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3 Hung Black guys fucked my wife silly!

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My wife Veronica is a 5?5? 39 yr. old sexy green eyed redhead with fantastic 36d tits and a wonderfully round and firm ass. Many times we have talked about having her fuck other men, and have gotten incredibly turned on talking about it, imaging she has a huge cock in her mouth - especially a black one - while we are fucking. She has a ravenous sexual appetite and has enjoyed looking at many of the black men with their long, thick muscular cocks on AFF. I get even more turned on than she does thinking about it, and can?t wait to her pounded by some huge black meat and fucked wildly by several guys. Veronica is an animal when getting fucked and completely insatiable, and loves to suck cock more than any woman I have ever met. Naturally we wanted to get both ends of her filled, and I set forth to make a plan to line her up with several hung black guys for a night of unforgettable sex. Seeing her turned on and getting fucked by all these men will be my pleasure!

I finalized all the contacts with the three lucky candidates and agreed to have them meet my wife. I carefully selected 3 strong black men, all well hung and muscular and around 30 yrs old. All of them told me they loved the pics I sent of Veronica and couldn?t wait to fuck her. A beautiful redhead is a rare thing, and these men were hot to go with this raven haired vixen.

Good ? exactly what I wanted!

We woke up on Saturday morning and I told Veronica she was gong to have a day focused on sex and she was going to get a sexual surprise that day. She sprang out of bed, took a shower slipped on a black mini skirt and heels, and a tight white top, that accentuated her juicy tits. Off to the mall for a day of ?shopping foreplay?.

First stop: Victorias secret. ?I want you to find the sexiest clothes you can? I said, ?because you are going to get fucked tonight and I want you looking as HOT as you possibly can for me.? I didn?t tell her about the plan. An evil grin crossed my face as my plan started to come to life.

Veronica didn?t waste any time selecting a black corset with matching black thigh high stockings. Some skimpy black lacy panties - which I quickly envisioned being ripped to shreds later that night - completed the outfit. Next stop: the shoe store. ?I want you to find some sexy fuck-me black pumps with ankle straps?, I instructed her?. She smiled and nodded, strutting toward the shoe store in the mall that carries the hot looking shoes. A half hour and 4 pairs of shoes later, she emerged victorious. As we walked in the mall, I reached over and gave her boobs a nice squeeze. ?Are you getting horny yet honey?? She gave me a kiss and said ?Hell YES?

I told her to be a good girl and follow orders, and we would have a great time. ?What now she said?? ?Off to get your nails done? I told her - ?And I want you looking very slutty tonight, so get the red shiny polish?. She kissed me and handed me the bags from the other stores and stepped into the nail salon. Step three almost complete. My cock started to swell in my pants thinking about how hot she was going to look tonight.

An hour later and one set of sexy red finger and toe nails later, it was time for step four. Off to the make up counter. ?Here, I want you to get some makeup for dark, sexy eyes and the best red lipstick you can find, because you are going to be sucking lots of cock with your pretty red lips tonight? Veronica licked her lips and squealed with delight. She loves to suck cock and knows how much I love red lips on my cock. It was a huge turn-on watching her try on different shades of lipstick in the mirror at the department store.

?Lets go get some drinks and dinner?, I said. Time to warm her up some more. We dined and downed several margaritas and teased each other at the restaurant. ?I?m going to take you to a hotel room and you will get fucked all night I told her? She agreed and promised to dress up for me and be my sexy slut tonight. ?Good girl? I told her, as I slipped off to the bathroom to call the 3 black studs who would be fucking her later that night. I told them the hotel address and when to be there, and they eagerly agreed. Right on schedule.

We checked in to the hotel room, bags of sexy clothes, shoes, and margaritas in tow. While I watched TV in the room, Veronica slipped into the bathroom to get ready. She was getting a little sloshed and was very horny. I heard the bags rustling as she took out her new lingerie and was slipping into her new shoes. While she was putting on her make up, I told her I was going out to the hall to get some more ice for the drinks before she came out. I snuck to the car and pulled out a black velvet mask and some silk scarves, then stopped in the lobby and introduced myself to James, Lee, and Mike and told them to follow me, where they would wait outside in the hall till we are ready for them.

