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A Husbands Debt Paid

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Written by badandy2 Gently Edited by KnightRain

The story I'm about to relate to you will describe how things can quite easily go south on a person, such a person was me. It will also detail a story of mistrust, deceit, and blackmail.

First off I'll give you a chance to get to know the people involved. My name is Brent; I'm a 38 yr old white male, 6' tall, 185 lbs, blue eyes with dark hair and a moustache. I work as office personnel manager for a local factory, always considered myself to be an intelligent soul (until recently) and have continued to keep myself in decent shape by staying active in numerous sports.

I've always been able to successfully support my family over the years, until recently I found I had an addiction which put such support in jeopardy. My pretty 34 yr old wife is Janette, a mother of two she stands 5'7" tall, weighs 150 lbs and has a figure of 36c-30-34. She has attractive green eyes, short curly strawberry blonde hair and a freckled face. She works in the retail business and like most females has an enduring devotion towards her family.

Yes we were just your ordinary family until that fateful day that I was persuaded to partake in something that has haunted us ever since. You may not understand how a person could unwittingly find themselves in such a position or maybe in this day and age you might realize how someone might put financial gain ahead of other important aspects of life.

My wife Janette and I lived in a pleasant small community in and had a perfect life with our young family that is until that certain incident occurred that would eventually change our lives forever. After a great deal of consideration we had finally decided that our little business venture that we had attempted was just not the financial success that we had hoped.

We decided to take our losses and close up the shop. It was because of our decision that I was quite surprised that one of our suppliers called us up and had offered to take me to a convention before we went out of the business.

Jim seemed to be a nice enough fellow whenever he had come into the store to visit us, in his late forties he was a little older than us but always seemed to show concern with our business. He convinced us that the convention would be last connection for us to try and drum up new business or at least find a buyer for our store before closing, it seemed like a good enough idea and Janette encouraged me to go.

Jim picked me up early in the morning. We had to travel to a larger city about 100 miles away, for the two day convention and he wanted to get an early start. Once we got to the city and got checked into the hotel room, we headed off to the convention and though it was interesting. I was hard pressed to figure out why we had decided to stay overnight.

I found out Jim's reasoning as we headed back to the Hotel, he had decided that we should make an evening of it . . . hit the casino . . . couple of bars maybe. It all sounded fun, but with my financial situation it was out of the question that I join him. I told him that I'd wait for him in the room, but Jim was very persistent though and finally convinced me to borrow fifty dollars off him which I could pay him back later. I foolishly agreed.

Jim showed me all the hot spots, a couple of bars first . . . as he generously bought me drinks . . . then off to the casino. We'd been in the building about a hour before I had lost my fifty, I was content to head back to room but Jim cheerfully continued to offer me money to gamble with and the drinks to cloud my thinking. I know I have no one to blame but myself for being so blatantly misled, but I had no idea what an addiction gambling can be . . . nor was I aware how sinisterly it was being used against me.

It was hours later before we left the casino and Jim had the cabbie make a quick stop at a favorite Stripper bar he knew of. Several more drinks later and I didn't even care when Jim bought that table dancer for me. With way too many drinks in me, I was easy prey and it wasn't till the next morning that Jim eventually informed me of the fun we had during the evening.

It was late the following morning before I awoke with the effects of the prior evening, as I washed up Jim returned from an early morning meeting, he surprisingly entered the room with a well dressed gentleman.

I was introduced to him as being a respected Windsor lawyer that Jim was acquainted with, who happened to be present the previous evening when I supposedly had signed the contract that had been presented to me. The contract to repay Jim the $ 8000 dollars I had borrowed. I was to say the least stunned . . . $ 8000 dollars? . . . Contract?, what had I done?

The contract which I was expected to honor stated that I had to repay the complete amount within a one month . . . or I could agree to a deal which would have Janette and I repay the debt by doing certain duties at Jim's home.

What was Janette going to say? How was I going to repay the money? Jim and the lawyer continued to pressure me into signing even though I desperately wanted to tell Janette first. All I could remember them saying was "You don't want this type of debt to be made public, Brent! You and Janette could have it paid off in no time if you agree to the secondary terms! Go ahead and sign! . . . go ahead".

I had a sick feeling as I sat in Jim's car on the way home from the convention; I still wasn't sure how I was going to explain this to Janette . . . that we were now virtually servants to Jim . . . or why I owed him the money.

Jim knew that I was in a deep hole and to even deepen it he pulled out several photos. Photos of me . . . naked on the hotel bed . . . with a naked female from the Strip bar straddling my mid section. "Yeah Brent, I took the liberty of inviting a couple of the gals back to our room last night.

I guess you were a little drunk, but as you can see you had a fun time." "Oh my God" I said in astonishment, I had a pretty good idea where Jim was leading with his conversation and I didn't like the direction at all.

"Yeah, I don't think Janette is going to be pleased to know you lost that money in the casino . . . but I bet you she'd be even less pleased to see these photos and hear how much money you spent on those girls".

To top it all off, he also informed me that he had evidence that I had been taking money from the business and would show it to the proper authorities if I didn't co-operate with him. I was screwed, Jim knew he had me and set the first date to repay him the upcoming weekend. He would explain to Janette what happened, how the demons of gambling had grabbed my thinking and how he would explain to her to how he generously was going to help out . . . and I would let him do the explanation or risk him exposing the photos to my wife.

