whispering to him that you want to save it until tonight. Besides, it?s time to get dressed.

Although every dress you tried on looked incredible, one was clearly perfect. Red is your color, and of course silk was made for your body. Since tonight will be a night of elegance and naughtiness, a full length gown was in order. Ron has always loved showing you off, and when he saw you come out of the dressing room he knew this dress was the one, it captured the way he saw you, and how he wanted to share you with others. Ultra thin spaghetti straps reach down and support the plunging neckline of red silk, exposing your gorgeous cleavage and seeming to invite glances from every direction. The cut of the dress was perfect, accentuating every seductive curve on your body, the slits up each leg tantalizing those who stare with every step you take. The dress was incredibly elegant, yet sexy beyond your wildest dreams. Luckily you also found the perfect shoes, slightly higher than what you normally wear but perfect for the evening. Their silver straps and heels where the perfect compliment to your dress, the added height making you even more statuesque, your back straighter, your chest thrust out even more.

Underneath you wore nothing, the silk not allowing any panties, and the top of the dress designed to give ample support so a bra was not necessary. The feeling of being naked underneath your dress just added to the excitement, wondering whose hands would be the first to discover this, knowing that with the slits up each side it made for very easy access. Besides, you are bringing an overnight bag filled with sexy lingerie and plan to put on quite a show for your men when you get back to the hotel.

Michael and Steve should be here soon, so you take one last glance in the mirror and you can?t help but smile, not bad for someone 36 years old you laugh, and as you look deep into your eyes you can see them sparkle, and in that sparkle you can see the bad girl that you soon will be. Ron comes up behind you and puts his arms around you, kissing you gently on the cheek, telling you how beautiful you look and allowing you one last chance to back out. You look at him and smile, telling him you wouldn?t miss this for the world.

Your embrace is suddenly interrupted by the sound of the doorbell, and both of you jump to attention, turning around to look in the mirror one last time, making sure everything is just so. As you approach the door, the feeling of naughtiness is almost overwhelming, so you take one last sip of your drink as Ron begins to open the door. Behind it are the two luckiest men in the world. With the door open, you see your prizes for the night, two very handsome men, both looking their best, dressed in suits and behind them is your first surprise of the night, a wonderful black stretch limo. Both Steve and Michael present you with a single rose, and a kiss on the cheek. You can tell right away that your dress choice was a good one, as both gentlemen cannot take their eyes off of you, their minds racing about what lies ahead. As beautiful as your dress is, it?s your eyes that captivate both men, neither man able to take their eyes off of you.

Ron finally breaks the ice as he grabs your wrap and puts it around your shoulders, and then begins nudging everyone towards the door. Your limo awaits, and quickly everyone is inside, Ron and you sit in the rear, Michael and Steve sit on the side, preparing everyone their favorite drink. The drive to the restaurant is for getting acquainted, and the small talk does little to take the fire out of the air. You can?t help but think how exciting all this is, three men, all to yourself, and all your fantasies about to come true. You are an incredible vision; your dress fits perfectly, your chest displayed magnificently, the side of your legs exposed through the slits, capped beautifully by sexy high heels. As the alcohol begins to take affect, you become so much more comfortable, and you suddenly feel like you?ve know Michael and Steve forever. Wonderfully, Ron and the guys hit it off right away, and any worries or fears you might have had have all melted away.

As you arrive at Commander?s Palace, the driver comes around and opens the door, Steve and Michael exit first, followed by Ron with you on his arm. People outside the restaurant are sure you are someone famous, and several even take you picture as your three gentlemen for the evening escort you inside. Walking through the restaurant all eyes are on you and you can almost hear the sound of wives kicking their husbands under the table. Every man in the place is envious of the three gentlemen you are with tonight, but they will just have to be satisfied that they were able to catch a glimpse of you.

Settling in at the table it was clear that things would soon be heating up. Rom had Michael sit on your left, and Steve on your right. Ron sits across from you, his nervous energy clearly evident in his smile. Dinner is wonderful, the food, alcohol, and mood all contributing to the excitement. As the effects of the alcohol continued to intensify, playful touching begins, mostly hand holding at first, but soon Michael and Steve have their hands on your thighs, gently rubbing the skin that is exposed through the slits in your dress. You can feel your pussy beginning to get soaked as the waiter comes over to the table, and he politely asks if anyone wants dessert. All are in agreement that dessert will come later.