When I came back in I heard Veronica in the bathroom. ?Almost ready?, she said. She strutted out of the bathroom and it was a heart stopping moment. Her incredible tits overfilled the cups on the corset, and her ass cheeks swallowed up the back of the black french-cut panties as she walked in her 5? black platform pumps. Her green eyes sparkled, her red lips glistened, and her long red hair flowed over her shoulders and down her back . God she was hot!

?Here, put this on? I told her as I slid the black velvet mask over her eyes, ?and do exactly as I tell you?. ? Mmmmm? she purred, ?what are you going to do to me??

?Kneel down?, I said. Eager and panting , she tried to get my cock rock hard cock out of my pants. ?Not yet? I said, and tied her hands to the posts of the four poster bed with the scarves. My gorgeous, cocksucking wife tied up and in lingerie and heels in front of me ..mmmmmm.

I slipped out of my pants and started slapping her face with my thick cock. Every time she tried to get it into her mouth I pulled it away. ?Pleeease ?.she begged? ?You want to suck some cock and get fucked tonight?? I said. ?Yesssss?? she whimpered.

I opened the door and let the guys in, motioning them to be quiet as they slipped out of their pants. They stood in front of her, stroking their cocks. She was begging for cock, not knowing they were even there. ?I have something for you honey? I said.

I motioned the guys to come forward and rub their cocks on her face. ?Oh my gaawd? she said, ? What is this?? ?Just enjoy?, I said ?Time for fantasies to cum true tonight?

With that OK, she starting sucking each cock one at a time. As her hands were tied up, she used only her lips to slide up and down each massive black shaft. Each cock was magnificent.. James had a 10? cock that was very lean and covered with thick veins. Lee had a 9-1/2? cock with a thick head and a pronounced curve to the left and huge balls. Mike, a muscular 6 footer, had the largest cock of all. His 11? x 7? rod was so thick she could barely get the head in her mouth. My sexy redhead had her mouth full and was sucking each cock and licking the heads like crazy. My 8-1/2 ? cock was fully hard watching her suck these black cocks. She looked so hot with all that dark meat in her mouth.

I asked her if she wanted to use her hands and she said yes. ?No taking off the mask, I said?. She agreed and I untied her hands. Veronica lunged for those cocks like a hungry wolf. ?Yummmm? she groaned as she stroked two cocks and sucked a third, rotating attention equally to all.

?Climb up on the bed and lay on your back,? I told her. She did not want to let go of the cocks, and literally dragged Mike and Lee onto the bed with her, one on each side of her. Their glistening black cocks were positioned on each side of her face and she tried took turn sucking balls and deep throating their cocks. Mike was so big that she could only get about 6 inches of him down her throat without gagging. Lee was grabbing her hair and fucking her mouth and enjoying making her beg for it, which she eagerly did.

In the meantime, James was getting ready to slip his 10 inch cock into her pussy. I wanted to see her take 10? and I knew she could do it, as I have had a 10? dildo in there many times. He rubbed the head on her sopping wet pussy and plunged in. She groaned and thrust her hips up to meet him and took nearly all of it on the first stroke. James grabbed her ankles and pulled her stocking feet up into the air with her 5? heels pointing straight at the ceiling. As he started diving into her pussy she pulled both cocks out of her mouth and let out a scream. She bucked her hips wildly to push into him to take every inch and was clearly loving it. I got out the camera and starting taking pictures of her getting fucked. Mike, James, and Lee were using her up and she was more than glad to oblige.

Finally Mike had had enough watching V being fucked and flipped her over, took James? place and starting fucking her doggy style. Her pussy stretched wide to accommodate his thick, nearly 11? cock. She was having trouble getting it all in but was determined to bury that giant black dick in her cunt. Her bent her over and slapped her ass and was making her take every inch of it.

