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swapping never been better with friends

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gary and alex both work at the same company and decided to meet at the bar one night and relive some of the stress that the job has been putting on them so thay sat down and ordered the first round and revealed after quite a few drinks that for some reason thats new to him he has been getting so excited lately thinking about watching his wife having sex with another guy just for the excitment of seeing her body move ontop of another guys dick watching her getting pleased and sent to extacy i think alex didn't know what to think after gary told him this but also admitted that he to has thought of his wife with another man but didn't think he couldn't imagine it happening so after a few more the 2 men started to come up with a plan to get there wifes into the idea .....when it was time to leave both men went home a nd layed next to there better halfs and started to ask there wifes to tell them there deepest fantasy and gary was shocked to find out that his wife not only wanted to be sexed by multiple guys but also would like to have another woman in her bed as well but on the other side of town where alex was he and his wife discussing this erotic topic has learned that his wife would let alex do whatever he wanted to her as long as the playing field was equal and she 2 could bring someone into the bed so the 2 men were so excited at the outcome of the conversations that when the 2 met back up at work the next day they both were so eager to tell the other what happen and they quickly went to work trying to set something up so they both could expierence there fantasys.....gary could only think of alex to ask to sex his wife because they have been friends for so long and also asked him if he thinks his wife would like to be there as well alex had no problem with it just as long as he was willing to do the same for him with his wife. they agreed and decided to call there wives at lunch and ask them if thery was ok with this date for tonight but to there suprise there wifes where having there lunch with each other at garys house and talking about the conversations that took place garys wifes whos name was shayla and alexs wife whos name was linda was sitting there at the table and both were getting pretty hott talking about what was ahead of them and finding out that they both wanted to explore there sexuality they couldn't help but to get moist at the idea of getting sentuality and soft touch that a woman like from one another so after lunch shayla decided to take a shower and offered linda to join her but linda was a little hesitant and didn't know about doing this with out her husband but couldn't resist the offer and jumped into the shower after shayla when they both got in linda stood in the back of the shower and just stared at shaylas ass wich was shaped so round and shook like jello it just looked so soft and pretty and as shayla turned and noticed lindas eyes locked on her she grabbed linda and pressed there bodies togther and locked into each others eyes staring as they slwoly moved closer and thier lips touched it seemed almost instantaniously they both were dripping with there own jucies there heart was beating so fast and enjoyed what was happening linda decided to slip her 2 fingers in shaylas pussy and sarted to massage her lcit as they hugged and let the water from the shower drip down them linda layed shayla down in the tub and spread her legs wide open to see the beauty of her sweet spot and it glistened with her juscies so worked up with all that was going on she lowered her head and started to eat shaylas pussy and being that it was the first time either of them flet this erotic in there lifes shaylas cum started to come out of her like it was water and linda was licking it all up not letting any of it go to waste linda went to dry up and get out of the shower but shayla flolowed her out and took the towel away from her pulling her back into her arms and kept kissing linda whose body was equally gorgeous to shaylas but in a smaller package so shayla layed linda down and made love to her like she never has felt it before and wanted more and more of lindas pussy and kissed her for what seemed to be forever but was well aware her husband would soon be home so they got themsleves together and linda rushed home to wait for her husband and shayla did the same so...........with out knowing what just went down gary came home and told his wife what he would like for tonight and informed her that alex and linda would join them for dinner tonight meanwhile alex got home and found linda in the bed pleasuring herself with a dildo and inviting alex to fuck her but alex resisted the teptaions and informed his wife that they would be going to dinner with gary and shayla tonight and had something special planned so linda smiled deviously and started getting ready about 9 0 clock came and alex and linda arrived at the house they were greeted with smiles and wine everyone wanted to eat first because they were hungry and the night went on with the couples drinking and eating talking about how there lifes were going untill the subject came up about sex and having people invit third partys into there bedroom the guys went forth with there plan not knowing what was instore for them as the night went on the 2 men sat in front of the tv and was talking when they heard a noise come from upstairs where the women werew supposed to be looking through photos but when gary inched the door open with alex right behind him he found his wife and his friends wife on the bed toungin each other down with passion so he swung the door open and to both the guys suprize the women stayed intranced in ech tohers kiss so they guys kept watching untill they broke there kiss and looked at there husbandds and shayla stood up and went for alex and linda stood up and went for gary shayla took alex and layed him n the bed to were linda could see what she was doing shayla unbuttoned alexes pants and released his cock and smiled when she seen alex was about 9 inches long and thinker then she has ever had before but was patinet and started to suck alex off but on the other side of the room gary had linda pinned down and was kissing lindas titties and teasing her nipples as he watched his wife go down on his buddie but shayla couldn't stand it any more she wanted to get fucked by that long hard cock so wasting no time she pulled off the rest of alexes pants and straddled him inch by inch and when she finally had all of him in she rode him like a cowgirl on her first bronco fucking and sucking him like there was no tomorrow she orgasamed so hard that alex had to hold her so she didn't shake to hard when gary saw the fun his wife ws having he imediatly turned linda arounf and enetered her sweetspot from behind linda took all of it and started to back up into garys cock and met his thrust with one of her own they went at it for about 20 minutes with gary taking total control of lindas body having his way with her and when he was about to come he put it in lindas mouth and came all over her mouth when shayla seen this she started to kiss linda and the 2 men got to watch the encore with there 2 wives making love and sucking there husbands cum out of there new girlfriends pussy they spent the whole week with one another and decided to keep the realtionships the way they were and wanted to do this on a regular basis they all thought of this night as a beggining to a beautiful frienship

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