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step bro sleep over morning part 2

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Hi Judy back to finish. So if you read first part, you know I pretended to be my gf and fuck my step bro. Well between the drinking and getting fuck I felt pretty good and kinda slept in late. I heard the phone ring but my brother answer it and didn't call me so figure it was for him. So late when I woke up I got up and figure I would take a shower and get something to eat. But when I went to put my bath robe on to go to the shower I couldn't find it. So I slip on my over size shirt and head for the shower. When I came out I ran into my brother. He ask me if Diane my gf came home with me last night, I said yes to cover my self and ask if she was still here. He said no and in fact she called earlier to talk to me, but I was a sleep so she said she would call back. so I said okay. Then he drop the bomb. He ask her how she felt after last nigh. She told him she was sorry for not coming back to my house, because she ran into her boy friend and went home with him. Oh, I guess I drank to much I thought she came home with me. Then he told me that he thought she was here last night and had jump in his bed. I tried to laugh it off and told him he most of drank to much and had one hellva wild dream. Then I duck into bathroom to take a shower. I was hoping that was the last of his question's. But when I came out he was there waiting to pick up the subject again. He started to tell me that he hadn't gone out and went to bed early. Then he got woke up and had some hot wild sex. I told him he most of dream it. Then he said no I didn't dream it. His bed is still cover with stain's from it and that he notice little drops of sperm on the floor where the girl left the room. I laugh and said dam, some girl slip in here and jump in bed with you. he laugh and said well something like that. Then he reach over and pick something up and it was my bath robe. He smile and said she left this behind and toss it to me. boy this look just like mine. Then I turn and head for my room to get away from the questions. But just then laugh ting he came up and grab me wrapping his arm around me. Holding me from getting to my room. I ask him what he doing and he said he wanted to talk some more. Then he started to tell me he was thinking about what happen last night and realize that it wasn't Diane last night because the girl had bigger boobs then her. That when he slide his hand up and cup my boobs. Like this size. I told him to let go of my boobs and then he continue to tell me that he remember she had , had a small mole on her shoulder and he felt when playing with her. Like this one, and he reach up and rub my mole. I told him he was wrong but he laugh and slide his hands into my shirt and started play with my bare boobs. I tried to pull his hands away and told him to stop. Laugh ting he said that not what you where saying when I was fucking you. I turn to tell him to stop. but as I turn he reach down and cup my ass with both hand and pick me up off the floor, and turn around sitting me on the table. Smile at me and said he wasn't mad at me and that he really enjoyed fucking me.. Then really quick and grab my shirt and pulled popping my buttons and pulling it open . Smile and said I look as good as I felt last night. So now I know he knows and I cant get away from it. So I told him I most of drank to much and got carried away. Smile he push my shirt more open . Then he pick me up over his shoulder and carried me down the hall to my room. I ask him what he thought he was doing as he threw me down on my bed. he laugh and told me that he was going to eat himself some pussy then fuck the hell out of me.As he was saying this he was pulling off his sweat pants and his cock pop out rock hard and standing tall. He took it in his hand and smile saying that it most remember my pussy. Stare at his cock I just couldn't move.

