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2nd Honeymoon – 10th Anniversary – A couple days after the 3rd night

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If you haven’t read: 2nd Honeymoon – 10th Anniversary, please read that first………. I will re-introduce us in case you read this story as a stand-alone ………..warning its a great story but 10 pages in Word – hope you enjoy, we sure did!

Amy and I are in our 40s. We are both petite, in good shape, however not the work-out type. We met in our 30s and are crazy for each other. We have 4 kids as a combined family so we stay really busy with kids’ stuff. We are fairly conservative but both had several partners in our teens and twenties. We were very honest with each other from the beginning about our past and us retelling hers has given us lots of bedtime fun.

We honeymooned in the Caribbean since we liked warm places with beaches that weren’t too far away. It’s an easy go-to for our type of vacation. A couple years into our marriage we started searching for our next beach trip and we stumbled on a resort that was clothing optional (Desire). She said, What do you think about a place like this? From there we started talking about going on a ‘fun’, i.e. sexy trip and what it would be like if we actually visited a place like Desire. This opened the door to discussing our deeper sexual fantasies as neither of us had really done previously. She loves making her lovers’ fantasies reality and we had already done all of my 'normal' fantasies like sex outside, in the pool, on the kitchen counter (not comfortable by the way), etc. As we started talking about her going topless at a couples resort a really old fantasy popped up in my mind. I wondered if I should tell her about it. Everything, particularly sexual, had always been on the table for no-judgement discussion, but I didn’t want her to feel like she had to do this fantasy just for me. What is it? ………. sharing her with another guy! I decided to tell her, but I let her know I didn’t want her to feel like she had to do it since it was a pretty “out there” fantasy for even our adventurous selves.

She said really?!?! I thought you would be jealous. I said, I am totally comfortable and trust that you will always be my wife; so her sleeping with another guy would be a total turn-on as long as we were in on it together. I assured her this was a one-way thing; I had no desire to sleep with another girl and I definitely had no interest in a guy. I just really wanted to watch her, in short, get fucked, but it would have to be something that she wanted.

Months passed and when we had sex we kept working our way through sexy forum posts as foreplay and discussion. One night we read about the Desire dance floor and the nearly naked occupants. She asked, How turned on would you be watching me grind, nothing on under my short dress, with other guys? I looked up from the tablet, made eye contact and raised my eye-brows…….Very! She said, All the guys close to me with hard cocks? I said, From dancing with you? She said, Yeah… I started say something and she kept going…. What if I am grinding away and a guy exposes his cock and starts rubbing it further and further up my thigh? While she was asking all these sexy questions she was working her vibrator, closing her eyes and gasping every so often. I started to answer again and she said, Would you be upset if I let that climbing cock run right up between my legs and inside. I could hardly believe it……. I told her emphatically, No-way… would be totally hot to watch! She let out a, Mmmmffff. I loved watching her imagine being a dirty wife!

We got an ID and browsed into the private forums and onto discussions about what happens in the hot tubs and playrooms. We read one where a wife had taken two guys as her husband watched. She leaned over and said, What about that honey!?!? and smiled devilishly …… I responded, surprising even myself, You can have as many as you can handle. She was surprised and said, This is sounding like a personal porno, starring me! I said, That’s exactly what was played out in my mind. I ran it as a voyeur and joining. It all depends on what you want but I always want to be that last one; whether sloppy seconds, thirds or whatever.

A synopsis of our story from the trip to Jamaica: 2nd Honeymoon – 10th anniversary story …….. We had been in Jamaica for 3 days of an 8-day trip with the third night being our 10th anniversary. We had talked about adding a guy for a long time and it remained great fun for reading and fantasy. On our second night for foreplay we discussed going to the bar we had been visiting and actually looking for a guy to bring home for some hot-tub flirting, heavy petting … and maybe a hand or blow job. We thought easing in might work best, but I told her all the way was ok with me. She said, I had a lot of fun in college going out dancing and hooking up. As long this won’t mess us up I am good to try it. I assured her I was always hers no matter who she slept with; I just wanted to be involved. She smiled and said, Always! Our 3rd night proved to be a major step, rather full-fledged leap, into sharing. In for a penny in for a pound. She ended up with 2 guys; one that we had been hanging with (bartender/owner) for the past few days and his good friend. Afterward I was over the top with excitement and since she asked for their number, knew that it was good for her…… Was she looking forward to more?!?