?Oh YESSSSSSSS? she screamed?.. ?FUCK ME!! FUCK ME!? Lee and James had a fistful of red hair and were talking turns fucking her mouth. She was determined to suck those cocks as hard as she could. I have no idea how she was breathing. Mike fucked her hard for about a half hour and was making her cum like crazy. He had to stop fucking her and turn her over to Lee before he came in her pussy. I told all of them to make sure they did not cum in her pussy that night. I had special plans for that!

Each one of the guys took turns fucking her as long as they could without cumming. V was starting to get worn out after a couple of hours of non-stop fucking. She screamed and game over again and was having the time of her life.

I asked her if she was done. She told me her pussy was sore and forgot how many times she came, but her pussy wanted a break. I made her kneel down in the middle of the floor and start sucking all three cocks again. I told her it was time to repay these men for fucking her so good. She nodded, mouth full of cock. Each man took turns fucking her mouth until they almost came. I asked them where they wanted to cum - down her throat, on her face, or on her tits ? to take their pick. I handed her the red lipstick and told her to put more on so I could see her red lips on those cocks. She put it on, licked her lips and continued hungrily sucking. I got my camera ready for the cumshot photos.

James was getting sucked hard and was close to cumming. V?s shiny red lips were working his massive cock like a milking machine. He was telling her to be a good slut and eat his load of black man?s cum.and was clearly getting off with this hungry woman gobbling down his cock. Finally he couldn?t stand it anymore, and screamed and grabbed her head and blew a load right down her throat. She gulped it down like it was candy and licked him clean. Mike and Lee were slapping her face with their cocks and making her beg for more cum. She teased them with her mouth wide open, licking her lips and said she was ready for more. Lee slipped his balls into V?s mouth and made her suck them while he stood over her and stroked his cock frantically . She hungrily licked and slurped his big shaved balls into her mouth. Mike leaned over her and was getting ready to blow soon, too. Suddenly the ball sucking was too much for Lee. He pulled back and aimed right at her face and blasted a big thick wad of cum all over her face and sexy red lips. She took her fingers and rubbed it into her face and then rubbed it all over her tits. She was licking her lips and purring and swallowing what got shot into her mouth although most if it was running down her cheeks onto her tits and stomach. She licked her fingers and sexy red nails clean of cum. I almost came just watching her lick it all up.

Mike was next. He aimed that huge cum cannon right at her face and made her beg for it. ?Please feed me some more cum Mike?, she said,? I want to taste it? I made her lean her head back and grabbed a fist full of red hair and told her to swallow as much as she can. Mike stiffened and shot an enormous load of cum - about 10 big squirts ? onto her eager red lips and splashing it onto her firm tits. I made her swallow at least 3 or 4 squirts and jerked her head into position to catch the rest on her face and tits. She eagerly responded and was lapping it all up with her tongue off her cheeks and lips as it was being shot all over her face. That was the hottest thing I have ever seen, that huge black cock feeding her cum. I got so turned on I had to blow next. All three guys grabbed her cum covered head and made her open her mouth for me. Mike grabbed her long red hair and James and Lee each stuck a finger in her mouth and pried her lips open wide. Not that she needed any help, but taking control of her and making her eat cum was so much fun. I stood over her mouth and shot the biggest load of cum I have ever unloaded into her mouth and she swallowed every bit of it. Soon after that, each of the black studs was starting to stroke their cocks again. Seeing my wife covered in cum, all the way down to her lacy black stockings, was so hot. She had cum running down her ears and dripping of her earrings. She had cum all over her black corset, and even got some in her beautiful red hair. We all managed to miss her eyes, but everything below them was covered. Whatever V didn?t swallow, she had rubbed in like lotion all over her body. The valley between her luscious D cup tits was like a lake of cum. Each nipple glistened with drops of cum as well.

I looked at the guys and was wondering if they were thinking what I was thinking. While V continued to lick the cum off her lips, she was starting to play with her pussy some more and was getting a second wind. We lifted her jizz drenched body onto the bed and as she was laying on her back playing with her pussy, moaning and sticking out her tounge, Lee?s cock started to stiffen again. Looks like it was time for round two??..

To be continued ??..

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