Jim also made it plain that he wanted Janette's labor ahead of mine . . . it was my duty to encourage Janette to provide this labor. By now I had a very bad feeling of what Jim's intentions might be and I kept wondering which was the greater risk . . . tell the truth and risk losing my wife . . . or steer the course Jim had laid.

As we neared home I had to ask, "Jim why are you doing this to me, I thought you were my friend?" Jim snickered as he answered, "Come on Brent don't be so naive, I'm a guy that's been without female companionship for almost eight years and I've been attracted to your wife since the first time I came into your store. In fact the way the sweet little tart teases me sexually, I'm sure she'll find my company enjoyable".

I tried to convince him that Janette was just being friendly towards him, but he'd hear nothing of it . . . his parting words were "We'll see how friendly Buddy . . . we'll see!"

I allowed Jim to go ahead with his explanation to Janette and yet I still don't know what he told my wife, Janette did seem to be quite understanding as she reassured me that we'd get through this.

The first weekend came and as Jim requested, I drove Janette out to his country home to do her first appointed chores. Jim had told us that since his wife had passed away several years ago he needed help to clean the house . . . a female touch so to speak. It made me nervous though to leave my wife at such a remote spot as his house was, but we were assured that Jim's teenage son was going to be around which made it seem a little safer and legitimate.

Janette was sure that it would be a simple housekeeping duty and she'd be ready come home by four that afternoon. Surprisingly Janette was right, I picked her up at four and everything was fine. When I asked her how it went, she said fine other than Jim wandered around the house all the time in his housecoat or swimsuit and she felt his eyes on her quite often. I wasn't sure what to make of the first weekend.

Jim met me in the middle of the next week, he stated that the first appointment had gone well and that there would only be another six or seven similar weekends before the debt was paid. He also stated that he wanted me to let Janette know that he had purchased a regular maid outfit that he and I expected her to wear when on duty. I was also expected to tell my wife that Jim might have a few more duties for her to do in the upcoming weekend.

Once again I let Janette off early on the Saturday morning . . . and then once again I picked her up later that day. This time though she had very little to say about the day, when I asked about her outfit . . . she said it was loose fitting and cool. After the first weekend I was uncertain, but now after this second week I was quite puzzled. If things weren't okay surely Janette would have said something and what if it wasn't okay, what could I do.

At the following mid week meeting with Jim some of the questions I had about the past weekend were answered, he proudly pulled out another couple of photos and said "take a look these Brent". I figured they were more photos of me at the Strip club again, but to my surprise the first was a photo of Janette cleaning his house . . . in a very skimpy outfit.

"Yeah Janette was a little hesitant at first about putting that sexy maid outfit on, but I was finally able to convince her that the debt would be paid quicker if she did so". I looked at him with a disgusting look as he continued, "Ah come on Brent, you had to figure that I'd pull something like this. I took the photos of her from a hidden location; in fact I got quite a few".

He even had the audacity to point out on one that Janette's tit was visible; he also mentioned that he had taken some great video shots of her as she changed into her outfit from a hidden. I called him a bastard, but all he did was laugh and then tell me that my wife was going to be used in this type of manner . . . and I could either help him seduce my wife or he'd ruin my marriage.

I sat stunned, unsure of what to do as he continued talking. He then told me that he wouldn't harm my wife in any way and if I continued to cooperate with him, he would even allow me to watch from a hidden location to assure this.

As much as I hated the thought of Janette being used like this, my prime concern was to make sure that she wasn't harmed in any way . . . I also was posed with the problem of what Jim might do if the debt wasn't paid as required. As I sat at the table, I realized that I had begun to shake my head in an agreement with Jim. I had I gone too far to turn back?

Before leaving the bar, Jim instructed me on what I was to tell Janette for the upcoming weekend. I was to convince her that during the upcoming weekend Jim might ask her to do some new duties and that I definitely encouraged her to oblige his requests since he was such a "nice" guy.

The third weekend had come and I gave Janette a quick kiss before she got out of the car at Jim's, I glanced in the mirror as I drove away. Only this week it had been decided it was time for me to observe my wife to make sure Jim was truthful and that she faced no harm.

I parked the car on a side road a mile or so away and ran back to the house, Jim met me at the back door and ushered me into the main room of his house. While Janette was upstairs putting her maid outfit on, Jim instructed me that I'd have to hide in a large closet adjacent to the room to watch the activities.

He also though pointed out that there were some precautions he must take to insure that I didn't spoil the activities that were planned for that afternoon. He had me sit in a old wooden arm chair positioned inside the closet and then carefully tied my wrists to each arm of the chair.

I then had my legs similarly tied to the chair legs and finally to make sure I made no noise that might be heard, he placed a gag over my mouth. "You'll be able to see everything from here Brent, I hope you're comfortable and the closet I began to think I must be crazy, to allow this fellow who had deceived once already to tie me up in such a helpless state inside a closet . . . while my wife was just in the house.

I tried to shake the unsettling thought that I might be getting set up again and strained to look out into the main room. Although the door was shut, it had the type of slotted openings that allowed me to easily peer out . . . I could see the entire room.

