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3 is crowed

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It all began the night I met Jimmy. He and a couple friends of his came over to my place and we sat and had some drinks and talked awhile about mans favorite subject. SEX.

They knew that I was married and that my husband was away on business for a few days. Jimmy also knew that my husband trusted him and me and would never think that we would do anything that wasn't permitted. Something like having sex with someone that wasn't my husband.

As we sat around watching tv and drinking, Jim brought up the subject of sex and wanted to know if it bothered me that they were talking about it.

"No. I don't mind. Actually, I liked hearing guys talk about sex and what they do while they are having sex." I told him as he looked me over as if he were surprised that I told him that.

"Ok, then, if you don't mind listening to us brag about our exploits then we don't mind you hearing them." He said as he sat back down on the couch and began putting his 2 cents worth in.

Jim said, "The last time I was with a woman was about 2 weeks ago, and I tell you she could suck start a tractor." This brought a laugh from the other guys.

Fred, the shorter and younger of the three said, "Well, to be honest, I have never had a woman that sucked me before. I've gotten laid plenty of times but never had a blowjob." All the while he was saying this he was looking at me standing over by the kitchen. I was the hostess, keeping there glasses full of beer. Fred was cute and I didn't see any reason why a woman wouldn't want to suck him.

Jack was the bigger and older of them. "Well, I tell you, I have been sucked, fucked, screwed, tied and other wise bound by a lot of women." He said, "but, none of them as lovely as her." He whispered and didn't know that I have very good hearing.

They all looked over at me and smiled. I returned the smile pretending I didn't hear him. Fred kept his eyes locked on me the whole while. I could tell he was getting aroused by the way he kept shifting in his seat. I caught a glimpse or 2 of his bulge and it looked like it was a nice one.

All this talk was getting me horny and I knew before the night was over I would have to relieve myself. My mind did wonder if one of them would stay later than the others, but that thought would quickly vanish.

"Well, if Robin wasn't married I would be hitting on her right now." He said with a smile and the other chuckled a little as all their eyes turned toward me. I could tell Fred had been undressing me for about 30 minutes now, and Jim, well, he was always flirting with me. But, Jack, he was the unknown one.

He got up and walked toward me. I could see the outline of his cock through his tight jeans. He walked past me and into the kitchen. Wow, I could feel the heat from his body as he passed. I needed another drink.

"Hey, I got an idea." Jim said.

"What's that?" Fred and Jack said at almost the same moment.

"Why don't we play spin the bottle?" He asked.

"That's so old that our Grandparents use to play it." Jack said.

"True, but the stakes weren't this high before." He continued.

"What are the stakes?" Fred asked.

"Well, whoever the bottle lands on, gets to take Robin into the bedroom for 2 minutes." He said as he looked me up and down.

"Hey, don't you think you should ask Robin if she would like to play this game?" I asked as I walked into the kitchen. Looking over the bar I could see them whispering, but this time I couldn't make out what they were saying.

"You're right, sorry about that. Does Robin want to play the game?" Jim asked me as he leaned back on the couch. I could see the perfect outline of his cock on the inside seam of his jeans.

"Well, I guess 2 minutes isn't enough time to get into any trouble. So.....sure why not." I said as I picked up an empty beer bottle and made my way back into the living room.

"Ok, then. Let's sit on the floor in a sort of circle and spin it and see who gets to take Robin back there.

My pussy was dripping now. I knew what Jim was getting at and I couldn't help but let my mind wonder what each one of them would be like. I guess I had, had a little too much to drink or was it that I was just horny.

"Here goes." Jim said as he spun the bottle. Round and round it went. It slowed and stopped on Fred. Now of all 3 of them, this was the one that I was drawn to the most. He was cute, well mannered and has a good sense of humor.

"Ok Fred, looks like you're the lucky one." Jim said as he pointed down the hallway to the bedroom.

"Better hurry, the clock is running." Jim said with a laugh.

We made our way to the bedroom door, opened it and went inside. I turned on the light and stood there.

"Now what do we do?" Fred asked as he suddenly became very shy. This was such a turn on, I almost came right then.

