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working out

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I own a gym, not one of the big franchise gyms but it's a nice place and I make a good living. It never fails to make me smile when I see the men or ladies who complain about being stared at but they continue to wear the skimpiest workout shorts and shirts. It was late and I was just heading for the door to lock up so I could do my books for the day when she came in.She was one of those really cute women who dont know how good looking she really is. Of course she thinks she needs to loose 20lbs. I think 10lbs. more would make her perfect. I really admire the dedication that it takes to be the muscle bound guys and gals in the tournements but it's not my thing.

"I was just locking up" I told her.

"Could I please work out while your closing up" she ask. It normally takes me about an hour to do the books and make sure the staff has cleaned everything up for the next day, so I relented and told her to be careful. She walked up to me and wrapped an arm around my neck and pulled me down and kissed me on the cheek and said "Thank you so much I really need to work out and unload the stress of today." "I've had a terrible day at work, then my boyfriend dumps me tonight, I really need this."

"Enjoy your workout and to be careful not to over do it." I headed back to my office and she headed out onto the gym floor. My office has a big window overlooking the gym so I can watch over the people working out, and I could see her stretching getting ready.

Like I said earlier she is really cute and quite a distraction from my book keeping. I finished the books and started to walk around the gym looking things over when I noticed her laying on the bench press and starting to lift, I walked over and looked down at her and said "You really need a spotter to be lifting on this bench, there is other equipment where you can do bench presses without a spotter."

"Would you mind spotting for me?" she ask.

I was standing at the head of the bench and looking down and I could see the wetness of her workout top and persperation running down between her firm breasts,and I couldn't help myself and said, "sure I'll help." I stepped forward and she reached up towards the barbell, as I got ready to help her lift I felt her hands sliding up my thighs and up into the legs of my gym shorts. Now I have to say that it's been a long standing fantasy of mine to make love to a sexy young gal who is hot and sweaty from her workout. Oh yea there have been a few ladies that have given me the eye but I just didn't feel right somehow and have lived with the fantasy until now. I was hard the instant her nails tickled their way past my balls.

"I'd much rather lift this," she said smiling up at me.

I must have been pretty silly looking when my eyes rolled back in my head and I let out a moan as she wrapped her hand around my cock. I'm 54 yrs. old and she couldn't have been a day over 25. She was pulling down on my cock and soon had it standing out under the leg of my shorts as I watched her slide her hand up and down she also was sinching one of her nipples through her top and workout bra. I lifted the barbell out of the way and set it on the floor and i walked over to the side of the bench while she never lost a beat stroking me. with her laying on the bench I knelt beside her and slid my hand under her shorts like she did mine. She was so wet. I found her hard clit and began rolling it between my finger and thumb and she continued to stroke me. I was about to explode all over her but I stopped her in time. She let out a moan as I pulled her hand away from me. I looked down and said follow me.I helped her up off the bench and led her over to the leg lift machine. I leanded her forward on the machine with her legs behind the padded bar. I lifted her tanktop and workout bra up over her head and then I slid her shorts down as far as I could reach with out taking my mouth away from her hard nipple. She kept moaning as I sucked first one nipple then the other switching back and forth. I finally let go and walked around behind her and leaned her forward on the leglift machine. As I stood behind her perfectly round ass I grabbed my hard cock and slid it up and down between wet pussy and her sexy ass cheeks. She kept trying to push back against me but with her legs blocked by the lift bar and me holding her hips she wasn't able to slide back over me. As I continued to slide the swollen head of my cock up and down over her hard clit she started to shudder and started maoning really loud. When she began shaking and pushing back against me I slide my hard cock deeply into her with one long slow thrust. I could feel her wet pussy tighten around me as I slid back and forth she was screaming with her first orgasm and just as I thought it was begining to subside she yelled "I'm cumming again." I was suprised as I have been able to make a woman have several orgasms but never so quickly before. She pushed me back away from her and said "I'm sorry but I can't take that anymore." She stood up and stepped away from the machine kicking her shorts off as she walked over to the abb machins and sat down. She took my hard cock into her mouth and began to lick and suck it like I had never been before. I began cumming and she pulled back and slid my hard cock down between her sweaty tits . I was In heaven as I unloaded on her.

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