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A Fantasy Fulfilled

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Hey Everyone, hope all is well. If you read our profile then you will know something of Teresa's fantasies and needs and that is what this is about. It is true and was really awesome to see her totally out of control and just having orgasm after orgasm.

I had been making arrangements for the event for a while and so found 5 guys, all clean and what I was sure she would love. 3 self described as "well hung" and the other 2 average but still able to please her. Well, we had a day outing during the week and I stopped and she got a couple wine coolers and was sipping them. She wore a black button up blouse and skirt that also buttoned up all the way to the waist. A nice black thong and bra that accented her 40DD titties and nice round ass that loves to be spanked to a nice glowing red.

"Take off the bra Hun." I told her and she tok of her blouse and then the bra while we pased a couple of truckers that hit the air horns. She turned red but waved to them and slipped on the blouse but I told her to just do a couple buttons. She sipped the coolers and got more relaxed as we drove. I reached over and played with her nipples and pussy as we drove and she was getting very hot and wet and I told her to lay the seat back and she did and spread her legs so that I could finger and truckers could see. I took her to the edge of orgasms and let her stay there and she told me, "You had better take care of me soon or I will explode." "Okay, I will." I told her.

Now part of the fantasy she has had was that of a gang bang that was really close to being r*ped. We had talked it over and so she had loved playing really rough and so one day I asked her, "What if it were really some men and they forced you." She shivered, "Well, I guess I would have to just let it happen so no one would hurt me for real." After she sat there looking at her her nipples were really hard and a touch sent her into an orgasm so I knew that there was something to it more than she was saying. All the playing and the wine coolers made her have to pee so she said she had to go. I told her to hold it a little and we got to the rest area that I had set up for the "meeting". I had descriptions of the vehicles they would be driving and sure enought, right on time all 5 were there. I drove to a place on the trucks side, so that we were far from the rest rooms and she would have to walk near some wooded area. The sun was just going down and so it was getting perfect. "Okay, I will wait her for you." I said and she looked at me sheepishly. "You sure?" she said as she reached for her bra. "Yes, and leave the bra." I told her. She started to button her blouse up and I told her, "No, only the bottom 2 buttons, and leave the skirt the way it is too." She looked bervouse, "But I will be almost totally exposed." she said since the skirt was buttoned from the waist to just the button barely below the pussy and the gentle breeze would make sure she was exposed to view of anyone. "Oh, since you mention it, take off the thong too." I said and she did and gave the soaking wet thong to me. We were a good hundred yards from the rest rooms and sure enough the breeze did its magic and she gave up trying to hold her skirt closed and the blouse too.

The guys got out as they saw her walking and they were all on the car side of the rest area. She went into the rest rooms and had a good pee as she told me later on and they were all standing around the soda machines and benches near the rest rooms. Talkting to the later I got the dialog from them and Teresa remembered some of it. "Hey lady, providing a nice show, look great." one said. She blushed and said, "Thanks, it is my boyfriend's idea. He is in the car waiting for me." she answered trying to let them know she was not alone. "Really, that one way over there?" another said. "Yes" she told them. Now a couple had started to walk to the wooded area that was on the way to the car. Two stepped up to her, "Maybe we should walk you back to make sure you are okay, all that skin may get you into trouble around here." one said to her and she had reached up to start to button her blouse. "Oh hel lady, don't spoil the show, you look great." one said and she let her hands drop as she started back towards the car. The breeze now was blowing her shirt open and showing she had no panties on her shaved pussy. 3 guys were on the edge of the woods sitting on a table and waiting and she could see them and walked slowly. The other 2 with her one on each side hada hand on an arm. "Hey don't worry lady, we will take care of you." one said. "and how do you mean to take care of me is what worries me." she said and was really nervous. They stopped at the bench and there was a path into the woods there and faced her. Her blose lost the fight of the hands that undid the last 2 buttons and the hands now held her arms down. "Damn, great tits." one said grabbing them and squeezing the hand pulling the nipples making her cry out a little. Suddenly she was being led into the woods up the path in the dark except for the moon light that was out now. One of the men had a blanket spread in a little clearing surrounded by bushes and so cut off from eyes that they did not want to see. I had gotten out of the car and was following and hid so she could not see me.

One grabbed her hair and tilted her head back kissing her roughly on the mouth and then devouring her neck (I had told them her "hot spots" and she got weak instantly. "Oh no please." she protested weakly and they laughed. "May as well say yes now lady, it is going to happen." and she was naked on the blanket with them around her. One dropped to his knees and had a huge cock out. "Lets see if she likes it this way." he said and suddenly rammed into her with no play to get her ready and she cried out. "Damn man, she was already a little wet. Looks like she was wanting it." he said and kept fucking her deep and hard as she was held down by the others. Then one said (since hey were all naked now) "Fuck man, she has grabbed my cock and is jacking it." and they let her arms free and she was indeed now grabbing the cocks in her reach and jacking them off as the one in her pussy was ramming her hard. The one in her pussy finally said, "Damn, here comes my load." and grunted as Teresa moaned, "Oh me too, me too." and sucked one cock that was in her hand. He filled her and she squirmed under him, spraying her juices all over his cock and balls. "Fuck man, she squirts like hell." he moaned after he had filled her. Then sucking the cock she had she sucked it down and he soon gave his load to her throat and she again had a squirting orgasm. Another was between her legs and her hand took one and again filled her throat sucking his wildly. She was soon spraying them also and swallowing another load. Now her eyes were glassed over and one said, "Get her on me man, sit her on my cock." and he was under her and she was all but limp. Her tits in his face and he began sucking as his hard cock sank into her pussy and then she cried out as his teeth sank into her tits and her nipples.

She was riding orgasm after ogasm with her tits being biten and pulled hard and the one guy that was really hung said, "Let her lay on your chest man, I want that ass." He was still slippery from his turn in her cunt and so rubbed his swollen cock on her ass slit and she protested, "Oh no, too big, no." she said and he said, "Okay lady, just teasing it some." and she relaxed and went back to the attention her tits were being given as well as the cock in her pussy. Suddenly he rammed his cock in all the way and she almost screamed and was stopped mby a hand on her mouth as the cock tore her open. "Oh no, no, take it out, please it is too big, oh hell, oh fuck, take it out please." "Shut her up." he said and a cock was in her mouth and he kept ramming her hard and soon she was pushing back against the cock. Cum filled her throat again and she was riding the two cocks in her and then they exploded inside her pussy and ass. Orgasms made her body almost convulse as she tried to ride her own orgasms out to the fullest. Teresa collapsed on the man under her and the cocks slipped out. "Well lady, nice fucking, we know who you are and will call you again sometime." one said and they dressed leaving her on the blanket covered with cum and cum ozzzing from her mouth and ass and pussy.

I came up a litle later, "Hun, what happened? I fell asleep waiting for you. It has been two hours." She kissed me and said, "What the fuck looks like it happened." and she laid there. "fuck me." she said and I was in her in a second. We managed to get back to the car, her body sore from the use but then she said, "Oh that was wonderful." and she dozed off to sleep as I drove her back to her g/f that was privay to our relationship and I took her in and she sat in the tub and slept, completely worn out.

Later she said, "I hope that I don't get attacked again when I drive that way." I looked at her, "You never drive that way." "well, I may have to start then, you can take me there anytime." We kissed and there we started again.

any takers guys and girls?

see ya.

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