We woke up the next morning with very wrinkled sheets and the smell of sex. We cuddled. Just touching her made me hard with images of her the night before playing in my head – she was fabulous! She said, We need to get these sheets changed! I replied, I loved getting them dirty with you; and set a reminder to call housekeeping. She said as the night unfolded she kept looking at me as it got hotter and even though we hadn’t planned going all the way, she decided to just let her body take control, making it an anniversary to remember!! This morning she was triple-checking that us a couple was all good. I assured her I was and pressed my hard cock against her for emphasis. She smiled and said even she couldn’t believe how the evening progressed. She said it was so natural for her to just keep on going..... all the way....... with both of them, as I encouraged her. I told her it was a mind-blowingly awesome thing to watch!

She smiled and we got up for a day of relaxation. We vegged on the beach and didn’t talk much about the night before as we enjoyed the surf, chatted about the kids, miscellaneous this and that and how great it was to leave it all behind and just un-wind. We were pretty worn out so we stayed in for the night. As we went to bed she commented that she was still sore but wondered what I thought about seeing these guys again before we left. I perked up and said for sure! When?....have you have been thinking about them? She smiled her devilish smile and said, Wellllllll, sort of! We kissed, snuggled and drifted off.

The next morning as we were chatting and eating she casually asked if I was still ok with checking with the guys about tonight. As I hardened I replied, I couldn’t wait and sent off texts to both. Adrian was quick to reply and said he was available but Rafael said he couldn’t make it. Amy was disappointed her other lust wasn’t going to be available. I told Adrian and he said Rafael’s brother had just arrived and was coming to the bar tonight. We spent the day as the day before - being generally lazy and enjoying the wonderful Caribbean beach and sun. As the afternoon turned to evening she was getting excited about going out. She buzzed with sexual energy and was not hiding the fact that she was already very horny. She took a bath, shaved and trimmed her pussy hair nice and short, put on a floral, short skirt, a fun top and flops. Man was she was hot!!

We arrived and chatted with Adrian as he served customers. It was like we were old friends. Seeing Amy and him lightly flirting assured me things were no different after them sleeping with together. She enjoyed his attention and also flirted with the occasional surfer that hopped on the stool next to her. As the night moved on, she got even more flirty and several times she would touch them suggestively. She was truly the hottest, flirtiest girl at the bar. This was really fun! A bit later the best looking surfer grabbed her hand, winked at me and danced her over to a dark part of the bar. She looked like she was having a great time as they danced and touched. She was on fire and I was so turned on watching a young, good-looking guy seduce my wife! I was actually imagining him giving Amy a good young-guy fucking!

She stopped back by for a gulp of water and said she was heading to the bathroom. She looked at me with her Fuck Me eyes and asked if I liked the guy she was dancing with. I told her I loved watching her flirt with him, do you want him? She kissed me with an aggressive tongue and said does that answer your question? I smiled and told her to go have fun and off to the bathroom she went with a naughty smile. I thought, he might just get lucky!

She came back about 10 minutes later and whispered in my ear, I lost my underwear. I perked up with excitement and asked, How did you lose your underwear!?!……… she said, The surfer took them! I smiled, Exactly how did this happen?!?! She said as they were dancing, kissing and groping he had felt her up and realized all she had on was a tiny g-string. She wanted him and he was so hard. As he started to untie his shorts she knew he would fuck her right here and now. She told him to meet her in a girl’s stall in 5 minutes. She stopped by to see me and then went to the bathroom. She said he talked her out of her underwear and after he got them he didn’t want to give them back.

It totally turned her on thinking about this hot, young guy keeping her underwear and she fought the urge to fuck him. The least she could do was to show him her oral skills. She untied, shucked his shorts and immediately drew her lips around a very large head and then buried his thick cock down her throat all the way to his balls. She choked slightly as he hit the back and he gasped in surprise at her deep throating. He pulled out her wet underwear and moved them to his face, smelling and tasting Amy from an evening of flirting with half the guys in the bar. His other hand went to her hair and helped her move back and forth as she got into a rhythm.

