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wild night

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Jane looked at me and smiled and said you really want to do this? I said well, with some anxiety, yes. Jane paused for a moment and said, than you want me to have sex with another man? Than said are you sure Jim?

For a moment I felt like I was on thin ice with my wife. I had told her earlier that I had read about a swing house in town and wanted to attend one of their parties. At the time I was thinking about me having sex with a stranger not her. Now I realized that was what I was proposing and had some second thoughts and told her so.

Than she surprised me by saying, I am willing if you really want to do this. Now I was on the defensive, as she was saying yes, to have sex with another man. This was not going to be just about me. It suddenly got very real.

I said to Jane, well do you think we can handle this kind of change in our relationship?

Jane looked at me and asked could you? You would be agreeing to me having sex with a stranger and you as well.

I considered what that meant and said I guess we can only know if we do it. We could try it once, and than see what happens or just forget the idea. Jane said you decide and let me know. I will always love you either way, but it does sound exciting. She had just told me she wanted to do it as well.

I called the house and we were invited to attend a party the next weekend. Jane and I set some rules, mainly nothing in front of each other, and either of us could change our mind at any time and we would both leave. We were both nervous but also excited.

Jane had one concern about running into someone we knew at the party, as the house was local. I said, well, we will know why they are there. She laughed.

Jane is a beautiful sexy woman, full breasted and slim. She was great in bed and we had always had a terrific sex life for the 10 years we had been married.

We arrived at he house and went inside. The front room was full of people standing around talking. Jane was dressed in a top and skirt showing a little cleavage. I was dressed in slacks and shirt. Jane had no bra on and bounced a little we she moved. We had no idea what to do, so we found a corner and waited to see what was going to happen.

We looked around the room seeing people like us, no weirdoes, just people like us. We both relaxed a little. Jane gasped quietly and whispered I know that couple over there, She is a teacher at one of the schools. I looked and recognized them as well. We had met them at a parent night at the school our only child Sara had attended at one time.

I whispered should we join them? Jane paused for a moment and said well might just as well we have to start somewhere. They were John and Doris. We walked up to them and Doris smiled and said oh well our secret is out. I laughed and said ours too. I said our first time and John said ours too. We chatted for a few minutes and realized what we were there for and I asked if they were there to watch or participate and we were not sure ourselves. John said we came here open to possibilities. I said I think we are here to do a swap as long as it is in separate rooms. John paused and looked at Doris and asked well? Doris looked at me and said to John do you want to? John answered, shall we? Doris said might just as well that is why we came, right? I thought here we go.

John took Jane by the hand and they walked a way together. I had a moment of doubt until Doris took my hand.

Jane told me later what happened with her and John:

As we walked around the house I got very nervous realizing what was about to happen.

As we walked he put his hand around my waist and than it moved down and he was feeling my butt. It suddenly got real. I was surprised that I liked the feel of his hand on my butt and realized I had gotten wet thinking that I was about to have sex with him.

We found a quiet place and he turned to me and said you can change your mind. I thought for a moment and smiled and said no I want to do this. He kissed me and it was nice and I kissed him back as he rubbed my butt with both hands. I thought wow I am going to really do this, have sex with him. I stepped back and he unbuttoned my top and opened up my blouse and looked down and said very nice. He was the first man to see my boobs since I got married.

John than cupped each boob in his hands and I gasped at his touch. I liked it. I pressed forward encouraging him. He leaned forward and took one of my nipples in his mouth and he had me. I knew at that moment I was going to do this guy. I had no doubts left.

He pressed against me and I could feel his hard cock against my thigh and reached down and felt his length. We kissed again as I felt his cock and he felt my boobs. I was very hot and he was very hard. He removed my top and slid my shirt to the floor. I unbuckled his belt and unzipped his pants. He asked are you sure? In a hushed voice filled with emotion I said yes I am sure.

I removed my panties and he removed the rest of his clothes and we stood naked in front of each other. His cock was nice and it was thick and I wondered how it would feel inside of me. I wanted it there. He pressed down on my shoulders and I knew what he wanted and I was willing. I dropped to my knees and took him in my mouth, the second man in my life. He moaned oh yes and thrust forward into my mouth. It felt strange but I enjoyed the feeling.

He lowered himself to the floor and pulled me to him. I waited for him to enter me. I was very wet. He faced and looked into my eyes and I felt his cock enter me and closed my eyes for a moment and than looked up at him and said oh yes Good. He went deep and I raised my legs in the air as he moved in and out of me.

He was so hard and filled me up and I grunted and climaxed for the first time with a different man. I looked into his eyes and could see the lust there. He pushed in deeper and I felt him all the way in and grabbed his butt and held on as he rode me hard and fast.

I kissed him and whispered in his ear I am going to cum again he held still and I thrusting against his cock, riding him to a hard climax.

I finished panting and he continued riding me and I watched his face change and he groaned and began to jerk and I felt him cum inside of me and than pulling out still squirting all over my tummy. He collapsed on top of me and we were both quiet for a time. He slipped back inside of me as we both recovered. I could still feel his cock inside of me. We held each other for a time and finally moved apart.

I felt strange and my doubts returned for a moment. I knew I had changed.

We got dressed and moved back to the living room hand in hand.

Jim was waiting and I knew I had that I just got fucked look. I could see he could see I had just been fucked. I became very uncertain. I walked over to him and he stood up and kissed me and I felt better.

Jim said I need a smoke lets go outside. Once outside he asked me are you ok? I hesitated and said honestly I am not sure. Am I? Jim kissed me again and said of course you are, did you have a good time with John? You look like you did. I asked back well did you with Doris? He said yes. I than said well I did too. I told him what happened. Jim than told me what happened with Doris.