It wasn't long before Janette came down the stairs from the upper area of Jim's house. Dressed in the black and white maid outfit Jim expected her to wear, I had to admire how sexy my wife looked in the revealing uniform. It was comprised of a very short black lace skirt with a bright white bib apron that went up to cover her breasts,

I also immediately noticed that under the top part of the apron where normally a top skimpy blouse or some type of cloth would be worn . . . Jim had Janette wearing nothing . . . there was only the top of the apron covering her 36" breasts which jiggled as she walked. From the sides Jim and anyone else would be awarded a rather revealing view of her full bosoms. Her outfit was finished off with a pair of high heel shoes and black fish net stockings.

Jim turned on the stereo just enough to drown out any noise I might try to make in the closet. He then met my wife at the bottom of the stairs, directly in front of the closet I was hidden in. "Janette my dear, you look so beautiful in that outfit. I really don't think your husband appreciates how lucky he is to have a wife like yourself!" Jim eagerly complimented my wife.

Janette with a shy grin almost apologetically replied, "Why . . . thank you Jim. But I'm sure Brent loves me very much". "Oh I don't know Janette, would a normal husband expect his wife to work off "his" irresponsible mistake? Would a normal husband knowingly allow his wife an outfit such as that in another man's house?" Janette just stood in silence as Jim continued to ramble.

"Would any loving husband, with any consideration for his wife lend her to another man so that she could be his obedient servant for an afternoon as he entertains several of his old buddies?" My senses suddenly awoke to what Jim had just said, as did Janette's.

"Wait a minute, what did you say Jim?" Janette asked. "Why Brent assured me that you wouldn't mind one bit Janette that I was inviting a couple of my buddies over today to play cards and such" Jim calmly stated "Did he not mention that I might have a few different duties for you this weekend?".

Oh no I thought to myself, the bastard was using my words to influence my wife. Janette cautiously replied

"Well . . . he did say something similar".

"Oh I'm sorry Janette, I thought Brent had spoken to you. He told me that you'd probably do whatever I requested, since I had been so gracious in saving his sorry ass and to pay the debt that the two of you owe me!" Jim's voice had gotten louder near the end of his speech . . . no doubt for a more of an impact on my wife.

"Okay . . . okay Jim; I'll be your servant. Do I really have to wear this outfit though?" Janette somewhat teary eyed replied.

"Well you know Janette that I wouldn't ask you to do such, but Brent told me that you would wear it so I've already promised my friends and a couple of them might be quite disappointed if you didn't. So I must insist you do.".

I couldn't believe the bullshit Jim was telling my wife . . . the lies were making it look like I encouraged Janette to do whatever he wanted. Janette sniffled slightly as she spoke "How many men are going to be here?". Jim grinned slightly as he knew he was gaining the upper hand on my wife.

"Oh hell Janette, only four of my best friends nice guys . . . a little rough around the edges, but I'll try to control them. They don't see a lady as pretty as you very often and might get a little excited . . . please show them a good time". With Jim finishing his reassurance the door bell rang, the guests had arrived.

I sat in the dimly lit closet tied to the chair . . . angry and confused . . . how could I let Jim fuck me around so. I knew I couldn't make noise to let Janette know I was there, my reasoning for being in the closet would was hard enough for me to believe . . . I was sure Janette wouldn't understand. All I could do was sit and wait, from my confinement I watched as each of Jim's friends entered the house . . . being greeted at the door by Jim and his sexy servant.

Each man gave Janette an admiring gaze as they entered and complimented Jim on his attractive maid. I noticed that three of the four appeared to be about the same age as Jim, likely in their late forties . . . early fifties. Naturally then they were quite thrilled to see Jim's much younger maid and even more delighted to notice her skimpy attire.

The lone exception was the fourth fellow who appeared to be closer to Janette's age, but he also gave Janette a long lingering look of approval. Jim proudly introduced the men to his female servant, "Fella's this is Janette she'll be serving us this during our game this afternoon."

I heard one of the older gents jokingly state, "Did you say she was going to be servicing us Jim?" it was loud enough for Janette to hear and I could see she blushed with embarrassment. All the men laughed before Jim continued his introductions. "Okay guys, as I said this is Janette. Janette I'd like you to meet Bob, Tony, Frank and the young fellow is Shawn". Each man leaned forward to shake my wife's hand, before Jim lead them over to the huge poker table.

Jim instructed Janette to go to the kitchen and bring his guests some drinks and snacks, once Janette was out of the room the men began questioning Jim about his maid . . . "who was she?" . . . "How'd he get her to wear the maid outfit?".

Jim carefully explained how she was the wife of a fellow who owed him money . . . that he had forced the husband to have her serve as his maid . . . how he wanted his buddies to test the woman's vulnerability . . . talk suggestive to her, let their hands wander, just generally come on to her and maybe before the afternoon is over they would all be rewarded.

I was appalled by their talk, Jim had to know I could hear them . . . Janette returned from the kitchen with the beers and carefully began to serve them to the five men.

I was quite amazed to see how relaxed Janette actually was considering the position she found herself in. As she went around the table handing out the drinks, each man made a point to make some kind of sexual remark or pat her rump as she leaned forward to set the beer on the table.