Amy had been sucking him no more than 2 minutes, expertly working his head and shaft while gently pulling his balls, and someone came in the bathroom. He was close and she didn’t break stride. The girl said it sounds like sex in here and with that he lost it and the burst nearly filled Amy’s mouth. Some of it leaked on her lips as she quickly swallowed getting ready for the next spurt. He was trying to be quiet, but he yelped into her panties. The girl yipped as she heard Amy sucking down more cum. He gasped again this time out loud, since it wasn’t private anymore, and another pulse landed on Amy’s tongue. Amy thought he was done and took him out. Shit! the girl said. I’m Jessica and you guys are totally hot. She was at the door asking to see his cock. He opened the door with Amy still holding his hard cock. Jessica said Wow! As his pulsing weaken Amy looked at Jessica and took the length of his cock inside her mouth getting the last of his cock juices. She raised up and gave him a kiss – He and Jessica both said, Wow!

With his substantial cock shrinking Amy tucked it back in his pants. As she finished he reached down, lifted her skirt, felt her soaking pussy and rubbed her underwear back across her hot, wet slit. When he brought her soaked underwear back to his lips his fingers were wet with her juices as well. He looked at both girls and licked them clean. Amy and Jessica found this extremely hot. Jessica licked her lips and told them how hot it was to listen to them getting off. She looked at Amy’s hand and asked are you guys newly married or what? Amy said she was married, just not to the surfer dude. Jessica smiled and said this is too much …… you get him and get to go home and fuck your hubby? Amy said with a big smile, Absolutely, its great!

He looked at Amy and said, Now I really wanted to fuck your brains out! Amy smiled and said, You just might get to and gave him a big smile. Jessica piped up that she could help him out if Amy was otherwise busy. He smiled at his good fortune and exchanged contact information with both. Amy straightened her tousled hair, sort of, and came back to Adrian and me at the bar.

I hadn’t noticed, but Adrian had completely stopped bar tending and was leaning in behind me listening to her story. She knew he had been listening and she looked directly at Adrian and said, Did that turn you on?! He said, You have no idea! She smiled and asked in a seductively teasing voice, Do you want me again? He said, Right now! She shoved her crotch against my knee and I said, I think she does too! Miguel showed up and I don’t know if it was because she was already so horny but Amy was even more attracted to him than Rafael. And he to her….. I told Adrian that he might be out of luck! Amy was out to fuck somebody tonight (she didn’t know she would go that far 2 nights ago) but tonight she did and she was motivated! Since Miguel was free and Amy was ready to get to the cottage we told Adrian to stop by after he closed up. He told the 3 of us to make sure she wasn’t worn out when he got off. She gave him a devilish smile and said, I‘ll be waiting! It’s so hot to hear her talk dirty to another guy!

Adrian smiled back and a couple of guys at the bar exclaimed you lucky bastards!! Amy whipped back around, sashayed to their stools and put one hand on the back of the first guy’s head, planted a huge kiss on his lips while grabbing his crotch with her other hand. She turned and did the same to the other guy. They were both wide-eyed as she said you guys certainly feel ready! They agreed thinking they might have a shot with her as they begged to come along – they weren’t really her type and she told them she had enough to keep her busy. They pouted and went back to watching the game but turned and watched her swaying ass walk away with Miguel and me on either side. Adrian told the guys she was a fine piece of ass and they needed to find some other hottie because she was with him! They told him he should share and he said, She’s already being shared and is shared-out! They moaned, especially as they noticed the huge wet spot on the seat where Amy had been.

Miguel, Amy and I walked home on the beach. We were having a great time and as we approached the cottage she wa she stripped right there in the moonlight. Wow was she gorgeous! She said what’s taking you so long, come on! He stripped and she started running. He chased her naked-ass back through the rear walk-way. I pick up the clothes, missing her panties – I really liked those panties!

We left the hot tub warm and ready so I wasn’t surprised to see them both in the water. I dumped the clothes and turned on the bubbles. Amy smiled up at me and said I have a confession - I’m sorry but I invited the surfer over tonight …….. She looked up at me all innocent and said, Since we are sharing this week and he had already had his hands all over me and I’ve swallowed his cum….. I figured what the hell, I’d like to fuck him too…. He has quite a cock! Miguel said, Wow, what a hot night so far! Amy said, You’re next big boy!

