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A Golf Foursome Turns Into a Dessert Fivesome

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On a nice summer weekday in Southern Illinois, I decided to play 27 holes of golf at a regional golf resort. I arrived early in the morning and after eating breakfast in the restaurant, I hit balls on the driving range before ending at the practice green. While on the putting green I had a conversation with three young golfers from Evansville. Their names were Mark, Rick, and Mike and they all were lawyers in town for a large labor contract negotiation session. There had been a one day recess and they decided to play some golf in order to relax.

Since I was a single, they invited me to join them to form a foursome. While playing the third nine holes, they invited me to join them for dinner and drinks at the round?s completion. I commented, ?My wife is planning on meeting me for dinner.? Mark responded back, ?Why not have her join us, because we have not had any female contact for several days.? Rick joked, ?We did see some female dancers at a local strip joint, but all of the audience was males just like all of our meetings at the negotiating table?.

I knew that my wife would enjoy the company of these three men, because they were all good looking with athletic bodies. ?If I can use your cell phone, I?ll call her now.? When my wife answered I said, ?I have three hot guys for you to meet tonight for drinks and dinner.? My wife questioned me, ?What should I wear?? ?These guys are hot, so why not wear something hot to peak their interests. Put on your sheer chiffon black dress and wear the black garter belt, black hose, and high heels. No bra or panties.? My wife giggled, ?What do you have in mind? A fivesome?? ?No, a foursome involving you while I watch from the sidelines?, I responded back. I gave her further instructions, ?Don?t forget to paint your finger nails and toenails. Wear some nice jewelry and also, make sure that your pussy is totally shaved and smooth. If you want, bring your pocket rocket.? ?See you soon?, was all my wife said in response.

After completing our round, the four of us went to the locker room for a shower. While in the shower I noticed that my wife might have quite a variety of cocks tonight. Mark was average length, Rick was longer, and Mike was extremely long. After dressing we headed into the bar and restaurant. While nursing some beers at the bar, Mark remarked ?look at the beautiful and sexy gal who just entered. I would give anything to see her naked.? I remarked, ?How about picking up our bar and restaurant tabs?? ?Even that?, Mark said. ?Okay, get your wallet out; because that is my wife and I am sure that if I ask her she will give you a private strip tease.? Mark tried to apologize, ?I didn?t know she was your wife. I was just joking. I didn?t mean to offend you.? ?No offense taken, but I am holding you to your offer?, I said with a smile. ?Of course, I never go back on my word?, Mark said.

I had to admit that my wife looked great in her black dress. She is about 5?7? with auburn colored hair and brown eyes. She has great legs and 36C tits with gumdrop size nipples. She radiates confidence and has an independent spirit. In addition, she is caring and sensitive. Also, she enjoys the company of younger men (10-15 years younger).

As my wife sat down on the bar stool between us, the lacy tops of her thigh highs were clearly visible to us. Rick offered to get her a beer, but she requested, ?I want a margarita, it goes better with the hot and spicy Mexican food that this restaurant is noted for.? It didn?t take long for my wife to become the center of the conversation, as the three young lawyers vied for her attention. My wife loved it all. After a second drink she said, ?Let?s go eat something hot and spicy.? Mike kidded back, ?You are the hottest, spiciest, and sexiest dish that I can think of eating.? ?That may be true for you, but my stomach is empty and I need to eat to have plenty of energy for tonight?, my wife joked back.

The hostess seated us at a large round booth in the far corner of the dining room. My wife was seated between Mark and Rick. As dinner progressed I noticed that Mark and Rick occasionally didn?t have both hands above the table and at times my wife?s hands would disappear for a few minutes. Suspecting some hanky panky, I pretended to drop my knife to the floor. As I bend down to retrieve it, I noticed that Mark and Rick were playing with my wife?s legs and pussy. She had spread her legs apart to give them better access to her shaved pussy. She had their trousers unzipped and was playing with their hard cocks. After I got my head above the table, I poked Mike and whispered in his ear, ?You need to drop your napkin and while retrieving it check out the under-the-table body language.?

Mike did as told and he returned with a big smile on his face. Mike remarked to my wife and the companions on each side, ?You three are such slow pokes. We?re done with our dinners and you three are only half finished.? My wife remarked back, ?Don?t worry these two will be done in a short time.? She was right, within two minutes both Mark and Rick had ejaculated. After cleaning them up with her napkin my wife joked, ?Let?s go out on the golf course for moonlight walk. There is a full moon and the temperature is warm. Besides, my lips need some tender loving kisses.?