She finally arrived to the fellow they called Tony, the fellow that had made the earlier rude comment. As she leaned over to place the beer on the table he quickly slid his hand up her nylon covered thigh and tried to move it right under her short dress. Janette slowly pulled back away from the table and gave the large man a nervous grin as he loudly proclaimed, "Jesus Jim, she is one nice piece of ass!".

The card party had been going on for about a hour, with the men consuming more and more beer they continued to get even more brazen as time went one.

Jim continued to give commands to Janette and the men continued to get more suggestive with their comments towards her. Finally when she brought another drink over to one of the men at the table, the fellow named Frank sitting at the adjourning chair stood up and wrapped his arm around her back . . . his hand moved swiftly around her and on upon reaching the other of her side of her body he slid his hand right under the front of the bib maid outfit.

As he obviously took a handful of my wife's breast he grinned mischievously. Janette with a shocked look laughed slightly and tried to move away as she light heartedly scolded the man, but Frank held her tight as Jim instructed "Come on Janette let Frankie have a little feel".

She finally slipped out of his grip as he and the other men roared with laughter, Janette moved away humiliated again.

I was appalled at what Jim was allowing his buddies to do to my wife, but I also noticed that after her altercation with Frank her nipples were noticeably erect beneath the thin maid outfit.

Shamelessly I could only sit and stare as Janette was groped, fondled and verbally harassed by the card players, yet the more I watched I too had an uncontrollable feeling of excitement beginning within me. I couldn't believe it, here my wife was being come onto by five men and I was getting a hard on from watching it.

Jim finally instructed Janette to sit on a bar stool between himself and Tony, he then went into the kitchen and reappeared with a Caesar and handed it to Janette. "Here Janette, Brent tells me this is your favorite drink so take a break and have a drink for your good work so far."

Janette nervously took the glass, it was about the same time that the young fellow Shawn inquired to Jim is it was okay if he rolled a joint. Jim replied "Sure, I wouldn't mind a little toke myself". While Shawn busied himself with preparing his smoke, Jim and Tony's hands had begun to wander up Janette's stocking covered thighs.

Between gently pushing the men's advancing hands back down her leg Janette sipped you drink casually. There was no doubt the potent mixture was helping to calm her nerves. Once Shawn had his weed lit, he took a toke then passed it around. Most of the older fellows declined, the fellow named Bob stated "You know I don't like that shit Shawn!"

"Here, pass that over here Shawn" Jim requested, upon receiving he took a huge suck and then motioned to Janette to take it. Janette shook her head that she didn't want any, but Jim's persistence forced her to take the joint and place it to her lips . . . she took a small toke and coughed a little.

I knew Janette had done a little smoking up in High school about fifteen years ago and obviously she had forgotten the technique. Jim took the smoke back from her and after inhaling a large amount of the smoke rose out of his chair leaned over towards my wife, then without warning pressed his lips against hers and gave her a shotgun blast of the intoxicating smoke.

After a slight struggle, she broke loose of his grasp, choking somewhat, exclaiming "JIM, why'd you do that?".

Jim and his buddies were laughing once again as he responded, "Come on Janette surely you've done that before?". Janette had no response for the men as she took another swig of her drink to wash away the taste left from the joint.

Jim slipped out to the kitchen and soon returned with the Caesar mixture, pouring more into my wife's glass. Janette vainly tried to stop him, "No more Jim, I can't handle a lot of these drinks" she objected.

"Oh one more won't hurt you Janette" Jim stated.

About fifteen more minutes of their card game passed before Jim requested Janette to go out and get some more beers. My wife obediently complied and I noticed as she left the room she had a noticeable wobble in her step. Once she was out of the room, Jim with an evil grin softly stated to his four buddies "I think we might be having a little fun this afternoon fella's"

Out of his pants pocket he pulled an airplane flight 1oz shot bottle of vodka and poured it into Janette's Caesar glass. As Janette returned with the drinks several of the men were giggling, she looked at them with an inquisitive look and then continued to set the beers on the table.

The men were getting even bolder with their hand positioning on her body as she leaned over to set the drinks on the table . . . the strange thing was that she seemed to not be objecting nearly as much now. I was definitely worried that Jim's plan was unfolding all too well.

She set herself back down on the stool and took a sip of her drink. All the men watched intently as she swallowed and then took another sip.

Shawn was lighting up another joint and after a puff passed it to Jim. Jim sucked back some smoke before offering it to Janette. She looked at him for a moment and then with a chuckle said, "Oh what the hell!" with no hesitation she took another toke. The men applauded her actions and after a little cough my wife laughed at their silly actions.

A few more minutes passed before Jim went out to the kitchen and once again "refreshed" Janette's drink, he walked up behind her and handed her the drink. But instead of sitting back down, from his position he casually started massaging my wife's bare shoulders.

"You know Janette, it's like I said before the fella's came I don't think Brent truly appreciates what he has". From my location in the closet I could see directly into Janette's face as Jim was speaking, the soothing motion of the massage was softening her up for his attack.

"What do you mean, of course Brent loves me" Janette softly replied with her eyes slightly closed.

