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A Night Out by: sweetness

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A Night Out…

It’s Saturday night and my hunk of a mandingo lover and I have decided to go out to a club tonight for some play time, while getting dressed I look over at him and mention that we should call my friend Leslie and see if she wants to come along with us. The three of us have never played together and the club would be a great place for a 3 some and who knows who else might would join in, he agrees this is a good ideal. I have called Leslie and she is one her way over and off to the club we will head.

We arrive at the club an as we enter heads turn and for due reason, the men are wishing that they were my lover and in the company of Leslie and I, the ladies are wishing that they were us. You see we make a hot 3 some, my lover is 6’2” dark chocolate beautiful smile and GQ sexy, Leslie and I are the complete opposite, I am 5’2” light brown hair, Leslie is 5’8” red head and we are told both are very sexy looking ladies. As we start to mingle the crowd seems to be warming up and there are people beginning to move to the play rooms, there are some interesting people that are here tonight as Leslie and I both see males and females that have our interests peaked. G has seen couple ladies and as we discuss this find that we are all in agreement and have spied the same ladies. I suggest that we go back to a play area and the 3 of us play a little. We decide to finish our drinks and head on back, we each have made eye contact with a few people and I feel sure that once we start to play they will join in. As I reach over and begin to kiss my lover and take my hand trace the massive hardness that he has and tease him drawing attention to us he grins at me saying you my babe are quiet the show off but I love the hell out of it. As he takes and places his hands on my ass lifting my dress up as he is feeling of me giving the room a view of my tanned ass knowing I don’t mind him showing the room, I am kissing him and reaching my hand into his pants beginning to stroke the black dick that I have become addicted to. Leslie, back form the bar with fresh drinks decides to join in on the pre show that we are giving, as she starts to help my lover play with my ass as she kisses me and then kisses G teasing him with her tongue and starts to help me stroke his now extremely hard dick. As Leslie moves around closer to G he removes one hand form my ass and slides his hand up her dress as well, by this time we have several people watching and hoping that we will invite them to join in. I lean in to nibble on G’s ear and suggest he head to a play area, as he leads us into the other room eyes are following us, it will be just a matter of time before we have people watching us and hopefully playing along.