As Amy flirted with Miguel and enjoyed the warm water I went and got drinks for each of us and poured an extra in case surfer dude showed up (I had little doubt he wouldn’t). When I returned I found a very hot scene. Amy had crawled into Miguel’s lap and was making slow passionate love to him. They were locked in a sexy kiss and the water glistened on her back as she gently rocked her hips. I just stood and watched them enjoy themselves. Such a turn on to watch Amy take charge!

They chatted a little between kisses and he was moaning as her cute, sexy body rocked. When she leaned her head back during a particularly passionate thrust she saw me and smiled. At the same time Miguel looked my way, smiled and then grimaced. It must have turned him on knowing he was balls deep in my wife with me watching because he totally blew himself inside Amy. She continued to move and hold eye contact as he kept pumping his cum inside her. As I walked up he looked a little timid but I assured him it was all good. Told him it was great watching Amy give another guy such pleasure. I asked if he was going to stay for a while and Amy said, He sure is! I said you will have to share her and he said he was cool with being around another guy or two but had never done anything like it. Amy got out and I could see his white goo running down her leg. Miguel was next and had softened but was still quite well endowed. By the looks of him soft I knew Amy had just been fucked good.

We went inside, put music on and started playing a game of pool. About 30 minutes later the surfer showed up. He met Miguel and we all gabbed and played like a group of old friends. We had a great time and they loved getting my wife’s attention. Discussions got hotter and I could tell that Amy was determined to get to the bedroom and soon. She flashed her robe open at the end of the table and that stopped conversation. I asked if she had something in mind and she motioned toward the bedroom with her come Fuck Me eyes. The guys fixed more drinks and I water mine and Amy’s down so we could enjoy the buzz but not be drunk while we played. Not fun if you don’t remember the night’s activities!

Amy had already gotten in bed and pulled the sheets up, but her big-ass grin and perky nipples showing through the sheets screamed – come get me boys! The guys pulled off their clothes and crawled in on either side of her. She grabbed their cocks and they both moaned. Miguel started massaging from her cute painted toes and worked his hands up her beautiful legs toward her glistening pussy. The surfer was making out with her and playing with her nipples. I watched as she was totally absorbed and was breathing heavy without any sex at all. In another few seconds she begged the surfer to please fuck her silly. She had been wanting him ever since she had tasted him.

Miguel moved to the side and the surfer relocated between her legs. She guided his large head between her legs and slowly started rubbing it up and down her slit coating it with her juices and mixing his pre-cum. She closed her eyes as her orgasm built. This wild-haired blond surfer dude somehow held off pushing himself in and pounding her! She finally groaned and you could her the new wetness. Her hand turned his cock loose at her opening and with just a little effort he squeezed his thickness into her waiting pussy. She was so wet with her own and Miguel’s sex juices and his wild desire that he buried himself balls deep the first time. She gasped as a cock his size hadn’t been in her in more than 10 years!

He apologized and backed out a bit while she got used to his girth. He kissed her deeply and slowly pushed in. She relaxed giving him full access. As she started to move with him he picked up speed. He smiled and asked, Have you ever had anybody as big as mel? Amy was still getting used to him and could hardly talk but sighed out she had but it had back in college. Miguel and I were stroking our cocks gently as we watched this incredibly hot porno. As the surfer increased his speed Amy started moaning in time with his thrusts and gasping Fuck me, Fuck me, Fuck me harder Rod….and he did. Within a minute he yelled and she grabbed his head and gave him a passionate kiss as he jerked uncontrollably inside her. With his last full thrust she broke the kiss and he collapsed on top of her hot, slippery, sweaty body and cried, Wow!

I left the back door unlocked and during Rod’s fairly brutal assault on my wife’s pussy Adrian showed up. He piped up that it looked like he was too late! She said, No, I have more, but that was a good fuck!! Rod said he hated to cum and then go but he had to catch a flight in a few hours. He kissed my wife good-bye, and said, Your wife is amazing. I agreed as the door closed behind him.

I walked back in to the bedroom and Amy was sitting in the bed, hair mussed with a water bottle in one hand an empty glass in the other. Adrian had been waiting all night and was worked up watching Rod pump my wife full of his cum. He clearly needed a release as evidenced by his enlarged cock. Amy told him he would have to wait as Miguel had been by the whole time Rod had his way with her.