Back in the limo, things have changed. Ron is now sitting on the side, and you sit down in the back with Steve on your right and Michael on your left. While Ron refills everyone?s drinks, Michael reaches over and gives you a peck on the cheek. You look in his eyes, and quickly your mouths meet, tongues exploring, as Steve puts his hand on your thigh. Michael?s hand comes up to your chest and begins to caress your tits as Steve puts his hand inside the slit on your dress and begins to rub your inner thigh. As you and Michael continue to kiss, Steve begins nibbling your neck and kissing your ear lobes. Michael?s hands continue to explore your chest and then slowly move down, joining Steve?s hand underneath your dress, both men?s hands moving up your inner thigh to your pussy.

You break your kiss with Michael and quickly his tongue is replaced with Steve?s as Michael now nibbles your neck. Both men?s hands have now reached your pussy which is soaked completely. With Steve?s tongue deep in your mouth, you feel Michael and Steve?s fingers slowly enter your pussy. You let out a muffled sigh as your two men for the night begin to explore your body. Michael has now slid down both spaghetti straps and he watches with delight as your gorgeous chest pops out of your dress. Soon, Michael is playfully licking and sucking your tits while you glance at Ron who is rubbing his cock through his pants and wearing a huge smile. You begin to grind your pussy against the fingers that are in you, and you reach over to both of your men and find their cocks stretching against the inside of their pants. You now can feel how hard they are, and you can?t wait to feel them inside your pussy and in your mouth.

You expertly unzip both gentlemen?s pants simultaneously, and two beautiful hard cock spring out into your hands. You begin to stroke each cock, while Michael and Steve continue to finger fuck you, both men now licking and sucking your tits. Both men move from your tits to your mouth as you kiss one right after the other. Eventually, Michael slowly moves down and pulls up your dress, revealing you?re dripping pussy right in front of him. As he slowly begins licking your clit, you shudder and grab his head, grinding your pussy against his mouth. Steve now drops his pants and you lean over, Michael?s head still locked in between your legs, as you take the entire length of Steve?s shaft in your mouth. Quickly you are on your knees on the seat, sucking Steve?s cock as Michael moves around behind you and buries his tongue deep inside you. Michael continues to fuck your pussy with his tongue, only stopping to occasionally lick your asshole, fucking it with his tongue as well. With one hand on Steve?s cock and another working furiously on your clit, you begin to cum for the first time, thrusting hard against Michael mouth as wave after wave of pleasure shoots through your body. You moan softly at first, then louder, and then your moans become screams as you feel the pleasure of two men at once.

As you slowly calm down from the most intense orgasm of your life, Ron tells you that we are almost to the Quarter, so you hurriedly sit up, and reach for your overnight bag. Inside is a hot pink, shinny tight mini-dress that is cut low at the top and high on your legs. You grab a pair of matching thong panties, check your hair and makeup, and now you are ready for a little fun and dancing. All three gentlemen have removed their coats and ties and are also ready to show you off to the world. Bourbon Street is packed, and every man on the street is envious of your three gentlemen. From club to club, you slow dance and make out with your men, flirt with others, and even dance with a few gorgeous women as well. At Rick?s you get your own private dances, and thrill the guys with a five minute bare tit to bare tit French kiss with two of the hottest dancers in the club. Your panties are soaked and you have never been more ready to be fucked repeatedly for hours.

Back to the limo it?s time to head back to the hotel. Inside the limo you quickly remove your dress and panties and climb up on Ron?s cock as the two of you can?t keep your hands off each other. The Quarter is filled with people, and it is so erotic to be completely naked and being fucked with hundreds of people walking by, two feet away outside the windows of the car. You continue to ride Ron, eventually spinning around and facing away from him, giving Michael and Steve the most incredible view of his cock sliding in and out of your wet hole, your gorgeous tits bouncing on each stroke. This was more than Michael can take and he quickly is between your legs, licking your clit as Ron continues to fuck you deeply. The feeling of a tongue on your clit with a cock in your pussy was again more than you can take, and you start to shudder as you begin to cum for the second time. You bury Ron?s cock as deep as it will go and slam your clit against Michael?s tongue as you again scream loudly as every inch of your body feels pleasure.

The ride back to the hotel was a short one, and after you regain your senses you notice that we are outside the hotel. Quickly you pull your mini-dress back on, not even bothering to put on your panties. Out the limo and into the elevator it?s time for some serious playtime. Once in the elevator, you find yourself being passed from one mouth to the other, as Steve decides to be a little adventurous and pulls the stop button on the elevator and then pulls out his cock. You bend over and begin to suck it, while Michael is quick to pull his cock out and slide it deep into your well fucked pussy. Ron?s cock join?s Steve?s as you move expertly from one to the other, using Michael?s strokes to propel you up and down on Ron and Steve?s cocks.