That is when he drop down buried his face into my pussy. working my legs up onto his shoulder and grabbing my boobs with his hands. Playing with them as he started to tongue lash my pussy. Wasn't long and I was hot as hell fucking his face. I was close to cum again when he stop and slide up on top of me. I felt his cock poking at my pussy. slowly teasing me. I was so hot I was trying to push up to shove his cock into me. but he keep pulling it out teasing me. Then he ask me if I want him to fuck me and I told him yes. Smile at me he roll on to his back and his cock standing rock hard. He told me to get on top and ride it. That was okay with me, I really wanted it. So up I jump grabbing his cock and guide it to my pussy. Pushing down trying to take as much as I can I started to ride his cock. he pushing up to meet me. Now he got my boobs play and pulling on my nipple as I rode his cock. I'm starting to moan loader as I rode up and down getting close to coming again. Then he pulled me down to him as he rolled me over so he was on top of me. pulling my legs up picking my ass off the bed he started to fuck me long and hard , pounding his cock deep into my pussy. Telling me how hot my pussy was. As I was getting close to cum I was moaning quite loud. yell at him to fuck me. so now he pounding my pussy harder and fast. Yelling at me that I was one hellva cock loving slut. I didn't care what he said, all I wanted was to get fuck.Then I started to cum and I could feel him cumming to. Pushing deep and we both where cumming. When we finish, we fell to the bed trying to catch our breath.Then he told me that I was one hot fucking bitch when it came to fucking. Laugh ting I ask him if he was complaining and he said no. Aught I told him I do like my sex and he said he can tell that. He reach over and started to play with my boobs and my nipple got hard.. He smile and said it look like your ready for another round. Smile at him I told him I'm was all was ready for another round. he reach down and started to play with my pussy and I seen his cock coming alive again. he ask me what did I want to try this time and laugh ting I told him I was game for what ever he wanted. so now he working my pussy harder and getting me purring again. Then I heard a knock at the door. Jim started to swear saying that was his friend coming by to pick him up. Dam. So Jim got up and slip on his pants heading for the door. Dam . I smell of wild sex, so I figure I need to take another shower. I slip on my robe and headed for the shower, Jim and his friend where in living room chatting. Jim friend seen me and yell out hi to me; I said hi and duck into the bath room. I took a shower but still feeling horny for the playing around. When I came out I didn't see them or hear them. But Jim heard me come out and yell for me to coming into the living room. So in my robe I went to see what he wanted; As I turn the corner I see them both on the couch in their birthday suit. Jim patting the couch and said that he told him what a hot fuck I was and he wanted to find out.Now he wasn't as big as Jim but he was close and he was rock hard too. So I ask them what in the hell did they have in mind. Jim laugh and said that they plan on keeping me naked all day and fucking me all day. Oh you do I giggle. Yes now take that robe off and come over here. His friend was smile and waiting. Oh the hell with it, I let my robe fall and went over to the couch. Jim friend smile and said she is a hot looking as you said. Jim laugh and said and she is one hot slut when it come to fucking. I sat on the couch and his friend ask me if I was going to let him have some. Smile I told him I guess that what the plans are lol. That when Jim grab my head pushing it to his cock, telling me I need to get back to work. So I slide around and slowly started to suck on his cock. His friend started to rub my ass as he slide his hand down to find my all ready wet pussy. He laugh and said dam she is one hot bitch as he play with my pussy. I keep suck as he finger my pussy. He got pretty turn on fast because it wasn't long and he move in behind me, shoving his cock into my pussy doggies style. he was pounding my pussy as I suck . This was my first time with 2 guys and I was so into it. so wasn't long and I was cumming. They where so excited about it they where coming too. Dam I been over a year with no sex and now im getting all that I can Handel and loving it. During our rest time, Jim ask me if Diane really wanted to fuck him. I told him she did. He ask me to call her and see if she would come over. I told him that I didn't want her to see me fucking my step bro. he laugh and said he wanted to fuck her and I can fuck his friend. After a bit I called her and she said she will come over. so I was playing with his friend and Jim was looking out the window.Then he said he seen her pulling in. So I told his friend to stop for now. they laugh and his friend rolled me over with him on top and his siding his cock into my pussy and started to fuck me there on the floor. I told him to quit because I didn't want to be fucking when she walk in. But Jim said he wanted me to be fucking because it would be easier for him to get her out of her clothes and fuck her. so there im getting my pussy pounded there on the floor when she walk in. She stop and seen me getting fuck and Jim sitting in the chair playing with his cock.She smile and said I guess that's for me and Jim told her yes. I was surprise on how fast she was out of her clothes and straddle my brothers lap. when I look over I could see my brother cock slamming into my friends pussy. It was so hot to see, it was getting me wet just watching them. But something told me, this wasn't going to be the last time I see her getting fuck.

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