She grabbed Miguel, slipped her fingers inside her, pulled them out and used it as lube to gently. She let him explore her naked body touching her neck, cheek, hair, shoulders and nipples. Amy cried out when he gave her right nipple a pinch and lightly bit on the left. She reached out and ran her hand through his hair and pulled his face to hers and locked lips. As she kissed him she motioned for Adrian to come closer so she could start stroking him.

Miguel and Amy made out for another few seconds while she stroked Adrian. He had a lot of pre-cum on his cock and really just wanted to fuck Amy, right now! She felt the wetness dripping from his cock and broke off the kiss with Miguel. She told Miguel she had changed her mind since he had her already and said, Adrian is literally leaking with desire. He said he would be more than ready when she was done. Amy flipped to on her hands and knees so Adrian could fuck her doggy style, one of her favorite positions. Adrian lined up his dripping cock between her ass cheeks as she helped him take her by wrapping her fingers around him and slowly pulling him in. As her hand moved away to support her front half he easily slid all the way.

She gasped when he banged up against her ass. She let her head and elbows fall to the bed and as she did she looked under and could see his balls hanging just above her pussy. She said, Honey he has huge balls. I can’t wait for them to explode in me! I loved her talking dirty. I couldn’t wait either! She kept her head down as Adrian grabbed both hips and started to fuck her hard. She was ready with Rod’s cum giving natural lube. Amy spurred him on by talking dirty; How does it feel fucking me after another guy? You are number three tonight. I loved her dirty!

He said he didn’t care if it was thirds, or whatever; the number didn’t matter, just as long as he could fuck her and add his. As he pumped her hard he said, You are the hottest girl I have ever fucked! Amy turned around, smiled and backed into him a little more while wiggled her ass. She was really having fun and continued her dirty talk; Are you going to fantasize about me? He huffed a reply. Remember my hands all over your naked body? Uggghhh……..

Their skin was slapping and their groans were intoxicating. She continued; My passionate kisses, hard nipples? He didn’t last another thrust as he replied with a forceful push home and grunt as he shot and held his cock in her as deep as he could.

He sighed and said he was sorry he hadn’t lasted longer but her hot, dirty talk had pushed him over the edge. She looked up and said she loved making her lovers lose control, it was amazing! She said, ….. Anyway, I couldn’t take long sessions with any of you horny guys if you all want a turn. She wasn’t used to all this sex, especially the rougher pounding and deep thrusts. She relaxed and he pulled his soft cock out as a string of his cum held from his tip to her skin. She actually had cum running down her les…….Wow!!

Miguel and I were standing there with dicks in hands almost cumming while watching Amy’s all out fucking by Adrian. Something primordial about getting it like that. She motioned for Miguel to come to the bed and had him lay on his back. She slowly crawled up his legs hooking one leg over as she raised up. She pulled his manhood to her soaked opening, and held her breath and pushed. As she did a glob of cum fell on top of Miguel’s stiff cock head. It was one of the hottest things I have ever seen!! Who was this sex goddess?!? She rubbed his head all over her pussy lips like she had with Rod. This drove Miguel and her both crazy. She said it was her turn to cum and slowly lowered on his ample shaft.

Her pace increased and Miguel started to groan. I didn’t think he was going to make it as it is really hard not to cum when a crazy hot MILF is working on cumming on your shaft. As she leaned down to kiss him he caught all her sexy smells and uttered, Awwww Fuck! As she looked in his eyes he grunted and held her close as he gasped and unloaded pulse after pulse of cum inside her. As it faded she leaned up and told him to keep that cock stiff as she started to ride him again. He tried really hard to stay hard for her but was so sensitive that he just couldn’t stand it. He rolled out from under her and it was my turn to fuck my incredibly hot wife.

My cock was rock hard and I wasn’t sure I would last any longer than Miguel. She quickly lowered her dripping pussy on my waiting cock and I groaned as the warm wetness engulfed me. I was inside my wife after she had her way with 3 other guys tonight….she had never felt warmer, smoother nor juicer than she right now. She lowered her head to my face, her hair failing around me and started to increase her speed faster and faster as I tried to hold off my orgasm. I was thinking about basketball, college playoffs, the world series, anything but the fact that my sex’t up wife was grinding her heart out full of other guys’ cum. I asked, How hot is to fuck your husband after 3 other guys? She screamed Fuck! and her orgasm racked her body. I felt the wetness run between my legs down my ass. She was leaving one hell of a wet spot. I turned her over and was ready to fuck her gently missionary style. She begged me to fuck her hard. And what’s a husband to do with a request like that?!?! I pulling her legs straight up over my shoulder and rammed her. I ramped up my pounding and as I ground down with my pelvis I could tell another orgasm was building. I needed to hold out just a few more seconds.