"I never said he didn't love you, I just meant he doesn't appreciate what you have to offer . . . not as much as the fella's here and I do!" the other men mumbled their agreement.

"What are you saying Jim?" she asked, almost in a trance state.

"Well Janette, I think the boys and I would like to see you perform your duties the rest of the day for us . . . without this outfit on" as his words rolled off his tongue, Jim carefully undid the halter strap of the outfit . . . letting the top part of the outfit to fall into Janette's lap and exposing her tit's to the four other men.

I was surprised that she made no effort to cover up. She remained positioned on the stool with her nipples becoming erect from the cool room air. Jim continued the massage therapy, allowing his hands to wander down the front of my wife's chest and gently caressed each of my wife's naked breast's.

She shuddered slightly from his touch; I noticed that Shawn had moved over to the corner of the huge room where Jim had secretly set up his video camera on a tripod. It was obvious that the events involving my wife that were about to unfold were going to be taped, as I could see the red light of the camera suddenly come on.

Janette with her eyes closed, never even noticed. She put up a mild protest, "Jim I shouldn't . . . I shouldn't be allowing this . . . I'm a married woman!"

Jim with his sly grin simply replied, "Remember Janette, Brent said to do whatever I requested of you today . . . to help pay off "His" debt. All you're doing is your job sweetie!"

Jim with his buddies staring intently continued his hand movements for several more moments, and then suddenly he instructed Janette to stand up from her stool. My intoxicated wife instinctively did was requested of her and with Jim still standing behind her, he slowly tugged the skirt part of the maids outfit down off her hips and allowed it to fall to the floor.

Janette opened up her eyes again to see all the men gazing hungrily at her . . .

There she stood before them with only a pair of black lace panties, garter belt holding up her fish net stockings and black high heel shoes. Her nipples were more erect than I had ever seen them; she was definitely aroused by being so exposed before these strangers.

"Janette, I want you to remove your panties now!" Jim instructed, now no doubt wanting to get even more control of my wife. He wanted her to remove that final piece of clothing for his buddy's pleasure.

She turned towards him for sympathy, "Please Jim, can't I keep them on?" she pleaded. Jim, now with a stern voice and a cold look responded again "you're working to pay off your husband's debt Janette . . . the panties, I want them off!"

Janette slightly tipsy finally began sliding the black panties down her legs, after pulling them off Jim instructed her to place them on the table. She stood timidly before the five men, her hands feebly trying to cover up her exposed area, Jim walked around her and forced her hands to her sides. "Very good Janette . . . very good" he commented ".

"Now I want you to shake that naked little ass out to the kitchen and get us a bowl of ice and a few more beers." As Janette left the room I could see Jim wink to his buddies, I wasn't sure what his next intentions might be, but I was sure they weren't good.

When Janette returned with the drinks and ice, the men were back playing cards. She set the drinks down then stood motionless next to Jim, as he sat playing the hand of cards, he began caressing her bare buttocks with his free hand.

The men were obviously attracted to their waitress and as Jim lost several hands in a row to a couple of the other men, the topic of perhaps him paying them in another method began to surface. He avoided their overtures for another 15 minutes or so, but finally with more losses and several more drinks to cloud his thinking he began to relent.

After another loss hand he bargained his servant to the winner of the hand, Janette looked at Jim in shock as he informed the Tony that he could have his servant by his side for the next few hands. Slowly Janette moved from beside Jim to the space between Tony and Shawn, standing between the two men.

But Tony wasn't satisfied with her positioning and roughly pulled her down onto his lap, which enabled him to reach around her body with his free hand and sample her unprotected breast. He also forced his lips towards my wife's demanding a kiss for the victor; the other men laughed at the huge muscular man's persistence and applauded his eventual reward.

The group of men then decided that Janette would be the prize of which each poker hand would be played for, the winner would receive her company for the ensuing hand and she would have to accommodate each winner one service. I noticed that the men continued to feed the drinks to Janette and although she still looked a little scared, she did seem to appear to be more comfortable with the men's advances against her.

The next hand was won by the burly looking fellow named Bob, he had been the quietest of the bunch but as Janette moved from Tony's lap to Bob's side; he too showed his eagerness as he pulled my wife down onto his lap, leaned into her and kissed her breast. My wife just closed you eyes, inhaled deeply, submitting to his attention.

As the next hand was played, Bob was feverishly trying to run his hand between Janette's tightly closed thighs, seeing Bob's dilemma Jim decided to help his friends cause. "Janette, Bob obviously wants to warm his fingers between your legs . . . so kindly spread them so he can do so or we'll lay you over this table and paddle your ass!"

Janette momentarily looked at Jim with a dazed look . . . it was if she couldn't believe that this was the same kind salesman that visited our store so often in the past. She slowly relaxed her legs and then closed her eyes slightly as Bob began to brush against the blondish hair around her opening.

From my position in the closet I could not see whether the man had begun to push his fingers into my wife's pussy, but being able to see Janette's facial expressions . . . as she tightly closed her eyes and the gently biting of her lips indicated to me that more than likely the man was in deed fingering her.