We walked to the far end of the golf course where the gazebo shelter and rest rooms were located. Once inside my wife sat down again between Mark and Rick. She had a leg over each of their knees. Her shaved pussy was fully exposed and looked very inviting. Again, Mark and Rick started playing with her legs and fingering her pussy while their other hands caressed her tits through her dress. Mike remarked, ?That?s not fair. I didn?t get to play with you at the restaurant.? My wife said with a smile, ?You?re right. How about coming over and eating my pussy?? As Mike knelt down between her legs and started licking her clit, my wife had the other guys remove her dress so that they could suck her nipples and massage her tits.

It was a great sight seeing my wife being feasted upon by three young studs. After eating my wife for about ten minutes, Mike wanted to fuck her smooth pussy. As he stood up to enter her, she said, ?Let?s go over to the nearest green where we can lay down and get more comfortable. Since I am naked, you all have to be naked too. Leave your clothes here on the benches.? As she walked toward the golf green my wife remarked to me, ?Please bring my purse along. Inside are my pocket rocket and some K-Y warming liquid.?

Spread eagled on her back my wife motioned for Mark and Rick to come beside her head so that she could suck their cocks while Mike fucked her in the missionary position. She mentioned to Mike, ?Lick my clit for a couple of minutes before you enter my pussy. While you?re fucking me, will you finger my clit??

As she alternated between sucking Mark and Rick, Mike was fingering her clit as his cock slowly stroked her pussy. As Mike?s stroke became more rapid, my wife requested of me, ?Give Mike the vibrator so that I can get over the top. I want to have an orgasm as near to his as possible.? Without missing a beat, Mike replaced his finger with the small vibrator. As Mike ejaculated in her pussy, my wife had the first of several orgasmic contractions.

As Mike collapsed in a relaxed state to the golf green, Rick moved between my wife?s legs to take his turn at fucking her hot and wet pussy. As he pressed his cock?s head against her pussy lips, my wife requested, ?I want you to take me doggy style. Grab my hips and ram your cock deep into my pussy while I continue to suck Mark.? As Rick was fucking my wife from behind, he asked, ?Give me the lubricant, I am going to stick my finger up her ass.? As my wife deep throated Mark?s cock and Rick was fucking her pussy and fingering her ass hole, I was stroking my cock as my eyes and ears took in every motion and moan.

As before with Mike, my wife requested, ?Rick please use the vibrator in my ass instead of your finger. I believe that I can have another orgasm with the vibrator!? As Rick shoved the vibrator in her ass, my wife let out a loud moan of pleasure. As Rick slapped her ass with his free hand, my wife begged him to fill her pussy with his warm semen. Before Rick could ejaculate, my wife had another orgasm that continued as Rick filled her pussy with his warm juices.

After Rick removed his cock and the vibrator, my wife was surprised that Mark had not climaxed. She smiled at him and said, ?I have saved the best for last. I want to ride that hard cock. Lay down so that I can slide that big member into this wet pussy.? As she slowly lowered herself on his cock, Mark massaged her tits and twisted her erect nipples. As she rode his cock, my wife remarked, ?I don?t need any vibrator this time to have an orgasm; because my clit is so enlarged and the motion is such that you pelvic area is stimulating it to an orgasm.? With those words my wife came for the third time as Mark exploded inside of her. They collapsed to the golf green to join Mike and Rick in a mound of naked bodies.

As we could hear sprinklers watering the fairways and greens in the distance, the three lawyers decided to head back to their rooms before getting wet. As they were getting dressed, Mark said, ?That was the most fun we?ve had on a golf course ever. I?ll leave a business card with our corporate telephone number in the gazebo. We should be back in the area next month to finalize this contract. Maybe we can get together again for golf, drinks, dinner, and dessert.? (I knew by ?dessert? that he meant my wife.)

?Sure, we?re going to stay out here a little longer. I want to have some cream pie for dessert tonight.? I responded to the three members of my golf foursome. My wife gave each of them a kiss good bye. Standing over me with her legs spread and semen licking down her thighs she said, ?Suck my pussy dry and then fuck me.? As always, I did as I am told and mixed my semen in with the other?s.

We got dressed and while walking back to the parking lot, the course superintendent approached us in a cart. He said, ?Don?t you know that the course, bar, and restaurant closes at ten o?clock??

My wife with a flirting voice said, ?We were checking out the hole location for tomorrow?s hole-in-one competition on the 26th hole.? ?Yes, some lucky person may win a car tomorrow for a hole-in-one on that green.? said the superintendent.

I remarked back, ?A car is nice, but my foursome today got a better prize on that green!? With a puzzled look on his face the superintendent asked, ?What kind of prize?? My wife smiled back, ?Oh it was a smooth and creamy dessert.? I looked at my wife and laughed as the superintendent drove off in his cart to check the sprinklers.

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