We talked about what it meant and did we want to do it again. I could tell that Jim wanted to do it again and knew I wanted to it again as well. Finally we got honest and agreed we had fun. I felt that I had been a very bad girl. A new idea about myself.

The evening was young.

We walked around the house, watching people having sex. We passed a room and looked in and two women were in a 69 and making a lot of noise. We watched them cum together one of the ladies raised up and it was Doris. I turned to Jane and said wow what a scene, would you do that? She laughed and said not tonight, but I surprised myself tonight already.

I asked what now? Jane looked at me and said well we could call it a night. Or look around for another couple if we are going to stay? Looks like that is what people do here. I asked well do you want to go home? She looked at me and said only if you want to. You decide. We went looking for a new experience. I could tell she wanted to do it again which surprised me.

We noticed a very young couple standing on the side and walked up to them and said hi.

They were Karen and David and in there early twenties. I asked having fun? David said we just got here. First time I asked? David nodded yes, ours too.

Karen was a lovely girl, slim, and well proportioned. David eyed Jane and Jane eyed David. Jane said to David are you two here to play or watch. An invitation. I thought wow Jane is really into this swap thing. David looked a Jane and said well I am here to play, but not sure about Karen. Karen remained quiet. I nodded to Jane meaning ok with me.

David suddenly became very interested and Karen looked at him and said go ahead it is ok with me. So I watched in amazement as Jane took his hand and said to me good luck and went off with him. I was left with Karen not sure what to do.

I asked Karen you do know what they are going to do? She nodded yes. How about you?

She looked at me and said I am here because David wanted to come. If he needs to play around I want him to do it front of me not behind my back. I said oh. So I am out of luck?

Karen looked me in the eye and said I do not want David to think I am having sex with anyone but him. I said so lets go somewhere private and talk. She knew what I meant. I have no problem with secrets.

We went outside and found a quiet place with no one around. There was a lounge and we sat down and faced each other. I learned than that she was 19 and had been married for only 9 months. I told her I am not sure what to say except that John is with my wife and I would like to be with her.

There were several tents spread across the lawn that could be closed up for those that wanted privacy. I motioned to those and said we could use one of those and no one would know so David would not know. I waited. Karen was quiet for a moment and finally said David said I could if I wanted.

I took her hand and led her into one of the tents and closed it up. Without another word I reached out and unbuttoned her top and she stood there and allowed me to undress her. I undressed my self and she looked down at my hard cock and we moved to the mat and with no hesitation I slipped into her and went deep. She gasped. She was very wet. She was very soft and willing and as I moved in and out of her. She moaned and I could feel her pussy tighten around my cock and she grunted and cried out and climaxed.

I slammed in and out of her and grunted and squirted and exploded in her pussy. We had been in the tent for only a few minutes and it was over. She whispered to me. That was good. We got dressed and went back to the living room. David would never know. As we left the tent I said you are beautiful and you were wonderful, she smiled is all.

I left her sitting and waiting for David, and thought as I walked away that she probably would not tell David that she had just been fucked.

I just walked around the house to see what people were doing for something to do while waiting for Jane to return.

I moved from room to room looking and watching never thinking about finding Jane and watching her. I looked into another room and there was Jane. I backed away not sure if I wanted to see what she was doing. But I did. I stood in the shadows and watched her and David.

Jane stood in front of David and he undressed her and her him. He was up and ready and Jane dropped to her knees and took his cock in her mouth and began sucking him. I was a little stunned watching my wife doing this guy. What I noticed mostly was how much she was enjoying herself. David moved in and out of her mouth and I could hear the sucking sounds and finally he pulled out and Jane turned around and raising her butt in the air waited to be fucked.

David moved behind her and slipped into her and I heard her gasp and say “oh yes” as he road her. I could see the lust on her face as she was being fucked. The sounds of the fucking filled the room, he grunting, her moaning and I got very hard watching my wife get fucked for the first time, almost an out of body experience. I wanted to watch her cum and soon she did for the first time. She was panting as he continued pounding her from behind. I heard her say, “Yes fuck me” and grunted and shivered as she had her cum, riding his cock to a climax.

I stood there watching my wife get fucked, realizing that our relationship had changed.

As I moved away David had flipped Jane over and they were fucking face to face and I could see that she was giving her all and that they would be awhile. What still surprised me was that she wanted to be fucked by David and was having so much fun doing it.

I needed some attention and went back to the living room where Karen was waiting. I told her I was going to the group room and she should come watch.

The group room was the wildest room in the house. Anything was possible there.

I stood watching and noticed Karen standing behind me.

A very attractive naked lady moved to the center of the room and sat waiting. Several of the guys standing around knew what she wanted and moved over to her. I joined them realizing she wanted to be gang banged.

We lined up waiting our turn. She would suck one and fuck another and so it went. She sucked and fucked us all. Some came in her pussy, some in her mouth. She was down on me when I grunted and exploded in her mouth. After eight guys she put her hand up and said enough. She had cum several times. She was covered in cum and got up and left, heading for the shower room.

I went back to watch Jane again and standing in the shadows watched them. Jane was on top riding David. I watched her riding his cock and hard and fast and heard him say cum and she jumped off and went down on him and he exploded in her mouth, squirting all over her face. There was pure lust on her face as she felt his cum in her mouth and on her face. I moved away.

I went back to the living room and sat next to Karen and soon Jane and David returned.

Jane had that I just got fucked look again and we decided to call it a night and went home.

I knew we would do this again.

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