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A Husband's Fantasy

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Imagine you sitting at your desk doing your work and you have your head down and you notice someone above you. It is me. I lean down and whisper to you "You sick twisted fuck" You look up and smile. I whisper to you "Wait until you get off work." I smile mischievously and wink and you. You get off work and as you exit the building you feel a strong arm around you guiding you to my car. I tell you that you are going to be fucked and sucked into oblivion.....and not just by me.

I blindfold you and take you by the hand and lead you through the hotel lobby and lounge. You can hear the wolf whistles and catcalls and we pass and I reach down and smack you playfully on the ass. We get to our room and I lead you by the hand into the room. I walk you to the center of the room and kneel you down on the carpet. I tell you to keep your blindfold in place. You sense a presence of several people in the room. You are laid back and you are aware of 4 pairs of hands on your body.....One pair massaging your sensitive breasts....Another pair of hands massages your feet........Still another pair of hands probes the folds of your pussy and finds your clitoris and begins to roll it around in his fingers......and finally the last pair takes your head in his hands and begins to kiss you passionately. The man kissing your face begins to suck your earlobe and whisper how sexy you are and how he wants to fuck you until you squirt all over the place. The man playing with your nipples leans down and begins to chew and lick and suck on them --- working his tongue around the large nipples. The man massaging your feet brings your toes to his lips and he begins to suck your toes each toe one at a time. The man playing with your clit leans down and sucks your throbbing clit into his warm wet mouth.......he begins to flick your clit with his rough tongue...... The man standing above you slips off your blindfold and you look into Gary?s face and you melt......You look down to see Luke nursing at your big breasts.......and you look down to see Geoff lapping away at your wet snatch devouring you just as he did that night.......At your feet is me sucking on your pretty painted toes......Before the night is over each of us will be in each of your three inviting holes and we will each leave a deposit of warm stickiness inside each hole.

We lift your limp but aroused body up into the air and carry you over to the bed --- we turn you over doggie style while Gary positions himself under you. His hard leaking throbbing rod is pointed toward your wet slit. I lean down and begin to lick his shaft making it wet for entry into you. Gary gazes into your eyes as his head pushes past your opening and you ease yourself all the way down. You sit with him completely inside of him and gaze into his eyes so that you can connect with the man who is buried inside of you. Slowly you rise up and begin to ride Gary. In the meantime I am kneeled before Geoff licking and lathering his cock up with my saliva making it hard for entry into your asshole. Geoff positions himself behind you and I spread your asshole open and moisten your bunghole with my mouth. I take Geoff's cock into my hand and insert his cock into your tight asshole while Luke spreads your asshole wide. Geoff pushes his long slender cock inside your ass and you pause and allow his cock to fill your ass. You reach back to hold him against your back -- connecting with him as well.

Luke?s cock is leaking and hard as he stands in front of your waiting mouth. He grabs your head gently and guides his cock inside your mouth and moves your head back and forth while you gaze into his eyes....connecting with him. You work your tongue around his throbbing taste his precum---its sweet. Gary moves in and out of you while Geoff's cock waits for you to rise off of Gary and onto his cock...... The cocks slide in and out of every hole filling your body with pleasure unimaginable....I lean down and lick and suck on your earlobe and tell you what a sick twisted fuck you are and how I intend to take you back to OUR room when the men are finished with you. I intend to clean you up with my tongue and make slow passionate love to you all night long but enough of that............You have 3 men to service......and you are just getting started.

You ask if you can freshen up a bit as you have cum leaking out your asshole and your pussy and cum > drying on your breasts. I say no---that? for me later. With that I reach down and scoop some of Luke? cum off of your chest and suck it off of my fingers......Mmmmmm good. We carry you back to the bed and poor little Luke is chomping at the bit to be inside your pussy so we first position Gary underneath you as I insert Gary? cock into your asshole as you lie on top of him. Luke mounts you eagerly and slides his cock into your wet dripping snatch and begins to hump away. Geoff positions himself to your side and your turn your head to look at his cock and he slides it into your well fucked mouth.......I begin to fondle your nipples and urge Luke to bite them as he pounds your wet pussy. Gary has your asshole filled to capacity but the cum already up there lubes you taste Geoff?s precum as he gently fucks your mouth.....

The three men continue to pump you in each hold and your body shudders with each stroke. You feel Gary's cock expanding in your asshole and you can feel Lukes cock begin to quiver -- his rapid breathing tells you that he is almost ready to fill your womb (which is already impregnated with Gary's son) Geoff takes his cock out of your mouth and it begins to spurt in your hair and across your cheek and you get a small taste on your tongue. With that scene Luke explodes inside you causing Gary to fill your well lubed asshole with more warm juices.....

The men withdraw from you and this time I sit at there feet with the basis and I carefully clean their cocks and I give each an exuberant sucking to make them hard again as you have one more round of fucking before you go back to the room with me for our time together......

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