The next hand was won by Shawn. He immediately jumped up from his position and met Janette as she wobbly left Bob's lap, he pulled her body tightly against his and stole a long lingering kiss. He then reached between her legs and cupped his fingers. Her sudden tremble suggested that Shawn had inserted one or two of his long fingers into her into her body. Upon removing his wet fingers from my wife's pussy, Shawn sat back down at the table.

With Janette once again on her victors lap, this Shawn paid special attention to her 36" tits . . . positioning her so that he could hungrily suck each of them as they played the card hand out. By the time Janette pulled herself off the young fellows lap, her tit's were slightly red and the nipples rock hard from his attention. The next winner quickly started to demand his prize, it was the one I feared the most . . . the noisy and obnoxious Frank.

I figured he'd be the one to up the stakes as to what Janette would be forced to do and of course he did not disappoint his friends in this regard. "Jim, I want you to get your little sex slave to suck my cock during the next hand buddy" Frank stated in a matter of fact manner.

Janette looked at Jim with a great deal of apprehension, but there was no sympathy to be had as Jim calmly instructed "You heard Frank Janette, get down on your knees and tend to that man's needs sweetheart!"

Janette had a tear glide down her cheek as she knelt down between the man's legs, he soon had his belt undone and was lowering his fly. He pulled his bulging erection out of his pants, taking Janette's hand he guided it to his erect member.

The other men were now quite interested in watching my wife as she placed their buddies cock to her lips, carefully running her tongue along the shaft of his cock. It wasn't long before the man cupped her head with his hands and forced her mouth to receive it fully.

"Oh yes" Frank grunted as he pulled in the cards for the next hand "She's a good little cocksucker Jim".

I sat in disbelief as I watched Janette work his cock in and out of her mouth, her pretty red lips gliding over the head of it and then accepting it into her mouth again and again. By the end of the hand, the fellow was fit to be tied and as the next winner was decided his jism began pouring out of his cock . . . some hitting Janette in the face and the rest going down the front of her body.

Jim and his friends applauded my wife's effort and as she rose up off her knees she realized that Jim had won her back, but from the look in his eyes the card game had no doubt come to an end. Jim was now instructing Janette to approach the table; she slowly inched her way towards the table until Jim grabbed her by her arm and tugged her closer.

She now found herself on Jim's lap and soon had several of the men's hands from either side of touching her naked body. I could only watch with horror as the men converged on her. I noticed that the young fellow had now positioned himself behind the video camera to no doubt capture all the actions that were about to unfold.

Quickly two of the men cleared off the table, they gently placed Janette on her back on the wooden card table. It was at this point that I realized that the card table had been built not only to play cards on . . . once they had Janette positioned properly on the table, Jim looped 4" leather bindings through some special slots in the table.

The bindings neatly wrapped around Janette's arms just above her elbows, she now could not move her arms to escape their advances. Janette was now a little concerned as she nervously stated "Jim, what are you doing . . . you're scaring me, please let me go!".

The men continued their preparation as Jim simply chuckled as he responded "Just lay back Janette and enjoy the rest of the afternoon, we're not going to hurt you. You're going experience pleasure that your husband's never been able to show you before".

With that comment, Frank and Tony helped spread Janette's legs apart as Jim placed similar bindings across each of her legs just above her knees, her legs hung over the end of the table.

Janette now looked like some kind of female offering . . . I would soon find out that I couldn't have been more correct.

With Janette laid out spread-eagle on the table, Jim and one of the other men reached up underneath the table . . . with the sound of a couple of fasteners being unhooked, suddenly a whole section of the table folded down to the floor.

The table now looked more like a doctor's examining table . . . Janette's pussy and ass were totally accessible to the men. It was quite obvious that Jim's intentions were to gangbang my wife and there wasn't a thing I could do to stop them.

As Frank and Tony made sure the restraints were placed properly to hold their somewhat unwilling subject in place, the other men were quickly stripping down. Shawn was hovering around the table videotaping all the action. I wondered how much he was concentrating of my wife's exposed area.

The men started to position themselves around Janette, Bob and Tony moved up near where her head was . . . Jim started to move to between her outstretched legs. I could hear Janette pleading with the men to let her go, but it was to no avail as they surrounded her like a pack of wolves.

They all converged on my wife at once their mouths attacking selected areas of her body. As Frank began sucking on her erect nipples, Jim had spread her vaginal area and begun licking my wife's sweet pussy.

I suddenly felt sick as I watched and yet then a strangely arousing sensation took over as I watched Tony and Bob placed their hard cocks on either side of my wife's face and then guide her mouth to first one erect member . . . and then the other.

Bob placed his hand on Janette's head pulling her head towards his cock, shockingly Janette parted her lips and allowed his penis slide into her mouth. I thought for sure Janette would show her deviance of the men's actions by trying to avoid his cock . . . in fact instead she eagerly accepted the cock into her mouth.

With a glassy faraway look in her eyes, my wife seemed to be enjoying the sexual assault of these men. Her hips gyrated slightly about on the table top as Jim continued his oral assault upon her.

I watched Shawn film the close up shot of Jim's erect cock entering my sweet wife's love canal, as he inched it in ever so slowly to begin with and then breaking into a steady rhythmic thrusting action as she accepted it. Tony's cock had replaced Bob's between Janette's moist lips . . . and Bob continued to stroke his member, keeping it prepared for more action.