"Well, we could just stand here or we could kiss and touch a littly." I said. I couldn't believe I was saying that.

Fred stepped toward me and placed his hands on my sides. I closed my eyes and our lips met. He ran his hands up to my breast and gave them a little squeeze.

I pulled my head away.

"Fred...Do you like them?" I asked.

"Yes." He said as I pulled my tshirt up so he could see them.

"How bout now?" I asked as he leaned over and began to suck on one of my erect nipples.


"Ok guys...times up." Jim said from the other side of the door.

"Damn." I said to myself as I pulled my tshirt back down and opened the door.

Fred returned back to the place where he was sitting and Jim spun the bottle again.

Round and round it went and stopped on Fred again.

"Hey, no fair." Jack said.

"For real." Said Jim.

Fred got up and made his way to the bedroom faster this time. Once inside he didn't waste anytime. He pulled up my tshirt and began to suck like he was trying to breast feed. I reached down and squeezed his hard cock through his pants.

"Fred, were you serious about what you said? You know about never having a woman suck you before?" I asked his as I continued to rub him.

"Yes. Never." He said. I pulled at his zipper and pulled his pants down. He had a very nice cock. About 7 inches and thick. I sank to my knees and too him deep into my mouth. Only 3 times did I go up and down on his hard cock and he was shooting his load into me. He had a very nice load and it tasted so good. I swallowed it all.

"Fred. Those girls don't know what they are missing. I really like it and would like to do it again sometime." I told his and kissed his full on the lips. Just then, Jim started knocking on the door again.

I opened the door, but had forgotten to pull my tshirt back down. Jim and Jack were bother standing there with their mouths open as I walked past them.

We all sat on the floor again. I had pulled the tshirt back down before I sat down.

"Let's chance the game a little." I said before Jim could spin the bottle.

"How's that?" Jim asked.

"Why don't you spin it and the person it lands on can do whatever they want, with whomever they want to for 2 minutes here in fron of everyone." I said. This game had gotten me so hot that I thought I was gonna burn up. Beside they had already seen my breast and Fred had just gotten his first blowjob of his life. He had a glazed look on his face and I knew that he had enjoyed it.

"Sounds good to me." Jim and Jack said. Fred could only sit there.

Jim spun the bottle. This time it landed on him. He pulled my tshirt off me and began to fondle and suck my breast. His 2 minutes were up.

He spun again and Jack was next. He pulled his cock out and rubbed it on my nipples. He had a really nice cock. It looked to be about 8 or 9 inches but not as thick as Freds.

Jim spun again and this time it landed on Fred. He stood up and came to me and pulled my pants off and then my panties. Laying me back on the floor he buried his face in my soaked pussy. His tongue lapped and he suck my clit. I had an intense orgasm. I sat back up when his time was over and there sat Jim and Jack naked. There cocks in plain view as they stroked them. Jim started to spin the bottle again......

"Why not forget the bottle." I said as I laid back down on the floor. All reason had left me and all I want now was to be fucked by them I didn't care anymore. All I wanted was a hard cock inside me.

Jack grabbed me, rolled me over and pulled me up into the doggie position. Fred crawled under me in the 69 position and Jim stuffed his fat cock into my mouth.

I was filled by Jack cock in my pussy and Fred was licking my clit. And I had Freds and Jims cocks right there to do what I like to do best.

I suck Fred and then Jim. Going back and forth between the 2 while Jack fucked me deep and hard from behind.

This lasted for about 5 minutes and the Fred came again. I held his cum in my mouth and when back to sucking Jim. In just a few short moments he came. Shot after of shot of hot sticky cum filled my mouth. I felt that Jack was soon to cum. I held Freds and Jims cum in my mouth, pulled away from Jacks cock and sucked him into my cum filled mouth. Almost instantly he began to cum. My mouth was stretched from all the cum that had just been pumped into it.

I sat back and opened my mouth, so they could see their combined cum. Closed my mouth and swallowed.

They each took turns at my pussy until each had cum again. This was a great time and I look forward to the next time my husband travels.

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