As she screamed Fuck me! Fuck me! Again and again I burst inside my incredibly hot, beautiful wife. I dropped her legs and collapsed on top of her. We lay there as the guys looked on. As I raised up cum flowed out and down between her legs. Miguel and Adrian both exclaimed how hot she was. She went to the bathroom to get ready for bed, this time ready for sleeping. I did the same and she asked if they were gone. I said Miguel had to leave but Adrian wanted to see if she would mind him spending the night. She said that was a great idea. He returned to the bedroom where Amy was climbing naked into the bed and she smiled at him and told him she was tired and couldn’t take any more fucking. He agreed as he striped and climbed in and I turned out the lights to join them. Amy grabbed my cock and gently rubbed Adrian and me to sleep.

Believe it or not we all slept through the the night and I woke up about 9:00 with Amy’s arms around me and Adrian spooning her. I peeled her off me and went to see what we had to eat. Me getting up must’ve stirred them a bit. I spent several minutes rumbling around and didn’t find much so I got us all a Coke and headed back to the bedroom. I could hear them before I saw them. Amy was lightly moaning in pleasure as Adrian touched her nipples and pulled his cock between her legs and I heard her whisper; I want you but I am too sore. He was fully erect as he got up and went down the hall, Coke in hand.

Amy slowly got up, said thanks and went to the bathroom, brushed her teeth and started the tub. She was surprised when she turned around to see Adrian standing in the bathroom doorway, naked and very turned on as he watched her. He asked if she minded him showering while she took a bath. She said of course not so he started the shower and jumped in. It was a glass shower next to the tub and they chit-chatted as he lathered up. He couldn’t help but watch as Amy lay in the bath with her legs slightly open and nipples just under the water. He said he was ready for her and she smiled and said she couldn’t take any more. But she would love to watch him get off. He took some conditioner and started stroking in the shower. She said to do it out there where she could be close. He finished rinsing, dried off and pulled the bench closer to the tub. He grabbed some lotion off the counter and slowly rubbed his cock.

Amy poured water over her chest being a total tease as she watched him stroke. He starting pumping harder and she asked; What are you thinking? He started talking dirty. She responded with; Fuck me Adrian, Fuck me hard; cum for me; remember cumming deep inside me?; When I squeezed your cum from my pussy on Miguel’s cock?; Miguel fucking me? Cumming inside me as I was trying to cum? Watching me cum?; Explode for me, just for me! I want your cum to shoot, shoot it for me! She rose out of the water exposing her perky nipples and sat close to the edge as she knew he was getting close. She took her washcloth and squeezed the warm water over his cock and wiped the lotion away. With that he yelled as his first spurt flew and landed on her chin, lips and nose. I had a great view via the mirrors on the other side of the tub. The next spurt hit her arm and hand as she moved to take him in her mouth. She caught the next on her waiting tongue and as the next dribbled out she took him into her mouth and he shuddered.

Adrian finished getting ready and came back just as she was finishing her bath. He gave her a light kiss and said I hope to see you guys again; Amy, I think I am in love! I told him she’s all mine, but thanks for making her a very happy wife! He said the pleasure is all mine! I saw him out and he ran off down the beach with a hop in his step. He turned around and yelled – See you soon, come to the bar tonight the drinks are on me! I really am in love your wife!!! I hoped the neighbors weren’t listening or maybe not!

I went back in; fixed toast and we sat eating, talking about what a wild and crazy week it had been. She said she was totally worn out, especially between her legs. I told her we had a few more days to recuperate before heading back. I said I think Adrian wants you to stay on the island. She said I’ve had a blast but I’m all yours, but if you didn’t get enough then you may have to satisfy yourself later. I said if it was like what she and Adrian just finished I would be more than satisfied. We got dressed for the beach and headed out.

Wow, what an anniversary week…I wasn’t sure she was done

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