As you begin to hear voices outside the elevator, everyone quickly straighten themselves up and Steve starts the elevator back up. When the doors open, two elderly couples are waiting and everyone just smiles as you pass by them, noticing the shocked looks on their faces but not noticing that your dress is still pulled slightly up in the front, extremely close to revealing your pussy, while all three men?s lips are covered with your freshly applied lipstick.

Once inside you marvel at how gorgeous the suite is, two separate rooms, a small kitchen and an enormous bathroom with a Jacuzzi and stand alone shower. You excuse yourself and head to the bathroom to ?slip into something more comfortable?. As the guys also get comfortable, you pull out a gorgeous black and gold bustier that you and Ron had bought earlier in the day and slowly put it on. It fits you perfectly, your chest nearly bursting out creating the most incredible cleavage in the world. The bustier has garters and to them you attach black fishnet stockings, looking at yourself in the mirror as slowly pull each stocking up your thigh. You then pull on the matching panties, remembering to pull them up after you have attached the stockings to the garters so you?ll be able to remove them easily. To finish off the outfit you have brought five inch stripper heels that once on make you taller, and make you feel incredibly sexy, and a little bit nasty. After touching up your hair and makeup and taking one last sip of your drink, you leave the bathroom and head out to your men.

As you enter the living room of the suite, you see Ron, Michael and Steve sitting on the sofa, all completely naked, and all stroking their cocks. You walk over in front of them and slowly turn around, letting them admire every inch of your gorgeous body. Ron says that he has a surprise for you, so he stands up and leads you over to a chair in the middle of the room. He tells you to sit down, and then produces several strips of silk and a black blindfold. He gently ties you to the chair with the silk, and then places the blindfold over your eyes. With your eyes closed, you are even more aware of your other senses. You can smell your perfume, mixing with the guys cologne. You become fixated with the soft sexy music that is playing in the background. And when one of your gentlemen gently touches your arm, you almost jump out of your skin.

You are aware that they are all around you now, but you don?t know who is where or what they are about to do but you can hear them stroking their cocks. From behind, someone reaches around and cups your tits. Below, you feel another one start to kiss you ankles, slowly moving upward. The last one is now standing next too you, you can feel his cock pressed against your arm, the wetness of his precum sticking to your skin. The one caressing your tits now moves around to your side as well, and you can feel someone?s lips just a fraction of an inch from yours. His breath is intoxicating, as you notice the one between your legs has almost made it up to your pussy. You strain against your restraints trying to thrust your pussy into someone?s mouth. Another gentleman is now up by your mouth as well, and he steals a passionate, deep wet kiss. After a few moments, someone else pulls your face to them and you now are locked in another deep kiss with another man, your tongue and his eager to explore. Your friend between your legs has reached your pussy, and is teasingly licking your clit through your panties. Moments later he pulls them down to your ankles, unable to remove them all the way because of your restraints. He moves back to your pussy and this time thrusts his tongue inside you, sending chills throughout your body. You continue to move back and forth from mouth to mouth, unable to identify who is who, and not really caring. Someone is now unsnapping your garters, while another is unhooking the clips in the back of your bustier. When the last clip is undone, the force of your chest pops the bustier off, and you now sit in the chair completely naked except for your stockings and your shoes.

As your pussy continues to be eaten, another one of your studs straddles you and you can feel his hard, hot cock between your tits. He squeezes your tits around his cock and begins to fuck them, occasionally allowing the head of his cock to rub against your lips. He continues for a minute or so, then quickly dismounts and allows the next guy his turn. When stud number two is finished, he gets off and allows stud number one back between your gorgeous tits. Then, without warning, your pussy-eating stud begins to rub the head of his cock on your soaked pussy, playfully teasing your clit, and quickly sliding the head in and out of your hole. You beg to be untied, pleading with your men to let you free. Your cries or obliged, and although your blindfold is kept on, you are untied from the chair. All three men pick you up and carry you from the living room back to the king-size bed, laying you down on all fours with your ass high in the air at the end of the bed. One by one each stud takes his turn, fucking your pussy with deep, long strokes. As one finishes, the next man steps up, first licking your pussy and your asshole, then sliding their shaft inside. You love being tag-teamed, wondering which cock is inside you. After several minutes, one of your playmates lies down in front of you, and you eagerly swallow every inch of his shaft, tasting your pussy all over it. You wonder, is this Ron? Steve? Michael?

