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the most amazing experience of my life mmf

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I frequently go to a local club in town where a friend of mine works. There are a lot of traveling men that come thru as we are off a major interstate and the club is attached to a hotel. Many of the travelers like many are were looking for a few loose chicks to spend the night with. Normally I would pay no attention to any of these men in a personal level however a very cute man that was a traveler began to talk with me. With in a few weeks we became friends. Several months had passed and my husband and I discussed becoming part of the swinger lifestyle, Finally after him asking for several years, me being home with 3 toddlers it wasnt my first priority to have sex forget involving others. Reluctantly we signed up and at first I could not show much intrest, but this guy something about him drove me crazy. After going to the club and my husband and my friend had become freindly shooting about the work day stuff and talking the usual man things guys discuss. On this particular day after being on the swingers site for a few months going to a few unrelenting parties and chatting with people on line my intrests became stronger. My hub and I decided to go out to the club and fantisize about what the first experience would be like with arousing intentions to go home and screw like rabbits. My friend showed up and as usual my husband bought him a beer and they started to talk. I was already aroused from our conversation and fantasies that we were discussing. I looked over at the two of them as they were not near the bar any longer. I became very aroused. My friend is not a swinger but I after a few drinks and they having a few as well I decided to aproach my husband. I whispered in his ear that I was ready for my first swing experience , He thinking I found a woman I asked if I can take home my friend. He didnt hesitate at all as he has had 3 somes but not with another man. He said go for it and I did. I got on the dance floor with my friend and with a lustfull look asked him if he would like to come to my house and give me my first mmf experience. He at first looked stunned but could not remove the smile I told him to think about it I would be waiting and my husband already approved. I went back to my bar stool and drink my friend approached my husband and before I could turn in the chair the two of them approached me and said cmon we got to go right now. Wow this was really going to happen. With out hesitation we jumped in the car took our 5 min ride back home . Hub grabbed a few beers and a drink for me we all went into my bedroom and I said well should we drink or should we get naked. We couldnt strip off our clothes fast enough I was so wet that I had soaked thru my jeans. They both had rip roaring hard ons and both are very large length and gurth. I layed in the middle of the bed as they both took place beside me and there it began. I grabbed a hold of both of their now leaking cocks stroking them the same way it was so amazing to have 2 men in my bed as they both started to carress every inch of me teasing my lips and clit to the point of orgazm. My hub then tells my friend to fuck me , He was not reluctant at all he got on top of me as I sucked my husbands hard leaking cock and put his huge throbbing cock on my pussy massaging me with it. He rubbed up and down and teased me with the head by putting it in only enough to let me feel how much I wanted to have him in me but yet he would only tease. They both then lay me down and my friend said lick her clit as he come to my awaiting lips to suck and lick his hard cock. I was so excited wet and dripping my freind then inserted his fingers into my pussy as my husband was climaxing my clit. I squirt in orgasm everywhere the bed was soaked. My friend was amazed as he had never seen a woman squirt in orgasm . I reached down to adjust my husband so I can feel his hard cock as I had to touch it. I was so aroused sucking my friend I needed to know it aroused my hub. He enjoyed my stroking but wanted more he moved near my lips and started to jack his cock as I sucked my friends . They again changed places massaging my large erect nipples as they moved. My friend alligned his hard very wet cock to my pussy and again began to tease me I screamed out in excitement give it to me give it to me.

THis totally aroused my husband even more and I could taste his juices flow and his cock throb in my mouth. I did not want him to cum so I stopped grabbed my friend by the ass and took his large hard cock deep into my pussy. My hub dripping pre cum on my erect nipples with my hand stroking him. As I took all I could handle of his large cock I had an instant orgasm he grasped every part of my tight hot pussy and began to pump. He was thrilled with how wet and tight I am and thrusted in and out of my pussy teasing the head and slapping my clit and lips with his hard cock. I needed to be penetrated and I wanted his huge cock in me as he forfilled my need my hub put his cock back in my mouth and as I sucked him into orgasm my friend as well needed to cum. I told them I wanted their hot cum on my breasts and as I pulsated in extacy they both came all over my awaiting breasts I rubbed the cum in like lotion and loved every second of it. The men now tired from their explosions lay beside me grabbed a drink and chuckled a bit in amazement. Our chemestry was unbelievable. I never wanted it to end and I began to touch my pussy and move about the bed letting them both know I wanted more. My friend began to lick my nipples and stroke me with his fingers as my hub joined in and they took turns all over my body. I could not help but have one orgasm after another soaking the bed, My clit and my lips were more swollen then I had ever been. I grabbed a hold of their now hard cocks and stroked and sucked and slid up and down my hot wet pussy for the next 3 hours. We did this until finally my hub entered me and threw me straight into an orgasm that I had never felt before my entire body shook my fluids soaked his cock and he shot his load so hard that it hit my friend as i was jacking him and sucking him. I needed a rest. I got a drink and layed back on the bed and again we went at it our entire experience lasted for 12 straight hours and when I finally got up and showered ,with no sleep at all I thought to myself Why didnt I do this sooner. It was by far the best sexual experience I had ever had. We do continue to get together each time better than the last. He did move to a new state recently and we are already making plans for our next erotic adventure.

THe End

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