Frank was roughly squeezing her heaving breasts, periodically either sucking her nipples or tweaking them between his finger and thumb. My "so-called" friend Jim pumped my wife's snatch for 15-20 minutes before finally pulling out to squirt his reward onto her stomach. He had no sooner stepped back out of the way, before Frank eagerly replaced him and easily slid his tool into Janette's now damp pussy.

This fellow slammed his cock hard into my wife, I'm sure his balls must of banged against her ass cheeks with each inward thrust. With each penetrating push Janette jiggled on the table top, during which she was still expected to service the two cocks of Tony and Bob with her oral talents.

After several minutes Frank had also deposited his offering upon her vaginal area as he exited, Janette was rapidly becoming covered with cum as Bob also ejaculated after pulling his cock from between her lips . . . his juices squirted Janette in the side of the cheek and neck

Jim at this point must have felt that Janette was beyond the point of sensible logic . . . that she had been overcome with sexual lust, as he instructed the men to untie the bindings. I was astounded, as I watched my wife not only willingly move to Jim's desired positioning . . . but had begun to plead for more of the pleasure she had been receiving.

Jim took the video camera from Shawn and had him lay down on the carpeted floor with his cock poking straight up. Janette was then guided on her hands and knees over to where the youngest man was laying. She needed no instruction on what she was expected to do as she immediately took his erection between her lips.

Jim was now not just satisfied that he was using my wife as his sex toy, for some reason he felt he needed to humiliate both of us even more. Squatting down beside where Janette was on the floor, Jim brazenly zoomed the camera in on her sucking Shawn's manhood and then added narration to the action.

"Oh yes Janette, that looks so sexy honey . . suck that cock hard baby. You like cock don't you my little slut" Jim taunted her. I was appalled by his comments, how could he talk to my wife in such a vulgar manner? Yet what was even worse, was over the sound of the music I could hear Janette's cock muffled response . . . . "mmm, Huh huh".

As Tony knelt behind Janette's raised butt, Jim continued "You want another cock in you don't you baby, you want Tony's huge dick in your cunt don't you?". My heart sank as I watched my once innocent wife obediently nod her head in an affirmative manner.

With Janette in a doggie style position, Tony with a huge grin positioned himself behind her spreading her legs apart. It was at this point that I noticed that this gentleman not only had a big mouth, but was quite sizable in another area . . . at least 9" of cock stood ready just outside Janette's gapping pussy. As he edged forward, Jim quickly moved with his camera down to capture on film as the huge dickhead touched the hair of Janette's pussy.

Janette although concentrating on Shawn's cock within her mouth, grimaced slightly as the first few inches of this large Italian's penis pushed inward. Jim continued his verbal onslaught, "How's that feel Janette? Do you like Tony's hard cock pumping into you?". Janette couldn't respond as long as she had Shawn's member engulfed, but I was sure she nodded an affirmative to the second question.

Jim, with video camera rolling continued his filming and commentary. "Do you like Tony's cock better than your husband's Janette?" was his next question, obviously trying to degrade me even more. I was relieved that Janette didn't answer Jim's question, but unfortunately my relief was premature as Jim questioned my wife again.

"Janette I didn't get an answer honey. Do you like Tony's big, huge cock better than Brent's? Now answer truthfully or I'll get Tony to pull his large meat out!"Tony momentarily quit pumping into Janette.

I watch in horror as Janette pulled her lips off the younger man's cock, looking up at Jim with pleading eyes she eventually replied. "Oh please Jim . . . please have him start again . . . Okay, okay, yes I like Tony's cock better . . . please tell him to start again", my heart sank inside the darkness of the closet.

I could see Jim peer out from behind the camera with an evil grin, glance toward the closet . . . "Tony you heard the lady, give her what she wants buddy!"

"The Bastard" I thought from my position of restraint, how could he be so sinister. I heard Janette's moaning begin again as Tony started his assault once more on my wife. I noticed Jim whisper to the other two remaining men, Bob knelt down on the right side of Janette and immediately began squeezing her tit's which hung so invitingly as they swayed back and forth.

Finally Frank knelt down on her left side, almost even to where Tony was pounding away. Frank reached up under Janette's waist until he could feel her cum soaked vaginal area . . . pulling his fingers back out from underneath he had them coated with what would become lubricant. He then reached up to where Tony was pushing in and out, carefully he began to insert his index finger into my wife's anus.

Janette pulled her mouth off of Shawn's cock long enough to let a long moan escape before returning her mouth to the awaiting penis.

My Wife was now being fondled . . . assaulted, by all four of Jim's buddies at once, all while he filmed the action. He had started his casual explicit conversation once again, "Tell me Janette, do you like all my friends attention? Do you like several men at once? I think you're a nasty little slut girl, what do you think boys?"

His buddies chuckled and added their own comments, trying their best to humiliate this righteous housewife . . . "Do you like this nice young 22 yr old cock Janette?" Jim queried out loud. Janette would pull her lips off periodically to lick the young man's member, during these intervals I could clearly hear her cries of pleasure.