After several more rotations, you crawl up the bed and slowly glide the cock that was in your mouth, into your pussy. As you begin riding this cock, you feel a tongue on your asshole, and you shudder at the feeling of a cock in your pussy with a tongue in your ass. Your pussy is soaked, dripping from your juices, spit, and precum from the many cocks you have taken. Suddenly, whoever was licking your ass stops, and then you feel another cock slowly rubbing against your cheeks. Incredibly, with your pussy so wet, this cock is able to slide inside your pussy also, and you now have two cocks inside you. The feeling is the most unbelievable thing you have ever felt. As you build your rhythm with the two cocks inside you, you feel a third cock rub gently across your lips. You devour this cock, knowing that you are about to cum. You thrust hard against the two cocks inside you, your motion causing your mouth to slide up and down the shaft of the third one. You feel so excited, so desirable, so nasty, and almost crazy from the pleasure. You reach around behind you and grab the cock that is on top, pull it out of your pussy, then begin rubbing its head against your asshole. You excitement is so extreme that it doesn?t take much pressure for the cock to slide slowly and deeply into your ass. Again you let out an audible sigh, your breath quickening, your intensity growing. Your moans begin to grow louder, the feeling of a cock inside your pussy, another deep in your ass, and a third down your throat.

It finally becomes more than you can take, and you begin to scream as wave after wave of pure pleasure runs through your body. You fuck wildly, thrusting your ass and pussy hard against two shafts, the third buried so deep in your throat that your tongue is under his balls. You have never cum like this, and as you do your pussy begins to squirt, completely soaking the two cocks inside you and the sheets underneath. For what seems like ten minutes you cum, as each wave subsides you continue to fuck, causing a new wave to begin. Your knees begin to shake, and then your whole body, but you don?t want to stop, so you keep pumping against your men. Finally you collapse in a heap on the bed, the sheets soaked with your cum. A smile is across your face as you rollover and you begin to giggle uncontrollably. You reach up and remove your blindfold, noticing that Ron was in your pussy, Steve was in your ass, and Michael was in your mouth. You lay with your playmates for ten minutes or so, then sit up, head towards the bathroom, and tell your studs that it will soon be their turn. You can?t help but keep giggling as you walk out the room.

Payback is Heaven, and you can?t wait to take care of your men. Back in the bathroom, you freshen up one more time, and then reach in your bag for one more outfit. The bustier was classy, so now you?re ready to be trashy. You quickly pull on a pair of ultra-short, Daisy Duke cutoffs, then top it of with a sexy pink and white gingham blouse, unbuttoned completely, tied tightly underneath your tits giving you incredible cleavage. Keeping on your stripper spikes, you head back to the bedroom, ready to service your men.

All three studs are sitting on the bed, cocks in hand as you stand in front of them, seductively posing as you sway to the music. Slowly you give each man a private lap dance, grinding your body against theirs, teasing them, kissing them, and allowing them to run their hands all over you. After teasing them for a while, you stand in front of Steve, kiss him on the lips, and then slowly begin moving down his body with your mouth. Playfully you bite his nipples, working deliberately down his stomach until you reach his hard cock. You eagerly lick up his precum, and then slowly take his shaft until his entire cock is in your mouth. Moving your head up and down, you fuck his cock with your mouth, hearing him begin to breathe heavily, feeling his muscles tighten. As you sense he is about to cum, you abruptly stop, smile up at him, and then move over to Michael. You push Michael back on the bed and take his cock in you mouth, swallowing his precum as well. Remembering what Michael had done for you earlier, you lift his legs and begin to lick his balls, slowly moving lower, rimming his asshole with your tongue. You now move back to his cock, replacing your tongue with a finger in his ass. Quickly you can tell that Michael is about to cum, so you stop again and move over to Ron.

Looking up at your husband, you take his cock in your mouth and suck him like you know he loves it. Ron can?t seem to stop smiling as you work his cock with your mouth. After bringing Ron to the brink you stop again, and then move back a few feet, still on your knees, beckoning your men to stand in front of you. Now you have three cocks, all pressed together, touching your lips. You try to take them all at once but it?s impossible so you expertly move from one cock to the next, never breaking eye contact with whomever?s cock is in your mouth. You lick their balls and slowly move your mouth up and down their shafts, moving from one to the other.