As we begin to undress each other we begin to draw a crowd, I am standing there as G is removing my dress I notice that Leslie has gotten some help from an interracial couple that has followed us into the play area. He is a beautiful light chocolate and she is a dark headed lady that I did not notice in the bar area but they are into us and helping Leslie get undressed. I begin to take my black dick into my mouth teasing G as I so love to do taking my tongue and licking him the complete length of his hardness, kissing his balls and licking back up the swollen head I can fell my pussy getting wet, trying to see what the rest of the group is doing is hard but I can tell at this point that Leslie is on all fours, she leans over G placing a breast into his mouth for him to play with and suck on as this new friend of ours is eating her already wet pussy from behind, I was not seeing the female that was with him but it was only for a second I didn’t know where she was, at that moment I could begin to feel her start to play with my pussy with her long slender fingers as she lays down and slides under me between my legs and begins to tongue my throbbing clit and wet pussy. The sounds coming from with in our play area have now increased, G’s hard dick is throbbing in my mouth as I suck him with all that I have, he is enjoying this so much and getting harder by the minute because as I am licking him my new friend has me to the point of exploding, she is sucking on my clit and as the best as I can feel two fingers in my pussy playing with me hitting that spot sending me over the edge. As my pussy begins to quiver form this orgasms she has brought me to I ease away from her suggesting that she lay back so I can return the favor that she has just given to me. As G slides a pillow under her lifting her pussy up so I can better reach it as I get on all fours so G can slide his hard dick into my wet pussy. He begins to fuck me as I am playing with a nice shave pussy that is very wet, as I lick her clit and begin to finger her I glance over and see that Leslie now has the attention of another male that has placed his hard chocolate dick into her mouth, as she is stroking him and sucking his dick the other guy begins to enter her fucking her easy to start then increasing the movement as she begins to moan in delight. I can feel as I am sucking on my new friends clit and feel the wetness oozing from her pussy I can tell she is ready to have a very powerful orgasm and as she lets her juices flow from her pussy our third male comes around and slides her around to enter her and tease her pussy with an extremely hard dick, as he enters her she opens her closed eyes noticing the change in partners she smiles and rearranges to give him better access to her wet dripping pussy. I can begin to feel the intense fucking that I am getting from G and he senses the tightness of my pussy knowing that I am ready to cum, I beg him to fuck me harder and he begins to pound my pussy, I cum all over his dick he notices that Leslie has leaned over to kiss me he slides his dick from my wet pussy and begins to cum into mine and Leslies mouths, as he is just about finished I take him in my mouth licking him and then let Leslie have a taste of him also, giving his dick back to me to finish cleaning off as her friend is ready to release his load, increases his movement, fucking her hard following G’s lead he moves around to give Leslie and I his load as well and we share his dick as we shared G’s moments before. As the four of us are taking a minute to rest we notice that our dark haired friend has acquired more playmates as we were lost in the moment. It was interesting how the scene had changed in just a few moments for she was now riding the massive cock of the dark chocolate stud that had joined us earlier there was to her right stood an man with a very impressive black dick in her mouth as she sucked and fucked them a very beautiful blonde was playing with her ass. As we were watching the four of them play, people were coming into the area and watching as well as beginning to join. As I reached over to take G in one hand and our other new friend in the other I was asked by a lady if it would be ok if she helped, as I looked around and said ok by me, please help yourself she begin to take G into her mouth sucking his dick and moaning as she did. It was at that moment I noticed a very handsome white male standing watching her stroking his hard dick has he watched. He caught my eye and smiled saying this is my wife Jill and she has wanted to try black dick for a long time and they have been waiting on the right mix of people so they could fulfill their fantasy. Knowing my G as I do hearing this just increased the hardness of his dick, you see he loves to be the first, he loves virgin black dick pussy. Giving her his full attention he begins to enter her gently letting her get use to him, as she begins to move with him he increases his movements, her husband is getting harder as G begins to pound his wife’s pussy and I can see drops of cum ease from the head of his dick down the shaft, I suggest that he get comfortable and watch as I take his throbbing cock in my mouth and begin to lick and suck him giving him pleasure as he watches her match G movements fucking that big black dick with all she has moaning in shear delight expressing loudly that she loves black and wants a huge load of black seed deep into her pussy. As G is fucking her harder and harder she is begging him more and more to fuck her and cum in her white pussy, knowing that by the sounds and the movement it is not hard to see that he is about to give her the fantasy she wants her husbands leans down and asks me if he can fuck me, saying he is about to cum as well and he would love to cum in me as G gives his wife a load of black seed deep in her, as he enters me and begins to fuck me I look around the area and all u can see is twisted bodies fucking and sucking, the number of people has doubled in the play area as has the number of on lookers. I have given all my attention back to fucking this man as he watches his wife get her first load from a black dick deep into her, he is pounding me getting ready to release his load as G gives her his cum and she is so completely lost in the moment, he slides his dick from me and moves over to his wife and begins to kiss her G eases away as he enters her already cum filled pussy and fucks her hard she is telling him how hot and how much she liked getting black dick.

I moved over to where G was sitting to rest on him as we were watching the others play, I asked him if he was having a good time and he said oh yes babe wonderful time and I am sure it is not over yet. Every one is a little tired and most of all thirsty at this point so heading back out to the bar area for drinks, the talk along the way was how hot our play area was and the exchange of names and talk of getting drinks and maybe dancing a bit and heading back to the play area once more before heading home and to possibly make arrangements to all meet up again in the very near future to play.

On the drive home Leslie, G and myself discussed the events of the night and agreed that a great time was had by all and we were looking forward to going out again real soon. Upon arriving back home I notice the time and it is very late or should I say early I lean into G and inquire about asking Leslie to just stay with us the rest of the night, asking if he would be up to that. He looks at me saying u know babe you and I will be up for sometime to come and having her join would be a treat. I turn to ask if she would like to say till morning and play some more with us knowing her answer before I had ever asked the question the three of us head in. After a couple of drinks and a light snack we had off to play the three of us. You see G loves to watch girl play and then join in after a while, and this time was not any different, and he had watched us play for some time taking a few pictures as we did he helped me into my strap-on, I have a very nice black strap-on a thick 8.5 inch one at that, as I begin to enter Leslie he was playing with and sucking her nipples I increased the rhythm he then moved behind me and began to play with my ass getting it ready for him to enter me. It is a huge turn on for him to fuck me in the ass, but more so when I am fucking someone with my strap-on, the first time that we played like this was in Charleston and he entered my ass my mistake but when he realized he was there and how hot it was and how I was getting off on it causing me to fuck her harder he knew then he would repeat this as often as he got the chance. As I fucked Leslies pussy he fucked my ass, the moment was so intense when we all got to the point of not being to hold it any longer one huge moan was all that could be heard. It was now time to get some rest and we all relaxed in the huge bed and drifted of to sleep each of us going back over the events of the night as we went to a peaceful sleep.

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