"Ohhh, ohhh yes. Ahhh" the sounds escaped from inside her and all captured on the video camera. Tony finally exploded his cum all over my wife's butt cheeks as he pulled his cock out of her and exhausted moved out of the way for the next participant.

Frank stepped in behind her and casually asked Jim, "Is it okay Jim if I fuck your little Tramp in the ass?". Jim in quite a matter of fact manner replied, "Sure Frank, I'm sure she'd like that. Wouldn't you Janette?". The reply from my wife was muffled, as the young Shawn had guided her mouth upon the head of his cock once more . . . whether it was yes or no did not matter, she was about to experience it.

With a great deal of lubricant from Tony's load coating his dick, Frank placed the head of it at the opening of Janette's anus. He had removed his fingers while getting in position and was now ready to replace them with a much larger object. As he pushed it in slowly, Janette pulled her mouth off temporally as she moaned . . . "Oh my God!"

Once the man was able to get more and more of the cock inside of her though the initial discomfort must of subsided as she went back to sucking the other cock with more vigour than before. Jim's buddy glided his hard cock back and forth within the anal channel, he had taken the house wife's virgin ass with great satisfaction.

The afternoons activities went on for several more hours, eventually Jim furthered my wife's indignities by attaching a leather dog collar around her neck. He then lead her around the room with a leash on all fours to each of the other men, instructing his pet to suck off each of them once again.

I wondered at the time how my shy, innocent and reserved wife had become such a sexual animal . . . it was later that I found out the true answer. Jim eventually admitted that he had slipped a strong Japanese sexual aphrodisiac into one of her drinks, it had made her into the insatiable female he so desired.

She indeed had become his sex slave.

It was late afternoon before Jim finally allowed Janette to go home to her family. It was an additional hour after that before he opened the closet door to release me from my location of captivity. Before undoing my hand restraints he wanted me to realize a few important details first.

"Well Brent how'd you like the show?".

I angrily responded "You're a Bastard Jim, why would you do that to my wife you son of a bitch!"

Of course never one to be on the defensive, he quickly retorted "Listen here you wimpy fucker. It's your fault that your wife was placed in this position in the first place. As you could see though, she isn't a total nun . . . Brent the fact is your wife likes being treated like she was today, you saw her . . . she put up very little resistance!"

I was confused and disillusioned as my tormentor continued. "Janette needs more than you can give her buddy and "WE" plan to see that she gets what she needs" he confidently stated.

Feebly I tried to mount a response, "Well you aren't going to use my wife again . . . I'm going to tell her the truth. Jim chuckled to himself.

"Listen Brent the truth is so clouded now that Janette will never believe you. You try telling her the truth now and I'll make sure she leaves you. Why do you think I kept you in the closet so long after she left?" I just shook my head with an unknowing look. "I can now either tell Janette that the reason you weren't home when she got there . . . because you've been keeping a secret girlfriend. Sending your wife over to my place every Saturday so you could go fuck your little stripper friend".

I began shaking my head "NO" in disbelief, but he continued his detailed plan. "Yes, I've got that gal ready to say you're her lover. Everything is set in place to take you down. Your only choice, if you want to keep your wife is to continue to let Janette be my maid, maybe eventually I'll tire of her and allow her to go back to her ho hum everyday lifestyle . . . that is . . . if she wants to".

I sat bewildered, quietly mumbling "Oh my God, what have I done".

"Until that time she is my toy, to use as I feel fit. Besides don't tell me you weren't aroused in here watching her be so sexually adventurous?" I looked up at Jim as he finished his speech, "Tell you what I'll do buddy. I'll allow you to watch any future afternoon delights just to insure your sweet wife isn't being mistreated and maybe you'll even get to enjoy it as much as she does."

He slowly began uniting my hands, confident that he had me in control like a mouse in a trap, "Oh by the way Brent, Tony and Frank are still out in the kitchen so if you have any plans of trying anything, you'd better be ready to take three of us on". I looked at him in disgust and walked towards the door, "So I guess I'll talk to you this Wednesday to set up next Saturdays date" he proudly spouted as I left.

I wish I could say that was the end of the story, but unfortunately it wasn't. I figured Janette would tell me about what had happened to her at the house that day . . . that she would refuse to return . . . that somehow together we would defeat Jim and his grand plan. But it wasn't to happen, the next Saturday arrived and Janette prepared to go to her second job.

I found out that Jim and his buddies had now blackmailed my wife with the several copies of her first video performance. Each one had a copy, if she didn't comply with their duties they would send copies to whoever they thought would be most damaging in the community. Our church minister, the kid's teacher, the local P.T.A group Janette was involved in . . . her parents, the possibilities seemed endless. Therefore she dutifully headed out each Saturday to do her "work", returning home tired and sexually spent at the end of every Saturday.

I suppose that Jim was right in his evaluation. I do find it arousing to watch my wife perform in her slut personality, her Saturday afternoon character that seems so different from the wife I see the other six days of the week.

He also was right when he said Janette needed more than I could give her. As the Saturdays pass, Janette has become more and more willing to do the bizarre sexual activities that her bosses plan for her. She seems to enjoy her other employment, relishing the role she plays, exploring her boundaries.

In the end I can only guess where the stranger named Jim, who came into our lives and changed them so drastically, intends to take his two captives next.

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