After a few more minutes, you stand up and kiss each man deeply, moving quickly from one mouth to the next as your studs remove your blouse and your shorts. Together they all pick you up and carry you over to the bed, laying you down on your back. Michael begins to lick your pussy as Steve and Ron get on their knees next to your face, laying their cocks on your eager lips. Michael?s tongue feels so good inside you as you playfully rub Steve and Ron?s cocks together, their precum sticking together, making a cum string when you pull them apart. Ron now moves up to the head board and lays back against it, pulling you up and back against his body as you lean against him. Ron?s hands reach around and cup your tits while he nibbles on your neck, his legs hook yours, spreading them apart for Michael and Steve.

Michael is first, holding your ankles high as he balances the head of his cock on your swollen clit, teasing you for a brief moment before sliding it inside you. Steve has now moved up by your mouth, and you continue to suck his cock only inches from Ron?s kisses. You find it so erotic, sucking another man?s cock, then kissing your husband, then sucking some more. Michael?s strokes feel so good, each one deep as your pussy grabs his cock. Soon, Michael and Steve have changed places, and you now share kisses with Ron, now with Michael?s cock on your breath. Steve?s cock also feels good inside you, and you wonder how much longer your men can hold out. You can feel Ron?s cock pressed hard against your back, wetting your back with even more precum. You can tell Ron loves seeing you being fucked and the force of Steve?s strokes are slamming you against Ron?s cock as you sloppily suck Michael.

Steve?s strokes become faster and you can tell he is about to blow his load. As his pace quickens, he suddenly pulls out and straddles your belly, sending wave after wave of hot cum all over your tits. Several waves reach all the way to your mouth, landing on your lips and Michael?s cock, and you eagerly lick Steve?s cum off of Michael. This is more than Michael can take, and his huge load flies out of his cock, covering your lips and filling your mouth. You work furiously on his cock, pumping it with your hand, desperately trying to get every drop from his balls. When Michael and Steve are completely spent, you look over at your husband and smile, you red lipstick covered in creamy cum, you tits dripping, as you give Ron a gentle wet kiss.

That does it for Ron, who asks you to get up and kneel beside him; he wants to see his wife at her nastiest best. Kneeling beside him, your gorgeous tits are still covered with Steve?s cum, and you playfully rub it around your nipples, then scoop it up and mix it with Michael?s cum, still on your lips. Ron has had enough, and with one hand he pulls you on to your back and gets on his knees, stroking his cock above you. As you continue to eat other men?s cum, Ron begins to shoot, squirting on your tits and your lips, shooting more on your stomach, and even more on your pussy, he then collapses on the bed next to you, completely spent as well. You pull yourself up and lean against the head board, Ron on your left, Michael on your right, and Steve collapsed at your feet. Looking across the room, you can see yourself in the mirror, covered in cum, and you watch yourself as you pull one of your tits to your mouth and lick the cum from your nipple. Michael, still aroused, moves up beside you and gives you a deep kiss, tasting his own cum, tasting Steve?s cum, and tasting Ron?s as well. Together, the two of you make sure every drop on your body does not go to waste as the passion consumes you both. Before you know it Michael?s hard cock is again inside you. With the sounds of Ron and Steve?s heavy breathing in the background, you make slow passionate love until you both cum together in a long, sweet orgasm that lasts for minutes. The sounds of your orgasm arouses Steve from his slumber, and as quickly as Michael collapses off of you, Steve is on top of you, using Michael?s cum as his lubricant as he slides his cock inside you. Equally as passionate, Steve makes love to you as well, spooning you from behind as he cups your tits, the two of you cum together as he kisses your neck, and caresses your chest.

Steve is now done for the night, so you turn your attention to your husband, still groggy from all the excitement. He is awake, and has been enjoying your time with Michael and Steve. He moves between your legs, and reclaims his wife as he cleans your pussy with his tongue. The taste of your naughtiness gives him an instant hard on, and before long he spreads your legs, then slides inside you. Like the two studs before him, he makes passionate love to you, gently caressing you, looking into your eyes, kissing your lips. With him between your legs, you both lay on your sides in each others arms, and as you both cum your eyes are locked together. It is the most intense and sweet orgasm of your life. The two of you fall asleep in each other?s arms.

As you awake the next morning, Michael and Steve have left, leaving a note of thanks and informing you that the limo is waiting for you two downstairs. Ron joins you in the Jacuzzi for long hot bath, the two of you making love once again, giggling and smiling for no apparent reason. After your bath you get dressed, nothing fancy this time, just jeans and a tee shirt, but looking in the mirror you see someone different, someone more sexy, more confident, and yes not bad for someone who?s 36.

Back in the limo, you and Ron sit at the very back, holding each other tightly, not saying a word, unable to stop smiling. You?ll be home soon, kids, work, and all the other things that fill up a normal day. But you know that you and Ron will never be the same.

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